Epic new facesitting story. Must read. Excerpt from my book

May 3, 2018
Full book can be read for free on booksie.com under the title "faceless" by author Isaac Nathan

Chapter 28

As we enter the house together and remove our shoes on a rug by the door she leads me through a nicely decorated interior that seems to favor the theme of hunting and wildlife. There is a large bucks head hanging above an elegant looking fireplace in what appears to be the main living room. More smaller game animals that have been through the process of taxidermy are put out through out the house in strategic locations that seem well thought out surrounding a beautiful looking brown leather sectional couch. A large flatscreen tv is mounted on the wall across from the fireplace. Jordynne turns to me and motions around the room mentioning that this house used to be owned her grandparents and they liked this kind of shit. They are dead now she says with no emotion at all. But they left me the house though so it's worth it. I never really liked them anyway she mentions casually. Is this him? A angry girls voice behind us asks as a girl saunters into the room never taking her eyes off of face.

Chapter 29

He looks like hell. Hailey barks. Face makes eye contact with Haileys evil brown eyes for the first time as she meets his gaze with a look he will never forget. Pure hatred. I know jordynne says. What do you expect after what he has been through recently she says to Hailey who is standing in the arch in the doorway that connects to the living room, and leads down a long hallway stretching through darkness that face cannot penetrate even with squinting his bloodshot eyes. I barely got him here without the cops following me jordynne explains. I threw his phone And other stuff in a dumpster downtown before we made the trip here. Oh this is definitely the guy from that grainy video on the news alright Hailey says. Oh ya its him jordynne assures hailey. Open your mouth hailey says in a stern voice to me. She already knows you are missing a tooth jordynne says don't be shy. I reluctantly show Hailey my teeth, and the look on her face is truly evil personified. I could swear I see a quiver of anticipation run through her young body as she doesn't take her eyes off me. She is thick. Really thick but Not fat. Short too. She has hair similar to haileys. Brunette. Except jordynnes is long. Haileys hair is about shoulder length and layered framing her face like a priceless painting in a museum. She has on just the right amount of make up face thinks. Not to much, just enough. She resembles Demi Lovato from the “skyscraper” video. But more edgy looking. And cuter and cooler. She is probably early 20s. That face is worth framing I think to myself. She is so fucking angry looking but so cute at the same time. Her teeth are not perfect like jordynnes. But not far off. Slight imperfection but barely noticeable at all. A small piercing stud sits on the right side of her nose. She is wearing tight blue skinny jeans with thick white stitching and designs on the back pockets I can see as she turns slightly to the Side. It seems a constant battle for her round booty not to pop the stitching on her pants and introduce itself to the room. The top she is wearing is black and looks similar to a wife beater. Barely containing her ample chest under the fabric and in some cases not containing It at all. Her cleavage reminds face of small booty. A soft small booty. She was wearing a loose fitting black baseball hat that says vans off the wall in white letters up high and pushed to the side with a flat uncurved brim. She had on black and white vans skater shoes that matched her hat perfectly, And neon green hipster sunglasses Rested on top of her hat and cut through her hair above her ears. It suited her look perfectly face thought. cute as fuck. Oh my god face thinks to himself. I don't care what happens here today I am a lucky man. These girls are better than any fantasy I could dream up for myself. As face thinks these thoughts jordynne asks him if he wants something to drink. Sure I tell her. Whatever you got is fine and she disappears through the doorway turning around to whisper something in haileys ear before leaving. Hailey changes her posture as if to say don't follow jordynne and kind of blocks the doorway. We stare at each other in awkward silence for a minute as jordynne clangs around in the other room. Hailey smells of expensive perfume that sends a chill down my spine as face shakes himself as close back to sanity as he can get. She returns a moment later with a shot glass full of brown liquid. Here ya go she offers. Do you have anything else. I don't drink alcohol face explains. Don't be rude she says. You are a guest in my house don't refuse my hospitality. Just one then I won't ask again she says giving me a smile of reassurance. Fine I tell her and grab the shot glass and swallow it down quickly in one gulp. They both smile simultaneously at me in a weird display of raw sexuality it appears. I'm about to say something. I don't know what. My vision is getting blurry. I feel like I have cotton balls in my brain and ears. I look at jordynne and then hailey. They look back at me with a look of satisfaction on their face. Before I slink down to the ground and pass out from whatever drug they just slipped me, the last thing I hear is jordynne tell hailey its almost time to get started and that Her sister will be avenged soon. And hailey make a noise like she was a kid on Christmas morning. A kid who got exactly what they asked Santa Claus for.

