Fantasy Movie/Television mistresses

Nov 1, 2018
Are there any fictional female characters that you have in your fantasies?

I'll name three evil villainesses from the movies who I would go full gimp for:

Luv from Blade Runner 2049

I despised her for murdering JOI, so much so that I was cheering on the inside when K drowned her at the end of the film. In spite of this I have to admit the truth: what an absolute alpha female. Her handsome face and super-human physical strength just make me swoono_O. The shot of her having her nails done by that asian man will stay with me, and was probably my favorite of the whole film.

Ma-Ma from Dredd

Believe me fellas, this is one DANGEROUS woman. She bites off the penis of some good-for-nothing who orally rapes her. She has traitors skinned alive and thrown to their deaths. You displease her even a single time and you are in BIG trouble. Her henchmen call her 'mom' or 'ma', which I like as I have powerful matriarchal fantasies.
I keep having this fantasy where we're physically seperated so she can't hurt me, then I spend days trying to take the violent edge off her character; explaining to her that although she needed to be violent and ruthless to keep her thugs in line, I am and always would be her boy.

O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill Vol 1

Out of the three women here, O-Ren is definitely the gentlest and most feminine. Sometimes that's what I want though. Her gaiety, her charming smile, her joyous laugh all let me know that so long as I'm a good boy, my life would always be safe in her hands. It would be so wonderful to be curled up in my little gimp-box at night knowing I have my samurai girl sleeping peacefully near me. My whole existence would be to look foward to those times when she deciedes to take me out of my box and play with me...