Curious to know:)

Aug 27, 2002
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Hey everyone , that's an open question for guys and ladies. Of course you do have to take the version related to your profile hehe

so here it is.

What is the most turn on ?

a ) convince a strange to let you smell and workship her feet

b ) Going to a "pro" mistress that really know what you crave.

c ) a "session" with your girlfriend or wife , when she learned how to use her "weapons" :p

Not an easy one !

And for girls

What is the most turn on ?

a ) Have someone completely unknown that stare at your feet and wants more.

b ) A friend admitted his fetish to you and try to involved yourself into it.

c ) Make your boyfriend or husband do some workship and dominate him at home without opposition.

In Both cases , if possible explain your choice and maybe if you have time you can list them into priority like (c-a-b) and why :p

Maybe those answers would contribute to understand the opposite a little more.

Take time to drop a line , thanks in advance!:)