Chapter 30

As face lays on the floor of the living room unconscious. Hailey tells jordynne I can't believe this pathetic piece of shit is the one who did that to my sister and brother in law. Jeremy's teeth can probably be fixed. But he is blind forever. My sister Heather is blind forever too and has to walk around with the word cunt on her forehead forever! They are still in the hospital and will survive but will never be the same again. Jordynne and hailey lay down of opposite sides of the sectional couch and relax as they flip on the tv and Change the channel to a news update. They are saying that a bomb was detonated in front of a building downtown earlier today and a handicapped man had his face blow off along with a few other bystanders that got nicked by the blast and have some fairly serious injuries. Wrong place at the wrong time. The police are looking for a baby faced man child who is probably been wearing fake wigs and facial hair disguises, as he causes havoc around town in several various heinous acts of criminality and terrorism. Hailey and jordynne both look down at faces body crumpled on the floor, and neither one regrets what they are about to do to him.

Chapter 31

After he passed out from being drugged, Jericho and face both dreamt as they laid on jordynnes living room floor. Jericho was staring into an ornate gold mirror that looked like it belonged in some 16th century Royal mansion or something. It definitely had the appearance it could be owned and used by nobody less than a king. Looking back at Jericho in the mirror was face smiling his crazy smile, it was blurred though like a photo in “back to the future” that starts disappearing as the future changes based on the way current events are going. Jericho admonishes face and tells him that it's over. He can no longer control the monster inside him. The monster is you he tells face. The villain almost always dies. You deserve this fate that jordynne and Hailey are about to give you. I'm at peace with it face tells Jericho. I have no reason left to live anyway. Remember? Our liver results? This way we get to go out on our own terms. I don't know what will happen in this video, but getting fucked up by some hot women is gonna be a lot better than dying in a hospital or at home alone and in pain of liver disease. You made this bed face! Now I have to lie in it! You want to lie in it and you know it, face tells Jericho. It's gonna be kind of an assisted suicide video. You want to die but don't have the nerve to pull the trigger so I pulled it for you face tells Jericho. These girls are not gonna let you survive this video face tells him. What you think they will just let you go? Not a chance. You fucked up haileys sister and brother in law face tells Jericho. You're gonna pay for that. And you are not gonna like it. You destroyed me Jericho weakly says to the blurry face in the mirror. I saved you. Face says as his image becomes clear to Jericho and face appears in the mirror clearly. Both of his eyes missing.

Chapter 32

Before he wakes up, his mind goes into excessive thinking overdrive mode. Thoughts fly around inside his head like a bird trapped in a house, flying into everything and knocking it over in a desperate attempt to make sense of what is happening to it and trying to escape. Love and religion are just socially acceptable forms of insanity face thinks. The past is just a skewed story we all tell ourselves as an excuse to accept current behavior patterns as justified. Everyone is just fucked up from their childhoods, You can't let memories be the death of you thinks Jericho. Most people have felt everything they are ever gonna feel, they are all just reliving different versions of the same experiences over and over again. It's depressing thinks face. It would have been good if I was still excited about the possibilities and wonder of life, or at least had someone close to me who was. Thinks Jericho sadly. Life isn't really worth living without that kind of influential attitude. All you need is good hair, teeth, skin, proportions, and don't be fat. That's all it takes to be attractive in this world. thinks face. They fucked you Jericho face laughs to himself. Everyone is hideous to someone and good looking to someone. I'm not comfortable in my own skin. Jericho thinks. Self confidence is internal face assures his brain. It's not about how you look, it's about how you feel about yourself. Chuck Norris is so strong when he does push ups instead of pushing himself up, he pushes the world down. Face thinks. Maybe those shows I stumbled across alone as a kid where people were being tortured really fucked me up and left an impression on me. Thinks Jericho. Maybe all that stuff I stole from different people as a kid is why I'm so worried now about my possessions. Jericho concludes.

