Crushing The Perverted Escapee - ASS CRUSH GIANTESS!


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Jan 16, 2017
CLIP FEATURES SOUND EFFECTS: booming stomps, drops & foot steps / squish / racing heart beat!
Though I primarily focus on Vore due to my own personal interests and fetish, I LOVE exploring deeper into my giantess fantasies and bringing new concepts and angles to life.
You thought you were making your grand escape when you heard the sound of my booming foot steps exiting my lair, leaving you and the rest of my miniscule prisoners alone in your cage. You hadn't been eating your rations in planning for this moment, when your body would be skinny enough to slip your tiny frame in between the set of bars that allowed just for the most slightest wiggle room out. The others had been too scared and hungry themselves to follow along with your elaborate plan. Your heart begins to rattle inside of you as you begin scaling what you hope is an exit. However, it's the farthest thing from. Your tiny bug eyes bulge as you see me towering over you once you make your way to the top; my laughter ringing in your eyes. Did your little pea brain truly think that I wasn't going to catch one? I observe all my little slaves, always. Watching their every move, predicting what my little vermin are thinking. I bet you also didn't think I noticed despite your fear in me, that I didn't always see you underneath a certain part of my body when I let you all out to play and stretch. You would always try and climb your way up my long legs to get closer to my ass, nestling yourself near my cheeks whenever I'd find myself sitting down and trying to keep track of my small herd. Now not only are you a pervert, but your an escapee; both in which I can't have. Does it terrify you, that the very thing you've found yourself desiring is the very thing that you'll meet your demise by? Don't worry, you'll get a great view before hand. The best view of your delicate life.