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May 3, 2018
By Isaac Nathan
Phycological crime thriller erotic horror fiction
Copyright first edition 2018 Isaac Nathan publishing
All the characters is this books are fictitious, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is
purely coincidental.
Dedicated to my girlfriend dcs.
Who sits on my face so good
Sorry to disappoint but I'm not really an incel
I just write like one
I love you babe

“What I came to realize is that fear, that's the worst of it. That's the real enemy. So get up, get
out in the real world and you kick that bastard as hard as you can right in the teeth.”
Walter white. Breaking bad.

Back cover teaser
Jericho Scott (face) is not a happy man. As a matter of fact, he is miserable with his life and
hates himself. Everything he could ever hope for has never happened for him, and that shows
no signs of ending soon.
This books takes you on a wild psychological ride through one mans journey to cope with his
past trauma, accept his present situation, and FACE his future. It explores the desperation of
the human condition for acceptance, and the disastrous consequences that can happen if a
person is pushed to far and denied that acceptance. This story unravels into a surprising and
sinister conclusion that will take readers breath away.
Fueled by his manic obsessive moods “ face” learns to move forward in a way he never
expected, and get what he deserves out of life at all costs. With the help of a sadistic girl who
answers an add on Craigslist, and a narcissistic gold digging stripper who
presents him an opportunity he can't refuse, face embarks on a journey from which there is no return. Just when he realizes what he wants out of life he
gets some news that will threaten everything he has worked for thus far.
As he dangerously shifts between his manic and depressed personalities, he comes to realize
what will give his live fulfillment and happiness and he must pursue it before time runs out and
it's to late.
Told through the eyes of face, an obsessive compulsive bipolar insomniac, this books takes you
on an unforgettable ride through the mind and experiences of how a person pushed to far can
go off the deep end in the best and worst possible ways.

“An up close, riveting, and concerning glimpse into the epidemic of mental illness in the 21st
century that will not soon be forgotten.”

“An amazing tale of what can happen when a person lets their insecurities rule their life until
they snap taking them down a path for which there is no return.”

Chapter 1

“I'm awake! Not that I just woke up, it's 3pm. I haven't slept since the night before last. But I
see as clearly as ever. It all makes sense now!”
This happens sometimes. “It's Monday. The earth is flat today. It wasn't yesterday but it is now,
I'm sure of it. No doubt.”
Have you ever been to space? Know anyone who has? Can you prove to me that every image of
the earth from space is not faked with cgi technology or something like that. I didn't think so.
You don't know the earth is round. You took someone else's word for it. You fool.
I call myself “face” when I'm in this mood/personality, but the rest of the time I'm Jericho Scott. The doctors say I have bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorder, and some personality disorder.
Being manic is better than being depressed. Those are the two personalities I have to live with. I cycle through moods like a whore cycles through condoms. I'm aware that some of the stuff I do when I'm “face” is a little what other people may call crazy. But doesn't it sound crazy to watch a screen all the time with other people living their fake lives, and let them brainwash your opinion of what constitutes normal and what isn't? Tell you it's ok to believe this and not that? Pump you so full of informational poison that you don't know what's real and what's lies anymore? Set the president of what is deemed socially acceptable behavior and what is not? It's a box in your house or a screen in your hand. They fucking control it all. You only get to see what they want you to see, know what they want you to know. You are being molded into good little servants to go out into the world and slave away for someone else, while you take the scraps and pay rent and food and bills with hopefully enough left over just to buy the comforts or little pleasures to distract yourselves from what they are really up to. You are part of a system that makes you be a slave just to buy shit that advertising and tv make you think you need. Fuck tv. Fuck the Internet. We are all being brainwashed with tv, Internet and social media and we are either all to stupid to see it or else we just don't care. The world is asleep. Idiots. We all let these stupid screens tell us what's normal in this world just so that the world can accept us and we can fit in. Don't you get it. We are letting other people shape our worldview in stead of defining it for ourselves. That's messed up.
Fuck! I wish I could grow a mustache! That shouldn't be to much to fucking ask! Its like life took the one thing I wanted more than anything else and deprived me of it just so it could enjoy my misery and laugh in my “face”. Why the fuck did my dad have to have such a thick luxurious mustache and then kill myself when I was a kid before I could earn his approval and respect.
I'm 34 years old now and one of my front teeth is a baby tooth still. I guess the adult one just didn't exist so the baby one stayed. It looks absolutely pathetic. Being poor my whole life and insurance not covering cosmetic dentistry I've never been able to change it. Going through life with bad teeth is like walking around with a tumor or a tattoo on your face. Next time you talk to someone pay attention to where your eyes are looking. Around the nose and mouth to avoid excessive eye contact. Teeth are important to how you are treated. They are a representation of how well a person takes care of themselves, which is a representation of how much you think of yourself. The looks of condescension that people give you are palpable. Especially women. I've never been successful with women. And I mean never. Because I'm ugly and am incapable of making a good first impression on people, not to mention extremely socially awkward I'm very alone in this world. This really takes a toll on a persons psyche. When everyone looks at you like they would look at an old bandaid laying on the sidewalk you start to take that feedback personal. You can't outthink it. It defines you. It consumes you. The way a person looks and is able to carry themselves and talk is all you have in this world to put fourth and see how people treat you. I have no foundation to work with socially. I'm fucked. Besides the baby tooth one of my many other insecurities is I can barely grow facial hair. I try to all the time. It probably looks like I'm 12 to the world trying to grow a mustache. Being 34 and getting carded for cigarettes or even rated r movies is demeaning and humiliating to say the least. Especially when the one thing I always desired growing up is to be intimidating like my dad was to me. Fuck I want a mustache. I always wanted to be a tough guy who crushes pussy. How diabolical life can be. My life couldn't be further from what I'd always hoped it would be. I should take advantage of this manic mood before it goes away again and leads me back to depression. Google. How many zaleplon 10mg sleep meds does it take to overdose and not wake up?

Chapter 2

Well Google said people have still survived doses upwards of 200mg. I upped it to 100 just to push my limits and so I could get some sleep having not slept the night before I really needed to catch up on sleep. I open my eyes and look at my nightstand. My cocktail of morning pills is staring back at me with a strangely sexual look. What? You want me to go to Vegas with you for the weekend? I live in A medium sized city in The Midwest and have no money so that morning thought was unusual. Ok…still manic and weird. I'm a Little bit groggy from the sleeping pills though. I power down my Prozac, lithium, propranolol, and zyprexa with a sip of tap water. Full of fluoride and chemicals so the government can kill me. These meds are murdering me too but without them is worse. I've been on every class of meds under the sun touted to help mental illness. They are just a small help, that's about it. I've even done electro convulsive therapy. Fuck that. Did it 4 times. Will never do it again. I woke up in the middle once. Not enough anesthesia I guess. Idiots. I go through about 45 minutes of obsessive checking rituals around my crappy little public housing apartment. I can't leave the house until I complete them just right. I check everything stoves, doors, windows, fridge seals, unplug stuff, thermostat, floors, ceilings, fuse boxes, light switches, faucets, among a million other things. To many to list. I have to count all my possessions before I leave the house and upon returning home. 1062 as usual. Lots of those are baseball and pro wrestling cards though. Pictures too. Still gotta count them. What if someone stole one while I was asleep, or touched my PS3. Depending on if I'm manic or depressed this can take up to 2 or more hours. Manic me has slightly less need to check but it's still way out of hand. I know it's retarded but I just can't stop. It's like a broken record sometimes. I'm so worried about controlling what I can in my immediate environment since I have no control in anything else in life. Fuck! I hate the way I look. Fucking man boobs. Small package. It gets worse. I'll get on with the story soon. But you know you need background on the character so have some patience and keep reading asshole. It gets better. A lot better. I'm going out on a small mission today. Before I go I eat a pop tart and take a shit. I throw on the same boxers I've had on for 3 weeks without washing them. Ya I know. I check to make sure my balls are still there. Sometimes the left one tries to retreat into my body a little bit. Real manly. It mostly only happens when I Wack off to much though. I put on my sons of anarchy over shirt so I can somewhat hide my flabby man boobs. I put the rest of my clothes too, don't worry. By this time my mind has reset and and I have to check the house all over again before I can leave. It takes me 2 times because I get 1061 the first time I count. After I do it again properly I am now standing by the front door staring at everything in my apt like a weirdo, trying so hard to get the mental pictures I need to complete the cycle so I can leave. I'm going to get some junk food from the gas station a few blocks away. Good thing for food stamps or I would die. I get social security disability for being retarded and they give me food stamps and free medical insurance too. I'm actually pretty grateful for that. I don't have to pay much rent either. It's a pretty sweet deal. Except for the retarded part. I'm told I should just say I have mental illness though. Before I walk out I pluck out a pubic hair and set it gingerly on my closed bedroom door handle. If someone comes in my apt when I'm gone they won't see the hair so it will be gone if someone opened the door. Booby trap bitch. I grab what I need for my mission today and check the door 3 times after I lock it. Ok now that the checking thing is explained I'm not going to explain it every time. Just realize I'll have to do this when I get home, and for hours every day and we'll just forget me having to explain it every time. Just keep in mind that it's a living nightmare that sucks worse than anything you've probably ever had to deal with. It sucks worse than breaking bad having to end. I walk through downtown towards the convenience store by my apartment to get something to eat for later. I reach into my pocket and pull out a perfectly cut out face of Edward Norton from the cover of “fight club”. I like to surprise people with stupid faces I collect of recognizable people or stupid looking people. I put them all across town. I've done thousands. I do notes across town in places where people will find them too. I fucking amuse myself sometimes. I have such a stupid sense of humor. I stick Edward Norton on the front window of h and r block using the corner of a piece of tape. Somebody will laugh at that. I won't get to see the reaction but I'll know I did the world a service. The gift of laughter. The best one was probably the humongous Yanni face I put in the skywalk downtown right in the middle of the wall. Someone must have died laughing. Before I get to the store I take out a piece of paper that says “don't ever buy garbage bags. Just use the plastic bags the grocery store gives you and take the garbage out more often you lazy bitch.” I put it inside a bus shelter across the street and hope someone takes that advice. The comments on those papers can get much worse. That was a free tip. They should thank me. I buy a lottza mottza pizza, a bag of cool ranch Doritos and a 2 liter of Mountain Dew. Are you judging me? I don't have long to live anyway, who cares how I eat. We are all dying one second at a time. Every second that goes by you are one second closer to the day of your death. Get off my back. I pay with food stamps. Some poor sob had to work to pay for that. Sometimes it's good to be retarded. Not that often though actually. I go home, check the house like a madman. Smoke a joint. And stuff my face staring at a screen across the room like a zombie. Then I watch porn of two girls. One tying the other girl up and sitting on her face naked, and smothering her really, really good trying to almost kill her, while the other girl panics and screams and struggles for her life and the other girl just laughs at her. The noises coming out of the girl being tortured sounded more like they were coming from an animal than a human as she thrashed around in desperation for oxygen.

Chapter 3

I'm standing in front of my toilet trying to take a piss. I'm pushing so hard but it won't come out. And I really have to pee. But it's like my dick is two liter of pop and the cap it still on so the liquid won't come out. A two liter dick. Lol. More like a shot glass if anything. Ya. I have a small dick. It's unfortunate. Really unfortunate. All of the sudden my piss finally shoots out and its as thick as syrup and red as fuck. It hurts. I'm terrified. The whole toilet fills with red liquid. It hurts. I freak out. Then I open my eyes. I'm laying in bed. Fuck that dream. I sit up. My throat feels weird. Ok god I have 2 Adam's apples. The second one must be cancer. I panic. Run to the emergency room. They make me wait 2 hours. When they finally let me in the back to be examined. I explain I have 2 Adam's apples. The doctor looks at me like my primary doc did when I told him I think I have Down syndrome. He tells me the second one is a thyroid gland and its normal anatomy. He sends me on my way. I think I believe him. What motivation would he have to lie to me. He probably just lied to me because he hates me for not being able to grow a mustache. I wear a surgical mask while walking the few blocks home back to my apartment. I don't like people looking at me, sometimes I try to be invisible. Sometimes I'm successful. When I get home I check again to make sure nobody touched my stuff or stole something. I lock my doors and unlock and lock again 7 times before it feels safe and just right. I try to relax and watch tv. I hear my neighbors laughing in the apartment next to me. 2 girls. I get very uncomfortable knowing they are making fun of me in there for my pathetic baby mustache. Fuck you dad. I try to take a nap. I'm so sad though. I cry for like 20 minutes because of the way I look, and act, and think. Im so pathetic. In my whole life I've never been with a woman. To make matters worse I don't care about sex. I love women though. To much. I don't fantasize about sex. Ever. I fantasize about women dominating me, humiliating me. And smothering me. I never once in my entire life thought about sexual experiences normally. I've never had an orgasm without thinking about a women trying to smother me with her ass or pussy by sitting on my face. Most of the time I'm tied up and completely helpless to her. While she either ignores me or laughs at me. How ironic for me. To sexually fantasize about being helpless and humiliated by women, when I desperately try to cling to any sense of control I can get my hands on in everyday life. I listen to some depressing breaking Benjamin music and take a nap with tears in my eyes.

