Dirty sweaty feet cleaned in public


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Oct 22, 2014
I'm taking the slave for a walk in an abandoned industrial area on this terribly hot day. My feet are really sweaty and as I'm only wearing flip flops they got pretty dirty as well - so I decide to take a break and sit down on the stairs - where the slave will have to lick them clean! I take off the sandal and make him lick my dirty sweaty foot soles and toes - then put the shoe back on and order him to lick the dirt shoe soles as well. Then it's time for the second foot to get licked clean - and the second shoe as well obviously! But this time I'm not only making him lick the shoe sole - but also the sweat-soaked inside!


Not too crazy about the public part, eventhough it seems exhilarating enough. Just shy I guess. :eek:

But would love to lay back and tey Mistress rest her legs on me, gently massaging feet and calves, smelling and sucking toes, licking footsoles and seems like cleaning the inside of those sandals would be pleasureable enough. :p and perhaps get walked and stood on everywhere by those lovely feet. :D
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