Duo Bond


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Apr 26, 2011
It has been twenty-nine days since my eighteenth birthday. Which of course means I’ll be shipped off to be a girl’s toilet tomorrow.

Eighteen Plus One Month of Freedom. All the parties I went to, movies, amusement parks, everything, I won’t see again for another three years.

I have seen the picture of the girl who I will belong to. She’s very cute and her butt is gorgeous. A student at the Univerity of Indiana. I looked up her Buttbook history. She had three toilets before, all who could not take any more of her poop and asked to be transferred to someone else. She also is a dom who regularly sets up times with other girls on campus to go on them while she waits for her next toilet to arrive.

Since I’m her fourth one, no matter how awful her feces are, I will not be allowed to transfer.

I’m just thankful I didn’t get assigned to my sister. Before she left for college last year, she would constantly fart in my face, on my homework, on my clearn clothes.She once pooped on the sandwich I had made for lunch and when I was at school, sitting with my girlfriend I had to eat it because making a scene in front of Alyssa wouldn’t do, she was always threatening to dump me if I embarrassed her in public.

Even though I’d rather eat my sisqter’s poop than lose a great girlfriend, I don’t want to have to do so for three years straight. That would be so gross.

I re-read Alyssa’s text from earlier today.

Sorry we had to break-up. I’ll stay true to you so that when you’re free from the toilet torture, we can get back together.

It’s for the best. I mean, obviously I can’t see the world if I’m in a girl’s bathroom. And inviting Alyssa to Hilary’s restroom to hang out with me? That is 100 percent a no.

Most of the last month have been spent with Alyssa. Gosh, I love her. She’s aiming to be a poop model. If all goes well, she’ll have hit it big when I’m a free man again, and we’ll get back together, and live will be peachy.

So, how do I feel about being a toilet? It’s just life, I suppose. So long as it’s not to my sister and the girl doing it is incredibly cute, it shouldn’t matter, right?

But I’m not overly excited about it like some other dudes are. I mean, I see twenty-one-year-old guys pass on the street, and they look defeated. That’s not how I want to appear to anyone when I emerge from serving Hilary.

It takes them months to recover, too. One teacher I had in high school I assumed was twenty-one because of how rundown he looked. But he said he was twenty-two and that it had been a year since he was under his mistress’ ass.

“I can still smell it, though,” he told us. “Which for the ladies in this classroom, should mean joy for your future. And for the men, despair.”

But some of the guys were looking at the butts of girls in my cclass as he said this, as if desperately wishing they could be dominated by those posteriors.

But even though I’m not looking forward to it, I’m ready to deal with it, I suppose. It’s not like I haven’t had practice. Every Wednesday since I turned eighteen, I have been forced to attend mandatory classes to train boys to be pooped on. College girls and female students at least eighteen were allowed to participate.whic

I saw the student council president’s butt more than any other girls during those Wednesdays. Claire Dinkhoff. Her poop would slither down my throat, filling it with heat, my mouth loathing the taste of those slithery feces. Other than my sister’s poop on my sandwich that one time, Claire’s feces were the toughest to swallow.

So yeah, I’m ready to leave all this behind I suppose, head to the University of Indiana for three years of toilet slavery, then emerge and get back together with a hopefully highly successful poop model when I emerge from that torment.

And there’ll be no Claire or my sister’s butts to take wastes from. That’s always a plus.


Shoved into a box which is placed under seats on a train. The flaps are moved so that the three girls who are sitting above me can poop at any time. They dropped their pictures so I could see their faces, using a flashlight the flight attendant slipped into my box. One is a redhead, one a blond, one a brunette.

I am curious to taste the redhead’s poop. Claire and my sister are both blondes, so I hope the blonde isn’t the one sitting in the seat above my mouth.

Then the butt I’m looking up at shakes, and poop starts to crinkle out.

“Open your mouth, boy, or we’ll activate the shock inducer.”

I look to the left and see the flight attendant but a screen in here. I didn’t notice that before. On the screen I see the order the girls are sitting in. No! The blond is right above me, which means I’ll be eating poop from her unless I want to be electrified. The brunette is in the middle, and the redhead all the way at the end!

Knowing I’ll regret this in five seconds, I turn my face upward, shut my eyes, and open my mouth.

“Good boy!” the blonde shrieks. “Prepare to taste your worse nightmare.”

The poop drops down, slamming into my teeth and landing on my tongue. As soon as it does, I writhe at the bitter taste. Claire’s poop tasted better than this. Loads better.

For five straight minutes, poop from the blond rained down into my mouth. “You better swallow it,” she snarled. If you don’t, I’ll use airplane policy to detain you fr three days, and eaten all the worst foods, letting out the horrible-tasting ickiness right in your mouth as much as possible.”

I chew and swallow, wanting to scream. But that’s hard to do when your mouth is full of a girl’s excrement. And it wouldn’t solve my problem, anyway.

“Let me go in his mouth, please, Tara,” said the redhead. “I have a full load and I don’t want to dump it anywhere else.”

“Fine, you may do so, Carmen,” the blonde said. “Let his throat suffer.”

They shuffle around. Now the blonde is in the middle. “I so want to fart on what he’s got down there,” she says, giggling.

“Would you three be interested in some fart tickets?” the flight attendant asked, sweetly.

“Yes, please,” the blond said, passing her money.

I can barely make the flight attendant out on the screen, but I don’t need to concern myself over her. It’s these three young ladies who are giving me poop I need to be concerned about.

And now the redhead’s butt makes a disgusting squelching noise, and her poop plummets directly downward onto my awaiting taste buds.

It is less revolting flavorwise than the blonde’s, but this could be equal to Claire’s in intensity.

Duo Bond is a term which comes to mind. And I hope Hilary isn’t interested in doing it, even though I haven’t served her yet.

A Duo Bond is when a girl allows another girl to use her toilet in order to decrease the momentswhen the toilet is free to get fresh air instead of having gas released up his nostrils or poop erupting into his mouth.

If Claire and this redhead had a Duo Bond, they could each use me whenever they like. Not the most pleasant experience, but it’s better than being under blondie.

“I have to go again, switch seats with me,” Tara said.

