Fantastic Smotherboxes


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Apr 26, 2009
“Hello board.

As you can see from my profile I don’t write very often. That’s Doc’s forte. But on this occasion I can’t wait to tell you about something which is just a joy. I apologise in advance if I break any rules with links and things. I don’t think that I am, but I’m sure someone will let me know if I have.

Since we first saw Sitter and Chairs original smother box I’ve wanted one. I’ve had Doc try to make one, but it was pretty poor really. I’ve had a Tickleberry queening stool but was not impressed with it at all and it was very expensive. I’ve looked around the internet and found a few but all seem so expensive and so standard-not quite what I want. Until now that is.

Then we came across Mistress Lady J and Slave P. A few designs later and I have my perfect box. And I mean perfect!-slave P is so clever!

Its special angled front allows my `victim` to be pushed further into the box without the shoulders getting in the way. Doc’s face is much more in the centre of the seat and I can sit REALLY COMFORTABLY either front or reverse-for a long time! And that’s only the beginning! The lid hinges and locks into the base so that he can’t move his face-at all! I can smother him without him being able to turn away in any direction!

The hole in the seat is much smaller than normal and when the lid is closed down it kind of locks under his jaw and stops him being able to open his mouth more than just a bit! The internal cushion is set at `smother` height, so as I sink onto his face the back of his head is pushed and held down to the cushion, stopping any movement at all. I can then either sit and stop him breathing completely or just slide a bit and let him breathe through just his nose. I timed him at 38 seconds without a breath before I gave him a break-that’s a long time for him-with a bit more training I’m sure I can get it up to a minute.

I won’t go into any detail about what I did to him over about an hour and a half `road testing` my box, but just let me say that it’s the best face sitting session that I have ever had-and I have lots!

I can take the internal cushion out and remove a little wooded adjusting frame to drop his head about two inches lower. This stops his face being smothered so much and allows him to have his mouth open for other things!!-yummy!

I have two lovely little compartments in the box which have a door on each. I can keep the straps, gags and my other toys in there and just slide the whole thing neatly under the bed when I’m finished-brilliant!

The price is very reasonable and the quality is very high. The box is of really solid construction and nice and heavy. It does not wobble or move and is very stable-oh, and I nearly forgot-Doc says it’s really comfortable for him too!!

Mistress lady J and Slave P are a joy to deal with. Their website is at