Crushing my stuff


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Jan 29, 2018
I Think I should have posted this here. I have been playing with trampling and ballbusting forever, and this new fetish play of having my personal belongings stepped on and/or crushed is turning into a nice adjunct and variety that really hits the humiliation and submission buttons well.

I am experimenting with it slowly ramping up with my Fiancee/Mistress. We keep upping the stakes. Here is how we started with this really stylish black Peter Grimm hat that I got for Christmas two years ago. There are multiple pic's of me wearing it at various life moments as my Facebook attests. It's something that I really liked. The scene we did was more like a sacrifice to a goddessthan anything. I had the hat on the floor in front of me, my Mistress was wearing her cute and sexy ballet shoe looking ballet flats - black - toe cleavage and all with a nice wrap up the ankle. She started slowly stepping on it and asking me in a mocking tone, "Are you sure you want me to do this"? She crushed the brim pretty flat and was like "If I stop now, you might be able to salvage it into a normal hat. But I'm really starting to havefun and you can't have it back yet". She then started on the crown, slowly sinking all of her weight into it - then both feet on the crown...then marching. And then stomping left-right-left-right...until it looked like a black wicker pancake. Then she started FOLDING it by pushing one edge with her foot until it was in half, and then standing on it until it was a crease, and then in quarters, then eighths. When she was done, it was about the size of her hand and she says "I guess your pretty hat is no good now. I guess me walking all over it really ruined it. But that's ok because it was fun for me, and that's all that matters. You and all your things come after mypleasure. Speaking of which, I thought we could use a new doorstop for our bedroom so the cat can get in and out without having the door all the way open, how about you put it in there for us". In shock, I started somewhat gingerly shoving my once cool hat..that I used to get compliments on...under our bedroomdoor as a door stop. Then she says "hey, you got to do it firmly, like this" and stepped on it hard with all her weight shoving it under the door.

And we have been progressing from there. Anyone want to share similar stories? I have more to share myself as this thread develops if you want to make a thing out of this.
Jun 13, 2005
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perfect! I prefer heels but other that great experience... sacrificing something precious for you under the feet of a goddess is somehow more intense than trampling, because your marks will heal but your stuff will stay destroyed, forever :)
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