“You just went!” the redhead whines.

“Yeah, it’s my turn,” says the brunette.

“Go on his legs,” the blond commands. “And I eat constantly, you know. IF I hada toilet boy he’d rarely be free.”

“I still need to poop, though!” the redhead announced.

“Just release it quick. I can only hold on for another thirty seconds.”

Tara then presented her butt to the redhead’s face and released a two-second fart to indicate that solids were battling to get out.

“Yuck!” the redhead complained, waving the foul air away. “Save that for hhim when we land.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of that, then,” the blond announced merrily.

Carmen unleashed more logs, then swapped places with Tara, who hadn’t even planted her butt in the seat over me for a second before a long strand of poop dangled tauntingly avoe me.

Tara grunted, and it came down to join Carmen’s ickiness in my cave of a mouth, making home for these nasty critters who would eventually wind up in my stomach.

“Hurry up and chew and swallow that,” Tara said. “I’ll save the rest till you have room, but I really need to let them out sooner rather than later.”

At that moment, a ton falls onto my pants covered legs. It feels so messy down there. The brunette’s anus is cute looking at it with the flashlight. Too bad I won’t get to be under it with my mouth.

“You’re not swallowing fast enough,” Tara says. “Stinging time!” she exclaims.

She pulls a lever by her seat. And suddenly I feel as if needles are piercing all over my body. Owwwwwww……

Forced to chew and swallow faster so I can scream, I prepare to have a free mouth to do so, but Tara is one step ahead of me, just as the last bit slips to the end of my esophagus, her butt sends down a deluge of nasty tastes in the form of solids. Only consulate is the needle pain has stopped.

When we arrive at the airport, after two hours of being subjected to their torture, my box is pulled out into the aisle. I’m allowed to sit up, but seven girls surround me, butts in my direction, including the three who were sitting in seats above me.

“Eat Josie’s feces, slime,” Tara says. “Or you will be our tolet for three days, as per airport policy.”

“I’m already assigned to be a toilet. I have to get to her as soon as possible.”

“She’ll understand you had to be detained,” Tara says. “And Josie has a brother who just turned eighteen a week ago. We might consider making a deal with the girl you’re assigned to so she gets him and we get to keep you.”

I gulp. No. I can’t be stuck with Tara. Her poop is so horrific. And she’d probably force me to remain her toilet even after I turn twenty-one. Because she really enjoys usng me aas a toilet, seeing my grimace. I can tell she’d get a kick out of that.

So to prevent this from happening, I stuff Josie’s poop into my mouth. It’s alarming and I nearly choke on it. But all seven girls fart simultaneously. Three of them, including Carmen the redhead, shrink away from the foul smells. I am coerced into inhaling it all in this position. When I try to stand up, Tara shoves me back down.

“Not till your finished eating, toilet.”

I sigh and bite into more of Josie’s feces, while the girls laugh and fart.

When I’m done, I feel relieved. Now these hotshots will leave me alone.

All seven girls escort me off the plane, though.

“There’s a nice one!” Carmen say,s, pointing to a pink mat.

“Oh yes, that is good,” Tara says, excitedly.

“Well, see ya around,” I say, glad to be going away from them.

“Oh no, you don’t,” Josie says, sticking out a foot and causing me to trip, falling on the hard airport floor.

Tara begins dragging me toward the mat.

“We have fart tickets and we are going to use them,” she announces.

“Come on, there’s a few other guys here,” I say. “Why not use one of them?”

“Because you were in the box under our seat, peabrain. We gave you our poop, it’s only fair you smell our fart as well.”

Lying supine on the mat, pinioned there by Carmen and Josie sitting on arms, I watch helplessly as Tara lowers her ass toward my face.




Torrents of foul gas erupted all over my face, paining my nostrils, and filling Tara with glee.

For the next two hours, the girls rotated who sat on my face, but Tara made sure she got in the most time. In fact at my estimate, I was under her rear end alone for at least an hour, which means more than the other two put toether.

“I wish I could keep you,” Tara says, looking sadly down into my face as I lay on the mat. “But we aren’t allowed to have toilets our first month at college. As soon as your assigned mistress is done with you, we’ll take you, though. 100 percent.”

Too bad for these girls, Hilary won’t get done with me. As soon as I’m in her bathroom, I’m stuck there until she graduates. Or three years have passed, whichever comes first.

And when I’m free, I go away to my happy life with Alyssa. Just thinking about it almost makes all the horrors of today go away.

“I need to pee,” Carmen says. She plops down on my stomach.

“No, Carm, we have to move to the soak mats for that,” Tara warns. She looks around frantically, biting her nails, probably terrified a security guard will notice.

“I think it’s okay,” Josie says. “The sign says between two and three, golden showers are allowed on these mats.”

“Well, then,” Tara said, happily. “I get to pee on his face!”

“And me on his legs,” Josie said, gleefully.

Then they all three let out their streams at once. Tara even goes in my eyes, to add insult to injury.

“See ya, Joel,” Tara says at last. I am soaked, and feel super sticky. My eyes sting from the drops of her precious nectar she has unleashed on them. “You’ll be ours one day, we promise.”

I bloody well hope not.

They walk away, but I can’t see currently, so I’m forced to lie here till I can open my eyes again.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my brother,” says a voice.

No, it can’t be. Why would Lyndsay be at the airport here? She does go to the same university as Hilary. But seriously, it’s a big campus. I would be in Hilary’s bathroom at all times. I never expected to run into my sister at all, let alone before I arrived at my destination. Though obviously that’s the only reasonable time I would run into her, now I think on it.

But I haven’t left the airport yet. What are the chances she would randomly be here on the day I arrived? Something seems fishy about this.

“One of my closest friends at university told me to come pick up her toilet, who is running a bit late,” Lyndsay says. I can squint my eyes a little bit now, but not enough to make her out super clearly. “But I think I can afford a poop break before I hunt for him seriously.”

Um, what? Does she see another guy in the airport she wants to poop on? Well, good foher, I guess. I just want to get out of this predicament of being soaked in urine and unable to see what’s…

Soft, ample flesh makes contact with my face. Oh, it feels so good. Whoever this girl is sitting me, I give both thumbs up to the wonders of her ass.

