Fart Story : "Lisa and billy"

Nov 18, 2003
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Hi everybody, here is a story i wrote long time ago. Thanks to Closet Fetishist i got it back and decided to propose it to you all. Hoping you would enjoy it.

“Lisa and billy”

I was completely excited the position i was in, me entirely under the sheets and her lying on her stomach. I was like that for half an hour now, massaging her cheeks, my head delicately lay on them. Those marvelous ass cheeks slightly contained by this tiny short she wore when she wanted to makes me go nuts. I was sniffing silently the little air still under waiting for my improbable dream to come true. Suddenly, i feel her move a little and arch her back.
- Billy i got to fart, you should better leave the under cover.
It's been a some time now she feel free to fart in front of me and believe me, she could make monstrous farts, with a very bad smell.
- Go ahead !!! I told her laughing.
A second later i feel her back tense a little then relax as the huge sound of a fart emanate from between her cheeks BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP .
I start to breathe hard and the smell invade my nostrils quickly, it was terrible and she start to laugh without being able to stop.
- That's got to stink she said laughing.
- It's too good i reply.
The smell stayed during a few seconds (too short). She stop laughing to ruffle up the sheets and smell it for herself to check if it was true; She quickly put back the sheets on my head laughing and shouting.
- Oh my… but it's stink. How can you handle this, you like that or what?
She has just ask the fateful question. Either i tell her yes and if she like the thing, i will be the happiest man, or i said no and i would regret all my life to don't know.
I decided to go for it.
- Yes, you know it's a fantasy for me
She respond laughing…
- Aha ….. so it's a fantasy………….. then fantasize with this one ….
And a fart louder than the first get heard under the sheets, BBBBBRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMTTTTTTT it last near 3 seconds. The same smell as later filled the zone as i inhale through my nose exhaling through my mouth.
She move again as she giggled,
- No wait, if you want to smell my farts, you got to do it the right way.
She was lifting a little in the bed to put me in a position lying like her on my stomach but between her legs with my face in her crotch, my nose pointing at her anus in this very thin short. The way she tell me to move and the fact that she took a little the lead to put me in the situation almost make me cum in my underpants. Only to add to my pleasure, she add
- And don't cheat honey, only breathe through your nose.
- Don't worry was my only reply.
I was waiting inhaling the best i could. Her ass blinding my sight, i can't see anything nor smell anything else, her short were still soaked with the smell of the 2 fart bombs she let go before. It was a delight only to smell the remnants.
Suddenly she start laughing announcing me
- Haaaa, honey, i think i feel a good one coming.
My breath become harder, air coming back and forth as i breathe in the confines of her cheeks, she stop moving to gas me. PPPPPPPPRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTT. Vibrations i haven't felt since so long echoed from a point under my nose, a blast of a gas smelling even badly than before enter my nose and spray along my cheeks.
- Whoooohohooo oh yeah, that was a good one !! she said grinning.
I heard again her sexy laugh as i breathe her gas, she seem to like it, in fact she seem to adore it. I calm down my breath to took only deep long whiffs of her fart. My head start to turn a little but nothing was going to break the moment.
But something did happen. A phone rang and she leave the bed running to get it before it stopped. My dream was broken, i was only wondering who was on the phone…
It was Celia, one of the best friend of Lisa. They were used to spend hours on the phone together so i know what i have left to do. I leave the bed silently and head to the shower glad and sad at the same time. Glad because i finally got what i wanted from Lisa but sad because our first time have been interrupted but after all, i was not complaining, after all, i finally had what i wanted. I heard them talk about the same things as usual when i feel Lisa's hand on my arm shaking it. I turn to see Lisa on a perfect sexy pose swaying her hips in this pink short, her nice heavy breast pointing, straight excited like if she was going to have sex all morning. She put a hand on the mic of her phone and tell me with a hard stare.
- I am very gassy this morning and i am not done with you, i mean if you still want to smell my farts.
- Hell yes i want !!! I reply.
Things were going the right way. She wanted to facefart me while she talk to her friend.
She once again start to talk to Celia while i return to my position on the bed with the cover over my head. My hands were on her cheeks and i start to massage them softly, my nose was pressed on the material of her short right against her pink hole. She contract her belly and a powerful fart with a bass sound escaped BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOMMMMMM . I feel a hot steam on the tip of my nose as i breathe deeply. The smell almost knocked me out but i continue to inhale her gas, her voice seemed to be so far now as talking to her friend. With no warning, another FFFFFRRRRRRAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTT took me by surprise, it was incredible how gassy she was this morning, and the amount of gas coming with each fart was unbelievable. I never heard her fart so much.
Still smelling my dose with full lungs, i rubbed her cheeks as it seem to please her undulating slowly to follow the rhythm of my hands.