Chapter 4

I wake up an hour later. It's still only early afternoon. I check the house again since being asleep resets the broken record of checking. All my windows are shut and I know my house is stuffy and hot. But I can smell the fresh air for miles. It's like I am down on the shores of A lake on the boardwalk drinking fresh air. This happen sometimes. When I become face after him disappearing for a while. I can smell his return. Sometimes its fresh air when there is no fresh air, sometimes it's hamburger buns from McDonald's. Weird shit. One time when I was a kid I peed on an electric fence. It traveled back up the stream of piss and shocked the hell out of me. I prepare some more faces and notes to put out in public, because that's what face does. I put them in my pocket until the next opportunity to put them outside where someone will find them. Face has other ideas today too besides the notes and faces. I am gonna live forever.

Chapter 5

You realize men just created religion a long time ago to scare people into acting right. It's a second form of government to keep people from realizing that their actions don't really have the consequences that they think they do. It's meant to rule people by fear. And to give people comfort that they will see their dead loved ones again. Really. A man in the sky is going to send us to a place called hell, where we will be tortured and suffer for eternity. Eternity. Wow. That sounds about as logical as the story of Santa clause. This is what face believes. When I'm Jericho I'm ruled by fear and fall for the religion scam. Jericho allows fear to rule him. Face knows better. He pushes back against his weaker personality. Hard. Face is not terrified of authority and consequences like Jericho is. Jericho avoids confrontation and trouble at all costs. Reduce risk. Just stay as comfortable as possible. Face can't take the boredom and steps out of his comfort zone to shake things up. I like face. I hate Jericho. Face is who I aspire to be. Jericho is who I really am. I hope to eliminate Jericho all together one day. I haven't been able to accomplish that yet though. But I have hope. I look at my phone. I don't know why. No one ever calls or texts me. There is opaque tape over the camera so the government can't spy on me. I call a random number and when an old lady answers I tell her she is an idiot and has a smelly cunt and hang up. It makes me feel good. I just want to make other people's lives suck in any small way I can because I hate my life I want to punish other people. The other day I put peanut butter on door handles all over the city, on buildings, on cars. Anything I can do to ruin people's days in any small way I can. Jericho is absolutely passive and submissive in every way. Because he is terrified of everything. Face needs to be the alpha male, and dominant as he can possibly be looking the way he does. Face needs people to fear him so he can have the power that Jericho could never possess. Fight and fuck. That's what women want. They want someone to support them financially, protect them, and give them pleasure with a big cock. There is not much hope for me. I love and desire women so much. To please them. I also hate them. They have all the power. They have it so easy. Everything is handed to them on a silver platter. If you are an ugly man you are fucked. No woman will take you. But the ugliest women still find men. It's sickening some of the women who get men. All you need is a warm hole and some desperate man will take you. Some horny dude will have sex with anything that moves. Women will always be wanted. That's not the case for ugly men. They can go through their whole lives without ever feeling a womans touch and affection. That rejection can cause a person to look at the world through a different lens. I feel such shame towards myself in life due to the feedback I've received from other human beings, that I'm not even sure I'm a person anymore. It's getting to be late afternoon and I have a few things to accomplish tonight before I crash and probably wake up as Jericho again. Boredom kills face, he won't tolerate it. He will stimulate himself one way or another. He desires other people to fear him and make other people uncomfortable any way he can. He wants to be a villain. For the power of intimidating other people. Something Jericho could never have. Face needs to achieve power in spite of jerichos helplessness. To save him. Jericho won't survive much longer without snapping, unless face takes over permanently.

Chapter 6

It's getting dark out now.. Thank god I'm still face. I do my routines around the house and grab a backpack with what I need for my mission. Hatchet, disguise, some other items, and a note and face to put around town somewhere. I'll put the faces and notes out as me. Then I'll change into my disguise and do the other thing I have to do. Face is sick and tired of Jericho taking over and being terrified all the time of confrontation and trouble. Face intends to seek out uncomfortability for himself and others by instigating trouble, to desensitize him and Jericho through way of exposure response prevention therapy. I walked through town in the darkness with my backpack full of goodies. I walked slowly and deliberately. Confidently. As I passed the library on my way out of downtown heading towards west end I saw a man approaching. A bearded man. Mother fucker. As face came close to the bearded man he practically cut the mans head off with eye contact and posture. Face knows intimidating body language. Jericho doesn't. If he does he is to scared to use it. The mans next few steps seemed twitcher than his previous steps , almost stumbling, and he looked down towards the ground as he passed. Face smelled his fear and glared a hole through the side of his head as he passed. After the man got a few steps past moving in the opposite direction faced yelled after him “nice beard you Gandalf looking bitch!” The man stopped for a split second and kept walking without turning around. “Don't piss into the wind dipshit!” Was my final statement to him. The man kept walking. Jericho was nowhere to be seen tonight. Face was alone. Good. He thought. He pressed on through west end and into west around midnight. He left a face of Kurt Russell from “tombstone”on the windshield under the wiper of a red Toyota Camry and laughed to himself. A block later he opened a Random mailbox and dropped a note inside that read “sometimes if you are incapable of being the hero in your own story, you are left no choice but to be the villain.” And then he pressed on with a look of determination that pleased him. Faces proclivity for trouble was much more exiting than the angst that plagued Jericho. I stopped at empty bus shelter and sat down inside about half a mile from my target. I pulled out a thick fake goatee from my backpack and used some adhesive to put it on my face. Then I put on a brown curly shoulder length wig and a winter hat. There was quite a chill in the air for early April so that hat seemed appropriate. Plus it held the wig on nicely. I put on a black windbreaker jacket and matching wind pants over my other clothes. I pressed on headed towards the school area. A few blocks between my target and the school there was a quaint little house with a garage outback, and a boat packed in the yard secluded from the house by thick vegetation. I scoped this place out a few times as face against jerichos wishes. The boat was shielded by a nice cover to protect it from the elements and whatever was inside. Ok thought face. It's time. The neighborhood was dark and quiet. I made sure no one was looking and then lifted up the cover of the boat and stashed my backpack in the boat. Faces heart was beating a little faster than usual. But he liked that. He walked towards a fast food restaurant as a different person, black wind suit, thick facial hair, and long curly hair. Unrecognizable. He pressed on and walked to the bus stop across the street from my target and watched and waited for my opportunity. There was a few cars in the drive through picking up their food. But the streets were otherwise quiet. After the cars cleared out the coast was clear. A disguised face marched towards the drive through window, and seeing no one in sight gingerly pushed the window open and reached in towards the cash drawer. The drawer key was conveniently in the keyhole under the drawer just waiting to be turned and opened. All the employees appeared to be in the back slacking off and leaving the front area empty. Face smiled through his fake goatee, making sure not to show his teeth though. To distinctive. He might be on camera. Didn't want to throw the cops a lead to who he was. I turned the key and quietly opened the drawer. Stuffed full of cash. Some slacker must not have counted this register all day. I grabbed almost everything in the drawer and slowly pushed it closed, then pushed the drive through window closed and turned and slowly walked away into the night back towards the boat a few blocks away. All was quiet near the boat and I pulled up the cover and climbed in. Pulling the cover back down and getting comfortable for the night face smiled a grin that nobody ever saw.

Chapter 7

Face realized he was gonna be sitting here in this boat for awhile. His plan was to undisguise himself in the morning when the high school kids were arriving.. Take off his disguise and walk out with his backpack and blend in with the school kids. I could look 17 no problem. Nobody would give me a second look. I knew face was gonna be bored as fuck all night till about 730am when the kids start arriving at school. It seemed a reasonable price for face to pay for probably about 5 hundred bucks, maybe more. Face and Jericho wanted money. Money can buy things. But most importantly money can buy choices. Something poor people don't really have. I took off my disguise and put it back in my backpack with my haul of cash. At least I didn't have to use the hatchet yet. Maybe next time. Looking like myself again I got comfortable on the floor of the boat and lied down. I didn't know what time it was. I didn't bring my phone. They can track that shit. So I would be stuck in the prison of my mind for the next several hours before the sun came up and I could sneak out. I must have dozed off for a little bit. It was still dark out though when I opened my eyes. Why did all my childhood role models all have to be so manly , poisoning my mind to believe that that was expected of me too when I grew up? I'm such a disappointment and a burden to the world. When I was a kid not only did my dad have a tom selleck mustache. But all my friends dads did too. My baseball coaches did. My pastor did. Teachers did. It was the 80s and early 90s when I grew up, men rocked mustaches like they were a prerequisite and rite of passage to manhood. I loved pro wrestling when I was a kid. Larger than life characters who showcased and displayed masculinity in all its glory. I still watch wrestling to this day to live vicariously through the characters. I have some sort of weird childhood nostalgic attachment to wrestling. I used to love Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stallone movies. Every influence I ever looked up to as a child and wished to emulate was glorifying overinflated masculinity. Even Jesus and God are portrayed with a beard. Facial hair is important to manliness. Even as an adult everything I gravitate to on tv or movies is a story of a tough manly guy that I wish I could be. Breaking bad, sons of anarchy, wrestling, Arnold, Stallone. Men who are powerful and don't take shit from anyone. A therapist once told me my expectation of manliness is unrealistic and tainted from childhood experiences. I know that. But it doesn't matter. I just always thought I could grow up and expect to have a beard. I never thought I could grow up and that would never happen for me. Life is fucking cruel. Yes I've tried testosterone. A couple things happened there. One, I couldn't fucking pee. I thought I was gonna explode. Must have enlarged my prostate or something. Second, my aggression was ramped up hard. I hate the world so much that that got really dangerous. Back at that time Jericho was the main personality that controlled me and it concerned him to the point of getting of the steroids. It didn't make me grow a beard anyway. Probably wasn't on it long enough. Face has tried to acquire it again since then but his doctor won't prescribe it to me anymore thinking I will become dangerous to the world. I tend to agree. Face probably doesn't need it anyway, only that bitch Jericho needs it. Jericho is so feed up with feeling inferior and terrified all the time. Sick of being scared and uncomfortable. Face needs other people to fear him the way I feared my dad. Face needs to make people suffer the way Jericho has suffered. Face wants to make people fearful and uncomfortable. Face is the cure to jerichos affliction. It's getting light out and I hear kids showing up to school. I grab all my stuff and then before crawling out of the boat I place a realistic drawing of an eye that Jericho Drew and a note that says "eye am watching you.” On one of the boats seats. As I climbed out of the boat and sealed it up the way it was I felt something. Satisfaction. Power. I liked it. I meandered through a mess of high school kids and waited at a bus stop to get back downtown to my cubicle of an apartment. I stopped to stare at a cute young girls bubble booty in tight yoga pants, not leaving much to the imagination before boarding the bus as she walked up to the school. A senior probably from the looks of it. It literally stabbed my heart like a dagger to know I couldn't get that.

Chapter 8

After face got home he checked his house meticulously. It was 9am. He was really tired after last night. He took his morning meds and also some sleep meds so he could crash and refuel his body with sleep. He ate a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with vanilla almond milk, then counted his newly acquired cash from last night. 694 dollars. Not bad for a nights work. With a big teeth bearing smile face lied down on his futon in his clothes and faded away watching the movie 2012. I'm walking outside. I don't know where I am. But there is a bucket of what appears to be acid of some kind in my hands. I see a woman walking towards me looking at me with condescension, like I'm nothing to her. She looks at me like a human looks at a fly. It means nothing to them, it's just a burden and annoyance. She is attractive to me. Thick in all the right places, with brunette hair, expensive clothes, and a really cute face. As she gets near me to walk past I meet her eyes with anger. The look she stares back at me with is pretentious. It ignites a fire inside me that refuses to be extinguished. I grab the bucket never taking my eyes from her face. I slosh the putrid liquid forward out of the bucket and it blasts her right in the face. The screams are ear piercing. Her hair instantly melts away leaving her head a red and blistering mess. Her face is all but gone. Nothing left but a skull with flesh clinging on in sporadic places. Making her look like a monster in a horror movie. She falls to the ground and I smile showing all my teeth. I open my eyes. I'm not face anymore. Jericho sits up in bed a little disturbed by the dream. But not that disturbed. There is 694 dollars on the nightstand. I know this without looking. Jericho knows this, because face knows this. I don't want to be Jericho today. Even Jericho knows this. I go into the kitchen and grab a pair of pliers. I look in the bathroom mirror At my teeth and and cry, I wallow in my own misery for a few minutes. Then I make the decision. I take the pilers and clamp it tight on my baby front tooth. I take a deep breath and pull down with incredible force. Blood squirts the mirror like a artery was just severed. I make a grunt of pain and look at the tooth held in the pliers. It's root is there. It looks like a professional extraction. I bite down on some gauze from a first aid kit to stop the bleeding and form a clot in my mouth. I throw the tooth in the garbage and smile in the mirror. Blood dripping down my face like a vampire who just fed. That smile was faces smile. Not jerichos. I triggered my way back to the face personality. Good. A little bit radical of an idea but it worked. Shock jerichos system until he becomes face out of necessity. Face was possibly created by jerichos mind as a coping mechanism to deal with jerichos insecurities. You realize the government knows everything you do right? The Internet Smartphones were pushed on the public to spy on people. Build personality profiles on us all to keep in some database somewhere until they need it to use against us. Everything you do online leaves a trail. Websites you go to, porn you watch, google searches, YouTube video views. Email. Facebook. Twitter. Netflix. Text. Calls. Etc. The government probably knows more about you then you know about yourself. I'll never have a social media. It's the devil. Technology is the antichrist. Artificial intelligence will take over us all someday. Cash won't exist. Only plastic and digital currency. So they can see what you spend money on or take your money away anytime they want. Jobs will be taken by robots and humans will all become obsolete. I get some more notes and faces ready to put outside today. I'm gonna spend some money today and have fun.