Shegrunts and sighs cutely, leaning forward. My mouth opens to receive whatever she drops into it. Although I can’t look at her to determine if she’s pretty or not, I feelso comfortable here. In a way I didn’t feel with Tara or Carmen or Josie.

She shakes her butt a little, and poop comes out. Even though it is nasty, I find myself craving it for some reason. I’m sure when I open my eyes and see this girl, I will think her the prettiest I ever saw, be so pleased she deigned to poop in my mouth with an airport full of way more desirable guys to do this to. Maybe if I beg, she’ll let me be her toilet instead of Hilary’s.

As a second strand emerges, I feel so elated. This is where I belong. This is the girl whose ass is Heaven to me. If I must endure the next three years beneath a butt, which is the law for all boys in this country, then it would have to be this mysterious girl to make the time that much more pleasant.

At last, I feel that my eyes are likely fine again. Tara’s residue has receded past them. I want to open them swiftly and get a look at this gorgeous girl in an instant.

But I feel it’d be more wonderful to take her in bit by bit, frame by frame. And I decide to wait a bit also, because I want to savor her poop, gross as it is to the taste buds, before getting a good look at her.

More and more come. They have some tastes like tacos and enchiladas and cheesburgers, but mixed in with the foul odor of having traveled through a body.

It’s not the poop that makes me pleased, though. It’s how good this butt feels. Like, I want to be intimate with it. I yearn for it to dominate me. This is my Heaven, I just know it.

Slowly, I open my eyes, taking in her massive buttcheeks. Then I look at the bottom of her shirt. It looks familiar. Maybe I’ve seen it in a commercial.

Her hair shockingly reminds me of my sister’s. I hope the guy she’s pooping on now knows the suffering I once felt when her I discovered she had defecated on my sandwich, carefully hiding it between the slices of bread so I wouldn’t notice till I took a bite…

Wait, a girl with long curly hair the color of my sister’s. I was talking to Lyndsay just a couple of minutes before this girl sat on me, needing to poop.

And then she turns her head to grin at me, my worst fears confirmed.

My sister’s butt is the one I just said is Heaven? My sister’s butt made me feel so good, like I could pass time under it rather than under some strange girl I’ve been aassigned to serve as toilet to?

Have I gone mad? I had hoped for two years that I wouldn’t be assigned to my sister, and now with pee preventing my eye from opening, she poops in my mouth and I think it’s the best thing ever? What the hell is wrong with me?

“By the way,” Lyndsay says, cheerfully. “You’re the guy I was sent here to pick up. Hilary is a dear friend of mine.”

At this point, I am more eager than I ever thought I ever could be to get to Hilary’s bathroom. I want to put the moment of fantasizing about my sister’s butt far in the past.

“Also, you should know the other guys couldn’t tolerate her terrible-tasting excrement. So she has tried to find a way to remedy the situation. Even though you will be forbidden from transferring away from serving as her toilet, she wanted it to be slightly less uncomfortable just in case you react to her feces the same way the other dudes did.”

She slides off my mouth so I can talk, sitting on my neck instead.

“Oh?” I ask. “And what’s that?”

“She proposed a Duo Bond. So two girls will be using you as a toilet a lot.”

Well, that’s a bit of a relief. Whoever the other girl is will be wonderful. I can’t wait to be under her butt. I’m more excited for that than I can be for Hilary,, which sounds like a prison sentence coming from everyone who mentions her.

“Let’s get goi---oh wait, I have to fart.”

Sitting over my noe this time, and rubbing her butt around my face sexually, she giggles and grunts, and then a huge one splatters all over my face.


I also hope whoever Hilary is having a Dou Bond over me with releases more palatable wastes, both as gas and solid, than my sister. Yuck.


Did Lyndsay take me straight to Hilary’s dorm room? No, she did not. I was forced to lay across the front seat as she sat on my face, farting, pooping, and urinating, while she drove around in her car for four hours, picking up lots of food which would taste horrible when it comes out her rear end.

I wasn’t sure why she needed to buy and eat that now while I was under her, since I’d be handed over to Hilary shortly and poor Lyndsay would have no one to let that out on.

It was dark when she finally parked outside the dorm building and dragged me inside. On the second floor, she knocked on a door with the brass number 222 on it.

The girl from the picture I was sent opens the door, and smiles at me broadly. “He’s here!” She hugs me. “And you got him smelling awful, you’re the best, Lyndsay!”

“Don’t’ mention it,” my sister says.

I hope to get a glimpse of the other girl who will be using me, but there’s no one else in the dorm, just Hilary, my sister, and me.

I get one good look around, at the lace and the posters of Becky Ibeam, a popular farting superstar in a TV series, before I’m taken into the bathroom, which will be my only abode for the next three years.

How will the world have changed the next time I see it? Will I be one of the defeated twenty-one-year-old guys I’ve seen so often before? No, there’s no way. No matter how bad this is, I have a pleasant life to look forward to.

And whoever the other girl is who will be using me as a toilet, she’ll make this a bit pleasant. Right? I hope so.

I imagine a gorgeous redhead, with hair kept in twintails like an anime chick. Even if her poop is atrocious to endure, she’d be the Heaven I thought I’d found at the airport earlier. Brrr. I hope to put that memory far, far behind me.

They tie me up against the wall, chaining my neck too so I can’t break free later. There are hooks to place the end of the chains on, and bolts on the hooks so I can’t break free.

Something fun I just thought of. Even though I will be forced to eat Hilary’s poop, every time she taskes a bath, she’ll be right in front of me. Naked. That’s an alluring thought.

“And now you’re all chained up,” Hilary exclaims, “It’s toilet time!”

She fixed my face so its looking upward, then places her bare ass on my open mouth, and poops.

I am assaulted with the worst tastes of the day. I have already enumerated the unpleasantness of Tara’s, Carmen’s, Josie’s, Claire’s, and my sister’s poop.

I now know why the three other guys who were assigned to Hilary begged for transfer.

This was worse than all the poop I had eaten today and all Claire had ever dropped into my mouth during those four Wednesdays combined.

And even more than that, Hilary didn’t let up for three hours, even having Lyndsay bring in a pizza she ordered so she could eat it while feeding me her horrendous feces.