Chapter 33

Jordynne started placing several expensive looking cameras around the living room at different angles as Jericho lie on the floor still out from the drugs. Hailey was relaxed as fuck on the left side of the sectional couch. She had stripped down to her panties and bra for the night as she relaxed on the couch. Her booty shorts were bright green and her bra was black. She was lying back with her neon green sunglasses still on as the sun was setting outside through the living room window. She lay back against the corner of the couch with her knees bent and her ass cheeks spread across the brown leather. Jordynne finished setting up the cameras around the room and sprawled out across the other side of the couch. They had a fire going in the fireplace as it was chilly this evening. As the last shards of light faded away outside and night showed itself jordynne said to Hailey. “I'm so glad we found each other on Craigslist and get to stream this snuff video tonight. Those sickos who have a membership to my stream on the dark web are gonna be so jacked to see this” . Hailey took of her sunglasses and looked across at jordynne with an intensity that didn't surprise her given the circumstances with her sister. That fucker is gonna be sorry he was ever born! Hailey shouted at jordynne. That's the spirit jordynne winked back at her. You know the rules though. You have to finish him off the way we discussed. That's what the viewers on my stream are paying to see. They get off on this sick shit. I know but I'm gonna have a bit of fun before the end Hailey winks at jordynne and puts her glasses back over her eyes as she slaps her thick jiggly ass and sinks back into the corner of the couch. Oh my god you and him are both fucking perfect for this. Jordynne says with excitement in her voice. She leaned back onto the other side of the couch, she was still wearing her black yoga pants and green tank top. Her hair was down across one shoulder pulled to the side. We are gonna rake in so much Bitcoin through this video tonight. We are gonna net a lot of money, and we will split it like we discussed. I take 75 percent and you get the rest, which is still a pretty sweet deal. The producer always makes more than the actors do Hun. I know says Hailey. I would do this dumbass in for free. I can't even believe my sister is so messed up now. He's gonna suffer. Jordynne sat up and ran out of the room for a brief second returning with a duffel bag. Let's get this idiot tied up before the drugs wear off she tells Hailey who sits up and looks at her smiling.

Chapter 34

Jordynne reaches into the bag and removes some items to prepare for the broadcast. She pulls out 2 masks and hands one to Hailey. I'm gonna turn the cameras on soon so let's get the masks on. They both put their masks on slowly and smile at each other. They are similar to asukas from wwe or the background girls in the in this moment “whore”music video. White and Japanese looking and not much face details. Creepy actually. You can't see the look on a persons face in those masks, you can't tell what the person wearing it is thinking. Jordynne also takes out some dice, a roll of duct tape, and a laptop. She grabs jerichos legs and starts to rip tape off the roll. Hailey helped hold his legs as jordynne proceeded to wrap the duct tape around his ankles and shins. She just kept looping it around his ankles and all the way up his calves as Hailey held his legs slightly off the ground allowing jordynne to secure his legs. After using pretty much a whole roll of tape on jerichos legs Hailey dropped them on the living room carpet with a thud. He was still unconscious. Then Hailey grabbed a Second roll of duct tape out of the duffel bag and with jordynnes help rolled Jericho over onto his stomach with his arms at his sides. They used the duct tape to hold his arms behind his back and duct tape his wrists together. Hailey looked at jordynne after jerichos wrists were taped up so good all the way from his wrists to over his hands, effectively making his wrists and hands a giant gray useless ball behind his back. I think we should just use the rest of the roll pulling his forearms behind his back a little more, making him more uncomfortable when he wakes up. Go for it jordynne tells Hailey and helps her wrap the rest of the roll from his wrists up to his elbows pulling both his arms behind his back. Hard. There is no fucking way he can get that duct tape off. That is gonna be so uncomfortable for him when he wakes up. Good Hailey says and winks at jordynne. They roll him over onto his back again his arms behind his back covered in thick gray tape, pulling his body uncomfortably high as his torso rested on top of his arms. They both looked down at Jericho and smirked to each other behind their masks. Do his mouth too before he wakes up Hailey says to jordynne. Take off your panties she tells Hailey. She without hesitation pulls down and off her green panties revealing her shaved pussy and wraps them into a giant ball. She reaches down and pries jerichos lifeless mouth open and stuffs the underwear into his mouth, making sure to pack it in there tightly with her fingers. Jordynne then hands Hailey a third roll of duct tape. She starts a rip on the top of the roll and bends her beautiful naked ass down closer to jerichos face eyeing him behind the mask. I'm gonna enjoy every second of this she thinks to herself. She presses the tape over his mouth and smooths it out several times with her hands. His head was already slightly off the ground as his shoulders were painfully arched behind his back held cruelly with tape. Hailey wrapped the tape around his head several times making a perfect seal over his mouth and sealing the panties inside. She used practically the whole roll here too making so many loops under his nose, around his mouth and under his chin crossing back around his head and back around and again and again. I think that’s enough jordynne tells Hailey and laughs. Probably ya. She laughs back. I'll get my laptop set up and open the viewing lobby so we can get started and make that money as soon as possible. That was the first thing Jericho heard as he came to in a fuzzy haze from the drugs in pain, confused, and terrified. Face was nowhere to be seen as Jericho looked up and saw Hailey and jordynne standing above him, wearing creepy masks. Hailey was naked from the waist down and Jericho looked up to the nicest shaved pussy he'd ever dreamed he would see standing above him. And a creepy mask with its head tilted to the side. Expressionless. Unreadable. Capable of anything.