Chapter 9

I clean out my mouth the best I can and pack up a plastic bag of items to use today. A hair trimmer, pushpins, scotch tape, toilet bowl cleaner, money, faces and notes. I wear a plain hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. I put on a Hollywood costume shop fake mustache I ordered online and walk out into the world. The stash is similar to general Custers. It is long, light brown almost blond and hangs down father than most people would wear covering my lips. At least it covers my newly acquired hole in my mouth. Face walks outside in to the world. He is downtown. His bag in his hand. As he passed a bench on the sidewalk of a busy street he slowed down and stopped staring at the bench with a wild look in his eyes. The bench was empty. No people were sitting there or walking near it. Face causally sat down at the bench as a car passed. Face reached in to the bag and pulled out a pushpin tack and held it in his hands. He ripped off a piece of scotch tape and placed the tack on the middle of the bench. He used the tape to secure the pushpin facing up and smoothed it down nicely. Nobody saw him. The streets were empty in this usually busy part of town. He walked away heading towards the park by the lake. He was on his way to an antique shop to buy baseball cards. When he got there he looked through the selection behind the glass case. We walked out losing 45 dollars to a mike piazza 1992 bowman rookie card. Mike piazza had a mustache. I think mustaches get women. He didn't have a mustache on this card specifically, but for most of his career he rocked the mustache hard. It extended down past his lips and down his chin. It looked pretty cool when I was 8 years old. I always thought I would grow up and be old one day and have a mustache like that. I never owned this card when I was a kid. I always wanted it. So now I go around buying baseball cards and other things to satisfy my need for fulfillment from when I was a child. It never really works but I keep doing it. Somebody once said that is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. But face is not insane. He has never been thinking more clearly. Fuck. My mouth hurts. Face wiped his hand across his mouth and realized it was covered in blood. That must have been why that idiot behind the counter of the antique store looked at me so weirdly. Face thought. I went home and stared at my baseball card for awhile. Then put it away safely in my box of cards. I put rubber bands around the box to make sure nothing falls out. Then I replace the pubic hair under one of the rubber bands so I know if somebody touched my stuff when I wasn't looking. Then I count everything I my apartment again. 1075. Things have been added and lost since last time I counted. It makes me very uncomfortable. I'm not the terminator like Arnold, I'm the scaredanator. I wash my mouth out good and Brush the teeth I have left. I bite down on some more gauze to hopefully get this wound under control. I hope they know I dipped that tack in toilet bowl cleaner. That will intimate them face thought as he made a sandwich and ate Doritos while he played video games. After killing 979 zombies on call of duty, face accessed the dark web and watched videos of people dying on live stream. He had a membership to some really fucked up websites on there. Even face couldn't believe some of the stuff that was able to be seen on the dark web. He liked it. It made him feel strange. But in such a good way.

Chapter 10

I'm 6’2” and 240 pounds. Pretty chubby. Im white as hell and have blue eyes with green splashes in them. I don't think I've ever mentioned these details. Not that anybody fucking cares one way or another. I always wear a button up over shirt like a dickies to hide my flabby man boobs. I will sweat into a puddle before I'll walk around in just a t shirt. Other people will make fun of me. The sleeping pills never worked I'm still awake. I don't know how long it's been. But my body is starting to have some side effects from lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can push a person over the edge. You ever seen the Russian sleep experiment? Fucked up shit. It's still light outside. There is plenty of time to accomplish more things today. Face calls a random number again and after 4 rings a man with a deep voice answers. Face tells him that the government may fake Jesus return or an alien abduction with hologram technology soon so that the world unites out of fear and the new world order is formed allowing the illuminati to take over the world. Then it's over for us bro. Face doesn't wait for a response. He just hangs up. You know they are poisoning our food right. If you walk through the grocery store and look at the ingredients you'll notice that none of it is actually food. It's all just Chemicals mixed together and passed off as food with the intention of purging humanity for depopulation purposes. And we eat it up to because junk food tastes good. Sugar, salt, fat. America is all fat because of the food available to us. Even poor people are fat because the only things poor people can afford to buy for food make you fat. Kinda weird. Chemtrails too. The air we breath even has the intention of murdering us. The medications and pills we take. The Fluoridated water we drink from the tap. The government created cancer to kill us all. We are all being experimented on! I'm not ok with that. Are we going to get nuked? I'm uncomfortable. Everything you know is a lie. History books could be lying to you. Nobody who was alive back then is alive now. The people in power who are alive now could have made it all up because that's what they wanted you believe, because it fit their agenda and served their purposes. Only the rich know the truth, the masses will never be allowed to know. Face puts on glasses that a blind person would wear. Huge dark and covering the sides with panels. He also puts in an old mouth guard. He looks out the peephole on his front door making sure the coast is clear and nobody is in the hallway. He leaves his building and walks back out into the world. As he passes a building with a small notch on the wall he leaves a picture of Walter white that he drew and a note that says “I'm the one who knocks”. It's in plain view and will definitely be noticed soon. Face laughs to himself and smiles as best he can with his mouth guard in. It hurts to force that mouth guard smile with his open wound where his tooth used to be. But it hurts in such a glorious way. As he continues on towards the coin shop. He walks by a homeless guy passed out drunk in a secluded alley. His thick beard is drenched in beer. Face can smell the alcohol. He hates this man instantly. I reach into my pocket and pull out a hair trimmer for buzzing your head. He lightly kicks the drunk guy to make sure he is out cold. He doesn't move. Then face turns on the hair trimmer and pushes it down above the mans lip. Half of his mustache falls off on the ground and face keeps walking with a smile on his face. He arrives at the coin shop and buys a 1885 Morgan silver dollar, and a 1922 silver peace dollar. He pays 70 dollars. The coins were in bad condition but face doesn't care. Face likes coins. Jericho did too. It's like holding a piece of history in your hands. You never know who held those coins and what the were spend on while they were in circulation. It interests face. Face likes coins like snoop dogg likes weed. He puts the coins in his pocket and walks towards canal park. He leaves a note in a downtown post office mailbox that says “to gain control of your life, you must first give up all control”. That is some profound shit face thinks to himself. I am such a good person to hand out free advice like this to stupid people who don't deserve it. Face takes off his sunglasses and mouth guard and enters the strip club by the lake park and pays the cover charge of 5 dollars to enter. He shows his id without being asked prepared for it to happen anyway. He buys a red bull from behind the bar since he doesn't drink alcohol and takes a seat in the sparsely filled dimly lit area around the main stage. A few Other perverts are seated at tables around the area gocking at the naked women shaking their tits and ass on the stage. The first girl on stage when face sits down Is a pathetic excuse for a stripper. She is probably in her 40s with thin brown shoulder length hair, saggy skin ,saggy boobs and a scar on her ass that you can't not notice and she looks like she has done to many drugs in her life. Face doesn't pay attention to her and only one of the other pervs goes up to throw her one dollar for shaking her boobs on his balding head. How embarrassing for her. To shake her naked body out there for a bunch of morons and only make a dollar. That's demeaning. She leaves the stage after the song ends and scampers off into the backstage area. At the jukebox face notices an attractive girl in a green set of matching bra and panties with long brunette hair picking some songs to play. She finishes and disappears to the back. Face watches the empty stage intensely hoping that she is coming on stage to dance next. The music hits. The song that starts playing is “pornstar dancing” from my darkest day. All of the pervs sitting around the stage seem to know this girl and are excited to see her emerge from behind the curtain. There is a chorus of cheers and catcalls from the men in the audience and face stares at the stage mesmerized. She is so hot. She looks like Michelle branch from 2002 in the “all you wanted” video, except a little thicker and a nicer ass, with perfect teeth and an infectious smile and sneer mixed together making you think she wants to rip your world apart in the bedroom. The men start lining up around the stage waving their money at her. She approaches them one at a time and makes them feel special by shoving their faces into her perky little breasts and shaking them around, then turning them around and having them look up, she grabbed their money and folds it lengthwise resting it on their noses and briefly sat on their face, shook her ass, and gabbed the bill between her buttchecks before sensually standing up so they could look right up at her perfect ass in that skimpy green underwear that couldn't contain her booty. She then moved down the line moving on to the next guy. Then the next. Until all the guys had been pleased. She then takes her bra off revealing a beautiful set of tits, not big, but not small. They looked soft as hell and bouncy and perky at the same time. Then she threw her underwear off and started sensually swinging around the pole making eye contact with each member of the audience and biting her lip. Oh my god. She's hot thought face. He finished his red bull and marched towards the stage. He pulled out a 50 dollar bill and held it out to her. She looked at him like people didn't usually put a 50 out on the stage. She shook her naked boobs slowly as they wrapped around his face. Then she took the 50 and gently leaned face backward so he was looking up at her naked body. Her gorgeous naked body. She placed the bill on his nose and sat down on his face hard with all her weight. Much better and harder than she did for any of the other guys. It was a 50 though. She stayed there for a few seconds and looked down at me and smiled. She then shook her ass all over my face for like 30 seconds while I struggled to breath. Her ass smelled heavily of some really good smelling perfume. Face was as hard as a diamond in an ice storm but he didn't care if people saw. She caressed my face and gave me a thank you for the 50 and a I pity you at the same time kind of a look. Face went and sat back down in his chair absolutely in ecstasy. After she left the stage she came out into the crowd and mingled through the pervs to see if anyone wanted a lap dance privately in the back. There were a few takers. Face watched the stage in disappointment at the next few dancers who didn’t measure up. After a while she came back out and approached face who was still sitting there like he had just jizzed in his pants. She sat down next to him and introduced herself. I'm jordynne, what's your name? I told her my name was face and she looked a little weirded out. That's your real name? It is now. I said. As I looked at her I realized there was a tinge of Asian in there. Hardly any at all. But like 5 percent Asian maybe. Mostly white though. It was appealing. She was again wearing the green bra and booty shorts I saw her wearing while I stared at her ass picking songs at the jukebox before her dance on stage. As she sat next to me I couldn't help looking at her body sitting on that chair and thinking how lucky that chair was. I tried to open my mouth as minimally as possible as I talked suddenly a little ashamed of the hole in the front of my mouth. I ask her if she wants to hear a pizza joke. She says sure, she seems really uninterested though. I said it's ok I can't tell you anyway. It's to cheesy. She cracks a slight smile and shifts her weight in her chair adjusting her underwear and leaning back into a different position. Do you want a private Lapdance in the back? She asks. You are really fucking hot, face offers. But I don't think it's private enough for what I need. What do need? she asks curiously. I need more like a face dance without the dance I say. She gives me a weird look. I pull out a piece of paper and write face on it and add my phone number. If you want to make some extra money give me a call when you are free. I tell her. I got a few ideas. It's not sex. As a matter of fact my dick never has to leave my pants. She looks at my quizzically and I stand up and with a confident demeanor and drill her with eye contact. Seriously though call me. I'll pay you a lot. As I turn to walk away she yells after me. What happened to your mouth? It's classified I tell her and smirk and walk out while she looks at the piece of paper in her hand.

Chapter 11

Face realizes that Jericho always had this personality in him. He's always just been two frozen in place and terrified to act on his urges, afraid he will step in the wrong direction. Hesitation has always plagued Jericho with indecisiveness. It's crippling. There is a little bit of face and a little bit of Jericho in all of us. It's just a matter of who you let control you. On the way home Face stops at a tattoo shop close to his apartment to see if they have time to do a quick one. They are empty and a bald white guy covered in nazi tattoos says he has time. What did you want? he asks. I need it to say face on the left side of my neck. I'm not picky or overly concerned about how it looks. I just need it done. The guy shrugs his shoulders and says come on back, and leads me to a dentist type of chair and grabs some equipment and sets it on the table next to me. He shows me a couple of writing samples he could write face on my neck using. I pick one that looks as basic as possible. It hurt like a bitch but didn't take long at all. The guy tells me it's a hundred bucks an hour and they have an hour minimum. I throw him a c-note and walk off with a bandage on my neck. Cursing under my breath that he was screwing me on the price. On the way home I leave faces of Kevin James from King of queens and Rick Harrison from pawn stars in a night deposit bank drop box. And smile. My mouth and neck hurt. But I like that. It keeps me on my toes and not too comfortable. Face thought to himself. It's a positive. He leaves a note in the tenant comment box at his building that says “you can never achieve full control, only have influence in your life.” He takes the elevator up to his apartment and goes inside while nobody is looking. Once in his apartment he does his checking. He is tired as fuck. Can't even remember the last time I slept thought face. Face gets comfortable for the night and lays down. He takes 15 sleeping pills knowing it probably takes more than 20 to overdose and die. This should get me some rest he figured. He takes out a piece of paper and scribbles down a note to Jericho in case that's who wakes up instead of face. The note says that face will never allow Jericho to come back. If he does he will kill him. And that soon he will be taking his mischief to a whole nother level.

