Femsylvania- a Visitor's Guide

Apr 23, 2009
Femsylvania is a beautiful land of fir forests, rolling hills, great rivers and fairytale villages; all ringed by imposing ranges of brooding, snow-capped mountains. Despite its great natural and cultural beauty, and its modern, hi-tech economy, Femsylvania remains an isolated country. In part, this is due to its impassibly mountainous and forested borders. A more telling set of factors are the country’s strict social conservatism, its intolerance of foreigners, and its unusual way of life, that Femsylvania’s ruling class of women is eager to protect.

For, in Femsylvania, women are economically, politically, socially and sexually dominant; while men are, broadly speaking, an underclass of slaves.

Sex, Marriage, and Gender Roles

Typically, all Femsylvanian children are educated at least to high-school level. Boys and girls attend separate schools, though all teachers are women. Girls are taught sciences, languages, the humanities and specialist subjects such as politics, law and male psychology. Boys are taught to cook, clean, to mend women’s clothing, to listen to women, to obey, to raise children, and also receive lectures in female supremacy. Femsylvanian girls are taught to develop in an atmosphere of freedom and support, while the boys have very strict discipline enforced on them by their female teachers, who frequently use severe corporal punishment. Surprisingly to the observer, boys’ teachers in Femsylvania tend to be highly attractive and physically domineering women, who tend to wear sharp but very revealing clothing. This is in fact a deliberate policy of teaching boys to long for and to fear women.

Femsylvanian girls generally go on to higher education, and then in to the professions, politics or business (100% of company CEOs in Femsylvania are women). Boys are typically then assigned work in low paid and low status jobs, such as refuse collection or agricultural labour, until a woman chooses them or is given them for marriage.

A Femsylvanian man has no choice over his “wife” (the term is not recognised there, though “husband” is understood, hence “Woman and husband”). If a woman decides that she wants a man as her husband, she simply asks the women of his family if she may take him. Alternatively, a woman in a position of power (most notably, the Queen) may give one of her male relatives to a client as a husband, as a matter of flattery. In neither case, however, is the subject of the male’s welfare, happiness or good treatment in question. A woman’s husband is her property, entirely subordinate to her will, her wishes or her whims. He will be expected to do everything she instructs him to, without question, while she will owe him nothing (except, in practice, food, clothing and shelter).

The one-sidedness of a Femsylvanian marriage is reflected in the wedding ceremony. Only the woman has guests and witnesses present, who are generally of the same generation; sisters, close friends or female lovers. The ceremony is held by a secular state official, who is always a woman. Alarmingly to the eyes of outsiders, the husband-to-be is stripped naked by the guests, gagged, and forced to his knees. The woman is then invited to inspect him and decide whether she genuinely wants him (it is not uncommon for weddings to break off at this point, much to the humiliation of the naked male, and the mirth of the women present). The woman, who is usually wearing a short dress of crimson red, with bare legs, then stands in front of her kneeling man, towering over him with her legs parted, and his eyes level with her bottom. She then makes her vows, guided by the official. Her husband is required to make no vows, nor give his consent to the marriage, or to speak at all.

The woman’s vows contain no promises of good conduct, loyalty or fidelity for herself. Instead, she swears that she will take her husband to be her property; that she will enforce his obedience to her; that she will discipline him well; and that she will force him her body to worship. With this said, the woman fits her new husband’s penis with a chastity belt. A nominated guest then hands the woman a decorated whip to symbolise her strength and authority. The ceremony concludes after the official hangs the key around the woman’s neck on a golden chain, and her husband is forced to lick her toes in submission, as the guests applaud. It is always possible to tell whether a Femsylvanian woman is married, by the presence of a small golden key hanging between her breasts.

Sexuality in Femsylvania’s culture and its media is unusual because it is designed by women, purely for the comfort and pleasure of women. Erotica in the country typically rests on the imagery of a woman being worshipped by a number of handsome, muscular young men, or on two or more women having sex. Indeed, this seems to support a view of Femsylvanian society that women are more attractive and more desirable than men, and that men can only play a sexual role that is ancillary to and supportive of a female subject. For the same reason, both married and unmarried women frequently take other women as lovers, with men playing a second-caste role. The visitor will find that Femsylvania’s more intimate bars and restaurants are generally dominated by women, often displaying their affection in public. Nevertheless, women there do “use” men for sex, both for pleasure and procreation.

The sexual act between a woman and her husband in Femsylvania generally revolves around the woman physically dominating and abusing her husband, followed by his providing her with ample oral sex. Usually this is achieved by the woman sitting naked on her husband’s face, while he licks her vagina and anus. The female orgasm is valued very highly by media and society, where it is hailed as an essential part of a woman’s health and happiness. Male sexual pleasure, however, is seen as insulting to women, decadent, or at the very least “spoiling him”, unless it is kept in very strict moderation. A parallel to this exists with attitudes towards alcohol and tobacco- in Femsylvania, women are permitted these, but men are denied them. For this reason, coitus is rarely practiced, and it is unusual for the penis to play any part in recreational sex at all. The need for birth control products is, therefore, limited. Nevertheless, such is the importance attached to female pleasure that it is quite common for women to demand oral service from men barely known to them. Refusal would be a grave offence, unless the man is wearing the chastity belt of a husband, in which case his owner’s permission would be sought. In the workplace, it is common for a woman in authority to call a subordinate, junior male into the privacy of her office, and sit on his face until she is satisfied. This strengthens her control over her male subordinates, and their respect and veneration for her.