Chapter 35

The laptop is ready, and the cameras are synced to my viewing lobby. Jordynne exclaims. Quite a few people have already signed in to watch. The flatscreen on the wall in the living room is lit up showing several angles of a helpless duct taped Jericho laying on a carpet. Wiggling around in a panicked stumper still coming off the drugs and choking on panties. The tape pulled tightly around the bottom half of his face making him look ridiculous and pathetic. Helpless. There was so much tape around his legs, arms, and bottom of his face that it was comical. He was going nowhere. He would be accepting his fate whether he liked it or not. Jericho screamed pathetically into the gag desperate to just have his speech back. They just laughed at him behind their masks knowing he had zero chance of doing anything but flopping around stupidly on the floor and screaming into panties and duct tape, making stupid sounds that weren't even very loud anyway. Jordynne still in her green tank top and yoga pants, and mask looked at Hailey and eyed her body up and down. Wow I'm jealous jordynne joked to Hailey. You are fucking gorgeous she said sincerely. Hailey stood there wearing only her black shiny bra and white plain mask. She then placed a bean bag type pillow under jerichos head as he looked up at her with a mix of terror and excitement. Haileys nude ass jiggled as she stood up and moved to the couch and plopped down. Jordynne looked over at haileys amazing body and was actually a bit jealous of her. Her ass was actually a heart shaped booty When she bent over. It was really a sight to see. A sight Jericho was about to love and hate at the same time. Her ass crack rested on the brown leather of the couch and connected up to her slit. Even jordynne was getting a little wet. Jordynne pressed a few buttons on her laptop and started the live stream , telling Hailey that it time to shoot this video for the fans. You do what you came here to do, and we’ll let them pay us to watch. I'll be walking around synced to my phone camera to capture close up angles. “And action” jordynne said and opened the viewing to all the sickos who wanted to watch this live.

