Emma's lackey

Dec 9, 2002
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Emma had been my boss for a couple of months. We worked together for a engineering firm, in the writing department. I had been with the company for about six years and was expecting to be promoted to head up the team when the previous head had retired. So when I heard that a woman five years my junior and with less experience had been brought in over me, I was pretty miffed. But once she set foot in the office, I could see why. She was an absolute stunner, with mesmerising blue eyes, long dark hair and lips that stood out a mile off. Her figure was perfect and she had a haughty manner and rich Scottish accent that made you tremble. And her outfits were amazing. I'd always had a foot and shoe fetish and she had a vast array of perfect shoes and boots that sent me wild just looking at them. So while I was disappointed about my job, I soon came to love working for her and every moment in her presence felt like a gift. We got on pretty well and although she was fairly strict in the way she wanted things done, she gave me autonomy and we became good friends. I even managed to sniff several pair of her shoes while working late. I'd have paid hundreds of pounds for the scent if you could bottle it - it was divine.

It was the day of the annual conference, where we met with team from around the country and head office. As usual , it was held at a country hotel and everybody was looking forward to a good day. There was always a fun element to proceedings, and this year it was decided that there would be a music festival atmosphere. So everyone was dressed down in festival gear - shorts, wellies, that kind of thing. And there was going to be a band playing later in the evening an plenty of booze.

Our team was unveiling a new piece of research that was about to be published. Although I had written the bulk of it, Emma decided to present it to the business. I met her first thing in a small ante room in the complex as we had planned to go through her presentation before she gave it in the main hall at 10AM. She was sat down poring over her notes and looked absolutely amazing. Her hair tied back and wearing a long flowing dark blue dress with a pair of roman style sandals with small jewels embedded in the straps. Her toes were painted purple to match her lipstick and the whole hippy vibe just worked brilliantly on her.

Unusually, though, for someone that was normally so confident, she was quite nervous and really worked up about giving the presentation. I assured her she would be absolutely fine. We were proud of what we - well mostly I - had put together and I told her the crowd would really take to it. She was really hard to calm down though and as she sat there, cross-legged, swinging her gorgeous foot, she was starting to panic. "I can't do this, I've always dreaded public speaking", she said. I was really surprised as this didn't seem her at all.

"Look, Emma", I said. "We know that this presentation is really good and you're going to be brilliant. You're so sharp and look incredible today - you'll bowl them over." She reacted well and started to look more calm bit was still a bit shaky. I decided to get down on my knees at her feet an implore her that things would be fine. "Look, you're going to be great - so great that I'm going to show you how much I respect you. "

She looked quite taken aback but open to suggestion and her mind was calming down. "Now you're only going to be on for fifty minutes. I'm going to kiss the soles of each of your sandals fifty times - one for each minute. And while you're up there, remember how amazing you are and that you're totally worth the soles of your shoes being worshipped. And every time you feel nervy, just remember how amazing you are."

"Hey, now this is a bit weird.." she said in her sultry Scottish, but before she knew it, I had raised her right foot and cupped it in my hand and was passionately kissing the sole of her sandal. The soles were worn and quite dirty, but with each kiss, I felt in heaven. Emma just sat there, bewildered, as I continued to smooch the bottom of her shoe. The scent of her feet was incredible and the sense of submission was all encompassing and so erotic. After a while, she started to giggle. "This is really unorthodox, but it is quite funny. And I must admit I feel great." I carried on with my worship until hundred kisses had been taken. "Al done?" she said, chuckling away, amused and confused, but now longer nervous about the presentation. She told me to get up and pull up a chair myself and we went through the presentation as if nothing had happened... both calm and very content.