When and if a Femsylvanian woman chooses to have a baby, she will generally take a number of male lovers. Usually they will be moved into her home, and she will be permitted time off work to have sex with each of them until she becomes pregnant. She may or may not choose to have sex with her husband, if she has taken one, during this time, but he will be expected to be extremely supportive of her needs. Some women like to give their husbands a slim chance of being the biological father of their children, to build a natural bond between them. Others think that it is important that the husband is entirely excluded from the process, so that he cannot feel any sense of ownership over the child, or equality with the woman. In any case, it is very rare for a Femsylvanian woman to deliberately conceive her husband’s child, or that of any other individual man. For instance, when she is trying to become pregnant, the woman will usually have sex with two or more men at a time. This reinforces her dominant role, increases her pleasure, puts her husband in his place, and removes the father from the child’s sense of identity. It will thus be “her baby”, not her husband’s and not any of her lovers’.

Once the child is born, and the woman has named it, the woman and her husband raise it together for three months, before the woman leaves childcare to her husband, and returns to her career.


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Mar 20, 2007
Hello Patrician!

I see this is posted in the FS section and thus it is clear it will be one of the main issues. FS is not my preference but nevertheless I did enjoy reading your excellent written story! You created a really interesting empire and environment with a lot of potential and possibilities. I wouldn't be astonished when this article will find its way to wikipedia one day :D! Please continue... I love strong women who enjoy torturing men for their pleasure!

Apr 23, 2009
This is a little dry, as I am fleshing it out. I will add some spicier stuff soon!

Politics and Society

Femsylvania is ruled by a notably strong monarchy, with among the weakest constitutional checks in the modern world. The personal, executive power of the Queen of Femsylvania can be compared to that of Louis XIV, Catherine the Great or other great absolutists of the European Enlightenment. She is the legal owner both of the land and the people; all Femsylvanian men and all women outside the Royal Family belong to Her, as serfs. The Queen’s power of royal writ is unquestioned, and She is not answerable to the people or the law. It is within Her power to have any of Her subjects abducted into Her custody, whipped, imprisoned or executed- all at the click of Her fingers.

Nevertheless, Femsylvania does have a form of diluted parliament (named “The Queen’s Chamber”), a civil service and a judiciary. All of these institutions are, naturally, entirely dominated by women; though particularly gifted men can be chosen by the Queen and Her Chamber to become “Queen’s Slaves”, and thereafter spend their lives working under female superiors at posts in the treasury or elsewhere in the state.

All candidates for The Queen’s Chamber are vetted by the Queen Herself, and then presented to a plebiscite of electors from the region they have been nominated to represent. (All Femsylvanian women aged over 16 and owning property worth at least Ff60,000 ($100,000) are granted suffrage. Men are not allowed to stand for office or to vote, nor in Femsylvanian law can men be the legal holders of property.) It is expected that the Queen’s candidate will be approved by 95%-100% of the available electorate. Voting is held in public, and those women who abstain or vote incorrectly risk accusations of treason, and a lengthy stay in the Queen’s gaol, at Her pleasure. This ensures the Chamber is entirely under the Queen’s will, and will support Her in all matters, allowing the Queen to force unpopular legislation on Her people without having to worry about discontent. For instance, despite the recent global recession, the Chamber granted the Queen Ff50 million ($83 million) for a vast new summer palace in the mountains, a Ff40,000 ($66,600) allowance for lingerie alone, and Ff200,000 ($333,000) for Her birthday party.

Ceremony at Court and Chamber

Duly elected, the new Queen’s Chamberesses report to the Chamber, in the royal palace at Gynopolis, Femsylvania’s capital. Slave boys, who are assigned to the women for the rest of their lives, help them into their robes of state. This ancient uniform consists of a silver tiara, a purple silk half-cape, thigh-high leather boots, a richly embroidered corset worn under the breasts, and a short black silk shift that leaves the woman’s thighs bare above her boots. The regalia can appear quite breathtaking to foreign dignitaries: as with much Femsylvanian dress, it is designed to magnify the power, femininity and sexuality of the women, who are often in practice chosen by the Queen for their extreme beauty.

Once prepared, each Chamberess is brought before the Queen, in Her bedroom. The Queen receives Her new Chamberess, reclining on Her bed, fully nude but for Her crown and Her fur slippers. The astonishing intimacy of this arrangement is quite deliberate: the Queen shows Her superiority by Her indifference to the Chamberess, Her informality, and Her self confidence. The Chamberess, meanwhile, is flustered and flattered to be allowed into the Queen’s inner sanctum, awed by her Queen’s naked body, and feels markedly ill-at-ease and inferior from the outset. The Chamberess is nevertheless expected to kneel at the foot of the Queen’s bed, and deliver her oath of loyalty. The oath promises that the Chamberess will die to protect the Queen, that she will serve Her for the rest of her life, that she will crush the Queen’s enemies and those She loathes, that she will repress the Queen’s subjects, that she will be a noble woman and be cruel to every man, that she will bring the Queen triumph over the male sex, and that she will not spare a bead of sweat or a drop of blood to give her Queen wealth, happiness, comfort and pleasure by day and night.

It is then customary for the Queen to accept Her Chamberess’ fealty. First, She offers Her foot to be kissed; She then invites the Chamberess to kiss Her thighs. This is a unique sign of the Queen’s generosity to Her Chamberess, and their new intimacy together. The Queen may now dismiss this woman and send for the next, or, if She favours her, She may demand to spend longer with Her current Chamberess, in private. What may then happen between the two women is a state secret, but women favoured by the Queen in such a fashion can expect rapid promotion to the great offices of state, further intimacy with the Queen and private meetings in Her chamber, and huge salaries paid to them by the taxpayer.

Queen Domina XVIIIth

Queen Domina von Frauberg was crowned on July 11th 2007, one month before Her 22nd birthday. It is an unusual convention of Femsylvanian queens that they abdicate in favour of their eldest daughters when they become half the age of their mother. The current Queen Domina’s mother, Domina XVII, for example, gave the throne to her daughter when the former was 42 and the latter 21. Domina XVII’s mother, Triumpha IXth, abdicated when she was 38 and her daughter 19. This unwritten aspect of royal convention ensures, since Femsylvanian queens have children at a fairly young age, that the queen is always a energetic, stern, beautiful and sexual woman. All of Femsylvania’s society and culture points to the model of people in general and men in particular being in thrall to the intellectual and sexual power of superior women; the Queen is the guardian and example of this tradition.

