Diss'd in a kids CGAnimation

Aug 8, 2002
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Dont know if this has been covered before, if so apologies.

If you have neices, nephews, kids or grandkids you have probably heard of the Madagasgar Penguins; I have to admit I think they are the best part of the movie series and they have been so popular they have their own spin-off.

to the point - there is an entire episode dedicated to the eradication of one character's (Mote a subservient and anoying little lemir) foot fetish. Unfortunately for the subject matter, his affections are for the king's feet (voiced by Sasha Barron Cohen/"Borat") who does not like it at all and enlists the Penguins (think of the bird version of the A-team/Mission impossible/Captain Kirk all rolled up into one team) to change Mote's behavior. The whole episode...anyone else see it?