Chapter 12

My eyes open.. I'm drenched in sweat and my futon is soaked. Holy fuck were those some crazy dreams last night. I was walking through the Wild West as a cowboy or outlaw or something and came across a wanted poster with my own face on it. In the picture I have a weaker mustache then I do I real life. There was like 5 hairs in the wanted poster. I have at least 50 in real life. I've never counted. The poster said I was wanted dead or alive on the charge of terrorism. Then all of the sudden I'm on a huge ocean liner ship. I'm in the middle of the ocean it seems. The waves are as tall as buildings and even this massive titanic sized ship I'm on has no chance against them. The boat rocks up and down violently as I'm thrown back and forth across the deck of the ship. Lightning flashes throughout the sky as I crash into a wall and apparently die or something. I'm then in a dirty darkly lit room, I'm strapped down to some sort of dentist chair like from the tattoo shop. The only light in the room is directly over the chair eliminating everything else but me. The room is dark all around except a few feet surrounding the chair. I cant move. My mouth is held open by some sort of gag that has my jaw open really far and won't allow me to close my mouth. Out of the darkness steps jordynne with a role of duct tape and a small box. She doesn't say a word as she approaches. She looks really hot except for the fact that she has 2 holes in her head where her eyes used to be. And it looks like there is a fire inside her skull that can be seen through the eye sockets flicking. She is naked and dead looking. As she gets close to me walking in jerky movements like a ghost would do in a horror movie. She opens the box to reveal a huge disgusting looking spider. With zero emotion she puts the spider in her hand and looks at it for a second through the holes in her face. She then stands over me and drops the spider in my mouth and I panic against my restraints and scream to the best of my ability with my mouth gagged and a spider it. I think I am gonna blow out my vocal cords I am so scared and disgusted. She then rips off several long pieces of duct tape and seals the spider in my mouth wrapping the tape over my mouth and around my head several times. The spider is panicking inside my mouth just as bad as I'm panicking strapped in the chair. It's biting me or laying eggs or something in my mouth as its last method of preservation of life. Jordynne laughs a sadistic laugh as I freak out in the chair. She reaches into the darkness out of view and returns with a clothespin and puts it over my nose sealing my nostrils shut. And she smiles like a maniac at me showing all her perfect teeth to me as I either have a heart attack from fear or run of of oxygen whichever happens first. God damn it all those sleep meds must have fucked me up last night. Crazy fucking dreams. My mouth hurts and I go into the bathroom to look at the tooth hole. It is healing a little. Somewhat swelled up but not anything that concerns me. I'm definitely still face. Jericho would be at the emergency room thinking he had tooth socket cancer or something. Face isn't concerned. Face smiles a crazy smile into the mirror and jerks his head violently as if about to start having a seizure. He takes his shirt off and flexes his muscles in the mirror. They are way bigger than they usually are. Faces muscles are always bigger than jerichos even if it's only in his head. Face puts the note he wrote Jericho last night to the mirror and tapes it there, in case it's ever Jericho instead of him staring at that reflection. He takes the bandage off his new tattoo and examines it. It's starting to scab up already. A good sign. Then it will peel off and look new again. Just don't pick it face told himself. Face decides he needs to double his meds without Doctor authorization today.he takes double of everything and washes it down with purge tap water. Face knows it's the right decision, he doesn't need a doctor to make that call. It's his body. He should decide right?

Chapter 13

Face turns on the news and eats a bag of skittles for breakfast. They are talking about the restaurant money disappearing and the pushpin he put on the bench. Apparently somebody sat right on that tack. They don't seem to have any clue the two incidents are related. That's a plus. I realize I'm a criminal at best. A terrorist at worst. They say the public is on edge. They are frightened. Apparently that pushpin wound got infected pretty bad after some dumbass sat down on that tack. They are still in the hospital. Face realizes that good cannot exist without evil. Someone has to step up and be evil so that there is a moral standard to allow good people to exist. He is the bad guy. The villain. And people are scared of him. Intimidated. It pleases him. He feels powerful. It's his path. His destiny.

Chapter 14

My phone is ringing. I hope it's jordynne even though I don't like her as much after that twisted dream last night. It wasn't real though. My subconscious dreamed that, not hers. I answer. It's a nurse from my doctors office saying they have the results of a liver test I did a little while back. They say I need to come in to talk about it. I hang up. I know what that means. It's not good news. I knew I didn't have much time left. I knew it. His phone rings again. Same phone number. Face doesn't answer. Face smiles a smile even he has never seen before. It's like a weight is lifted of his shoulders. He feels euphoric. An end date. Soon. I don't have to struggle through life anymore in agony face thought. I think the meds are kicking in. I'm happy. I have no fear of death now. I welcome it. Like a grandma welcomes her grandkids on the weekend. With open arms and smiles. And maybe even fresh baked cookies.

Chapter 15

I'm a baby, can't be more than 2 to 4 years old. I'm in a bathroom with thin light blue carpet. I walk up to a toilet and look behind it and see a bunch of mushrooms growing out of the carpet. That is the first memory I have in my life. What kind of dirty ass house was I living in for there to be mushrooms growing behind the toilet? The next memory I have I am being wheeled on a gurney. I'm groggy. I see a white window shutter but I can't see what's on the other side of the window. I was 4 maybe 5 years old. I'm in the hospital recovering from surgery on my balls. A hydrocele I was later told when I asked my mom about the scar as I got older. Apparently a bunch of fluid started building up in my sac and it got really bad and had to have emergency surgery to be drained. Was I abused very early on in life and have no memory of it? Google tells me that hydroceles are usually brought on by trauma to the testicles. I'll never know. The next memory must be the first day of school. I'm nervous waiting at the bus stop and kids are throwing rocks at my head. It hurts. I'm to weak to stand up for myself. I'm humiliated. I'm back there again. Im at home and a babysitter is watching me. I'm probably like blank years old. She is blank years old and she has a couple of friends over at the house with us. I'm not interested in girls yet. They make fun of me for being weak. They push me to the ground and the babysitter and one of her friends wraps me inside a sheet twisting it around me several times and then sit on my legs and chest holding my legs and arms down. Nobody is here to help me. I'm to weak to get away. They laugh at me. The babysitters other friend takes her pants off. Then her pink underwear and looks down at me with a wicked smile on her face. I'm terrified. I'd never seen a girl naked before. She slowly lowers her naked ass down on my face stuffing my nose up her chubby ass crack while the other two girls hold me down. She sits there for awhile refusing to get up and I freak out and they all laugh at me. She tells me they will hurt me really bad if I don't lick her ass. At blank years old I'm utterly horrified by that idea. But I can't breath and I'm panicking. She Lifts up an inch or two and says to do it. I have no choice. I lick like my life depends on it. Because in my mind. It does. They all laugh wildly and she sits back down just to fuck with me. I'm humiliated. I can't breath. I'm panicking. I'm on a bus coming home from school. I feel sick. I ate spaghetti for lunch that day. I try my best to keep it together but I can't fight it. I throw up all over the kids next to me and the floor and the seats. The bus driver. A big fat lady. Stops the bus and throws a tantrum at me. Shaming me into oblivion. Screaming that now she has to clean this up. I must be blank years old and me and my friend are having a pissing contest to see who can propel their stream the farthest. He tells me my dick looks different than his and any others he's ever seen. It has extra skin on it. I saw my dads once and his looked different too. I start to feel bad, and different like there is something wrong with me. I go home and take a knife In my hand and contemplate cutting off the extra skin to appear more normal. Thank god I didn't have the nerve. The Internet wasn't readily available to me when I was a kid so I never could search things to find answers. I later find out that I'm just uncircumcised and it may not look as good to women but it's Normal. Im 9, I come home from school and my mom says my dad is dead. He committed suicide by shooting myself in the chest and head with a shotgun. I'm devastated but no tears come out. I'm blank years old, I'm in bed with a cute little blond blank year old and we are making out. She reaches into my pants and pulls out my dick and tries to give me a hand job. I'm so nervous and full of anxiety. This has never happened before. I'm so nervous that I can't get it up. She stops trying and laughs at me. She asks me to leave telling me I'm nothing and have a baby dick. She tells all her friends and people I know. I'm so humiliated. I never hear the end of it and never really recover from the shame I endured. These are just a few of the memories deeply imprinted on my fucked up brain.

Chapter 16

The prospect of imminent death brings an unrivaled clarity to a persons thoughts. It turns the volume down on everything that doesn't truly matter. It provides perspective, and allows you to focus on the things that are really important to you. It gives people a certain resolve in the I don't give a fuck department. Im not getting treatment face thought. Fuck that. Liver transplant probably. No thank you. I have a few more things to do then I will leave this world on my own terms. Not in pain and agony trapped in a hospital somewhere. The mind is a crazy thing. It can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven. It all depends on your attitude. My phone rings again. It's a number I don't recognize. I answer it and tell them they are a dirty cunt. I know. a woman says in response. Face is that you? Jordynne? Yes. I have a proposition for you face. You don't even have to pay me. You interested? I'm listening face replies. She explains that she produces porn and needs a guy for an upcoming video she is filming. No pressure she says. You won't have to have sex. As a matter of fact your dick never has to leave you pants. It's a fetish video. Limited audience. It will make significant money though. What's the video about? face inquires. Let's just say it's very extreme and I can't find another actor willing to do it. Are you in? Face thinks about the phone call about his liver test and knows he has nothing to lose. It might be exciting he thinks. Ok fine I guess I'm in I say. Excellent she says. I have to hammer out a few more details. I'll be in touch. Keep your phone by you. That night jordynne puts an add on Craigslist saying she needs an Actress for a fetish video. No sex. Nothing illegal. Very hardcore though. The squeamish need not respond to this add. Must be sadistic or able to fake it convincingly. Pays well. And leaves her phone number. Serous inquires only.