Queen Domina XVIII has established Herself as a typically forceful and dominant figure in Femsylvanian public life. Within months of ascending the throne, the Queen ordered Her Chamber to crack down on dissident male suffragette groups, leading to hundreds of arrests and several dozen executions. The Queen has repealed laws passed by Her mother that regulated minimum working and living standards for men, and has successfully criminalised certain broad and ambiguous aspects of male behaviour, such as “failure to support a woman’s needs”, “failure to receive a woman’s instructions”, and “disrespect to a woman”. Queen Domina has also re-introduced the ancient custom of khow-towing, where a male must lie flat on his face when in Her presence, until She may invite him to rise to his knees. All of this has had the effect of repressing Femsylvanian men even further than was the case prior to 2007, and plunging them into a climate of fear of the state, even within their homes. Femsylvania’s media has been quick to laud Queen Domina for Her actions, praising Her strength and decisiveness, and hailing Her “triumph over male malcontents, and Her further enrichment of the lives of our nation’s fine women” (The FeMail).

Tall, athletic, raven-haired and famously large breasted, Queen Domina is widely considered to be exceptionally beautiful even by the standards of Her predecessors, and partly for this reason She has attained a status of celebrity that surpasses any other figure in Her queendom. As well as postage stamps and banknotes, Queen Domina’s face can be seen on gossip magazines, newspapers, billboards, state television, posters, t-shirts and even the intimate tattoos that are popular with some young Femsylvanian women. Vulgar slogans, such as “Queen Domina, please stamp on my face”, or “Queen Domina, I wish I was Your toilet paper” are commonly seen as graffiti on walls and public transport in poorer areas, despite a likely death sentence for the perpetrators, on the criminal charge of thinking of the Queen disrespectfully. Nevertheless, She appears to revel in the adoration of Her subjects, granting numerous interviews to television and magazines, and posing for often highly suggestive fashion shoots.

Another factor contributing to Queen Domina’s immense popularity is Her luxurious, decadent and- some would say- selfish lifestyle, which is admired and aspired to by most Femsylvanian women. Her lavish personal spending has already been alluded to, and the fact that the Queen has had the base level of income tax increased by Ff0.10, with the proceeds paid directly into Her personal allowance, helps to further impress the point that Queen Domina’s position is sufficiently powerful for Her to feel comfortable enriching Herself at the expense of Her poorest subjects. Queen Domina is frequently photographed with a glass of Krug Champagne, is renowned for Her wild parties, and envied for Her extensive and ever growing wardrobe. A foreign diplomat, when asked if he had ever seen Queen Domina in the same dress twice, famously commented that he had never seen Her “in the same dress twice in the same day”. Queen Domina’s image, if it has been managed at all, appears to have been designed to titillate. Her outfits- whether worn to parties, premiers or parliaments- frequently verge on scandalous. She is often seen in plunging neck lines, with micro skirts exposing Her thighs above Her stocking tops. After once watching a public whipping in just a mink coat, stiletto heels and Her underwear, Queen Domina told the audience that, “it is important that you see your taxes are being well and wisely spent”, a quip that won Her much glowing admiration from Femsylvania’s media.
Apr 23, 2009
You mean, you find facesitting more titillating than the Femsylvanian currency exchange rate? ;)

Don't worry- more cunnilingus on its way!
Apr 23, 2009
The Queen's Throne, and Her Husband

A Femsylvanian Queen usually takes a husband at an early age, often before She ascends the throne. Royal weddings are popular events in Femsylvania, with women taking the day off work, leaving their men at home, and lining the streets outside the royal palace in Gynopolis to cheer the Queen or Princess as She arrives in Her gilded chariot, pulled by teams of strong young male slaves. She will be resplendent in Her robes of state: thigh-high, high heeled velvet boots; a short, low-cut silk dress; a long fur cloak; Her crown; and shimmering jewels and pearls around Her throat, Her ears and Her fingers. The taking of a husband by a Queen or Princess is formalised by a marriage ceremony almost identical to that held by other Femsylvanian women, except that it is held in the palace's Great Hall of the Goddess, with public dignitaries in attendance, the whole event is televised, and the conclusion of the rites differs.

While a Princess of the realm will lock Her new husbands penis away, and allow him to lick Her toes as usual, the Queen will perform one extra ceremony, by locking Her husband into Her throne.

Femsylvania's royal throne was commissioned by Queen Domina I in 1548, as a celebration, after the strains of Europe's reformation and counter reformation gave Her the opportunity to massacre the men of Her family, declare absolute rule, and claim all the Queendom's men as Her property and slaves. The throne survives in perfect condition today, and is used by Queen Domina XVIIIth at all ceremonies and while holding court. It is wrought of gold, oak, bear skin and purple velvet. The Queen's cushioned seat has a cut-out section designed to lie underneath Her bottom and pelvis where She sits. Under this there is a hollow space, fitted with chains, straps and restraints. This is where the Queen's husband is forced to squat during the long hours of court, with his face crushed under his Mistress' bottom.

At the climax of the royal wedding- after the Queen has locked her husband's penis away into his chastity belt, She has been presented with its key, and he has devotedly licked Her toes- She will whip Her new husband severely. After She has reduced him to pitiful whining, and he has been appropriately cowed and humiliated, She will pull him by his testicles into Her throne. Women from Her personal guard will lock and buckle the defeated man into position, and then lower their Queen's seat into position over his face. Turning to the crowded temple with a smirk of pure triumph on Her face, the Queen will then stand imperiously, with Her legs apart and Her hands resting on Her hips, as a Chambermaid slips off Her underwear. These are placed on a silk cushion and taken to the Queen's boudoir. The Queen then strides to Her throne, lifts Her skirts, and sits on Her new husband's face. She will grind and bump her crotch and buttocks until She is comfortable, and rest Her spiked heels on Her husbands testicles while She waits for Him to service Her vagina and anus. The massed audience in the temple, and the television cameras, will then focus on Her pouting face, with thunderous applause following Her first eye-fluttering, wet-lipped climax. All of this is to demonstrate the beauty, power and dominance of Femsylvania's Queen, and the symbolic dominance of women over men.