Surely, I thought, I’ll get to meet the wonderful girl who will be using me some of the time, the duo in this Duo Bond, tonight?

But after Hilary finishes on me, she turns the light off, and I am in the dark, surrounded by foul smells and these horrors gong down my throat in a minute.

I will meet her tomorrow, I am sure of it. And she’ll be so gorgeous, I’ll die of happiness to eat her poop. After all, it can’t be as bad as Hilary’s or Tara’s.

And with that thought, I drift off to sleep. I dream sexy girls are pooping in my mouth. Then my sister orders them to go away so she can have me to herself…

I wake up in a cold sweat. Hilary, yawning and still in her PJ’s, enters the bathroom and pushes my face upward again.

My mouth open, she lets out poop that is even worse than yesterday’s I cannot believe it. Please, please let the other girl who will do this have better tasting feces.

“I have no classes until eleven, and it’s six o’ clock now,” Hilary announced. “I’ll poop or fart as much as possible in the meantime. Need you to get used to being a toilet, since when you woke up yesterday you were a free man.”

You can say that again.

At a lull in her pooping, as she gets up to stretch for a feew minutes, I decide to just ask.

“Will I meet the other girl today?”

“What other girl?” Hilary asked, frowning.

“You know, the one you’re in a Duo Bond with over usng me.”

“Oh. Yeah, she’ll be going on you later today, don’t you worry. She’s been more excited about you coming than I have.”

“Really?” I ask. This intrigues me.

“Yeah, I only see you as utility. I need a toilet, and you are it. But she…she delights at the thought of you serving her. The fact that it is you, Joel, matters a great deal. In fact, I think if it were any other boy assigned to me, shhe’d think of him as utility too and not even agree to the Duo, perhaps.”

Someone who really wants to use me because its me, huh? Maybe that hop track captain who was a senior last year at my high school and pooped in my mouth a couple of Wednesdays. She tried to hog me as much as Claire, but Claire wouldn’t go on anyone else so.

Or the drama student who always wore pretty dresses when she came. Like Claire, she calledme by my name, the other girls didn’t bother to remember it.

Can’t be Claire herself, she’s still a senior in high school. Which is obviously a two hour flight from campus. No way could she take this task up.

I kinda wonder if it could be Tara. She is familiar with who Hilary is, anyway. That’s a frightening prospect, but eh, I’m running out of girls who would be that eager to feed me their excrement.

Carmen who seemed rather shy is a possibility too. She’s connected to Tara. I like that idea, actually. Redheads are my favorite. Even though her poop wouldn’t win the Sweetest Tasting Ever Award, it wouldn’t be that bad, if it’s her.

What am I saying? Tara and her cohorts aren’t allowed to have an official toilet. That’s what they said, anyway.

Unless being part of a Duo doesn’t count? Well, if that’s the case, I really hope my hunch is right, and that Carmen will be the one walking through that door, shy and cute, but also ready to dominate.

Hilary concludes her stretching, and gives me more of her foul onslaught.

The hours pass by, and I am almost wholly convinced I’ll son receive the wonders of Carmen’s anus. The other girls are possibilities too, but Carmen seems the best option, so I hold onto that.

At last, Hilary gets off. Soon, I will know….

But she’s on me again within twenty minutes. “Breakfast break,” she says..

Of course. I just want Carmen to get here already. It must be her, there’s no one else, please let it beher, is the mantra which runs through my head.

And then Hilary jumps off me as though shocked, after letting loose a horrendous torrent. “Oh crap, it’s ten fifty-three. Gotta run to class!”

She looks down at me, gleefully. “Don’t worry, there’ll be more later. In the meantime, the other Duo will use you within the next couple of hours.”

She dances out of the room.

Anticipation starts to gnaw at me. When will she get here? Please hurry. My mouth needs your relief from this awful nightmare. Carmen, oh Carmen…

Time goes by so slowly. I have nothing to do here either except chew on the nasty residue retained in my mouth. This will be so boring if she doesn’t arrive. That’s another reason this Duo is necessary. First, because Hilary’s feces are torture, and I can’t transfer, and two, because I will be driven mad chained up here with only Hilary’s posterior to look forward to.

After a long bit of staring, and just when I’m ready to doze off, the door starts to creep open, very slowly.

I want to see Carmen so badly. But at the same time, I want the surprise of it being her to last a little longer. So I shut my eyes.

Finally the girl enters. Oh gosh. Happiness is near. I can feel it.

She forces my chin upward, and rests her giant ass on my face. It pushes down as if claiming my nose as its own property, then shoving down toward my mouth.

It’s too big to be Carmen’s, I think. That sucks. Well, probably the track captain. Maybe Josie?

I let her poop flow into my mouth, savoring it, the best thing I’ve tasted since yesterday morning. Heck, the best thing I’ve tasted since Lyndsay finished pooping in my mouth yesterday evening.

Heaven, this is Heaven. If things somehow don’t work out when the three years ends (though they have to), I will 100 percent want to marry this butt.

I open my eyes to find out who it is, but slowly as I did after Tara urinated in them.

And am greeted with the sight of my sister’s beautiful hair.

No! This cannot be! I can’t have called my sister’s anus dropping feces in my mouth Heaven twice in two days! I mean, technically in comparison to Hilary’s tragedy of nightmarish anal releases, this is Paradise.

But this is my sister! I can’t be thinking her pooping on me is hot! And if she is part of the Duo, that means she’ll be doing this constantly for three years!

Calm down, Joel. Don’t jump to conclusions. Maybe she just needed to go this once, and is filling in till Carmen gets here. That has to be it.

She looks back at me, winking. “Hey, Joel. Surprised to see me here? Well, get used to it. I’m the other part of the Duo Bond Hilary made over you, and I plan to give you the nastiest feces my butt can produce, as often as possible! (Given that Hilary will be hogging you most of the time, of course.)”

And just like that, the one relief of this ordeal was shattered.

“Grimacing, eh? That’s no way to treat your mistress. Smile for me, Joel. Or I’ll fart on you big time.”

I force my mouth into a smile.

“Oh, that smile was so good, bro! So good indeed that I must fart on you now.”