I started to have some problems to breathe with my nose always in her ass, the appallingly smell of her last blast was dissipated. Only remnants were floating beneath her skin and the material of her short. I took off my face from her butt to breathe some clean air. I immediately feel her hand on the back of my head and she push it back to her rump. As soon as my nose was on it, she provide me with something to breathe…... a long SBD FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR , the kind of peeling paper fart smelling so bad my eyes started to glaze i try to hold my tears as i smell deeply the cloud of gas she offered me.
I heard her laugh (she knows how her SBD could be vicious) and i know she laughs because of her fart and not from her speech with Celia. I stayed my head in her butt like that for 2 long minutes to smell all the gas and i get up without a noise and leave the bed. She makes me sign it was ok and she will call me when she needed to.
I took my time to air my lungs and took a quick shower. I was done and wear something easy going when i saw her makes signs to me lying on her back on the bed
She quickly turn to stand on her stomach position with her legs lightly spread, i jumped on the bed, landing smoothly on her ass head first, she draw the cover over my head. I was ready and she didn’t lost time, She might have retain to build up more gas and she let go a series of very loud farts PPPPRRRRRRRROOOOOOOTTTTTT - BBBRRRRRRAAAAPPPPPTPTTTTTT - PPPPPRRRRRRUUUUUUUFFFFFFF.
They were so loud Celia heard them through the phone and Lisa laugh wild explaining her she has farted under she sheets and she don't want to ruffle them to let the gas escape. They both laugh but Lisa knows it's because i was trapped with her flatulence that she can't move.
- Isn't Billy bothered with your farts asked Celia?
- Actually, he is gone to play football this morning but otherwise (she grin contracting her belly and PPPPPRRRRROOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT a huge fart echoed from her ass to poisoned me) no otherwise it didn't bother him at all.