As a symbol of female power and perfection, and an example to Her subjects of female dominance, the Queen will treat Her husband with exemplary ruthlessness, cruelty and disdain. He will be Her primary servant and attendant in Her boudoir and when She makes Her toilet- brushing Her hair, painting Her toenails, shaving Her legs, massaging Her tired muscles, running Her baths, and attending to Her feminine hygiene. She will slap, kick and whip him in public, at every opportunity, thus demonstrating Her domineering, strict, and man-hating credentials. It is common for the Queen to sit on Her husband's face for hours at a time during lengthy meetings of Her chamber; Queen Domina XVIII's husband, Servius, was hospitalised for several days after he fainted under the suffocating heat and weight of Her crotch during a nine-hour sitting in high summer. During such occasions it is also common for Queens to stamp on their husbands' testicles when frustrated at bad news, or to relieve themselves into their husbands' mouths, avoiding an unnecessary adjournment of the session in hand.

Swearing Submission to The Queen

A legal innovation made by Domina XVIII during the last year has allowed small numbers of foreigners to migrate to Femsylvania. This has a radical change in policy for an otherwise highly insular country. The move appears to have been brought about to combat a counterbalance a declining birth rate (with may sexual relationships being between two women), to bring in cheap male slave labour, and to present Femsylvania as a homeland for dominant and radically feminist women everywhere. Nevertheless, the numbers involved are very small- no more than a few hundred women and perhaps half as many men a year. In part, this is because the criteria of selection are very rigorous. The female immigrant must be between 18 and 38, educated, judged highly sexually attractive, and able to demonstrate strictness and cruelty towards men. The male immigrant must be between 18 and 34, strong and healthy, judged attractive by a panel of women, have significant wealth the entirety of which will be made a gift to the Queen, and able to demonstrate total submissiveness to a dominant woman. Both women and men will then have to swear fealty to the Queen, in person.

A woman will be led before the Queen, who sits on Her throne, and then make a professional of undying loyalty, service and love, while kneeling. The woman will then kiss her Queen's foot, to seal the ceremony.

A man must first have found a native Femsylvanian woman who is willing to become his owner. This woman will lead the man, stripped naked, before the Queen. The man will lie flat on his face, as his potential mistress introduces him, and the Queen inspects him. The Queen may well reject the male at this point, judging him physically inadequate, in which case he will be banished from the Queendom with his wealth and goods forfeited. Otherwise, the Queen will invite the male to make a long and thorough vow to Her and to his new mistress. In this, he will admit that all women are better than all men; say that the life of his new owner, his new Queen, and every Femsylvanian woman is worth more than his; promise to obey his new owner's every whim and command, and give her all he earns; promise to serve her and protect her with his life; and pledge his lifelong devotion and worship of the Queen, who has the power of life and death over him and all lowly men.

The Queen will then accept his submission, and stride towards him, towering over him as he kneels. The man's new mistress will force his face down onto the Queen's foot, signaling him to lick Her toes in fealty. The Queen will then say, "for the rest of your worthless life, you are hers, and you are Mine". She will stand with the arch of Her high heeled shoe or boot clamping the male's genitalia down onto the floor. She then says "for the rest of your worthless life, you will be under My heel". The Queen will then turn Her back on the whimpering male, raise Her skirts, slip Her underwear down to Her ankles, and thrust Her naked rear into his face. She will say, "for the rest of your worthless life, you will have your tongue right up my ass". This is effectively Her first command to Her new subject and slave. The male will respectfully lick his Queen's anus until the rite has been completed to Her full satisfaction. The male will then thank the Queen profusely, and pledge all his wealth to Her. With a curt jerk of Her head, She will dismiss the male to follow his new mistress out of the chamber, on his knees.
Apr 23, 2009
Law and Order, Crime and Punishment

Under legal reforms ordered by Queen Domina XVIII, a Femsylvanian man can be arrested by the state police at any time, or for any reason; held for as long as his captors see fit; and subjected to whatever torments his dungeoners are pleased to inflict on him. If the man is married, no explanation for his disappearance need be offered to the woman who owns him, but compensation may be paid to her. For that reason, Femsylvanian women who grow bored of their husbands have frequently been known to pass allegations of anti-feminism, disobedience or disrespect of the Queen, to notably sadistic secret policewomen.

It must be stressed that males possess no rights in Femsylvanian society, and enjoy only the degree of protection that an influential woman deigns to offer them. Conversely, the law treats women very leniently. Penal sentences for women are almost unheard of, and only crimes such as Sistercide or disloyalty to the Queen are likely to be severely punished. In fact, much as some countries punish parents for the offenses of their young children, in Femsylvania a woman's husband will often be flogged in atonement for her waywardness. The sentiment is that his failure to attend adequately to her emotional or sexual needs has resulted in her misbehavior.

For this reason, Femsylvanian men live in a climate of profound personal fear of the law. A vast network of policewomen, secret servicewomen, and informants are employed by the Queen to strengthen that repression, and to enforce obedience from men to women.

The Femsylvanian Internal Security Services

Femsylvania is perhaps the most highly policed state in the world. The force is composed of women volunteers aged over 21, who have completed a rigorous, three year training in such disciplines as armed and unarmed combat, detection of sedition, male incapacitation, psychological domination, physical punishment, and all types of torture. Volunteers are selected for their impressive physical stature, their athletic ability, their devotion to the Queen, and their cruelty and zealotry. On qualification, these women report to Gynopolis to pledge undying fealty to the Queen. They are then streamed into one of three sections of the force: Dectection, Enforcement and Punishment.