“But you said—“

I don’t get to finish my sentence, as her butt lets out a boom.





She doesn’t stop farting for three hours straight. Then she poops in my mouth for another two hours. Finally, she flies out the door, I can breathe again…

Seconds later, Hilary enters. “I hope Lyndsay wasn’t gone long. I hate to think of my precious toilet being forced to breathe in fresh air instead of having a girl’s anus over his nose or mouth.”

And with that, she plops down on me. I want to scream, but with Lynsday’s feces exiting my throat and heading down my esophagus, and Hilary’s own poop cramming in the front part, no sound can escape from me.


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Apr 26, 2011
Chapter Two

Months have passed. And now Lyndsay ‘s butt is my Heaven.

Hilary’s posterior gets worse and worse the more she drops down my esophagus. I’m sure my sister is also doing her best to increase the nastiness of her wastes, both solid and gaseous.

But I crave the relief her anus offers. It’s like going on vacation after months of working six days a week. I had to have a job in my seventeenth year to pay for all the amusement the first month of being eighteen. Could only do part time of course because of school, but even that was a pain in the neck.

I think it’s absurd now that all those months ago Lynsday’s butt seeming like Heaven shocked and terrified me. Her fart and poop taste infinitely better than Hilary’s ever could be. She moves sexually around as she prepares the next onslaught. She wears cute clothes when she goes on me as well.

Hilary doesn’t care about clothes, she wears whatever. Gothic outfits, a fallen angel costume from an anime, even a frickin’ army uniform. Heck she’s wearing a Girl Scout outfit right now. It has been tailor made to fit her size. Gosh, it is ugly.

Hilary herself is cute enough but she has no fashion sense whatsoever. She does wear heavy eyeshadow. If I didn’t know what her feces smelled and tasted like, I’d probably be swooning over her.

But I do know, and I don’t swoon over her. But when my sister comes in, with her posterior ready to deliver its celestial goodness, my heart starts to race. It seems silly to me that a year ago, I would dread the day when the announcement of the girl who’d own me would be revealed, and I might discover it’d be Lyndsay.

Because her going on me feels like the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Except one thing, that is.


I asked Hilary once if she knows what became of Alyssa.

“I don’t look into the affairs of others, dear toilet. I only care about what goes on in here, you know.”

I then tried asking Lyndsay. Her response was, “How dare you ask me what your filthy ex-girlfriend is doing right now! That’s it, I’m farting on you.”

Though her farts that day pained my nostrils so, it was then that I began realizing I loved her doing that, and did what I could to provoke her into farting in my face again.

But now she’s away on a ski trip. And so that means extra work from Hilary. Ugh.

“Oh, I should tell you,” Hilary says, suddenly, letting a strand of poop splatter onto my tongue. “I’ve hired some buttsitters for the weekend since I’ve got that convention to go to. They’ll be here tomorrow, just before I leave.”

Buttsitters, hmmm. I wonder who they could be.

Probably strange girls. Well, can’t wait to meet them. Will be better than wasting life away receiving the worst poop any girl has ever released in constant, steady streams.

I didn’t think to ask her if she knew the buttsitters’ names. I assume they’d be some strange girls she found on Buttbook, or her friends on the college campus.

Either way, I was sure that whoever the buttsitters were, their poop would be more palatable than Hilary’s.


Her butt hissed on my lips. What a terrible-tasting fart! I became jealous at the thought that Lyndsay might be releasing a wonderful fart on someone right this very moment…

If only Hilary had gone on the ski trip and left Lyndsay. I would’ve enjoyed that.

Maybe she’s taking the pill that keeps your fart stored in for longer, I tell myself. My sister has to want to save her farts for me, right? There’s no way she’d dole it out on someone else.

Of course, if I had my way, I wouldn’t be chained up here at all, serving as toilets to girls. But such is the life of an eighteen-year-old boy. When I turn twenty-one, I will be free.

“Diarrhea time!” Hilary announces.

Oh no.

Her diarrhea is a nightmare to imbibe. It is the reason the other boys she had as toilets filed to be given to other girls. I can’t be reassigned because the policy is a girl’s third toilet must remain hers until she either graduates or her turns twenty-one, whichever comes first.

Drip, drip, drip….

Nastiness floods my throat. I honestly prefer her poop. At least its not liquidy, don’t feel like its claiming every inch of my mouth as its own.

That is to say the diarrhea splashes upward getting all over the roof of my mouth and clinging there even after I swallow the main river. And yes, it is a river of unceasing flow, a revolting pummeling of chunk after chunk of liquid feces.

Lyndsay sometimes diarrheas in my mouth, but it’s different. Hers washes away the gunk Hilary’s wastes leave behind. It makes my heart race to taste their ickiness too, because Lyndsay’s form is attractive as she sits on my face, her ass sweat pouring into me.

Okay, okay, it’s not quite as poetic as that. And since Lyndsay isn’t here right now, I’m probably making it sound much cuter than it actually is.

But definitely compared to Hilary’s diarrhea, similar stuff coming from Lyndsay’s anus is like having cheesecake as opposed to liverwurst.

Hilary suddenly became animated. “Say, I thought you’d want to know I was voted the most revolting bathroom girl at Lobby’s for the month.”

Lobby’s was her part-time job to help pay for school, a diner where the people who ate there received a 75 percent discount on their order, if they let their waitress poop in their mouth.

Being voted “most revolting” was good publicity for her, it meant the restaurant would pay her more since the threat of having to taste her feces to save money would make repeat customers think twice about taking the discount.

I hoped she would have to work that night, so I could have a little bit of a break.

But she continued to bombard my taste buds with diarrhea for another hour, and then I concluded she wasn’t on duty this night.

She ordered two large pepperoni pizzas and made a chocolate milkshake.. When it arrived, she ate every single slice of one of the pizzas.

“The other one I’ll eat at five in the morning tomorrow and give you such a treat!” she announced merrily. “But for now, take this,” she said, and she began pooping in his mouth, making him feel more and more like a worthless toilet…

The onslaught didn’t cease till she fell asleep. And I had tons of feces in my mouth to chew. But thank goodness it would be over once I swallowed this.