She grin with delight, feeling Billy smelling between her cheeks, his nose pressed directly against her ass and his breath was so intense. It might stink a lot now under and this only thought makes shivers of pleasure on her skin. It was a strange feeling for her to know that he was ready to sniff girlfarts, especially hers who were among the worst she could compared. She waited so long before to free herself to fart in front of him. Now every time she will have to fart, he will got it. She imagine herself facefarting him during a cocktail in front of many people. It would be so fun. She felt another twinge in her intestine, this chili was doing number on her, she got an idea and her smile turn to something evilly satisfying.
She push a hand on my head to make me leave the undercover. She leaves the bed still talking to Celia and stand on it. She look at me and makes me sign to lie on the bed on my back but over the sheets this time. She look at me staying in balance on the bed and when i got in place put both feet on each side of my head and goes down to sit in a sort of 69 instead that she was sitting straight on my face, her ass right on my nose. She put both knees on my pectorals. I had a hard on and she saw it. It makes her giggle a little then she concentrate and hold her gas while i started to breathe… her sphincter talks for her with a long bassy fart finishing a little wet. BBBBBLLLLLLOOOOOORRRRRRRTTTTTTTT.
Lisa felt her cheeks vibrate on his face and it makes her tits raised up at the rift of orgasm. She had gassed him one more time and he took it all in his nostrils. He had never complained, always sniffing deep. She was waiting to smell her own fart but nothing came to her nose, he breathed it ENTIRELY!!!
She gently passed her hand in his hair thinking to herself "that's it ….. that's good smell my farts honey".
Celia heard only the fart one more time and was giggling. Billy could hear them on the phone and he only finish to smell the last wind when Lisa arched her back again adding "here one more" and let go a good fart with her asshole firmly screw on his nose. Gases passing right from there to his nostrils.
She got an idea, she wanted to try something. She start to understand the new power she had over him sure that he will never refuse her anything. Billy sensed her ass moving forward on his face. He could now see her back and her curving ass as she land her anus on his mouth. She softly search for his chin and force it open. She had a lots of gas brewing and knowing what she want to do makes laugh evilly while with her other hand she found his nose and pinch it so Billy couldn't breathe. She readjust her asshole on his lips and without waiting anymore forced an enormous fart BBBRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP right in his mouth. A loud noise get heard in the bedroom. Lisa couldn't believe the deafening sound she has done, that was one of her best ever, maybe Billy's mouth act like a bass drum. She only wish he would not puke on her ass, he got to resist, it was his role after all. Billy had receive the long blast of gas right in the mouth and throat, he swallowed it against his will, a spicy and rank taste invade his lungs and stay in his nostrils still hold closed by Lisa. The taste of her bomb on his tongue was intense, a tasty version of the smell. After 20 more seconds Billy start to really miss air and she stood a little up standing on him and releasing his nose. Billy was suffocating but after he took some long whiffs, she put back her ass on his nose pressing hard on it to fart another of her killer SBD directly in his nostrils FFFFFRRRRRRRUUUUUUUURRRRRFFFFFFFFFF . He breathe it against his will but didn't complain, she done it consciously to see as far he wanna go. A strong smell start floating around her and Lisa barely imagine what Billy had to suffer with her last fart he might have breathe to his brain. She shouted on the phone…
- Ho my goodness, i stink too much, sorry Celia but i got to prepare, Billy will be back soon.
She hang off the phone and turn to Billy with an angelic smile.
- So honey do you enjoy it ?
- Oh yeah, it was too cool.
She ran to the shower and he finish to dressed up.
Once she leave the shower, she was all freshened up while he could smell rotten eggs in his nose.
She dressed with a tight black trouser, one of hers molding her ass. She was at the make up in the bathroom when she called me.
- Billy would you come please?
- Yeah what 's up.
- I just wanted to tell you i really appreciate our little session this morning.
- Not as much as me believe me.
- Nothing was too naughty for you so? Even when i farted in your mouth?
- No i loved that, i only prefer it in the nose that's all.
- Good, tell me? Since when do you fantasize on my farts.
- In fact i got that fetish from a long time ago … even before i know you.
- Why don't you try to explain it sooner so?
- I was afraid you don't understand, i mean it's a bit unusual.
- That's right but you see i took a lot of pleasure doing it so now each time i have to fart, i call you OK?
- Super, i have an idea, tonight i ask you to dinner to the Mexican restaurant, the same as yesterday night.
- Why not but you will have to spend all night under cover then. You know this chili i ate really bring pain to my guts. No in fact there are other foods that makes me fart even more, without tormenting my belly and my smell will be even worse than this morning.
- Worse, how it is possible?
- You will see…. That's a surprise… oh by the way Billy
- Yeah what?
- Get on your knees behind me please.
- You mean now?
- YES HURRY UP, i feel a fart coming!
I fall to my knees behind her, my face offered, head back, she poked her ass out to softly drop it on my nose.
- You know i choose this pant because it is very tight and thin. She said teasingly.
She return to the mirror finishing her make up, she contract and felt her belly compress then relax as a long fart escaped from her bottom BBRRRRRROOOOOOMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFF. Billy was breathing like if his life depended on it, she turn to see the head of her man, now her fart slave. His face was completely under her butt. She spank on her right cheek and wriggle her butt to brush his nose in her crack. Although Billy's efforts to smell it all, the smell float up to Lisa 's nose and she explode coughing at the stench. She can't stand it and run out of the bathroom.
- Oh my god, it's stink too much here.
I stayed on my knees eyes closed with her fragrance still in my nose smelling all air she tainted with her semi SBD.
Lisa was looking at Billy, on his knees sniffing loudly the gas bomb she dropped in the room. Her excitement only grow up more as she felt like never before, the power she had on him makes her juices flow. She felt her belly growl, chili was asking for release, too bad they had to go to that stupid lunch but she would find an argument to return soon and she will spend all afternoon farting on him to put him out.
- Billy it's now 11 AM, we got to go.
- I am ready i said standing up.
I come closer to give her a sensual kiss.
- I love you i said.
- Yes i know she reply looking in my eyes.
She put both hands on my cheekbones and kiss me again sliding her hands to my shoulders to press on them. She look deep in my eyes then down to her feet, i quickly understand and kneel before her. She turn and i engulfed my nose deep in her crack one more time
- I can’t believe how gassy i am today, no no this one is for your mouth she said.
- Ok reply Billy.
He put his face lower adjusting his lips while he use his hands to spread Lisa's round cheeks to receive her present.
She closed her eyes, clenching her teeth and relaxed her belly, the fart didn't come at first so she waited and start to massage under her bellybutton to help. This seem to work and a few seconds later a loud fart rifle out from her butt to finish in Billy's mouth. PPRRRRRRRUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. His cheeks inflate with the power of the fart and it soaked his lungs overflowing his lips. She smiled from the pleasure and effort.
- Haaaaaaaaa i never thought farting would be sooo goooood.
remnants of the eggy smell floated around. The smell was unbearable to her and she put her white top on her nose. She thougth “hell my pant is so thin, he took it all in like if nothing has filtrated this awful blast”. Billy stay like that 3 or 4 minutes smelling all her potent gas.
- You don't wear your G string ? he finally asked
- No just the pant , it's ok, we can go now but i will not kiss you anymore today.
They took each others hands and head to the car.

The end

Billy Zen :)
Mar 30, 2008
one of your best and one of the best stories i ever red in my entire life ...thanks for sharing it!
i hope you share with us all of your old stories and new ones! :)