Chapter 17

You realize that we all might be living in some elaborate computer simulation? Sky net from terminator is real and artifice intelligence may see us a a threat. It used to trouble Jericho to the core. That and a million other conspiracies. But face doesn't give a fuck. What is happiness? face thought to himself. Comfortability, acceptance from your peers and role models, lack of boredom? Money that provides choices, status that gives you power, image that gives you good looks? Being proud of yourself for self improvement, believing in something bigger than yourself, adding value to the world and contributing to society, leaving the world a better place than when you entered it? Personal relationships and connection with other people you have to share this planet with? It's different for every person. It's extremely subjective. Nobody has the same answer of what it takes to achieve happiness. What gives a persons life meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction cannot be taught to you. It is something you have to define for yourself. I always thought me growing up and having a beard would make me happy. I could be intimidating like my dad. I could change my looks every now and then with different facial hair styles. I could hide my face behind a thick mask of hair if I didn't want to be exposed and vulnerable and seen by the world. A person is a lot of times in recognizable when going from clean shaven to a full think beard. I always wanted that. I always thought I would see the people that I grew up around as an adult and they would be impressed with my beard and level of masculinity. I never see anyone I grew up with and if I do I avoid them. I can't be seen looking like I'm 12 still. I'll always live in the shadow of my dads mustache. I can never live up to and compete with that. I'm inferior in every way. I'm almost as old now as my dad was when he killed himself. If I live much longer I will pass him in age and be older than him. Weird face thought. I can't allow that. I'm weaker than him. I shouldn’t be older than him. I don't deserve to live as long as he did. Today is the 1st of the month. It's may now. I get my social security disability check today. Not that it matters. I still have money from the robbery. And I don't plan on paying rent or any bills this month. I won't be here next month. Why should I pay the bills. It would be pointless. I may do another robbery just for fun and the adrenaline rush face thought. He didn't need the money, he had enough to survive until he went away. His mouth still hurt but was healing even more and his tattoo was starting to look better and sharper. He got dressed in dark plain looking clothes and put on a fake dark brown mullet and a fake mustache similar to his dad's. Pretty much a tom selleck mustache. Dark brown as well. He put on a baseball hat to hold the wig in place. His mouth didn't look that out of place anymore. It just looked like he was missing a tooth. Face smiled in the mirror and admired his teeth thinking he looked more intimidating this way. He saw the note addressed to Jericho still on the mirror and reared back and punched the note spidering the glass on the mirror and cutting his hand. The note remained on the mirror smeared with fresh blood as a couple of shards of glass broke off into the sink with a clang noise. He made no noise or wince of pain whatsoever. Even he saw the symbolism of the broken mirror and his shattered life. He wrapped his hand in ace bandage and grabbed a note, a face, money, his cigarettes with a joint stashed in the pack, and a Swiss Army knife as he stormed out into the world. He walked hard. He walked like he was mad at the sidewalk. Maybe he was. He left a note on a light post that said “maybe power does not lie in facial hair or a mustache, but in how you can carry yourself with speech and body language.” He kept walking undeterred and left a face of bubbles from trailer park boys sticking out of a parking meter pay station. He pressed on east towards a more secluded part of town with minimal to no cameras. He didn't need what he was about to do recorded. As he reached a wooded area of trails that followed a stream up towards the college part of town he walked into the woods and sat down on a rock facing the water with nobody around and sparked up his joint. The woods was quiet and peaceful as he smoked. He started to relax a little but not much as a couple came jogging past on the trail. They stopped and looked at face and scolded him for not only smoking in the park but for smoking weed in the park. The man pulled out his phone and looked like he was about to call the cops to come get me. But as he looked his sunken face into the phone screen he announced to his woman that he had no service in the woods. There was nobody else around as face stood up. Joint in hand smoke still trailing off the end with thick smoke giving the woods a nice smell face thought. Face smiled at the couple with his mouth open as wide as possible. They looked put off. Within a second face had charged the man and socked him in the face so hard with his unbandaged hand that he tumbled to the ground in a heap and seemed knocked out. The woman looked him in the eyes in absolute terror as face bared his teeth again to her tonguing his empty tooth socket and grabbed her in a millisecond to prevent her from screaming and put her in a choke hold. Within ten seconds of her flapping around wildly in desperation, her body went limp. He dropped her body next to her mans. They appeared to be his age, early 30s probably. Good looking couple. Looks like they had money. Face looked in their mouths and wasn't surprised to see perfect teeth inside their mouths. Might have even been veneers. He arranged the bodies side by side face up on the trail, slumping them over some thick twisted cedar tree roots that had grown over the path. He put the joint out in the mans left eye, hearing a sizzle and pop as the joint was extinguished. It smelled, He smiled. He definitely rendered the eye useless and blind for life. Then put the roach from the joint in his pocket. And pulled out his Swiss Army knife. Unfolding the corkscrew he stabbed the mans right eye and twisted like he was taking the cork off of a wine bottle. The man would never see again. That was for sure. They were both still out cold as face folded the corkscrew back into the knife and unfolded the smaller of the two blades. He got on his knees next to the woman and breathed deeply. McDonald's hamburger buns he smelled. He ran the women's hair through his fingers a few times, and then he pushed the knife deeply into both of her eye sockets ending her sight forever. You are just a talking skull with a computer chip in your head anyway. You can be replaced. Before he left, he carved the word “cunt” into her forehead skin. Deeply. It didn't look perfect but was legible nonetheless. He also violently used the heel of his shoe to stomp the mans mouth cracking several of his teeth. Face was proud of himself. He was happy. He walked back up the trail leaving the bodies where they lay not giving a fuck. Nobody was around anyway. He wasn't seen. He breathed deeply as he walked back downtown. Breaths of satisfaction and purpose. McDonald's breaths. He walked slowly. Unconcerned. Cocking his head to the left side and smiling. Disfiguring people he thought. Genius. my life has purpose. That was satisfying he thought. Everybody derives happiness from different experiences face thought. I'm the bad guy. And that's ok. They deserved it. He kept walking with his head cocked to the side and happiness stirring inside of him. If they ever wake up they will be blind and lost in the woods. Face laughed.

Chapter 18

You ever been talking about something out loud and then your smartphone predicts an add for you of exactly, and I mean exactly what you just said out loud? It's fucking listening to us. Recording us. It's all in some database somewhere in cyberspace. Fuck that. You ever been to antarctica? I didn’t think so. So you don't fucking know what is there. What are they hiding from us? Aliens? The edge of the flat earth? Secret military bases? Who knows. I hate the government. The masses will never ever, ever receive a shred of truth so they can make sense of the world for themselves. They are perpetually kept in darkness. Face is home now listening to seether “the gift”song. My phone rings. Its the doctor. I ignore the call and the voicemails they have left the last few times they call. I swipe ignore 3 times before they finally leave me the fuck alone. I turn on the tv and see a news report saying a couple was jogging in the park today and were brutally assaulted, blinded and disfigured. They are looking for a guy in a mullet with a thick dark mustache. Face laughs. They say it may be connected to the restaurant robbery and the tack on the bench, as well as other various suspicious acts around town. Face laughs again. They won't have time to catch me. I'm invincible anyway. My phone rings again and I almost swipe ignore another time when I realize its jordynnes phone number. I answer. She asks me if I'm ready to meet up and talk about details before I even say hello. She says she has a potential actress in mind for the film. She responded to my add on Craigslist. Her name is Hailey she tells me, and she seems pretty excited and anxious to get to work. We need to meet at a public place, the three of us, to lock down all the specifics and make sure she is right for the part. I know you are right for the other lead in the movie face. You are gonna have so much fun she says. Tell me exactly what the video is about I ask. She stays silent for a moment as if unsure if she wants to tell me. Then she responds by saying I'll know soon. I'll set the meet for tomorrow at the Pub downtown. 2pm. Be there or else she says and hangs up. That night I dream I am at a funeral. I'm the only one in attendance as it seems nobody cares about the deceased. It's a room full of empty chairs and an open casket in the front of the room with a body in it. As I get closer I realize that the body is me. It's me in the casket! I can't see the face it is blurred but I know its me. I stare at my body and faceless head briefly before being transported to an old dirty operating room. I am being told they need to start surgery now by a vicious looking old lady as she picks up a scalpel. I can't move. I can't speak. I'm not on anethsysia yet I try to yell but no words come out. As the knife penetrates my flesh. I wake up breathing heavy. It's the next morning. The meeting is at 2pm today. Face is apprehensive but excited to see what transpires today.

Chapter 19

Have I even slept yet? Face takes a bunch of the Prozac, zyprexa, propranolol, and maybe some other stuff too. Way more than he should have took. Probably. Or maybe just the right amount he thought as he looked in the shattered mirror in his bathroom. His pupils in his eyes looked like he was turning into a demon. The pupils were pretty much his whole eyes and no blue color surrounding it at all remained. There were ropes of bright red veins shooting through the whites in his eyes like a lightning storm exploding onto the canvas of his soul. He put on his blind glasses to minimize his ridiculous appearance. And checked the house like a madman knowing he may never return to this apartment. He packed up some items to bring outside today and set the bag by the front door. He got dressed casually. But like he fucking meant it. Slow and deliberate. It was ten am. Plenty of time. His bag by the front door was very full today. He didn't bother to check his wounded mouth, or tattoo or his shattered mirror hand. It didn't matter. He drank a red bull. Ate a chunk of gloriously smoked salmon and He closed the door on his apartment, and this chapter of his life. For good. He didn't even lock it.

Chapter 20

As face entered the world he had known his whole life. He breathed in deeply and smelled the freshness of the air. He closed his eyes and savored the moment. Maybe two. He felt freedom he had never felt before leaving those 414 items inside his house vulnerable to anybody who just wanted to open his apartment door and ransack the place. Face walked around for a few minutes and pondered life like a philosopher. He rubbed his chin over a few stray hairs and followed them up to his baby mustache. He hadn't shaved in 6 weeks. Imagine a 12 year old mustache but really long and scraggly. Get the picture? He chose not to wear a disguise today because the cops seemed to be looking for Tom selleck with a mullet. He looked more like a prepubescent boy. His sideburns cascaded down his checks, but weren't really sideburns as much as wings. The police would never suspect him. If they did he was in trouble for some things in that bag he held in his hand.

Chapter 21

As face strolled through town. There was a peace within him he had never felt. A freedom he had never tasted. It was as if his whole body was light as a feather. And at any moment he might float away. He left his entire baseball card, wrestling card, and coin collection in front of a building when nobody was looking in a box with a bow that looked like a present. He set it on a bench next to an ash try. Nobody saw him. He took out a picture of himself from when he a kid and put that face in the library book return as he walked away. The picture clung in his hand for a second to long for face to tolerate before it disappeared into the library's interior. Jericho if that's you face mouthed without saying words out loud I swear to god ill end you without remorse. His eyes hurt a little under his protective shades. Fuck you Jericho face said out loud as an elderly woman passed. He was more talking to himself but I'm sure the lady thought that it was directed at her. He kept walking. Slowly. Methodically. I hate people. I hate the world thought face. There are cameras everywhere. You can't really escape them. Everything you do in public is recorded from several angles. Sometimes even with playable audio. Fucking spying ass bitches face huffed under his breath. He drops a note that declares “don't be scared to be who you are!” Inside the gas tank cap of a older model dodge neon 2 door and slams it shut. Lucky bastard he says out loud. Free advice nigga he thinks to himself and smiles. Widely. As he passes a ups delivery truck on main st he slides a note in the window onto the seat facing up that says “forget shame, It doesn't matter what other people think of you.” He doesn't smile. He sneers. He walks to the bridge that separates downtown from the lake park and hangs above the freeway below. He reaches into his bag and throws a ziplock bag filled to the top with ketchup over the side directly as a semi truck passes underneath. It explodes red covering the top of the trailer with what could be perceived as blood spatter. Face walks swiftly away back towards the anonymity of downtown as the truck screeches its brakes coming to a stop in the middle of the freeway to see what the fuck just happened.. Few people were around when he threw that ketchup. Nobody would say anything. They were scared of him. Remember.

Chapter 22

I bet that idiot thought a person jumped to their demise on top of his truck face thought as he reached the bus center. He must be so uncomfortable with his life right now face thought. Serves him right. Dumbass. As face passed a man with Down syndrome on the sidewalk mumbling to himself he walked closer to the man and eyed him carefully. It looks as if he is trying to grow a mustache unsuccessfully. Face approaches gently and hands the man a crinkled up hundred dollar bill. Nice mustache brother face says to the man. You're looking good dude. He also says if you get there in time there is a treasure over in front of that building with a bow on it for you. Weally? He squawks back as he shakes his hands about like retarded people sometimes do. Better go find it buddy he tells the downie as he shuffles away. After face gets a few blocks away he hears the explosion. Fucking idiot face says out loud. Didn't his mother ever tell him not to open strange boxes with bows on them sitting out in public, that strange looking people try to give him? It was a bomb dumbass. At least I showed mercy on him face thought. Now he doesn't have to go through life with that weak inferior mustache.

Chapter 23

Face moves through downtown like a ghost. Or so he thinks. Sirens are going off behind him. He doesn't care. They can't see him. He takes out a bottle of mellow yellow that he filled with bleach earlier and hands it to a homeless person on the ground begging for change. The man gratefully takes it and smiles at face, clearly appreciative of faces kindness and generosity. Don't drink it all at once he tells the moron and walks away. He notices the man is missing half of his mustache as he passes. As he gets about a block away he hears what must have been the bum spewing bleach out into the street after he swallowed a sip on accident. You should have smelled the bottle. You fool. He takes a cigarette out of his pack that he filled with gunpowder and fireworks concealed inside the tobacco, and leaves it on the sidewalk in plain view for some sucker to pick up and try to smoke in desperation. That will be funny. Face knows it. He wishes he could stay around and see who picks it up, and maybe even get the pleasure of seeing that person light it. It'll rock their world face thinks to himself. It's almost 2pm and face continues walking towards the pub for his meeting with the girls. He has butterflies in his stomach the size of Eagles. I think I might have went a little to far today face thinks to himself. Or was that just Jericho. It was a downie Jericho says to face. Get the fuck outta here face says and slaps some sense back into himself. 3 times. And then walks into the pub.

Chapter 24
Face walks into the pub. He doesn't take off his huge blind glasses. He shows his id before the mother fuckers even ask. The man behind the bar in his tight tailored gray suit and vest looks at it through his dark cold indiscernible eyes and exaggerated eyebrows. He looks up and shrugs his shoulders in approval. What'll ya have he says taking face by surprise with the British accent. I'll have a pint of cherry cola face says in the worst Irish accent anybody has ever heard. The guy looks at him like what the fuck. And face says he thought they were having a contest to see who could do the worst foreign accent. The man shakes his head in disgust. Just give me a red bull face says and throws a ten on the counter. He walks away without taking his change. He searches the tables and booths around the bar for jordynne and the mystery girl. It's 210pm. These disrespectful cunts. Be late on me! I had a lot of important stuff to do today and I got here on time! He spins around and almost plows into jordynne standing directly behind him. She looks amazing today. Bit to much makeup though. She has her hair in a loose pony tail. What were you just saying she asks rhetorically? Face blushes slightly but keeps his composure. She is wearing black yoga pants with a green tank top that looks like she fell straight from heaven. She plays with her hair and stares into his eyes in what appears to be genuine anger. We have to leave now. My car is outside she grabs faces hand and jerks him with surprising power towards the exit. You don't want a drink first? face asks.