In the morning, I woke to see Hilary’s bare ass hovering over me. She wore a yellow shirt with flower patterns on it. How icky.

“Time for your morning treat before the buttsitters arrive!” she announced, glad to see he was awake.


….her posterior went.

Such a nasty cheese fart. started to gag.

“You might want to save your gag reflex for what is to come, or you might lose that ability,” she warned.

She leaned forward, pushing her bare butt down hard on my face.


….it went.

My nose suffered intensely at the gas sprayed across it just then.

Then she guided my mouth open and dropped glops of diarrhea down his throat. Like drinking dirty water, but the worst kind conceivable. It splashed the roof of his mouth and felt like it was getting in between my teeth, sinking into his gums.

Two logs of poop slipped from Hilary’s anus, cloaking my tongue with the foul horrific taste they gave off.

“Swallow it like a good toilet,” she barked.

Of course I was forced to chew it in order to breathe, anyway.

“Good boy,” Hilary said, grinding her butt around my face. “As a reward for obedience, I will give you an extremely long fart.”


It tasted like an entire pizza was being blasted in his face, stinky cheese coming out the other end from where they went in and so on.

And the farting didn’t stop. Not for an hour at least.

After that, her butt presented him with gallons of diarrhea. I felt a river of sour taste swamp my mouth, and how it got between my teeth freaked me out. If only this were Lyndsay instea do fHilary. I’d delight in having rivulets of her diarrhea in between my teeth. Anything that came out of her anus felt right with me. But not so with Hilary.

A loud knocking alerted Hilary to the presence of someone arriving at the dorm room. Of course, seeing as we were in the bathroom, she had to exit to go open the door.

I yearned to find out what the buttsitters looked like. I just hoped they had Lyndsay level of fluids, solids, and gases at least, and not the kind Hilary unleashed on him.

I also hoped they had better dress sense than Hilary. Not everyone was an Alyssa, I knew. A fashion diva aiming to be a poop model. But at least know what looks good, you know?

“One moment, please,” Hilary said, on the other side of the bathroom door, carefully prying it open and doing her best to conceal the girls on the couch outside, although I caught the sight of red locks on one.

That thrilled me. A redhead’s fart would be nice.

Hilary plopped her butt on my face. “There’s three of them, so they won’t stop going on you, most likely” she said. But won’t have anyone for a long time, and I’ve got to give you a parting gift so you don’t forget your mistress.”

She leaned forward.


Grinding her butt around my face, she let out pizza farts of the worst caliber. And then poop tumbled out of her mouth in torrents, feeding m hungry self with the most atrocious morsels mankind has ever had the indecency to encounter.

Of course, mankind doesn’t have to encounter it. Only I do. Which makes it that much more unbearable.

At last she got up, and pushed the door open, very slowly, for suspense I presume.

When my eyes laid on the three girls taking a seat on the couch, I gasped, or at lelast as well as aperson with his mouth full of poop and chained up to the wall.

The three girls there I recall from the plane ride, even though it seems lke a lifetime ago.

Tara, the blonde, Carmen, the redhead, and Josie, the brunette.

I’m nearly surprised I recall their names. I guess it’s because during the long hours beneath Hilary’s posterior, I had to think of something calming to pull through it.

And as terrible as Tara’s poop tastes, I’d much rather have it than anything that comes out of Hilary’s ass.

So I shouldn’t be upset to find out that they’re my buttsitters. And I’m not…exactly.

But what are the chances that Hilary would find these three of all the girls on campus or on Buttbook looking for work?

“Hey, it’s the guy from the airplane!” Carmen said. “I can’t wait to poop in his mouth!”

“So it is him,” Tara said. “I get to use him first, though.”

“I don’t care when I get to use him,” Josie said. “But my farts and poop are no picnic.”

“I think you all three should be in the room and take a few moments farting on him just to break the ice,” Hilary suggested.

“Good idea,” Tara said. “I’m first though.”

She ran in and put her butt on my face, grinding it around.



It smelled of steak and potatoes and cabbage. Really nasty all together in gas form.

“Move along, I have to release right now,” Carmen said.

“Okay, but I’ll have to poop soon,” Tara said, stepping to the side.

Carmen pushed her butt down over my nose, bouncing it around.



Her red hair cascaded halfway down her back. But as beaufiful as she is, it didn’t diminish the intensity of her farts, which were like scrambled eggs and onions mixed with cement from the smell.

“My turn,” Josie said, shoving Carmen to the side. The redhead growled but went to stand beside Tara.


Josie’s farts were the worst of the three. Oh, goodness. I’m not sure anyone could like these better than the other two. I swear, Tara’s taste like cotton candy and Carmen’s like cherry cheesecake compared to these.

That said, Hilary’s farts are much more putrid. But here’s the thing. At least Hilary I think of on her own. Josie, however, I consider to be a unit which includes Tara and Carmen.

Sure there’s Lyndsay, but I don’t see her as having an equal footing with Hilary. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about their duo isn’t quite like this trio.

And so Josie’s farts naturally make me wish to break free from these chains. Oh gosh.


And another fart doesn’t help.

Is there some kind of pill which numbs your taste buds? Well, I suppose they wouldn’t want a guy during his three years between eighteen and twenty-one to get hold of one of those if they exist. Urgh.

Josie farts a full five minutes. I must’ve gagged eight times during that period, at least. Maybe even eleven, I lost count.

“Well, since you’re all ready for this, I suppose I can go,” Hilary says. “Just make sure he gets plenty of your wastes. He can take them all, I promise.”


“We will do our best,” Tara says, grinning mischievously.

“Well, I’m off, then,” Hilary says, her beige shirt wagging as she grabbed a suitcase and shoved it toward the exit.

“Gosh, I’ve got to poop so badly,” Josie said, shaking her butt in my face, then settling on my nose as if claiming my features for her own.

“I get to go on him first,” Tara says, pouting.

“But my butt is about to explode,” Josie says.

“I’m the leader, though,” Tara barks.

“If you want me to poop in your lap instead, be my guest, and sit on his face,” Josie said, with a wave of the hand.

“Ewww, no,” Tara said. “Go ahead and sit on him. Your poop is the nastiest of any of ours.”