Chapter 36

The video is live, jordynne nudges Hailey. People from all over the globe are logged in watching your beautiful young pawg body and mask covered face about to destroy this loser from multiple angles. Even Hailey and jordynne realized how weird it was to have a conversation with someone in a mask. You just can't see facial expressions or get a feel for what they are thinking. She hands Hailey the dice and starts filming on her phone camera causing another window of video feed to pop up on the wall tv. There was like 8 separate Windows showing multiple angles of jerichos helpless predicament, all being watched by anxious perverts hoping to get their fix of gore and torture. All to watch another human being panic helplessly as their life is being snuffed out before your eyes. All to watch the last few minutes of a persons life and their desperate survival instinct to panic against death. Hailey couldn't wait any longer. As jordynne started walking around the room filming, Hailey took off her bra revealing a perfect set of medium sized boobs that bounced up and down a few times as her bra was removed. Hailey and jordynne were both smiling largely under their masks. The pervs were high with anticipation as Hailey walked over and stood above jerichos helpless face as jordynne zoomed in with the camera. Jericho was so turned on and so terrified at the same time. Looking up at Hailey standing above him with her soft shaved pussy and ass crack hovering above him. Hailey bounced up and down a few times as she stood there causing her boobs to jump up and down in a jiggly masterpiece. Her ass flesh shook back and forth in what was possibly the best and worse moments of jerichos life simultaneously. Hailey played with the dice in her hand and giggled as she lowered herself closer to jerichos face and flashed a pretend gang sign to jordynne filming in front of her. Hailey was facing forward as she bent down the last few inches over jerichos taped up ridiculous face and squatted down pulling her ass cheeks apart then falling on his face with all her weight. His taped up mouth slid all the way deep up her butt crack. His nose slid right up inside her vagina fold as she straightened her legs out and rested her hands back on her palms on the carpet placing all her weight right on his face. The pillow she had put under his head was like a bean bag and molded around the sides of jerichos head trapping him effectively between haileys thighs. With his mouth out of order and his nose sadistically jammed up haileys pussy cutting off any chance he had to breath. He panicked. He thrashed around inside the duct tape kicking his legs, arcing his torso, and trying his best to jerk his head side to side in a desperate attempt to break the seal between his nostrils and haileys clit. He could see up through her legs a little bit and see the bottom of her tits and masked face staring back at him emotionlessly. Her tits bounced up and down slightly as Jericho jerked around wildly underneath her. He was trying so hard to breathe that his attempts to breath in and out vibrated against haileys clit as bubbles of air were being pushed between his nostrils and the inside of her folds. That feels so good Hailey tells the camera in jordynnes hand. Then keep doing it she encourages her. Jericho was now flopping around like a fish out of water wiggling every inch he could trying to catch a breath. She wouldn't get up. His face was trapped inside her cunt so good it was going nowhere until she decided to get up. He may break his neck trying to jerk his head any harder than he was. As he sucked air against haileys clit she raised up about a quarter of an inch allowing the tiniest amount of air to find jerichos nostrils. He breathed the air in greedily as he thought he may pass out and was seeing white spots when he closed his eyes from lack of oxygen. Hailey touched her clit to his nose lightly allowing him to breath tiny pockets of air vibrating his nostrils against her pussy. It took some difficulty for Jericho to inhale and exhale against haileys inner skin. Hailey found pleasure in jerichos discomfort and panic. Jericho knew he deserved this. He panicked because it was his bodies natural reaction to needing air, but deep down he accepted his fate. Just as he thought it was the end for him Hailey stood up and looked down at him laughing like a crazy person. This is gonna fun she said to the camera and then walked out of view. She pulled her mask up and Hailey took a few bumps out of a bottle of crown royal whiskey before replacing her mask and coming back into view of the cameras. Jericho was hyperventilating on the carpet as Hailey returned and stood above him. This is perfect jordynne said and kept on filming. Hailey now faced towards jerichos legs and lowered her ass down over his face until her butt cheeks clamped around his nose. She straightened her legs allowing her two mounds of ass flesh to mold around jerichos head one cheek on each side of his head and his nose jammed deep in her ass crack. As she put her weight down jerichos nose literally penetrated her asshole as he wiggled the best he could side to side and up and down to avoid this fate. Unsuccessfully. His nose was literally pushed inside her asshole as she rolled 2 dice onto the floor. A 1 and 3 she said. Jericho barely heard her under there but knew he was in trouble. He heard her explain that it will be 10 seconds of smother for whichever number come up on the dice. The one and three mean 40 seconds now. Jericho jerked his head hearing this news. It remained anchored inside haileys asshole with no chance of escape until Hailey let him. Hailey set the timer on her phone and set it down next to her. 40 seconds. She said. I'm not gonna get up for that long. I don't care how much you freak out and panic. The more you do the more I'll enjoy it. If you pass out before the time is up. That's your problem. I'm just following the rules of this game. And I won't bend the rules for you. I'm gonna be very strict about the times so you better learn to breathe through your ears or this is gonna be a short video. Jordynne smiled behind her mask at Hailey so proud of her new friend as she continued to film. Jericho jerked violently around under Hailey as he shot air up through the inside of her asshole. No matter how hard he struggled he could not yank his nose out of her hole, let alone out of her crack. He was so fucked. He flopped his torso up and down in frustration trying to buck Hailey off. No such luck. The timer goes off signaling it's been 40 seconds just as Jericho starts seeing spots behind his eyes again.she sits a few seconds longer after the timer goes off forcing him to blow air bubbles through her crack and into her hole. That feels amazing she says. Hailey unattaches her ass from jerichos face with the sound of a thumb being popped against a persons cheek as his nose breaks free from the prison of her crack. You better hope those dice keep throwing down small numbers or this video is not gonna last very long.

