Facesitting Nation Part 1

Jan 17, 2003
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Society had changed a lot over the last fifty years. The rise of feminism and the new world Government being sworn in had led to a complete power shift. Roles has changed. Men weren’t simply cooks, maids or cleaners however, their job was now to be a woman’s seat. Bars, restaurants, supermarkets all had a workforce of men employed to do this job. Women seemed to delight in this and it has become the norm. Men didn’t get to retire from this work, either they would eventually suffocate, their ribs could break, but either way they would meet their end. Murder of a seat had never become a law to worry about. When a large group of women were out partying, you would expect a few men to meet their unfortunate end.

Some men would have a home to go to at the end of the day, usually where they then waited on their partner. They were able to provide children and fund the bills through their work as a throne. Some men… owned by the richer females of society… were kept at home as personal seats. Poorer men were sold on the black market to women who enjoyed torturing their seats beyond all recognition.

Mark worked in his local café. Between 9-5 he would lie on a bench next to a table for various women to use as their seat while they ate, chatted, read their books etc. Most remained fully clothed in various outfits. He found jeans could be particularly uncomfortable for him depending on where they sat. Some ladies would sit on his lap or chest, which wasn’t too bad for him. Sometimes they would talk to him, others would look at him at if he was nothing as they sat a few hours. Some women favoured sitting on his face. It would often be difficult to get a deep breath and sometimes it could feel pretty heavy on his face. Over the years he had been sat on by women of all shapes and sizes, small petite girls and large curvy women. He dreaded a large lady picking his table and sitting her fullweight on his, especially his face as it could put him out of action for a few days. Sometimes he had been pretty close to passing out. Mark couldn’t afford time off work, he didn’t have a partner and lived in the barracks type accommodation where his wage barely covered his rent. Some of his harder days had been when a group of women eat together and multiple girls squashed along his body. Students in particular seemed to delight in making his life difficult. The café owner, Margery, looked after him to an extent. Only because he was a staff member that she didn’t really want the hassle of replacing if he was crushed or suffocated. She would occasionally look up and ask the ladies to go a little easier on him. One time Mark felt she had saved his life as a couple of middle aged women sat on him chatting away as one women’s arse completely cover his face.

Mark took private bookings outside hours. They were better money, but a little riskier as you didn’t know what you were letting yourself in for. He had one tonight at a local villa. All he knew is it was a party and it required a seat. He just had his usual day to get through

The morning was quiet. One small Chinese student sat on his chest as she worked on her laptop. She had on a loose skirt that covered her, but after a few hours her bum started to feel pretty boney. He was relieved when she asked for the bill and left not long after. It was his turn to fetch the dinner for the other seats and for the owner so he was away from his workstation for an hour. He enjoyed this part of the day as it gave his body time to heal.

The afternoon was pretty uneventful until about 4pm. He had a variety of ladies, usually stopping in for 20 minutes to half an hour. Most sat on him chest, the odd one on his lap. At 4pm however, he was looking forward to winding down as a solidly built lady walked past up to the counter. He could see that she was wearing yoga pants and had a pretty large rear. Not a fat woman, but a very solid size 16 at least. They were the women he worried about. Not fat enough that the body was cushioned, but hard and heavy. She looked like she lifted weights. The woman suddenly appeared over him and addressed him.

“I hope you’re strong. I’ve just had a workout and I lost my job yesterday so I’m in a pretty bad mood. This café doesn’t have a nudity policy does it?”

Mark didn’t know how to answer. The café didn’t have a policy. Women were allowed to sit however they were comfy. It that means their naked arse on him, it was their choice. The owner would usually comment if they started shouting or getting loud. It was his job to do whatever she asked. The lady reached down and cuffed his hands. They were attached to the bench but most women never used them.

“Don’t want you struggling now do we,” she said as she laughed. It was forbidden to struggle, but it would be impossible not to if you were pushed too far.

She sat down on his chest sidesaddle. She was looking down at him to the side. “As you haven’t answered I’ll keep these pants on for a minute, but I should warn you… I’m very sweaty. I’ve also been told I’m very heavy. My personal seat is currently in hospital having his face reconstructed. I say personal… I only had him for one day and he couldn’t cope with my demands.

Mark couldn’t speak. He was a little shocked. The lady stood up and climbed off the bench. She pulled her yoga pants down to her knees with great difficulty as they were very tight. Her huge but firm arse popped out. She swung one leg over the bench and slowly sat her arse on Mark’s face. His face started to disappear between her cheeks. As she lowered herself she began to part her cheeks to get his face right in between. Mark instantly felt the sweat and the smell of a fresh workout. Her feet were still on the floor but the pressure took his breath away.

“Your boss won’t know I’m pushing you as you’re cuffed and can’t get a sound through my arse,” the lady said in a sarcastic tone. “The café closed at 5. Its up to you if you’re still alive then.”

She was slowly eating something as she rocked back and forth. Every so often he got a deep breathe as she slid a bit far one way. After about ten minutes she had lifted her feet of the floor as the pressure became so intense, Mark thought his head would pop. He couldn’t shift his hands and the pressure was getting to him, so much so he was seeing stars in the darkness