“No kidding,” Josie says. She settles her butt on my lips, then farts.


“Ugh!” Tara screeches. “Warn me before you do that!”

“You’re in the bathroom when I’m on our toilet boy. Not my fault you have to smell it.”

“That’s it, I’m going to sit on the couch and wait,” Tara says, pulling Carmen after her.

“She’ll have a long time to wait,” Josie says, grinning down at me. “I probably won’t stop defecating for another half hour if I had to guess.”

She guides my mouth open, and lets the feces drop. Log after log, each one nastier than the other.

I feel like puking, but the river of poop is preventing it.

Also there’s buildup in Extra Space where the poop is stored when my mouth can’t take it all in and I can’t swallow fast enough. It is so gross to know that this huge pile of revolting tastes from her ass is forced down my throat.

Even though I can taste the food which comprised some of it, like eggs and steak and potatoes, it has the foulness of the solidified waste one would expect.

Yet it is my diet as a toilet boy. You’d think I’d be relieved that it’s not Hilary.

And Josie is very cute, her hair tied up with a scrunchie holding a long braid down.

Honestly, a lot of guys might fantasize about being iin this position. But those guys haven’t experienced it. They don’t the intensity her poop reaches. Say its like a couple of degrees below Hilary’s, whereas Lyndsay’s is something like fifteen.

I wish it were my sister’s butt on my face instead. Not that I can voice this with the swarm of excrement blocking my vocal chords.

“You done yet?” Tara asks, coming in.

“Sure, after a few more farts,” Josie says. “But I’m only going to release them if you put your face in my lap..”

“No way!” Tara says, backing away.

Carmen pushes her from behind. “If you she wants you to smell her fart, you’re going to.”

“Hey, I’m the leader here!” Tara protestested, as Carmen pushed her toward the area between Josie’s legs.

“And as leader, you have to make sure her fart is strong enough for our toilet,” Carmen barks.

“You two are unfair,” Tara says. But she doesn’t struggle too hard as Carmen positions her against me. Her chin rests on mine and her nose is pushed into Josie’s female area.


“Ewww, let me out f here!” Tara screeches. But Josie squeezes her knees against Tara’s cheeks.

“I’m not done farting,” she says.

“I don’t care! This is torture!”

“It’s worse for him, since it’s right in his face,” Josie says.

Josie pushes her butt down harder on my face. “You’ll really regret having to smell this one!” she announced, grinning down at Tara.


“I mean it, let me out!”

“But I have more…” Josie said, squeezing harder with her knees.




“I think you’ve tortured her enough,” Carmen says. “And she has class at two. Might as well let her relieve her ass of the poop it’s got stored up there.”

“Oh, why didn’t you say so?” Josie asks. She releases her hold on Tara. The blond girl scowls at her, but Josie slides off my face.

Tara plops down on my face, her own wastes squirming to plop onto my tongue and greet me with their deliciousness.

Except that of course they weren’t nice to eat at all.

I can’t even say they were technically less unappetizing than Josie’s. It would be like if for dinner you were asked whether you wanted to eat a bowl of Ziploc bags or a bowlof nails. Both are nasty, and will disgust you whenever you think about it.

Of course both of those smell better than feces. But it’s an analogy so yeah.

Tara didn’t stop letting them drop for fifteen minutes straight. And by that time I was full to the brim.

It also wasn’t like I didn’t have a ton of Hilary’s stored in extra space. Honestly, she could’ve left me alone for two days, chained up here with no buttsitters, and I’d probably have plenty to eat the whole time due to that.

But she ddn’t.

“Lick my asshole, butt-slave. I can’t go to class smelling like this,” Tara bars.

“Sure you can,” Josie says. “And even if he does tongue-bathe your butt, it won’t change the fact that your face was super close to my fart.”

“You’re awful,” Tara says, but she continues to hold her butt over my face, twisting her neck as she looks back.

“I said lick!” she barks.

I swallow about four strands of poop and let my tongue hover around the edge of her anus, not wanting to send it closer. But she shoves down on me rougly, and it winds up slaking around in there.

“Hey, Tara, it’s 1:50 and you have tend minutes to get to class,” Carmen exclaims.

“Dang, I’m going to have to run!”

She hastily pulls her skirt up, darting out the of the dorm room, grabbing a backpack on her way.

“My turn!” Carmen exclaims. She shoves her butt down on my mouth and grinds hard, beads of sweat dropping out f it up my nostrils.

“Scat lover, I’ve got such a treat for you!” she says.

And then wet poop erupts from her anus. Scalding too. Yes, I know. Poop I can’t be anything close to scalding. Well, this was. Spicy too. But unlike savory spicy food, this tasted icky like burned Pop Tarts dipped in lichen.

I still felt that my sister’s poop was at least crave-worthy compared to these other kinds. I tried to think of happy times tasting it. But it sure was a challenge, with this heated, wet feces pouring in.

At least I didn’t have to worry about a way to ease my dry throat. But ugh, it was so nasty! Why do eighteen-to-twenty-one years old have to go through this?

Thankfully, Carmen isn’t my regular butt mistress, just a buttsitter. But I’ll have to have hers, Josie’s, and Tara’s poop for the next couple of days.

And the worst part is when they do leave, Hilary will be back and I’ll have to take more from her.

More burning poop erupts in my mouth, like lava. I don’t want to swallow it, but the way Extra Space works is you have to swallow as much as you’re capable from the girl sitting on you, and a ton of wet poop is easier to go down the throat than piles and piles of the regular dry kind.

It just kept on coming for an hour.

At last Josie tapped Carmen on the shoulder

“I have to pee so badly,” she says.

“Oh, but I have a horrendous fart to release and I’d like you to put your face between my legs like you made Tara do.”

“I’m not sure I can. I have to go.”

“Get down!” Carmen barked. “You can wait for one fart”

“Fine,” Josie said, slipping her face in between Carmen’s knees.

The redhead squeezed hard.


Jose breathed in the nasty gas as if it were fresh air.

“So gooooooooooood…” she said.

“I know you’re lying,” Carmen says. “My farts can knock out an elephant.”

She’s not kidding. I can’t stopgagging from it.