Chapter 25

As face shuffled behind jordynne being dragged like a child who had caused a scene at the grocery store, it started raining. Pretty hard. And face saw some small arcs of lightning beginning their shift across the lake towards them as they entered the alley behind the pub. They arrived at jordynnes car parked precariously on the side of the alley. A newer model grayish satin painted Ford Mustang. Wow maybe she makes good money stripping and producing porn. Face could see why. Her body was more banging than a mosh pit at a punk rock concert. As they approached the car jordynne held out a large black garbage bag. Take everything you have on you and put it in this bag she says. Face empties his pockets of keys, phone, cigarettes, lighter, and wallet and puts them in the bag. He also tosses in his plastic bag with the last of his items he took from his house before he left. She pats him down as if she doesn't trust that he put everything in the bag without holding something back. She checks really throughly catching face by surprise. What is the point of this he wonders. Jordynne seemed satisfied and seals up the plastic bag and threw it in the dumpster next to her car behind the pub. She tossed Everything but his wallet. Face can't believe what he just saw. But doesn't care. She opens the trunk and looks at face. Am I supposed to get in there he asks? It would be ideal so the cops don't see you as we drive outta here. I've been watching the news she offers and says she knows I'm the crime suspect from all the random acts around town. Your missing front tooth gave you away she says. Haileys sister noticed it. Interesting story there. Hailey is already at my house and we already have things arranged for you. Hailey can't wait to meet you she tells me. You have no fucking clue how much she wants to meet you she says. I climb into the trunk willingly as she shuts it behind me with more force than necessary leaving me in darkness and squeals away apparently headed to her house.

Chapter 26

When Jericho was like blank years old he was at a church Wednesday night youth group. It was break time and a few of the Kids were outside milling around in the fresh winter snow like it was recess at elementary school. Jericho was targeted by a few older girls. He thought they were kinda cute while attending the youth group until he realized how cruel they seemed. They were emo type girls. All 3 of them. With their excessive eye make up, obnoxiously styled hair, edgy clothes, and piercings. They pushed him to the ground and he fell in a pretty deep drift of snow. They all piled on top of him forcing his face into the snow and having a great time doing it while Jericho tried desperately to escape. No other kids seemed to notice or if they did nobody came to his aid. The ringleader of the girls who had greenish hair highlights looked around to see if anybody was looking and while the other 2 girls lay across Jericho pinning him to the ground deep in the snow drift on his back, she sat on top of his head forcing his face into the snow. Then she lifted up her ass in her black skinny jeans and hovered above my face for a few seconds as I turned my head and looked upwards. I looked above me at the girls crouched body over my face strangely aroused. I wanted her to sit down naked jamming my face into her folds like my babysitter and her friends did when I was blank years old. Im not sure why. But then again I didn't know anything about sex. Nobody ever had the talk with me. This was turning me on because I had no other sexual experience to compare it to. It was the only sexuality I knew or had ever been exposed to. You don't have a smartphone to ask questions about sex to and watch porn in the early 90s. To be dominated and humiliated by a girls nakedness was all I knew. Before they let me get up the girl above my face sat back down hard jamming her Jean covered privates into my face and sat down and got comfortable. She sat there refusing to let me breathe as she smiled at me. She looked down at my humiliated and shocked eyes with a stare that scared the shit out of me. She looked Jericho right in the eye as the other two girls got up with smirks on their faces. Finally she got off my face, letting me breathe, She bent down close to his face and said you are ugly you stupid little piece of shit. That is the closest you will ever get to pussy, and she turned and walked away shaking her ass at me before she left, her friends following her. They got in their car and left skipping the second half of youth group and leaving me there stunned, breathing heavily, and with a rock hard boner.

Chapter 27

Do you realize there is probably more vehicles in the world than there are people? Face thinks as he rides along in the trunk of jordynnes car in darkness. The only thing he had on him was his clothes. She even took away his blind sunglasses. His apartment possessions were dead to him. Jordynne threw out his phone and other stuff. She took his wallet for some reason though. People can't be trusted to be driving around in these tons of metal with engines in them cruising the streets like missiles. People are sometimes drunk, high, old, blind, deaf, on heavy medications, or distracted by texts or other things. Or all of the above in some cases. Humans can't be trusted, they are idiots face thinks to himself. The earth is the body and human beings are the cancer. It needs to be cut out. Surgically removed. Face wished the universe would eliminate the species all together and start anew. I think the world is due for a mass extinction level event. An asteroid. World war 3. What ever it needs to be. God could probably do better if he's up there he would be so disappointed in us. How more people don’t die from vehicle related fatalities face will never know. The car seems to be coming closer to its destination as it's going much slower now. The car comes to a stop and face hears jordynne get out. She opens the trunk and the light temporarily blinds me. She tells me to climb out and follow her up to the house as she slams the trunk closed. The house looks pretty expensive face thinks. Must have been made by a stone mason. It looks midevil face thinks to himself as his eyes take in the second floor. Like something out of an Amsterdam architecture magazine. Woods surround the house appearing to close in around the structure like a pack of Hungry wolves circling in for the kill. There is another car in the dirt driveway as we get closer to the house. It's a light green vw bug. With a luggage rack on top. Hailey is already here anxiously waiting for you jordynne tells me.. I met her earlier today says jordynne. She is so perfect for this job I can't even believe how lucky we both are that she answered that craigslist add. Especially you. But me too she says as she walks ahead shaking her ass back and forth unintentionally but effectively drawing my eyes as I follow her inside like a lost puppy.

Chapter 28

As we enter the house together and remove our shoes on a rug by the door she leads me through a nicely decorated interior that seems to favor the theme of hunting and wildlife. There is a large bucks head hanging above an elegant looking fireplace in what appears to be the main living room. More smaller game animals that have been through the process of taxidermy are put out through out the house in strategic locations that seem well thought out surrounding a beautiful looking brown leather sectional couch. A large flatscreen tv is mounted on the wall across from the fireplace. Jordynne turns to me and motions around the room mentioning that this house used to be owned her grandparents and they liked this kind of shit. They are dead now she says with no emotion at all. But they left me the house though so it's worth it. I never really liked them anyway she mentions casually. Is this him? A angry girls voice behind us asks as a girl saunters into the room never taking her eyes off of face.

Chapter 29

He looks like hell. Hailey barks. Face makes eye contact with Haileys evil brown eyes for the first time as she meets his gaze with a look he will never forget. Pure hatred. I know jordynne says. What do you expect after what he has been through recently she says to Hailey who is standing in the arch in the doorway that connects to the living room, and leads down a long hallway stretching through darkness that face cannot penetrate even with squinting his bloodshot eyes. I barely got him here without the cops following me jordynne explains. I threw his phone And other stuff in a dumpster downtown before we made the trip here. Oh this is definitely the guy from that grainy video on the news alright Hailey says. Oh ya its him jordynne assures hailey. Open your mouth hailey says in a stern voice to me. She already knows you are missing a tooth jordynne says don't be shy. I reluctantly show Hailey my teeth, and the look on her face is truly evil personified. I could swear I see a quiver of anticipation run through her young body as she doesn't take her eyes off me. She is thick. Really thick but Not fat. Short too. She has hair similar to haileys. Brunette. Except jordynnes is long. Haileys hair is about shoulder length and layered framing her face like a priceless painting in a museum. She has on just the right amount of make up face thinks. Not to much, just enough. She resembles Demi Lovato from the “skyscraper” video. But more edgy looking. And cuter and cooler. She is probably early 20s. That face is worth framing I think to myself. She is so fucking angry looking but so cute at the same time. Her teeth are not perfect like jordynnes. But not far off. Slight imperfection but barely noticeable at all. A small piercing stud sits on the right side of her nose. She is wearing tight blue skinny jeans with thick white stitching and designs on the back pockets I can see as she turns slightly to the Side. It seems a constant battle for her round booty not to pop the stitching on her pants and introduce itself to the room. The top she is wearing is black and looks similar to a wife beater. Barely containing her ample chest under the fabric and in some cases not containing It at all. Her cleavage reminds face of small booty. A soft small booty. She was wearing a loose fitting black baseball hat that says vans off the wall in white letters up high and pushed to the side with a flat uncurved brim. She had on black and white vans skater shoes that matched her hat perfectly, And neon green hipster sunglasses Rested on top of her hat and cut through her hair above her ears. It suited her look perfectly face thought. cute as fuck. Oh my god face thinks to himself. I don't care what happens here today I am a lucky man. These girls are better than any fantasy I could dream up for myself. As face thinks these thoughts jordynne asks him if he wants something to drink. Sure I tell her. Whatever you got is fine and she disappears through the doorway turning around to whisper something in haileys ear before leaving. Hailey changes her posture as if to say don't follow jordynne and kind of blocks the doorway. We stare at each other in awkward silence for a minute as jordynne clangs around in the other room. Hailey smells of expensive perfume that sends a chill down my spine as face shakes himself as close back to sanity as he can get. She returns a moment later with a shot glass full of brown liquid. Here ya go she offers. Do you have anything else. I don't drink alcohol face explains. Don't be rude she says. You are a guest in my house don't refuse my hospitality. Just one then I won't ask again she says giving me a smile of reassurance. Fine I tell her and grab the shot glass and swallow it down quickly in one gulp. They both smile simultaneously at me in a weird display of raw sexuality it appears. I'm about to say something. I don't know what. My vision is getting blurry. I feel like I have cotton balls in my brain and ears. I look at jordynne and then hailey. They look back at me with a look of satisfaction on their face. Before I slink down to the ground and pass out from whatever drug they just slipped me, the last thing I hear is jordynne tell hailey its almost time to get started and that Her sister will be avenged soon. And hailey make a noise like she was a kid on Christmas morning. A kid who got exactly what they asked Santa Claus for.

Chapter 30

As face lays on the floor of the living room unconscious. Hailey tells jordynne I can't believe this pathetic piece of shit is the one who did that to my sister and brother in law. Jeremy's teeth can probably be fixed. But he is blind forever. My sister Heather is blind forever too and has to walk around with the word cunt on her forehead forever! They are still in the hospital and will survive but will never be the same again. Jordynne and hailey lay down of opposite sides of the sectional couch and relax as they flip on the tv and Change the channel to a news update. They are saying that a bomb was detonated in front of a building downtown earlier today and a handicapped man had his face blow off along with a few other bystanders that got nicked by the blast and have some fairly serious injuries. Wrong place at the wrong time. The police are looking for a baby faced man child who is probably been wearing fake wigs and facial hair disguises, as he causes havoc around town in several various heinous acts of criminality and terrorism. Hailey and jordynne both look down at faces body crumpled on the floor, and neither one regrets what they are about to do to him.

Chapter 31

After he passed out from being drugged, Jericho and face both dreamt as they laid on jordynnes living room floor. Jericho was staring into an ornate gold mirror that looked like it belonged in some 16th century Royal mansion or something. It definitely had the appearance it could be owned and used by nobody less than a king. Looking back at Jericho in the mirror was face smiling his crazy smile, it was blurred though like a photo in “back to the future” that starts disappearing as the future changes based on the way current events are going. Jericho admonishes face and tells him that it's over. He can no longer control the monster inside him. The monster is you he tells face. The villain almost always dies. You deserve this fate that jordynne and Hailey are about to give you. I'm at peace with it face tells Jericho. I have no reason left to live anyway. Remember? Our liver results? This way we get to go out on our own terms. I don't know what will happen in this video, but getting fucked up by some hot women is gonna be a lot better than dying in a hospital or at home alone and in pain of liver disease. You made this bed face! Now I have to lie in it! You want to lie in it and you know it, face tells Jericho. It's gonna be kind of an assisted suicide video. You want to die but don't have the nerve to pull the trigger so I pulled it for you face tells Jericho. These girls are not gonna let you survive this video face tells him. What you think they will just let you go? Not a chance. You fucked up haileys sister and brother in law face tells Jericho. You're gonna pay for that. And you are not gonna like it. You destroyed me Jericho weakly says to the blurry face in the mirror. I saved you. Face says as his image becomes clear to Jericho and face appears in the mirror clearly. Both of his eyes missing.

Chapter 32

Before he wakes up, his mind goes into excessive thinking overdrive mode. Thoughts fly around inside his head like a bird trapped in a house, flying into everything and knocking it over in a desperate attempt to make sense of what is happening to it and trying to escape. Love and religion are just socially acceptable forms of insanity face thinks. The past is just a skewed story we all tell ourselves as an excuse to accept current behavior patterns as justified. Everyone is just fucked up from their childhoods, You can't let memories be the death of you thinks Jericho. Most people have felt everything they are ever gonna feel, they are all just reliving different versions of the same experiences over and over again. It's depressing thinks face. It would have been good if I was still excited about the possibilities and wonder of life, or at least had someone close to me who was. Thinks Jericho sadly. Life isn't really worth living without that kind of influential attitude. All you need is good hair, teeth, skin, proportions, and don't be fat. That's all it takes to be attractive in this world. thinks face. They fucked you Jericho face laughs to himself. Everyone is hideous to someone and good looking to someone. I'm not comfortable in my own skin. Jericho thinks. Self confidence is internal face assures his brain. It's not about how you look, it's about how you feel about yourself. Chuck Norris is so strong when he does push ups instead of pushing himself up, he pushes the world down. Face thinks. Maybe those shows I stumbled across alone as a kid where people were being tortured really fucked me up and left an impression on me. Thinks Jericho. Maybe all that stuff I stole from different people as a kid is why I'm so worried now about my possessions. Jericho concludes.