The Office of Detection employs women of particularly high intelligence and political purity. Officers are in plain clothes, and are responsible for running Femsylvania's networks of informants, monitoring seditious behaviour, and producing pro-royalist propaganda. Officers play a role in interrogations and prosecutions, in concert with the other two offices.

The Office of Enforcement is the most visible deployment of state repression. Officers wear uniform, and patrol either in pairs or groups of up to six. An officer can immediately be recognized by her insignia; knee-high polished leather jack boots, stockings, a very short leather miniskirt, and a tightly fitting black jacket with pips and piping. A junior officer wears a grey beret bearing the Queen's coat of arms, while her seniors wear black peaked caps. These policewomen make a extremely impressive sight, but males should be extremely careful to keep a respectful distance. Local men know not to speak in an enforcer's presence, and many drop to one knee with their hands raised to demonstrate their submission and compliance. These women, after all, have total power of life, liberty and limb over any man. They are equipped with cuffs, crops, batons, prods and whips to help them exercise their power.

The Office of Punishment is staffed by those women who have demonstrated a particular penchant for inflicting pain on prisoners. They are the lucky few; applications to this office far outnumber the available positions. As many legal punishments in Femsylvania are carried out in public (see section below), these women are also uniformed; in tight thigh-high leather boots, a skin-tight black body stocking which aids vigorous movement, a high Nehru collar, and a black kepi cap. They are responsible for more vigorous interrogations as well as carrying out whippings, torture, humiliations, imprisonment and executions.


The most common punishment inflicted on a wayward male in Femsylvania is flogging. This can be carried out either by an officer of punishment, before an audience of women around the stocks; or summarily by an officer of enforcement on the spot and at the moment where she judges an offense has been committed. In the former instance, the male will be stripped naked before the whooping crowd of excited townswomen, locked into the stocks, and severely whipped by an officer wielding the traditional long bull whip. These occasions are popular spectacles, and officers of punishment are skilled at delighting their audiences with the full theater of the male's misery. In the latter instance, the officer of enforcement will overpower the male, cuff him securely, strip either his back or buttocks, and then thrash his naked flesh with a crop. Generally, the punishment is considered complete when the male is sobbing and begging for mercy, and he has been adequately humiliated.

"Humiliations" are more elaborate, and are carried out exclusively by the Office of Punishment, in public. They befit more serious crimes. Although whipping generally features, it is as a mere morsel for the watching women's delight and amusement. Once again, the male is stripped naked, but his body is then mocked and derided by his tormentors- with audience participation encouraged- as he is kicked in the testicles and slapped around the face. One or more "accusers" (often the man's owner) then ascends the stage, amid cheers from the audience, and reveals humiliating secrets and private details about the squirming man. Once the women are all shrieking with laughter, the male will be beaten again, and then forced to service his accuser and the officers sexually, in a demeaning fashion. Generally, his punishment reaches its climax as his tormentors each in turn urinate into his mouth.

Incidentally, Queen Domina XVIII is a noted enthusiast for humiliations. She regularly attends the grander examples, and has occasionally led the proceedings as a senior officer of punishment.

Rape has long been a tool of repression in Femsylvania. Queen Domina I ritually raped Her husband with a specially commissioned gilt strap-on, on the occasion that She declared totalitarian rule. Today, it is used against males who have been suspected of disrespecting women. Sometimes the punishment is carried out by an enthusiastic officer of enforcement, on the street with the help of her colleagues, but it is more usually carried out before an audience, by a volunteer from the Office of Punishment. As an innately sexual punishment, the victim is always required to service his female rapist orally, once she has grown tired of thrusting into him.

Little is known about imprisonment in Femsylvania, as prisoners effectively disappear, either into a state institution or into one of Queen Domina's private dungeons beneath Her palaces. It is understood that prisoners become the private and personal property of their jailers, who are free to care for them or abuse them as they see fit. It is said that Queen Domina is a frequent visitor to Her dungeons, and takes a vigorous and enthusiastic role in Her captives' daily whippings and degradation. When asked by Russian Vogue how She maintained Her perfect physique, Queen Domina responded, "have lots of sex. When you need a break, go and whip a man to within an inch of his life. When you get bored, stamp all over him. When your thighs get tired, make him lick you, and start again".

Public executions are a frequent and popular form of entertainment in Femsylvania. They tend to be highly ritualized, and particularly cruel officers of punishment are always devising new ways of titillating their audiences. A common theme is for a man to be restrained, and then to be suffocated under the buttocks and genitals of either his accuser or a volunteering officer, as he is forced to service her. A recent variation on this was carried out by Queen Domina Herself: a traitor was taken to Femsylvania's thin strip of coast. He was buried up to his neck, facing the shore. The Queen was then carried to Her enemy in a cushioned litter, once the crowds had assembled. A junior officer then knelt to slip off Her underwear, which the Queen left to her as gift. Queen Domina then lifted Her skirt, and gently sat down on a silk cushion placed before Her enemy's face. She spread her legs wide, and Her enemy was forced to lick Her vagina without pause, hesitation or slowing. As the tide reached the man's nostrils, The Queen achieved Her fourth orgasm with a shriek of triumph, and the applause of the women present. She and Her entourage then left Her enemy to drown.
Apr 23, 2009
A Western Woman’s Journey into Female Paradise

The following is an excerpt from an article published in Great Britain’s “Rich Bitch!” women’s magazine:

The Femsylvanian government of Queen Domina XVIIIth seems pretty eager to make its lady visitors feel right at home. Having been met at the impressive, modern airport by a crisply uniformed (and stunningly bare-thighed) woman from the Office of Enforcement, I was driven by limousine to Gynopolis’ glittering Goddess Hera Hotel, where two almost-embarrassingly-gorgeous footmen waited for me. They had clearly been scrubbed up with meticolus care; they were groomed and scented, with open silk shirts exposing their tanned and muscled torsos, braided caps, and impossibly-tight pants which made the most of equally-impossibly-tight buttocks and impressive bulges: a little too hard for this simple girl not to stare. The two Adonises took my bags, helped me from the car, and dropped to their knees to kiss my feet. The solemn, un ironic act of complete subservience and devotion left me lost for breath and, I have to confess, a little warm and gooey…

