Felicia's Fine Furniture-- part two

Mar 30, 2006
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Felicia’s Fine Furniture – part two



Erin decided she’d buy Gregory and got up off his face. He shook his head in disbelief. In this strange parallel universe, Erin Johnson was buying him like a piece of furniture so she and her daughters could sit on him. It seemed like one of his frequent fantasies. But in the theater of his mind he was the director. He had the control. But now… now in this altered reality he had no control. Felicia ran a scanner across the bar code on his price tag. Erin produced a credit card. He was now the property of Erin. He wasn’t considered to be human. She was buying him for the purpose of sitting on him. It felt strange when she looked at him with the same disconnect to his humanness as she would a chair or couch.

Erin laughed. “Does he have any kind of warranty?” she asked Felicia. “If we kill him can I bring him back?”

Felicia chuckled. “That’s funny, Erin. You now as well as I that they don’t last very long—even when they’re properly fed and exercised.”

“Well I for one,” said Erin, “will try not to sit on his face too long without the air tube… but I’m not sure about the girls. You know how careless they can be with furniture.”

Terror gripped Gregory. Getting sat on to death was never part of his fantasy life. Erin noticed his suddenly pale face and remarked: “Oh, come now… You act as if you don’t know you’re coming to my house to be sat on.”

Gregory followed Erin outside to her car.

“Well… Get in,” said Erin, impatiently.

Gregory opened the back door.

“What do you think you’re doing?” said Erin.

“Well… I…” He threw up his hand with confusion.

Erin opened the driver’s side door. “I can’t very well sit on your face and drive with you in the back seat,” she said. “Didn’t they teach you anything in school?” She pointed to the driver seat. “ Assume the position.” She rotated her arms, illustrating how he was to contort his body on the seat so that his head was on the seat. Gregory climbed in and draped his legs over the seat. He looked up under the steering wheel as Erin placed a sandal clad foot on the floor board. Her flimsy pink dress went over his face as she rotated her hips and sat down on him. “Oh… I almost forgot,” said Erin. She arose from his face and placed his air tube in his mouth. “You wouldn’t make it till I got home without the air tube.” A smile creased her lovely face. She sat back down on him again, and, again, his upturned face was crushed under her earthy smelling butt as she lifted her other foot to the floor board and started the car. Her thighs were angled upwards just enough so Gregory could view the underside of her shapely legs as she drove—yet most of his face remained engulfed and mashed under silk panties and hot female flesh. Her weight concentrated on his face was at once erotic and terrifying. The air tube inserted in his mouth allowed only small amounts of air to reach his lungs—just enough to cause him to feel panic, but not enough to suffocate him. He saw the far end of her thighs—where they connected with her calves and angled downwards—lift slightly as she worked the foot pedals.

Erin turned the radio on. A commercial broke into the music: a commercial for Felicia’s Fine Furniture. A sexy female voice was saying: “Felicia’s Fine Furniture… Where you’ll find a large selection of men to sit on… When you’re ready to assert your dominance over men in a way they’ll never forget, come on in and try a man seat… take one home for a free trial… Sit on him… and if you don’t agree that man seats are worth a little extra money, return your man seat with no additional charge… The man seats at Felicia’s Fine Furniture are guaranteed to last and last…”

“Hmmm,” said Erin. “We’ll see how long this one lasts.”

Gregory finally felt the car come to a stop and the engine turned off. Erin lifted her butt from his face and stood up. It was a relief to get her weight off of his head. She looked down at him and smiled into a dimple. “You look a bit crushed,” she said to him. “I hope I didn’t wrinkle you.” She pinched his cheek.

A youthful voice pierced the air. “Mom? What did you buy?” A beautiful brown haired girl in tight blue jeans and a flowery top peered down at him.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “A man seat!” I want to sit on him.”

“Erica,” said Erin, “Why don’t you wait till we get him inside.”

“Noooo,” whined the girl. “I want to sit on him.”

Erin moved to the side as the girl stepped closer. She turned around. Gregory glimpsed her magnificent butt, tightened with blue denim with gold laced back pockets, descend to his face. Her hardened butt connected with his face and his head pushed into the seat as she sat down on him with her entire weight.

“Oh, fun!” said the girl. She lifted her butt from his face and stared down at him. “Can we sit on him without that silly air tube?”

“Of course not, honey,”said Erin.

“Oh, mom… just for a little while,” pleaded the girl.

“Well…,” Erin told her, “ Maybe for short periods of time. Let’s not suffocate him and kill him the first day… I want my monies worth out of him.”

Erica’s voice was full of excitement. “I love sitting on him… we can put him on the couch and sit on him… we can put his head on a chair and sit on him… I’ve always wanted one of these… we can take him anywhere in the house and sit on him… we can sit on him in the living room… we can sit on him in my room…”

“I know… I know,” said her mother, trying to calm her down. “Now let’s just get him inside.”

Gregory was amazed at Erica’s enthusiasm over sitting on him. Back in the old universe—wherever that it—girls would never be so excited over using a man as a seat. Erica pulled at his arm until he climbed out of the car. He was led into the house. Erica immediately said: “… on the couch… Get on the couch… You.” He lay down on the couch. Erica was impatiently waiting for him to position himself. She looked down at him and grinned.

