'Face slapping before leaving' from Brutal Divas


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Jun 25, 2018
Hi everybody,

The fabulous RACHEL has her own peculiar way of showing affection for her slave: "SHE BEATS HIM UP!" Each day before leaving for work, she calls him, "come here my love, I'm leaving!", and then she faceslaps him with terrific slaps and she viciously kicks him to the body (we're talking about brutal shots here, on the border of the extreme). And this terrific punishment goes on and on until it's finally time for Rachel to leave, spitting on him and saying "take care my love, see you tonight!" You see, Rachel is a loving Mistress, and each day she shows "affection" for her beloved slave, HER OWN BRUTAL WAY!

You can watch the stunning Rachel in the clip "FACE SLAPPING BEFORE LEAVING" in the Brutal Divas clips4sale studio at http://clips4sale.com/21045

Thanks from BrutalDivas.com

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