Once safely escorted to my huge rooms, provided with complimentary chilled Dom Perignon, and drawn a lagoon-like bath of warm perfumed water, I soaked back in luxury and wondered why I hadn’t already filed immigration papers. It was a greeting from some goddess of bliss. Had I already been seduced? The two Adonises remained, waiting for my every whim, in my sitting room. Once I had reluctantly pulled my steaming naked body from the intoxicating water, they bowed their heads and asked me if they would be permitted to aid my comfort with a full-body massage. Once my flesh had melted under their strong fingers, like soft, heavenly butter; they asked me if there was anything else- anything- they could do for me. I am minded that my sweet dear mother may read this, but I think any woman would understand. I allowed them to lavish all of their expert services and attention on me, and refused to release them from my demanding service until I was just too blissfully tired not to sleep. I can assure all of you girls that the women of Femsylvania have their males very well trained, and that we don’t even understand how much our men need to learn about obedience, and about our needs…

Awaking, cheating my body by feeling refreshed and alive; I resolved to try to fit in. Twelve hours in Femsylvania, and the country (and its wonderfully… hospitable people) had already made me feel vivacious and empowered. I slipped on stockings, wriggled into my tightest pencil skirt, and stepped into my tallest heels. When in Femsylvania… Striding down the vast staircase to meet the woman from the Office of Detection, in whose home I was to be embedded (but my Adonises!) I felt like I belonged among all the other smart, short-skirted, confident young women in the lobby. If Femsylvania’s men live to make women feel wonderful, her women seem to be wonderful in the fibre of their beings. Tall, slender, and beautifully dressed, groomed and manicured from head to painted-toenails; these women seem to be all that women could be, in a country that allows them to flourish. Did a wide-eyed girl from the West like me feel intimidated? Never. The sisterly warmth of these women, and the devotion of their servile men, made me one of them.

My guide and hostess, who greeted me with a surprising light kiss on the lips, was called Sublima, and she was sublime. She towered over the room, in shining polished leather boots to her knees; from which climbed her endless, tanned, athletic thighs. Her long hair was black flecked with amber, and pinned meticulously into a dark cascade. Her pouting lips were bee-stung, and dark; her eyes were bright green and thick with her lashes, her hourglass hips and bust… I have to say, I was smitten, and I wanted to be her bestest friend ever. The Adonises made me tingly; Sublima made me weak at the knees. Is it a coincidence that a land ruled by women has such a glut of beauty in its people?

Sublime Sublima showed me to her car- another limousine, what else?- this one driven by a gorgeous young guy in a plain suit. As we sat in the cavernous rear of the car, riding to her office, we got to know each other over drinks- Champagne, what else? She told me that she was 29, and had been working for the security services for eight years, having been recruited and trained after she left school with first class honours. She had worked up through the ranks, and was now running a department overseeing security for VIPs, politicians, and foreign dignitaries. I felt a little overwhelmed, sitting in front of her open bare legs, under her green-eyed gaze, to be included in the latter. She was paid very well, and lived in a small mansion on the outskirts of the capital. She was unmarried, but kept three in-house male servants and sex slaves, and had many regular female lovers. Her almost boastful candour left my mouth open, and I have to say, probably grinning with scandalized pleasure. Sensing this, Sublima moved beside me and, whispering, told me that she had been called to Queen Domina’s bedchamber twice in the last month. She stroked her thigh and mine as if to rub the information into me.

Queen Domina looked down on us throughout our car ride, from an endless checkboard of posters and billboards. She is a breathtakingly beautiful woman, and I noted Sublima gazing with a whimsical smile at Domina’s vast visage at a number of times. Sometimes Domina had a crown on Her head, and smiled at her adoring subjects with implacable pleasure. Sometimes She appeared shockingly clad, in full body shots, with simpering males laying face down around her, kissing her spike-heeled feet. Occasionally She was a giantess, towering over dissident males, whom She crushed underneath the heel of Her thigh-high boot. It was hard to ignore some of the strikingly sexual and powerful imagery, and I noticed that even Gynopolis’ residents looked up to admire their Ruler as they went about their business. It was clear that Queen Domina is a very powerful and very self-confident woman, who has Her subjects under Her foot, figuratively and almost literally.

Sublima’s building is a huge, four story, Chateau-style building, set at the end of a huge gravel drive, behind tall black iron gates. The heavy front doors were reached by stone steps and guarded by two Officers of Enforcement: tall, athletic women, in sharp jackets, with knee high boots, tiny leather skirts, and stockings that left a couple of inches of toned thigh naked. Well, I was sure glad I remembered to wear mine… Her office was reached along a long, thickly carpeted gallery, up a broad spiral stair, at the back of the building. All the while, we passed imperious looking women in caps and berets, boots to their knees and boots to their thighs, with stripes and pips and shining buttons; all of whom saluted Sublima and I with a sharp click of their narrow ankles. I was getting seriously impressed with my hostess. A girl could get used to this… Her office is a huge oak panelled room with a roaring log fire and vast windows overlooking the fir-lined river. She had two desks, a Louis XIV style set of chairs, a deep sofa, a chaise longue, a bearskin rug and an X shaped post with handcuffs attached. My mind boggled. The walls were covered in paintings and posters of Queen Domina XVIII; of which one of the latter, to by astonishment, showed the Queen reclining sulkily on Her throne, fully nude, with Her magnificent breasts and dark bush fairly dominating the room. This was a special kind of patriotism, I guessed.

