Finding Pleasure In Humiliation


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Jan 16, 2017

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So I've heard you have an issue with premature ejaculation, an issue that I cant wait to test & tease, and you know how you're going to do it for me? You're going to grab those balls, and pinch your nipples at the same time. You're going to clench that worthless sack, and twist your nipples different shades of colors for me. I know such a humiliating task makes you hard, because you're a little bitch, you love to hear my humiliating taunts and teases as I force you to squeeze your sack harder, pinch your nipples tighter. How amusing it is to watch you, that pathetic cock trying to grow as your hands are put to work, is it getting bigger from your actions? It's hard to tell since it's so tiny. Do we need to try and make that little dick grow more? It won't by much, but I think seeing my bare ass, breasts, and pretty pussy might help; or at least it will torment you more since you'll ever be able to touch; only look and listen to my devious instructions. You won't be able to last, but don't even think of releasing until you're given your count down. You're going to have to suffer, and earn your orgasm.