Chapter 37

Hailey sat back down on jerichos face with her back to him. He looked up at her back and hair above his eyes, his nose squished between her butt cheeks. She kept her knees bent as she rolled the dice for a second time. 3 and 3. That's a minute bitch. The way you flapped around after 40 seconds I think this might be the end for you. She set her phone for 60 seconds and wiggled his nose even deeper up her ass making sure he couldn't sneak any breaths. Get in close to film this jordynne I don't think he is gonna make it through this time. Make sure your customers get to see the final panic and death scene. Jordynne held her phone right behind haileys ass zooming in on jerichos nose trapped between her cheeks as the timer slowly ticked away. Jericho couldn't believe how soft haileys ass was. It was like having fatty silk wrapped around your face. The bean bag pillow underneath his head was doing a nice job of holding his head in place. His head sunk into the pillow enough that haileys ass cheeks and the pillow formed a circle around his head trapping his face in her ass firmly. Jordynne held her phone right close to haileys crack as Jericho first starting flapping around not being able to contain his panic a second longer. You got 30 seconds left you idiot Hailey says as she shifts her weight down hard onto jerichos face and straightens her legs leaning forward slightly. Jericho jerks so hard to the right and left trying desperately to free his nose from haileys merciless crack that jordynne backs up just a little bit. She laughs knowing this is gonna be so funny when he really needs to breath and Hailey stays sitting there. He's writhing around in desperation trying to kick his legs into the carpet and raise his belly off the ground. It's no use haileys ass has his face locked up so tight. It's not letting go. 15 seconds left Hailey says to whoever is listening as Jericho uses some of his last remaining oxygen reserves to scream in fear and pain into his now drenched in his saliva panty gag. The duct tape is relentless on his face. It won't move at all. His mouth doesn't even have a prayer to sneak a breath. His nose is blowing and sucking air all through haileys butt crack making it sound like a mix of farts and queefs as they both laugh uncontrollably. Jericho continues to scream into his gag and haileys ass as he fears these are his final seconds on this earth. He jerks his body violently as far as his duct taped body will allow. Hailey seems to really like him forcing the air through her creases as he panics. Just when he tries one last final attempt to wrench his head to the side and grab air. Hailey lifts up an inch letting him sniff in large gulps of air from directly inside her ass crack. That was close she says as she slowly stands up and stretches. I don't think you will be able to withstand more than 60 seconds she says looking down at me in her mask. She turns around and stands above Jericho looking down at him with dead eyes. She licks her hand and rubs the spit all over her pussy as she descends down onto his face again. Jericho is literally shaking in fear and a couple tears are streaming down the side of his face as he breathes some of the most labored breathes he has ever taken in his lifetime. Jordynne is so happy to be streaming this live. It's actually making her wet to see this idiot tortured by haileys naked body. Or maybe knowing all the money she is making at the moment. Maybe both. When Hailey gets about 2 feet above jerichos face. She looks at his panicked eyes and trembling body beneath her. She asks jordynne for her hair tie. Jordynne shrugs her shoulders at Hailey and hands it over fluffing her hair back to normalcy. Hailey has so much satisfaction in this moment knowing how scared he is down there. She reaches down and unzips his pants. She pulls out his dick and sets it to the side. She roughly grabs his balls and wraps jordynnes hair tie around them. Doubling it up she loops the tie tighter over jerichos balls squeezing them together hard. She stuffs his strained balls back into his pants and pushes his dick back in as well. She zips up his pants leaving him in terrible discomfort. Hailey stands over Jerichos face once again allowing him to take in the view. This is for heather and Jeremy she says, and then Hailey drops down hard on his face falling with all her weight. She lands right on the money and his nose slides up her cunt hard. She adjusts her ass cheeks pulling them apart and leaning down getting him in there as deep as possible and stretches her legs forward unbending her knees.. She rolls the dice and it comes up 2 ones. Hailey grabs the dice and says you are fucked to Jericho before jordynne even sees the numbers she rolled. It was two 6s Hailey tells jordynne sarcastically. Ok jordynne says. Get ready viewers don't look away jordynne says to the camera. No way he makes it through two minutes without air. Hailey takes her time setting her phone timer, knowing these extra seconds are something Jericho cannot afford. She leans forward mashing his nose into her slit as hard as she possibly can. She looks down at jerichos eyes between her thighs pleading up at her to let him breathe. She smiles behind the mask and taking her right hand she starts vigorously rubbing her clit directly above jerichos nose. Jordynne holds her phone right in front of the action. His nose is still trapped in her vagina and has no hope of jerking side to side at all this time. She is pressing down so hard on his face he thinks his nose might break if it hasn't already. Hailey