Sublima stretched back on the chaise longue, and gestured for me to sit close beside her. A moment later two moderately buff (I was beginning to adjust) shirtless young males entered softly. With a snap of Sublima’s fingers, one dropped to his knees before us, while the other knelt beside, awkwardly holding a tray of refreshments conveniently for us. With a suave show of her dominance, Sublima kicked out her long legs and rested her heels on one male’s back, and carelessly took a small pastry from the other’s tray. Without hesitation, I copied her. When in Femsylvania… I felt myself becoming more empowered, more inherently female by the moment. The simple act of using an attractive male as a footstool was thrilling, but ifelt right. Perhaps I was feeding off Sublima’s aura of sexually charged authority, but I felt it warming my veins and prickling my skin. As we sat and talked- Sublima gently holding my hands in her lap, and her mouth close enough for her breath to tickle my ear- the two males remained motionless, stiffly holding out our tray, or patiently laying still and quiet under our feet, without murmur or complaint. They waited in attentive silence while I asked Sublima questions, and she talked and talked and laughed and tossed her hair; and we ignored our human statues. Any western woman would be astonished by such devotion, but clearly to Sublima they were unworthy of comment or her notice, as they waited, for hours, while we chatted, no doubt hoping that soon we would have no more use for them and release them from our authority.

We talked a great deal about Femsylvania, but it was difficult to steer Sublima onto politics. In part I suppose this was because Femsylvania has no real politics; Queen Domina rules, and appoints female delegates who are ratified by a female electorate as per the Queen’s orders. But Sublima was nevertheless clearly devoted to Queen Domina, and spared no words in lavishing praise on Her beauty, Her intelligence, Her cruelty, Her decadence and Her strictness. Sublima was more keen to tell me about the glories of her country, particularly enthusing about the total subjugation of men for women’s pleasure that is the cornerstone of the Femsylvanian state. She had little to say about men. She liked to be serviced by them; whether by a pair of privileged sex slaves in her bed, or by having her boots licked clean, her toenails painted, or her feet comfortably propped up. But, she said, they were animals, and the only animals to which you needed to be cruel. Noticeably licking her lips (an affectation or raw enthusiasm? Who knows?), she dug her tall heels into our male footstool, as she explained when a male should be whipped, when he should be stamped all over, when he should be humiliated, and when he should be raped. Much of what she said would shock most western feminists, but such was her display of breast-heaving enthusiasm, and so intense were her jade green eyes, that I cannot deny that her arguments seemed extremely logical and persuasive. She stroked and squeezed my thighs forcefully and really quite sensually, as she described the way in which a disobedient male must be suffocated under the aroused sex of a dominant woman, thus bringing empowerment and pleasure to her and fear and pain to him. This, she whispered into my ear, was perfect balance of female power and male submission.

It was at this point, with his stretched and stiffened arms shaking like a leaf, that one of our attending males finally lost his strength. He dropped our tray.

The change in Sublima’s mood, and even in her face, was instant, and awesome. Her green eyes burned under her fine dark brows, her bee-stung lips pouted then drew back to show her bright teeth. She kicked her male footstall away with a crushing blow of stiletto heel on bare torso, and stood tall, erect and magnificent, with her legs parted wide and her hands thrust onto her hips. The air was pregnant with the heat of her rage, and I dared not look at her face, but neither could I look away. For a moment I feared for myself, then I feared for the male who was blubbering on his knees, and lavishing desperate kisses and remorse on Sublima’s leather-clad feet. Then a wicked smile narrowed her dark eyelashes, and curiosity conquered all.

Sabrina allowed the offending male time for his kisses and his whining apology to slow and stop. The tension made me prickle. Then she slapped him, snapping hard across his face. “Little worm!” she shrieked at him, “less use than a dog, a piece of s**t!”. She continued ranting at him in an ecstasy of venom, pulling his hair and slapping him, until she finished with an ear-piercing “C**T!” and kicked him full and squarely in his crotch. Expertly waiting until he had rolled back in agony, Sublima then gracefully stood over the fallen male’s head. I don’t know whether she meant him to look along her bare thighs and straight up her skirt, but it seemed to make him even more afraid. She declared that he had attempted to humiliate her in front of her guest, and she told him, coldly, that he had better make her very, very happy to make amends.

Unable to speak, the tearful male merely nodded and licked triumphant Sublima’s ankle in submission. Smirking cruelly, she clapped her hands, bringing the entry of two more beautiful, uniformed women. As they hefted the male, and locked his wrists and ankles into the wooden X, my hostess turned to me, with a wink. “It’s time you saw just what a woman’s power can be”, she growled softly.

Apr 23, 2009
… How to describe the complex emotions aroused in a nicely brought up, professional, Western woman; as she watches a simpering male being soundly thrashed and debased by a snarling, sadistic goddess? I cannot really begin to do so. Let’s just deal with the facts, then.

Once her two nubile assistants had clamped her victim firmly in place, Sublima began to undress. Not for the first or last time, she took me by surprise, leaving me a little unsure of where to look. But, hey, I’m a journalist… She handed her short, military-style jacket to one of the smirking young women, and followed that with her blouse. While the chained male waited in chastened silence, Sublima strained to unzip her skin-tight skirt. As it finally fell to her leather-clad ankles, she stepped forward with her legs spread wide, stretching like a she-panther ready for action. She was now the vision of some dominatrix archetype; standing tall in her knee-high leather boots, with a tight leather corset crushing her slim stomach and hoisting her heavy bare breasts into the air. Her nipples, I could not help but notice, were proudly erect. Around her tiny black lace g-string, the taught muscles of her thighs and her perfect buttocks were flexing and trembling with excitement. She looked wonderful. She gazed arrogantly at the ceiling, digging her painted nails into rounded hips, as she waited for a woman to press a riding crop into her waiting hand.

