Farting & Peeing Sisters - new story...

Jul 16, 2008
The two hottest babes in town had me in their bedroom. i had gone to their place as we had been friends for a long time and so it was just one of those chill out summer holiday days when there's not much to do except call and hang out with mates
On this occasion, however, the sisters had planned something different

"Do you mind me asking" asked Deb "what is your favourite sexual turn on?"

"er..." i replied rather tentatively "i dont really want to say"

"come on cutie" said Lynn "we wont get embarassed"

"well, i have a huge fantasy for facesitting"

"you like sitting on someone's face?" asked Deb

"no, i like a girl to sit on my face. completely smothering me so my face is trapped between her soft cheeks"

Both sisters looked at each other and smiled in a wicked way

"what's wrong? is that embarassing?" i asked

"not at all" said Lynn "its just we have never sat on a boys face before and that would be a new experience for us. Have you ever been sat on?"

"well, sort of" i said "by accident. My aunt didnt realise i was where i was on the bench at her place. she wore a skirt which i always thought was quite short...and..."

"go on" enthused Deb

"she thought i was the other way round. she was just resting and thought she was sitting on my feet... until she started talking to me..."

"You mean she was sat on your face?" asked Lynn

"oh yeah" i went on "she sat right down and best of all she had lifted her skirt as she was sitting down. all i saw was the view right up her skirt. her red panties were descending for what seemed a lifetime onto my face. they were slightly stained too and as she sat, i think she had just been to the toilet for a pee, because the smell... well..." i noticed the girls were giggling. they were looking towards my groin and i hadnt realised what this facesitting account was doing to me!

"you get turned on by facesitting and the peeing, dont you?" asked Deb

"Ha" called Lynn "you'll be saying you get turned on by farts too next!"

"well i have one brewing right now" laughed Deb "in fact..."

as she said this she stood up and walked to where i was laid out on their bed. she sat, facing my head just over my face in her jeans and let out a fart right on my nose. she then sat right down and wriggled "smell that then. as if thats going to turn you on... its ME!" she giggled. Her giggles stopped however when she realised i had placed my arms around her thighs as she sat there and was pulling her down

"wow!" cried Lynn "He DOES like it doesnt he". The fact Deb was sitting on my face and had farted on my face was really making my cock grow ever bigger against my shorts! it was so obvious to these sisters

Deb pulled off. but instead of moving away, she proceeded to pull her jeans down... she wore nothing underneath... then she stood, legs either side of my head, facing my head, and looked down at me "you like the view mister?" she asked with a knowing smile

"oh my god" i could hardly speak

Deb opened her thighs slightly wider and i got a great view of her pussy lips and ass cheeks, especially as she was starting to lower herself on my face. she kept her gaze on me as she sat slowly down. then, just before she sat on me, she pulled her pussy lips open and closed the lips round my nose, rubbing her clitoral hood as she did so. her ass hovered just above my mouth. i could see her face through her thighs. "smell that pussy. does that turn you on?" she asked with a smile

as i was about to speak she pulled her ass cheeks open and sat her bum hole on my mouth. omg! i had my nose inside her pussy and my mouth right under her bum hole. she started riding my face slowly back and to. i couldnt speak. her bum hole twitched against my lips and my nose started to work as as a penetrator inside her pussy (the smell btw was absolutely stunning).

"you've got him good and proper" called Lynn "go on sis, sit on his face ad cum all over it"

I couldnt believe it. i could just about hear what Lynn said as Debs thighs were squeezing my face now. my nose slid in and out of her pussy, in and out, side to side, moving in a circle...any way i could to try and make her cum. she was riding to a faster rhythm now and moaning which was also a huge turn on as she sat squarely on my face. I then slid my tongue against her bum hole and slid it just inside...

Deb squirmed "oh god Lynn" she moaned "his tongue is... its... its in my bum hole...ohhhhhhhhhhh godddd"

I could just about make out a moan from Lynn now. she was actually sitting watching this and playing with herself over the fact her sister was sitting on my face and making herself cum. I could just see Deb's face. her pussy lips were right over my nose and her pubic hair brushed my eyes. My tongue slid right inside her bum hole now. deep inside. it tasted dirty but somehow sexy at the same time. i slid my tongue tip all around her hole and in and out. she bucked against my face then slid her fingers against her pussy again and started rubbing herself on my nose. "oooohhhhhhhhh" she yelled... and then it happened

Deb had got caught up in the moment and,, without warning, apart from a slight twitching sensation, she farted right into my mouth. "sorrrrrrrry" she cried but remained on my face. her gas hit the back of my mouth but i was trapped there. she was using my mouth almost as a toilet but didnt sway from the fact she was also about to cum on my face either...

"did you fart Deb?" asked Lynn with a giggle

"mmmmmmm" replied Deb "there's more where that came from toooo..." she started to flood my nose with cum juices and continued to let out little farts in my mouth. i decided to lick her bum hole as she farted. she loved it and started to wriggle against my mouth as i tongued her over and over again. She rode my face wildly and all i could feel were her juices spilling into and onto my face. she must have cum at least 4 times... and continued to sit there

"we're not finished with you yet big boy" purred Deb, taking small amounts of air as she relaxed on my face. she let out one more small fart and said "smell that you horny bastard and pulled her cheeks over my nose, plopping her bumhole right onto my nose and sliding down it as she farted. it smelt really bad but still my cock bulged. as she sat on my nose she somehow swivelled round to face my feet. she sat right on my face. i could just hear her sister...

"Come on sis, room for one more" as she said this she walked over to where we were and hitched her skirt up facing my head...

Deb slid forward slightly and i saw right up Lynn's skirt. she wore white panties and i could see they were glistening with her juices as she had obviously cum whilst watching us

"I am so wanting a pee horny boy..." said Lynn and sat right down on my face! i had two of the hottest sisters sat on my face. Deb pulled her cheeks over my chin and rubbed herself against it as Lynn sat facing the other way and smothered my nose and brow. she grabbed my hair and started to ride her panties onto my face...

Within moments i heard "ooohhhh goddddd" it was Lynn "prepare to taste my pee" and she suddenly spasmed. her panties started to bulge over my nose and eyes and suddenly i felt a trickle of pee slide into my face and down into my mouth "swallow it all" she cried out

Deb continued to sit and rub her pussy against my chin until she came again on my lower face. Lynn peed for all she was worth and continued to sit on my face rubbing her soaking panties on my nose and eyes. they stung but my god it was so worth it. we stayed in this position for another hour until my cock could take no more. they then swapped round and let me cum as they sat and watched ...

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