“Now,” said Erica, “I get to sit on your face and squish you with my butt.” She started a dramatic scene of starting to sit down, stopping in mid-descent to hover her rounded butt above his face. “I get to sit down… right on your face… and squish you,” she said, obviously delighted over her new feelings of dominance. She sat down on his face and bounced a little bit. “Am I squishing you?” she asked, coyly. “Too bad for you.”

While Erica sat on his face, Gregory had tilted his head a little and could see the underside of her thighs, tight with denim material. She had great looking legs. He hoped she would decide to wear a skirt so he could see them in the flesh.

“Look, Elise,” said Erica, “… a man seat.”

“Elise?” thought Gregory. “Oh, yes… the eldest girl. Where was she at?”

Erica got up off his face. Gregory looked about the room and saw Elise sitting at a computer. She was wearing a plaid mini-skirt, her tanned thighs crossed as she typed away at the computer.

“Look, Elise,” said Erica. “We have a man seat…”

Elise turned her lovely face nestled in long brown hair around. She seemed annoyed at being interrupted.

“A man seat… So?.. Sit on him.”

“Don’t you want to sit on him, Elise?” said the impatient Erica.

“I’m busy,” said Elise,” her fingers flying about the key board.

“Okay,” said Erica. Then in a sing-song voice added: “If Elise doesn’t want to sit on the man seat… we bring the man seat to Elise.” She tugged at Gregory and ushered him to where Elise was sitting at the computer. She forced his head down near her chair. “Raise up, Elise,” said Erica, chuckling. Elise rose half way up from the chair while continuing to type away. Erica pushed at Gregory until his head was on the computer chair. He stared up under Elise’s skirt, at her lovely rounded butt, slightly hidden by thin panty material, and at her smooth thighs. Elise pulled her skirt a little to the side and looked back down at him. “ I’ll sit on your face,” she asserted. “And I hope I crush you.” She plopped down heavily on his face and continued typing as if she was still sitting on a normal chair and not a human face. She crossed her legs and shifted her butt around until she was comfortable sitting on his face. Gregory could hear the sound of keys being pushed and an occasional laugh from Elise. She was apparently chatting with someone on the net. It appeared that Elise, at age twenty, was so used to sitting on men’s faces she completely ignored him. He was just something to sit on as she crushed his face with her young-womanly weight. Gregory thought of the chairs at the student center and how he had so often fantasized being one and sat on so casually. Now he was experiencing the fantasy in real life. Elise had no concern for modestly as her skirt had gone over his head. She had no concern for hurting him, either. He was being treated exactly like one of the chair seats in the student center. It was her attitude towards him as just something to sit on that excited him most. Yet his sexual excitement mingled with the pain of actually getting sat on.

After a few minutes her exuberant sister Erica tugged at her until she arose and freed his face. “My turn,” she chirped. She led him back to the couch. This time Erica sat down on his chest.

Her mother asked: “Where is your sister Emily?”

“Oh… she’s probably shopping again,” said Erica.

At that moment, another girl entered the room. She was tall with jet black hair. Gregory noticed that none of the sisters looked alike—the product of bio-chemistry. Emily had one of the most magnificent female forms he’s ever seen. She was dressed in a tight green skirt which started a little above her knees. She had a small waist which flared out to perfect hips. Her perky breasts pushed at a white halter top.

“What did you buy this time,” asked her mother, Erin.

“This skirt… Isn’t it cute,” said Emily, smoothing the skirt around the twin mounds of her butt. Gregory was excited over the prospect that she might come over and plant that sexy bottom squarely on his face.

“We have a man seat,” announced her younger sister Erica, again.

“Yes… I see that,” said Emily. She seemed more interested in her new skirt. She continued to show it off. “I saw it at that new shop in the mall and I just had to have it.” She walked over to the couch. Emily was standing with her back to him, still talking about the skirt. Meanwhile, the mischievous Erica sneaked a hand to his face and removed his air tube. She chuckled. “Aren’t you going to sit on him, Emily?”

“Of course I’ll sit on him,” said Emily. “What else would I do to a man seat.” She didn’t’ bother looking down at him to see that his air tube had been removed. She smoothed the tight skirt over her butt, her legs were together, and Gregory glimpsed her rounded butt nonchalantly descending to his face. Emily sat down on his face with the same sense of abandon he’s observed in her mother and sisters, engulfing his face with her green fabric-covered buttocks, and pushing his head into the couch with her weight. He couldn’t breathe at all with Emily sitting on his face without the air tube. She sat on him and continued to talk about how her skirt was the last one in stock and how lucky she was to get it. But finally, she noticed mischievous chuckles coming from Erica, still perched atop his chest.

“What?” snapped Emily to her sister. “What is so funny?”

“Oh… nothing,” said Erica, trying to stifle her mirth.

“Erica,” said their mother. “Did you remove his air tube?”

“Huh?” said Emily. She raised her butt from his face and looked down. “Very funny, Erica,” she said to her sister. “Maybe I’ll just sit on his face… without the air tube.” She plopped back down on his face.

“No you won’t,” said their mother, Erin.

“Why not?” said Emily, sarcastically, “…Erica thinks it’s funny to destroy our furniture.” She crossed her legs and continued to sit on his face without the air tube.

Said Erica, sheepishly, “It was only a joke.”

“You won’t think it’s funny,” replied Emily, “When I suffocate him and mom has to buy a new one.”

“That’s enough, girls,” said their mother, chuckling. “We’d better give the man some air.” Emily got up from his face while her mother re-inserted the air tube. Then Emily sat back down heavily on his face.

… to be continued