Chapter 33

Jordynne started placing several expensive looking cameras around the living room at different angles as Jericho lie on the floor still out from the drugs. Hailey was relaxed as fuck on the left side of the sectional couch. She had stripped down to her panties and bra for the night as she relaxed on the couch. Her booty shorts were bright green and her bra was black. She was lying back with her neon green sunglasses still on as the sun was setting outside through the living room window. She lay back against the corner of the couch with her knees bent and her ass cheeks spread across the brown leather. Jordynne finished setting up the cameras around the room and sprawled out across the other side of the couch. They had a fire going in the fireplace as it was chilly this evening. As the last shards of light faded away outside and night showed itself jordynne said to Hailey. “I'm so glad we found each other on Craigslist and get to stream this snuff video tonight. Those sickos who have a membership to my stream on the dark web are gonna be so jacked to see this” . Hailey took of her sunglasses and looked across at jordynne with an intensity that didn't surprise her given the circumstances with her sister. That fucker is gonna be sorry he was ever born! Hailey shouted at jordynne. That's the spirit jordynne winked back at her. You know the rules though. You have to finish him off the way we discussed. That's what the viewers on my stream are paying to see. They get off on this sick shit. I know but I'm gonna have a bit of fun before the end Hailey winks at jordynne and puts her glasses back over her eyes as she slaps her thick jiggly ass and sinks back into the corner of the couch. Oh my god you and him are both fucking perfect for this. Jordynne says with excitement in her voice. She leaned back onto the other side of the couch, she was still wearing her black yoga pants and green tank top. Her hair was down across one shoulder pulled to the side. We are gonna rake in so much Bitcoin through this video tonight. We are gonna net a lot of money, and we will split it like we discussed. I take 75 percent and you get the rest, which is still a pretty sweet deal. The producer always makes more than the actors do Hun. I know says Hailey. I would do this dumbass in for free. I can't even believe my sister is so messed up now. He's gonna suffer. Jordynne sat up and ran out of the room for a brief second returning with a duffel bag. Let's get this idiot tied up before the drugs wear off she tells Hailey who sits up and looks at her smiling.

Chapter 34

Jordynne reaches into the bag and removes some items to prepare for the broadcast. She pulls out 2 masks and hands one to Hailey. I'm gonna turn the cameras on soon so let's get the masks on. They both put their masks on slowly and smile at each other. They are similar to asukas from wwe or the background girls in the in this moment “whore”music video. White and Japanese looking and not much face details. Creepy actually. You can't see the look on a persons face in those masks, you can't tell what the person wearing it is thinking. Jordynne also takes out some dice, a roll of duct tape, and a laptop. She grabs jerichos legs and starts to rip tape off the roll. Hailey helped hold his legs as jordynne proceeded to wrap the duct tape around his ankles and shins. She just kept looping it around his ankles and all the way up his calves as Hailey held his legs slightly off the ground allowing jordynne to secure his legs. After using pretty much a whole roll of tape on jerichos legs Hailey dropped them on the living room carpet with a thud. He was still unconscious. Then Hailey grabbed a Second roll of duct tape out of the duffel bag and with jordynnes help rolled Jericho over onto his stomach with his arms at his sides. They used the duct tape to hold his arms behind his back and duct tape his wrists together. Hailey looked at jordynne after jerichos wrists were taped up so good all the way from his wrists to over his hands, effectively making his wrists and hands a giant gray useless ball behind his back. I think we should just use the rest of the roll pulling his forearms behind his back a little more, making him more uncomfortable when he wakes up. Go for it jordynne tells Hailey and helps her wrap the rest of the roll from his wrists up to his elbows pulling both his arms behind his back. Hard. There is no fucking way he can get that duct tape off. That is gonna be so uncomfortable for him when he wakes up. Good Hailey says and winks at jordynne. They roll him over onto his back again his arms behind his back covered in thick gray tape, pulling his body uncomfortably high as his torso rested on top of his arms. They both looked down at Jericho and smirked to each other behind their masks. Do his mouth too before he wakes up Hailey says to jordynne. Take off your panties she tells Hailey. She without hesitation pulls down and off her green panties revealing her shaved pussy and wraps them into a giant ball. She reaches down and pries jerichos lifeless mouth open and stuffs the underwear into his mouth, making sure to pack it in there tightly with her fingers. Jordynne then hands Hailey a third roll of duct tape. She starts a rip on the top of the roll and bends her beautiful naked ass down closer to jerichos face eyeing him behind the mask. I'm gonna enjoy every second of this she thinks to herself. She presses the tape over his mouth and smooths it out several times with her hands. His head was already slightly off the ground as his shoulders were painfully arched behind his back held cruelly with tape. Hailey wrapped the tape around his head several times making a perfect seal over his mouth and sealing the panties inside. She used practically the whole roll here too making so many loops under his nose, around his mouth and under his chin crossing back around his head and back around and again and again. I think that’s enough jordynne tells Hailey and laughs. Probably ya. She laughs back. I'll get my laptop set up and open the viewing lobby so we can get started and make that money as soon as possible. That was the first thing Jericho heard as he came to in a fuzzy haze from the drugs in pain, confused, and terrified. Face was nowhere to be seen as Jericho looked up and saw Hailey and jordynne standing above him, wearing creepy masks. Hailey was naked from the waist down and Jericho looked up to the nicest shaved pussy he'd ever dreamed he would see standing above him. And a creepy mask with its head tilted to the side. Expressionless. Unreadable. Capable of anything.

Chapter 35

The laptop is ready, and the cameras are synced to my viewing lobby. Jordynne exclaims. Quite a few people have already signed in to watch. The flatscreen on the wall in the living room is lit up showing several angles of a helpless duct taped Jericho laying on a carpet. Wiggling around in a panicked stumper still coming off the drugs and choking on panties. The tape pulled tightly around the bottom half of his face making him look ridiculous and pathetic. Helpless. There was so much tape around his legs, arms, and bottom of his face that it was comical. He was going nowhere. He would be accepting his fate whether he liked it or not. Jericho screamed pathetically into the gag desperate to just have his speech back. They just laughed at him behind their masks knowing he had zero chance of doing anything but flopping around stupidly on the floor and screaming into panties and duct tape, making stupid sounds that weren't even very loud anyway. Jordynne still in her green tank top and yoga pants, and mask looked at Hailey and eyed her body up and down. Wow I'm jealous jordynne joked to Hailey. You are fucking gorgeous she said sincerely. Hailey stood there wearing only her black shiny bra and white plain mask. She then placed a bean bag type pillow under jerichos head as he looked up at her with a mix of terror and excitement. Haileys nude ass jiggled as she stood up and moved to the couch and plopped down. Jordynne looked over at haileys amazing body and was actually a bit jealous of her. Her ass was actually a heart shaped booty When she bent over. It was really a sight to see. A sight Jericho was about to love and hate at the same time. Her ass crack rested on the brown leather of the couch and connected up to her slit. Even jordynne was getting a little wet. Jordynne pressed a few buttons on her laptop and started the live stream , telling Hailey that it time to shoot this video for the fans. You do what you came here to do, and we’ll let them pay us to watch. I'll be walking around synced to my phone camera to capture close up angles. “And action” jordynne said and opened the viewing to all the sickos who wanted to watch this live.

Chapter 36

The video is live, jordynne nudges Hailey. People from all over the globe are logged in watching your beautiful young pawg body and mask covered face about to destroy this loser from multiple angles. Even Hailey and jordynne realized how weird it was to have a conversation with someone in a mask. You just can't see facial expressions or get a feel for what they are thinking. She hands Hailey the dice and starts filming on her phone camera causing another window of video feed to pop up on the wall tv. There was like 8 separate Windows showing multiple angles of jerichos helpless predicament, all being watched by anxious perverts hoping to get their fix of gore and torture. All to watch another human being panic helplessly as their life is being snuffed out before your eyes. All to watch the last few minutes of a persons life and their desperate survival instinct to panic against death. Hailey couldn't wait any longer. As jordynne started walking around the room filming, Hailey took off her bra revealing a perfect set of medium sized boobs that bounced up and down a few times as her bra was removed. Hailey and jordynne were both smiling largely under their masks. The pervs were high with anticipation as Hailey walked over and stood above jerichos helpless face as jordynne zoomed in with the camera. Jericho was so turned on and so terrified at the same time. Looking up at Hailey standing above him with her soft shaved pussy and ass crack hovering above him. Hailey bounced up and down a few times as she stood there causing her boobs to jump up and down in a jiggly masterpiece. Her ass flesh shook back and forth in what was possibly the best and worse moments of jerichos life simultaneously. Hailey played with the dice in her hand and giggled as she lowered herself closer to jerichos face and flashed a pretend gang sign to jordynne filming in front of her. Hailey was facing forward as she bent down the last few inches over jerichos taped up ridiculous face and squatted down pulling her ass cheeks apart then falling on his face with all her weight. His taped up mouth slid all the way deep up her butt crack. His nose slid right up inside her vagina fold as she straightened her legs out and rested her hands back on her palms on the carpet placing all her weight right on his face. The pillow she had put under his head was like a bean bag and molded around the sides of jerichos head trapping him effectively between haileys thighs. With his mouth out of order and his nose sadistically jammed up haileys pussy cutting off any chance he had to breath. He panicked. He thrashed around inside the duct tape kicking his legs, arcing his torso, and trying his best to jerk his head side to side in a desperate attempt to break the seal between his nostrils and haileys clit. He could see up through her legs a little bit and see the bottom of her tits and masked face staring back at him emotionlessly. Her tits bounced up and down slightly as Jericho jerked around wildly underneath her. He was trying so hard to breathe that his attempts to breath in and out vibrated against haileys clit as bubbles of air were being pushed between his nostrils and the inside of her folds. That feels so good Hailey tells the camera in jordynnes hand. Then keep doing it she encourages her. Jericho was now flopping around like a fish out of water wiggling every inch he could trying to catch a breath. She wouldn't get up. His face was trapped inside her cunt so good it was going nowhere until she decided to get up. He may break his neck trying to jerk his head any harder than he was. As he sucked air against haileys clit she raised up about a quarter of an inch allowing the tiniest amount of air to find jerichos nostrils. He breathed the air in greedily as he thought he may pass out and was seeing white spots when he closed his eyes from lack of oxygen. Hailey touched her clit to his nose lightly allowing him to breath tiny pockets of air vibrating his nostrils against her pussy. It took some difficulty for Jericho to inhale and exhale against haileys inner skin. Hailey found pleasure in jerichos discomfort and panic. Jericho knew he deserved this. He panicked because it was his bodies natural reaction to needing air, but deep down he accepted his fate. Just as he thought it was the end for him Hailey stood up and looked down at him laughing like a crazy person. This is gonna fun she said to the camera and then walked out of view. She pulled her mask up and Hailey took a few bumps out of a bottle of crown royal whiskey before replacing her mask and coming back into view of the cameras. Jericho was hyperventilating on the carpet as Hailey returned and stood above him. This is perfect jordynne said and kept on filming. Hailey now faced towards jerichos legs and lowered her ass down over his face until her butt cheeks clamped around his nose. She straightened her legs allowing her two mounds of ass flesh to mold around jerichos head one cheek on each side of his head and his nose jammed deep in her ass crack. As she put her weight down jerichos nose literally penetrated her asshole as he wiggled the best he could side to side and up and down to avoid this fate. Unsuccessfully. His nose was literally pushed inside her asshole as she rolled 2 dice onto the floor. A 1 and 3 she said. Jericho barely heard her under there but knew he was in trouble. He heard her explain that it will be 10 seconds of smother for whichever number come up on the dice. The one and three mean 40 seconds now. Jericho jerked his head hearing this news. It remained anchored inside haileys asshole with no chance of escape until Hailey let him. Hailey set the timer on her phone and set it down next to her. 40 seconds. She said. I'm not gonna get up for that long. I don't care how much you freak out and panic. The more you do the more I'll enjoy it. If you pass out before the time is up. That's your problem. I'm just following the rules of this game. And I won't bend the rules for you. I'm gonna be very strict about the times so you better learn to breathe through your ears or this is gonna be a short video. Jordynne smiled behind her mask at Hailey so proud of her new friend as she continued to film. Jericho jerked violently around under Hailey as he shot air up through the inside of her asshole. No matter how hard he struggled he could not yank his nose out of her hole, let alone out of her crack. He was so fucked. He flopped his torso up and down in frustration trying to buck Hailey off. No such luck. The timer goes off signaling it's been 40 seconds just as Jericho starts seeing spots behind his eyes again.she sits a few seconds longer after the timer goes off forcing him to blow air bubbles through her crack and into her hole. That feels amazing she says. Hailey unattaches her ass from jerichos face with the sound of a thumb being popped against a persons cheek as his nose breaks free from the prison of her crack. You better hope those dice keep throwing down small numbers or this video is not gonna last very long.