lifts her mask up just enough to spit down on top of her clit as she rubs back and forth. She puts her mask back on all the way and bends her knees slightly getting into a more relaxed position on jerichos face as she bends back slightly resting on her left palm. Jerichos nose is still deep inside her pussy and his taped over mouth is pressed firmly into her ass. She keeps rubbing herself side to side across her clit right on top of jerichos face. One minute left jordynne says out loud as Jericho starts flopping around uncontrollably apparently disappointed to only be halfway into the two minutes. Hailey calmly shits her position as sits more upright crushing his nose into dust against her pelvic bone. Her pussy and thighs are like a vice against jerichos face. Locking it in place looking upright. She continues to touch herself moaning softly. Jericho starts to feel vaginal contractions around his nose and can figure out what is about to happen. He flops around knowing he won't survive this. He freaks out jerking his head in every direction desperately trying to get Hailey off his face. She just calmly keeps rubbing herself side to side and occasionally slapping the top her mound right above jerichos helpless face. He bucks around wildly making a lot of noise even on the carpet. He blows and sucks air right on haileys clit desperately trying to inhale oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, as she goes back and forth with her hand. Jordynne gets her camera close and bends down. Jericho knows he can't hold his breath much if any longer and starts spazzing under haileys pussy. Flipping the fuck out. Screaming into his gag and crying, jerking and bucking his body, using all his muscle strength to try to stay alive. Straining his muscles to the point of cramping he tries to break through the duct tape. He wildly jerks his head side to side only getting about a quarter inch in either direction. His nose tightly clamped inside haileys slit. He blows and sucks air into her folds making a crazy amount of noise as jordynne smiles and holds her phone camera. Hailey is still rubbing herself side to side and biting her bottom lip and softly moaning. 30 more seconds jordynne announces out loud. Jericho makes one last attempt to breath through her pussy , vibrating air through her creases and shaking his head like he was having a seizure. He felt it happen. As Hailey continued to rub her cunt, and Jericho continued convulsing into her pussy and ass blowing air like a trumpet. Haileys vagina walls started having spasms and she creamed all over his face yelling in pleasure and then resting exhausted on his face. It was almost two minutes but Hailey had no intention of giving him any air. She sat there and leaned back about a half inch and allowing Jericho to suck in a breath. As he sucked in he realized that haileys squirt was all over her pussy and his face. He breathed in as deep as he could needing the oxygen as soon as possible. As soon as he inhaled he knew he just made the biggest mistake of his life. He slurped up her thick syrupy orgasm and sucked it down his nostrils as he coughed and choked on her squirt. She leaned down and spreading her gash open with two fingers and touched her clit to his nose as he kept inhaling violently. Inhale the rest of that squirt bitch! Hailey yelled down at Jericho, while she rested on his face and stared at him in her mask. Her boobs looked amazing as they bounced above him, her nipples hard with goosebumps on her ariolas. His nose vibrated against her clit as he desperately tried to suck in another breath. As soon as she lifted up a fraction of an inch he inhaled most of the rest of her gush and screamed into his gag as his oxygen deprived lungs filled up with haileys cum. He sounded like he had a horrible cold and was trying to breathe. He choked and thrashed around as Hailey just sat there laughing. Two minutes jordynne announced. Hailey didn't move. She sat there for another minute longer as Jericho faded away. After one last fury of struggles his body went limp underneath Hailey. He either drown in her cum, or he passed out from lack of oxygen. Hailey not getting up for the extra minute after he passed out did him in. Hailey reaches around and punches Jericho in the balls. Hard. He doesn't move. He's dead she concurs. She checks his pulse on his neck as she gets off just to be sure. He was dead. Jericho had died much as he had lived. In panic, struggle and humiliation. But now he was at peace inside a never ending sea of blackness. Face was right. He saved me from this cruel world. Jericho thought to himself. The last thought he ever had.


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Apr 5, 2017
The formatting makes the story hard to read. Quotes and internal dialogue should be in quotation marks in their own paragraphs. Reading up on some grammatical rules and implementing them would increase the readability a lot.

Also, as a whole, huge blocks of single-spaced text are pretty unreadable to me. Could you please break it up more?

Hopefully those tips aren't too harsh.
May 3, 2018
I appreciate the advice. I posted the full story on this site now. I wasn't gonna fix all the errors but was gonna try to at least double space it. But it didn't work. I copied and pasted a double spaced version and it lost that when it pasted. I was to lazy to fix it again. At some point I'll fix all errors. Hopefully you like the story anyway. I appreciate the critque and know it's true. I'm sure I could email you a spaced copy if it's that hard to read single spaced.