Naughty Public School Boy
Jan 1, 2008
ladies and gentlemats.

I have a favour to ask of youse.a friend of mine is (or will be) a small scale investigative journalist. a really nice lass, and a closet lesbian (so she knows about persecution). i shant give you her name, but shes a really good friend of mine who works by radio, and she wanted to do a small piece MAYBE on sadomasochism, (weve been talking for a little while) so, my favour is this; any experiences you may have had with persecution (maybe a little dramatic but...) or even just how you feel, how you came to the fetish, how you feel in society, or even in your own skin. men and women, subs and dommes, givers and takers come one and all and have your story told! theres a fresh cup of anonimity if you want it, just ask.

yours under Freya