Josie stands up again and Carmen hops off. Then the brunette pushes her butt all the way till its directly over my nose and her pussy rests on my lips.

“Time for you to drink up!” she exclaims. She drops a Big Red can on the floor, takes a moment to crush it with her foot, and kicks it out as hard as she can.

Carmen goes out and then comes back.

“Did you really drink two dozen cans in the last hour?”

“Um, yes,” Josie says, taking her seat on my face again. “I wanted to greet our charge with all the things he should expect as a toilet.”

“Hilary might not be pleased,” Carmen says, frowning.

“We’ll buy more before she notices.”

There is a loud crash at the front of the dorm room. Josie is spooked into starting to release a huge stream. It is steamy and the most unflattering drink I ever quaffed.. Lyndsay’s pee wasn’t that bad, honestly. But this was like drowning in foul tastes. I loathed it.

“Don’t you have a three-o clock class?” Tara is heard speaking to Carmen.

“Oh crap, I forgot, I was having so much fun on our toilet!”

“You’re already late, might as well skip it,” Tara says.

I hear Carmen hustling and bustling. “If I don’t make it, I won’t get to learn how to chill my poop,” she said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot that you’re a Poop Torture major,” Tara says.

“It’s the best kind of torture,” Carmen says, before exiting the room.

Tara enters. “Did you know that there’s twenty empty cans of soda on the coffee table? You two having a party while I’m in class?”

It was so I could pee on him for a long time,” Josie says, as her unending sea continues to inundate my gullet.

“Should’ve known,” Tara says, shaking her head. “You’re the nastiest of us three.”

“Someone’s got to ensure our toilet understands he is nothing more than that.”

“And you’re just the one to do it,” Tara says, holding up a thumb. “You go, girl.”

“Come on, Tara. We’re in college. None of those silly gestures.”

After that, I couldn’t focus on their conversation. All I could hear was pee smashing into my teeth as Josie unleashed the Pacific Ocean down my throat.

“Well, hurry up and get off or I’ll poop in my panties,” Tara said.

“I’m going to be here awhile,” Josie said, happily.

“I’m not kidding, Josie. Hurry up.”

“I can’t,” Josie said. “It was your idea to not use pills to stop us needing the bathroom while on this job.”

“You drank all that knowing I would need to use him when I got back!” Tara screeched.

“Do you want to get close and get a drink of my pee?” Josie asked her.

“No!” Tara exclaimed. “I want to exercise my right to use my toilet!”

“Go poop in your forty dollar pair of panties,” Josie says. “It’ll be good for you.”

“You’re despicable,” Tara says, but she marches out of the room.

As she pees on me, Josie pulls another soda can out of her purse, and drains it, sighing happily.

Twenty-five minutes pass before she finishes.

“I pooped in my panties. Are you happy now?” Tara asks.

“Did you spend forty dollars on that pair?” Josie asks, as Tara waves them under her nose. Some of it drips onto my face, feeling really icky against my skin.

“Nah, they cost seventy-five dollars,” Tara says. “I only wear designer panties.”

“Well, then yes, I am happy,” Josie says.

“Ugh!” Tara says, slamming the panties down on nose. Some of the feces squirt out. Then she holds it upside down and it pours all over.

She barks at Josie. “Shove some of the poop in his eyes.”

“Wow, you really go all out with torture,” Josie said.

“I am mad! He is a toilet! I am your leader. Now do what I say.”

“You’re better be willing to smell my fart for this,” Josie mutters.

“Not if it’s as nasty as the ones earlier,” Tara says.

“They won’t be,” Josie says. “They’ll smell worse.”

And with that she pushes the poop down over my eyeballs.

This is so the most excruciating experience I’ve ever endured.

“Oh, I have to fart now,” Josie says. “If I’m playing with your poop, you better be willing to stick your nose in my anus and smell it.”

“It’s not playing,” Tara says. “You’re making him understand he’s a toilet. Isn’t that what you peeing in him that long was for? And making me ruin designer panties.”

“They’re not ruined. You can wash them off. But I said I’m going to fart.”

“Josie, you’re being unreasonable.”

I couldn’t see anything with excrement in my eyes. But the door to the room thundered open.

“Why are you two fooling around?” Carmen barks. “This poop shouldn’t be on his face, but in his mouth.”

“I’m just trying to teach Tara her place,” Josie says.

“Well, I’m making him swallow this. Because it’s my turn to torture him.”

I feel my jaw forced open, and the poop resting on my cheeks and nose shoveled into it.

“Stop it, Josie!” Tara screams. While Carmen grins down at me.

“Your face is the place I want to deposit my fart,” Josie says. “Every last ounce of it.”

A crash is heard. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Tara has fallen in the bathtub.

“Great, now’s my chance,” Josie says, shoving her bare butt in Tara’s face.




I can smell it from where I’m chained to the wall. And that’s not anywhere near as close as Tara’s nose is to Josie’s anus. Which is right smack tucked in.

Of course, I don’t have much time to focus on this as Carmen takes her seat, her red hair flowing around like the river Josie’s pee had been.

The storm of Tara’s poop enters Extra Space as a new sensation pummels my taste buds from out of Carmen’s buttocks.

Cold poop. Really cold. Like ice cream. But without the sweet factor, as it is salty and bitter.

And wet. Even after a few minutes, I feel like I’ve been out in the rain during winter. With snow piled on top of it. And decided to use a girl’s rear end for an umbrella. Which didn’t protect me from anything.

Carmen grins down at me. “It’ll be this way for the whole weekend,” she says.

I believe it. And it makes me eager for the weekend to reach its conclusion.

But in the meantime, I have tons of poop to eat. And the saddest though which enters my mind constantly is, I wish Lyndsay were here, doing this stuff to me instead.

Even knowing that my sister would use me like this again soon enough wasn’t the most comforting thought. Because I had to deal with the reality of the fact that even once these three girls crazy reign ended, Hilary would still use me much more than Lyndsay could, and Hilary’s wastes were worse than all three of these young women could exert put together.
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May 15, 2006
Love the bit about the 75% discount for letting the waitess poop in my mouth. My favorite restaurant the girls are so gorgeous id by 75% extra for the privilege.