Sublima paused for a long while, pouting, pacing and breathing deeply onto the quivering male’s expectant neck. Then- SWISH-SNAP- the first blow fell with eye-watering force on his back. I was shocked, but enthralled. The sight of such a beautiful, dominant woman, punishing a coerced male, and taking such delight in it! For a moment I wanted to escape, then I wanted to stay, then I wanted to be her. She was imperious; her body seemed to writhe with pleasure at her victim’s flinching agony. She thrust out her bust and her bottom, arching her toned back, as she swished-and-hissed, snapped-and-cracked the crop. His skin weltered and reddened; Sublima sweated then smirked then grinned, and licked her lips. She stroked her nipples, her thighs, her black lace crotch; thrashing him all the while. By the time she threw the crop carelessly over her shoulder, and kicked the male hard in the balls in a teeth-licking finale, my nerves and heart were thundering with the hot energy in the room.

Sublima dropped herself onto the chaise longue, beside me. She stroked me under the chin, and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I could not resist- she had melted me with hot feminine power, I had lost my mind to her…

Back to the facts- the two cruelly-sweetly smiling officers returned to gently rub salt and disinfectant into the males welts. As he gasped, one woman inserted a baton into his mouth to silence him, while the other continued her task, at a leisurely pace. They then unbolted the wooden X and lowered it to the ground, leaving the shuddering male facing the ceiling.

“Do you mind if I remove my underwear?” Sublima asked, breathily, in my ear. Her hand was on mine, mine was on her thigh, she crossed her legs… I didn’t know how to object. As a journalist, I had no right to interfere…

Sublima gently rose, and then strode to the fallen male, swaying her hips as she clip-clopped on her heels. Placing an arm around each of her assistants’ waists for stability, she then slowly walked up the male’s thighs, crotch, stomach, chest and shoulders. She stepped off with a heeled foot either side of his tear-wet face, allowing him to gaze up her long legs once again.

“You have shown yourself to be a weak, pathetic, useless, snivelling failure of a male”, Sublima said to her victim in a soft, low voice. “You are no use as a man. You are not even any use as a table. I will have to think of another, lower station for you”. She smiled broadly, but her bright green eyes were hot with cruelty. “Until then, I will have to put you in your place, properly. You have done your best to embarrass me, so I have punished you. Now is your big chance to show me, and my guest, how much you admire me, how much you respect me, how much you fear me, how much you love me, and how devoted to me you are. Or, of course, you can die trying…” Sublima winked at the silent male, as she turned about. Sublima placed her slender knees together and bent over a little to allow the two other women, who now knelt on either side of her, to slide her g-string off her hips, down her hard thighs, and off her shiny boots. She stood proudly once again with her legs spread wide and her neat, dark bush thrust out. She stretched, perhaps basking in the tension and fear that radiated between her feet, and then slowly sat down, on the male’s face.

Sublima shuffled to grip the male’s head firmly between her ankles. She spread her buttocks with her hands to ensure that his nose was pressed tightly against her anus, and adjusted her crotch to that his mouth was trapped neatly underneath her sex. She wriggled her crotch vigorously, to find the most comfortable spot for herself, and then settled onto the male’s face, with a cat-like smile of contentment. Finally, she scratched the male’s torso deeply with her red nails. “You had better start worshipping right now”, Sublima cooed, with sparkling white teeth and fluttering black eyelashes.

I’m sure it doesn’t need to be said that this was a new situation for me. Where do you look, when your girl-companion has just stripped to her boots, whipped a guy, kissed you with tongues, and is now riding his face with practiced, brutal efficiency? Can you ignore the scene? Can you make conversation? The two uniformed women seemed to be happily staring at the pulsing heart of the action- namely, his exhausted tongue lapping at her dominant c**t. But waves of western embarrassment drew my eyes sharply away when Sublima began to roughly buck her crotch in a loud, triumphant orgasm; and I cringed at myself for coughing an almost virginal-sounding “whoa!” when she shifted forward to force the male to lick her anus. Sublima had clearly deigned to take her sweet time, however, and she accepted a cigarette from one of the watching officers. At a loss, I accepted one, too, and sat watching Sublima being worshipped while dragging on hers with all the elegance of a 1950s movie star. Sorry mom…

Eventually, Sublima seemed to have been satisfied. She stood, slowly, and kicked her victim in the face, with a note of boredom. The two women helped her dress. She asked me if I wanted to take a turn sitting on the male’s face, to which I offered a quick shake of my flushed head. “The worm’s all yours, then, girls”, she said flatly. “Have fun, but don’t damage him. He has a promising career as a shoe-cleaner or maybe a chair ahead of him.” Sublima led me from the room, holding my hand. One of the two women was already kicking off her flimsy thong, as we left, while the other, with her hands on her hips, was scraping her spiked heel along the male’s scrotum.

As I rode with Sublima to her home, only half hearing the lecture she was giving me on the history of her country and its feminist revolution, I reflected how much just half a day in Femsylvania had affected me. I had felt honoured, worshipped, included, and wanted; also shocked, scandalised, aroused, embarrassed and enthralled. Had I just seen an act of torture? If torture could be so thigh-warmingly erotic, and such a celebration of feminine power and dominance over the submissive male, was it always a bad thing? I knew the lewd, cruel, sensual display had made me think much more- not less- of my green-eyed and Sublime Sublima. I admired her, and she liked me, and that made me feel powerful like her. Was this what sisterhood was really all about? I was in with the mean, pretty girls; colluding with the gang of bullying bitches. But it felt really good. Femsylvanian women say that only their country allows women to be all that they can be. As Sublima ran my hand along her hard, toned thigh, and once again gave me a taste of her warm welcoming mouth; I had to reflect that it worked for me.


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Jul 17, 2008
Wonderful story!

Hi , Patrician ! This story of yours is marvellous , the best I´ve read in months...
Cruel vixens and slaves under the lash..
My favourite scenarios are slaves working till they drop under the whip of female guards and watched by them or their mistresses getting sexually aroused by the sight of this creatures , toiling under the lash. Maybe there are carts , coaches , ploughs , mills , maybe even galleys drawn or propelled by slaves (no modern cars or machines...) .Would be great , if you could build in such scenes....Thank you and thank you in advance..

best regards
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