Double Domme Rubber Torment featuring Elise Graves and Eden Alexander

Jul 7, 2010
This all began by me telling Elise Graves and Eden Alexander about my new inflatable latex suit. They insisted i put it on for them. I had no idea what i what was going to happen once in the suit. Before zipping the suit completely, Elise inserted an anal electrode into my ass. Once the suit was fully zipped up, I was completely vulnerable to their devious plans. The plan started with Elise and Eden chaining my suit to the bondage platform to make sure i wasn't going to escape their torment. Once I am secured, Elise connects the anal electrode and starts tormenting my ass. They finally decide it is time to have some fun with my cock and balls. Elise opens the crotch zipper and slowly starts to expose my scrotum. They take turns poking and prodding my scrotum. After that, they decide it is time to finally release my cock from its latex prison. While Eden is teasing my cock with her breasts, Elise decides to control my breathing to make sure i don't get too much pleasure. In order to turn up the torment, They get out a Hitachi wand to tease my cock with. While Eden is tormenting my cock, Elise continues to control when I breathe. Finally, I can't take it any more and explode into the rubber sleeve. The immediately take the sleeve and pour my cum down the mouth hole in my hood coercing me to eat my own cum. Now that they had their fun, they leave me there with the electrode on high while they go have some fun in the other room.