Fantasy vs real world


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Jan 15, 2004
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I`ve been thinking much about fantasies and the real world. Its because it always has been an issue on forums like this. Being submissive male living in a world when its still unusually with men underneath women. Women who boss men around, we all heard of that and use awful names or make fool out of him. The consequences of this might go wrong and doing bad things for him rather than the good thing, it might should have been. I guess some out there strive to go for it but never will reach the goal. And I think its effect you in one way or another.

Why I came about those thoughts were my lovely aventures I have had during these years. My way out on the scene have done some impact on me and I learned a lot about me and how trampling is and work for me. I happy to say that I learned to expand my margin of endure trampling. One thing is to have trampling commonly wich gives endurance and when my body is used to trampling feet and the brain become satisfied with the view of literally being trampling by an adult female person. The first 30 minutes is always pressing for me, depending on how long you been out of trampling sessions. But mostly after 30 minutes I`m in the swing of things, my breathing adapts to the weight and my body comes into enchanting mood of relaxation and surrender to her or they who use my body as an object.

One might think what kind of a woman will do such a thing like trample a man underfoot? In a real world? On parties around Europe I have meet couples who live lifestyle with trampling. Trampling is the thing in the relationships. For 20 years ago there wasn`t a though in my mind of a woman who lives and enjoy trampling. No way! But still there are thoughts I might never know or even for me experience. If you wanne play, have session or being a slave - made to be a human furniture, used for many hours, That doesn`t mean that being trampled all the time. I have many discussion with freinds about this and everone agree that you probably can`t have trampling all the time. And why does people think of that?? Where does it says being trampled all the time, meaning being trampled all the time? It does sounds like your fantasy, it could? Yes, it might do that and when we talk about it, it all sounds like fantasy. But Im aware of facts that no one can lie on the floor all day and a woman can`t be on the body all day either.

So how you play that little nice game of being a human carpet for women to use for a long time as possible? I have met people who do it, really do it on hole weekends. Thats something! I understand that during the weekends there are other things to do - you are still a human being and a very good friend to a Woman who really enjoy using you in this disgraced way.

My wife have listening to this and understand but can`t take it all in, she is new to this. She is in the begining of something. We could do our thing now and then and find out more later with friends on the scene. She was little scared when a female friend of mine started to trample and jumping on me, my friend is heavier than my wife. But in the end she stood with my friend together on me smile with those cute eyes.