Chapter 37

Hailey sat back down on jerichos face with her back to him. He looked up at her back and hair above his eyes, his nose squished between her butt cheeks. She kept her knees bent as she rolled the dice for a second time. 3 and 3. That's a minute bitch. The way you flapped around after 40 seconds I think this might be the end for you. She set her phone for 60 seconds and wiggled his nose even deeper up her ass making sure he couldn't sneak any breaths. Get in close to film this jordynne I don't think he is gonna make it through this time. Make sure your customers get to see the final panic and death scene. Jordynne held her phone right behind haileys ass zooming in on jerichos nose trapped between her cheeks as the timer slowly ticked away. Jericho couldn't believe how soft haileys ass was. It was like having fatty silk wrapped around your face. The bean bag pillow underneath his head was doing a nice job of holding his head in place. His head sunk into the pillow enough that haileys ass cheeks and the pillow formed a circle around his head trapping his face in her ass firmly. Jordynne held her phone right close to haileys crack as Jericho first starting flapping around not being able to contain his panic a second longer. You got 30 seconds left you idiot Hailey says as she shifts her weight down hard onto jerichos face and straightens her legs leaning forward slightly. Jericho jerks so hard to the right and left trying desperately to free his nose from haileys merciless crack that jordynne backs up just a little bit. She laughs knowing this is gonna be so funny when he really needs to breath and Hailey stays sitting there. He's writhing around in desperation trying to kick his legs into the carpet and raise his belly off the ground. It's no use haileys ass has his face locked up so tight. It's not letting go. 15 seconds left Hailey says to whoever is listening as Jericho uses some of his last remaining oxygen reserves to scream in fear and pain into his now drenched in his saliva panty gag. The duct tape is relentless on his face. It won't move at all. His mouth doesn't even have a prayer to sneak a breath. His nose is blowing and sucking air all through haileys butt crack making it sound like a mix of farts and queefs as they both laugh uncontrollably. Jericho continues to scream into his gag and haileys ass as he fears these are his final seconds on this earth. He jerks his body violently as far as his duct taped body will allow. Hailey seems to really like him forcing the air through her creases as he panics. Just when he tries one last final attempt to wrench his head to the side and grab air. Hailey lifts up an inch letting him sniff in large gulps of air from directly inside her ass crack. That was close she says as she slowly stands up and stretches. I don't think you will be able to withstand more than 60 seconds she says looking down at me in her mask. She turns around and stands above Jericho looking down at him with dead eyes. She licks her hand and rubs the spit all over her pussy as she descends down onto his face again. Jericho is literally shaking in fear and a couple tears are streaming down the side of his face as he breathes some of the most labored breathes he has ever taken in his lifetime. Jordynne is so happy to be streaming this live. It's actually making her wet to see this idiot tortured by haileys naked body. Or maybe knowing all the money she is making at the moment. Maybe both. When Hailey gets about 2 feet above jerichos face. She looks at his panicked eyes and trembling body beneath her. She asks jordynne for her hair tie. Jordynne shrugs her shoulders at Hailey and hands it over fluffing her hair back to normalcy. Hailey has so much satisfaction in this moment knowing how scared he is down there. She reaches down and unzips his pants. She pulls out his dick and sets it to the side. She roughly grabs his balls and wraps jordynnes hair tie around them. Doubling it up she loops the tie tighter over jerichos balls squeezing them together hard. She stuffs his strained balls back into his pants and pushes his dick back in as well. She zips up his pants leaving him in terrible discomfort. Hailey stands over Jerichos face once again allowing him to take in the view. This is for heather and Jeremy she says, and then Hailey drops down hard on his face falling with all her weight. She lands right on the money and his nose slides up her cunt hard. She adjusts her ass cheeks pulling them apart and leaning down getting him in there as deep as possible and stretches her legs forward unbending her knees.. She rolls the dice and it comes up 2 ones. Hailey grabs the dice and says you are fucked to Jericho before jordynne even sees the numbers she rolled. It was two 6s Hailey tells jordynne sarcastically. Ok jordynne says. Get ready viewers don't look away jordynne says to the camera. No way he makes it through two minutes without air. Hailey takes her time setting her phone timer, knowing these extra seconds are something Jericho cannot afford. She leans forward mashing his nose into her slit as hard as she possibly can. She looks down at jerichos eyes between her thighs pleading up at her to let him breathe. She smiles behind the mask and taking her right hand she starts vigorously rubbing her clit directly above jerichos nose. Jordynne holds her phone right in front of the action. His nose is still trapped in her vagina and has no hope of jerking side to side at all this time. She is pressing down so hard on his face he thinks his nose might break if it hasn't already. Hailey lifts her mask up just enough to spit down on top of her clit as she rubs back and forth. She puts her mask back on all the way and bends her knees slightly getting into a more relaxed position on jerichos face as she bends back slightly resting on her left palm. Jerichos nose is still deep inside her pussy and his taped over mouth is pressed firmly into her ass. She keeps rubbing herself side to side across her clit right on top of jerichos face. One minute left jordynne says out loud as Jericho starts flopping around uncontrollably apparently disappointed to only be halfway into the two minutes. Hailey calmly shits her position as sits more upright crushing his nose into dust against her pelvic bone. Her pussy and thighs are like a vice against jerichos face. Locking it in place looking upright. She continues to touch herself moaning softly. Jericho starts to feel vaginal contractions around his nose and can figure out what is about to happen. He flops around knowing he won't survive this. He freaks out jerking his head in every direction desperately trying to get Hailey off his face. She just calmly keeps rubbing herself side to side and occasionally slapping the top her mound right above jerichos helpless face. He bucks around wildly making a lot of noise even on the carpet. He blows and sucks air right on haileys clit desperately trying to inhale oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, as she goes back and forth with her hand. Jordynne gets her camera close and bends down. Jericho knows he can't hold his breath much if any longer and starts spazzing under haileys pussy. Flipping the fuck out. Screaming into his gag and crying, jerking and bucking his body, using all his muscle strength to try to stay alive. Straining his muscles to the point of cramping he tries to break through the duct tape. He wildly jerks his head side to side only getting about a quarter inch in either direction. His nose tightly clamped inside haileys slit. He blows and sucks air into her folds making a crazy amount of noise as jordynne smiles and holds her phone camera. Hailey is still rubbing herself side to side and biting her bottom lip and softly moaning. 30 more seconds jordynne announces out loud. Jericho makes one last attempt to breath through her pussy , vibrating air through her creases and shaking his head like he was having a seizure. He felt it happen. As Hailey continued to rub her cunt, and Jericho continued convulsing into her pussy and ass blowing air like a trumpet. Haileys vagina walls started having spasms and she creamed all over his face yelling in pleasure and then resting exhausted on his face. It was almost two minutes but Hailey had no intention of giving him any air. She sat there and leaned back about a half inch and allowing Jericho to suck in a breath. As he sucked in he realized that haileys squirt was all over her pussy and his face. He breathed in as deep as he could needing the oxygen as soon as possible. As soon as he inhaled he knew he just made the biggest mistake of his life. He slurped up her thick syrupy orgasm and sucked it down his nostrils as he coughed and choked on her squirt. She leaned down and spreading her gash open with two fingers and touched her clit to his nose as he kept inhaling violently. Inhale the rest of that squirt bitch! Hailey yelled down at Jericho, while she rested on his face and stared at him in her mask. Her boobs looked amazing as they bounced above him, her nipples hard with goosebumps on her ariolas. His nose vibrated against her clit as he desperately tried to suck in another breath. As soon as she lifted up a fraction of an inch he inhaled most of the rest of her gush and screamed into his gag as his oxygen deprived lungs filled up with haileys cum. He sounded like he had a horrible cold and was trying to breathe. He choked and thrashed around as Hailey just sat there laughing. Two minutes jordynne announced. Hailey didn't move. She sat there for another minute longer as Jericho faded away. After one last fury of struggles his body went limp underneath Hailey. He either drown in her cum, or he passed out from lack of oxygen. Hailey not getting up for the extra minute after he passed out did him in. Hailey reaches around and punches Jericho in the balls. Hard. He doesn't move. He's dead she concurs. She checks his pulse on his neck as she gets off just to be sure. He was dead. Jericho had died much as he had lived. In panic, struggle and humiliation. But now he was at peace inside a never ending sea of blackness. Face was right. He saved me from this cruel world. Jericho thought to himself. The last thought he ever had.

Chapter 38

Jordynne turns off all the camera equipment after showing Jericho dead on the floor to her viewers. She aims the camera at herself and through her mask tells the camera to tune in for her next live stream and thank you for the Bitcoin money you paid to watch this. She holds up her camera and shows Hailey standing there trying in nothing but a mask to compose herself after her epic orgasm that killed Jericho. Video successful. Her viewers should be happy. Everything went off without a hitch. Hailey and jordynne wave to the camera as the video feed cuts. Hailey takes off her mask and lays back on the couch. Jordynne leaves hers on and turns to look at Hailey sprawled back on the couch naked. She comes over to Hailey and cocks her head to the side still wearing her mask. Hailey looks up in confusion at jordynne who quickly pulls a syringe out of her pocket filled with bright pink liquid. She jams the needle into haileys neck before she even knows what happened. Jordynne drags haileys body off the couch and dumps her next to what used to be Jericho on the floor as she convulses and even starts foaming at the mouth a little bit. After a minute her convulsions subside and her body slumps over into dead weight. You didn't think I was gonna give you some of the money I earned for this video did you silly little girl.

Chapter 39

Jordynne uses hydrofluoric acid and two 55 gallon plastic barrels to dispose of Jericho and haileys bodies. Lucky her grandpa had storage space and chemicals for his taxidermy stuff. It worked out perfect for me jordynne thinks to herself. She has a hard time getting the bodies, especially jerichos body into the barrels but once that was accomplished it was easy to roll the barrels into her grandpas workshop and fill them up with acid to dissolve all the evidence Jericho or Hailey were ever there. Jericho and Hailey now lay stuffed awkwardly inside barrels in jordynnes dead grandpas taxidermy workshop being dissolved by acid. Jordynne cleaned the house thoroughly getting rid of any of haileys or jerichos belongings and throwing the stuff inside the barrels with their owners. She sealed the top of the barrels and cleaned the outside with chemicals. She used a rag and spray bottle pretty much cleaning every surface in the house making sure not even any fingerprints remained. She vacuumed. Cleaned all the floors. Threw away the vacuum bag in case some hairs had been sucked up. She got naked and threw her clothes and garbage into the fireplace. She stood there naked watching all the evidence burn away still wearing her mask and looking at the reflection of her flawless perfect body in the tv reflection. She smiled widely under that mask as she thought about how she was gonna spent all her newly acquired money. She squeezed her booty and watched it bounce back into place in the reflection of the tv. What should my next live stream video be? she thought to herself.

Chapter 40

The police have investigated all leads and know that Jericho Scott is responsible for many criminal acts around town. Some unforgivable. The cops have a hard on for catching Jericho but after searching his apartment and following up on all places he might have been had no luck in locating him. The cops in a desperate attempt to find this villain had a police sketch artist draw a composite of Jericho and put it next to his old id picture on an old fashioned Wild West style wanted poster. The sketch had about 5 mustache hairs on it. The id picture had maybe 50.
It said for any information leading to his arrest there was a 5000 dollar reward.

Chapter 41

A stinky old drunken bum with half a mustache and a bleach stain on the rest of his beard stumbled through the alley downtown behind the pub. From inside a dumpster he heard a phone ringing. The bum shuffles over to the dumpster and opens it, he follows the noise of the ringing phone and rips open a black garbage bag and pulls the phone out as it still rings in his hand. He answers it. Hello. Hello is this Jericho Scott? A woman asks. The bum decides to humor her and says yes it is. The woman explains that she is a nurse from his primary doctors office and they have been trying to get ahold of him because he has been ignoring their calls and messages. She tells him that she just wanted to let him know that his liver enzymes were a little high after his last tests. It's no big deal and he would be just fine. She usually would have wanted to explain the results in person at an appointment but since you have been acting so dismissive I thought maybe you had assumed the worst, and were working yourself up into a frenzy thinking you were dying from liver cancer or something. The bum chuckles. What do think I panic over every little thing?

Chapter 42

9 days later.
Jordynne looks down into the 2 barrels in the taxidermy workshop. Everything has been dissolved. Not a trace of either body left inside the barrel, just a mixture of acid and particles. She keeps the tops sealed and throws a bunch of old clothes on top of the barrels covering them up and keeping them out of sight. She locks the door to the workshop and closes it with a heavy duty padlock. I'll dispose of those at some point she laughs to herself. She sits down at her computer and logs onto the dark web using the tor browser. She enters her streaming website and logs into the chat room. So what kind of video do you freaks want to see next she asks?

The end…….Or is it?
Dec 1, 2007
Great story!! Very detailed and incredibly well written. Your writing is great as I got immersed with the protagonist. Love it!


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tokyo japan
I think this is great story as Literary.
Of course awsome story as femdom smother snuff story.I specially like chapter 33-37.
These chapters are beyond DarkRider's "Movie Smother".
I want to read part 2!I hope there will be more extreme smother snuff scene.
I 'm sorry my poor English.
May 3, 2018
Thank you for the comment. Part 2 is still a work in progress. But I will definately post it as soon as it's done.
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I loved the scene of him bound in the chair, and she drops the spider in..and gagged him..would love to more insect play..maybe even a snake..