facesitting in new york city..any advices?


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Jul 26, 2009
hello everybody,
just joined the site, great stuff, thanx! also bought a clip of reese, pretty amazing!! too bad she's not in nyc..:)
i live in new york city and would love to have a facesitting session..does anybody has any recommendations? (women/ dommes who are really into that fetish? or where to hang out for this?)
of course it would be great not to spend too much money...any advices?
Mar 13, 2005
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Hey, Wrelo, i asked much the same question about nyc here a few months ago, got no reply, it would be great if there were some place one could hang out to find FS-willing girls, but i fear not. The CraigsList idea might be useful if you're not married, i am & would worry about spending too much time searching out girls that way...

The problem with starting out with a new girl through CraigsList could be that they might well be amateurs & it could take some time for you to break each other in before you both found it fully enjoyable. As MRCrypt says, it is is possible to be hurt being FSAT, even if it's inadvertent, so be patient with yourself and your partner...

good luck!

Feb 26, 2009
I'd like to try Fortress - has anyone else been there?
Craigslist has always been bad for me - can never find a face sitter in NYC. Anyone have any other recommended face - sitters?


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Sep 14, 2009
I'm new to the board and this is my first post!

I used to live in NYC and found that some of the adult workers listed in the NYPress or Village Voice [I had more luck with the ones in NYPress for whatever reason] were open to facesitting, usually without asking for more than their usual amount [the 150 - 200 range for an hour]. I was very lucky in finding a young woman, a thick but by no means fat black girl, who was quite accomodating and very good at it after a little instruction. I had 4 sessions with her. One where she was wearing black tights, one in brown tights, one in camoflage tights, and then one bare-assed. I'd give you a number, but the place has since relocated. Anyway, I don't think you always need to find 'specialists' - the one BDSM place I went to for it was a pretty poor experience. A friendly amateur with a nice tush can be just the ticket.