First time posting a trample story part 4

Jun 25, 2009
To catch up here are parts 1-3

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I got discouraged by some of the comments from other stories I wrote so I stepped away from the forums for a long time. Don’t worry no under mattress trample in this story.

This is part 4 of the story “First time posting a trample story”. So if you haven’t read the first 3 I added a link above to the first 3. As stated a lot of these stories in this series are true or heavily based on true events that happened some of the first story was slightly exaggerated. I will be telling some more experiences and maybe some fiction just to help keep interest up as some were pretty tame. Keep in mind this all happened before internet so I was very alone and confused as to why I had these desires and had no idea others were out there.

Was very hard to keep track with names changed so at the end of part 3 I put the names straight it’s just easier for me.

Before I left Kristys house she walked me to my dirt bike she leaned in and kissed me but pulled back as asked me, I didn’t really hurt you did I? No well maybe a little on my shins but I’m ok, so do you think I’m weird now? Oh course your in love with me as she lean in and kissed me. So you don’t think I’m weird do you? I mean I just got really turned on walking on you’re dick and letting you suck on my nasty toes… No if anything as if it were possible to want you more I do, I want to explore this part of me, I have so much to tell. I have never told anyone about my secret desires, this is Kaufman people would not understand.. Aw if my dad wasn’t in the shop I would throw you down and screw you’re brains out then make you suck my toes again.. But you better go it’s late and Dads going in the house soon.

I left Kristys house and made it home the buzz had worn off so the short trip home was uneventful. I had a few more short trample experiences with Kristy over the next few days she really seemed to be genuinely curious but also she enjoyed making me hurt and feel good. She wasn’t real worried about hurting me as she knew I took a hell of a squishing under the mattress.

I remember clearly Friday night I was sitting in my room with my stereo on it was late about 11pm I got a knock on my window, it wasn’t uncommon for my friends pull in the drive and shut off their truck then climb through my window rather than use the front door. My parents went to bed at 10:00 every night unless the house was on fire they didn’t come out of their room till morning. We lived in a double wide and my room was opposite side of the house and far opposite end. Made leaving and having guests easy. But also I was able to smoke with my window open and a fan on.

Kristy had picked up Misty and they were knocking on my window. I pulled the blinds up just a little to see who it was and if I needed to put out my joint. When I saw Misty with her my heart about skipped a beat but I was also a little bummed as I knew sex was not going to happen with Misty with her here.

Hey ya’ll what’s up as I helped them into my room through the window,Kristy kissed me nothing Misty pipped up we were cruising around and got board. Then Misty almost giddy smiled big and said how’s your package then they both laughed. Kristy told me of the after party ya’ll had when do I get a turn. I couldn’t help but turn a little red and didn’t know what to say. I looked at Kristy to save me but she had that familiar smirk that told me she was ok with it. I can’t believe you told Misty.. I was embarrassed but Misty said don’t be embarrassed I’ve know you a long time and over the years I noticed you checked out my feet. I had no idea what you were into but honestly it’s kind of hot. I wish I could find a guy that looked at me like you look at Kristy. And willing to do other things other than just sex. Kristy said I don’t care if she walks on you anywhere ya’ll want, but only when I’m around and no sucking on her toes that’s mine alone. Misty’s eyes got wide, he sucked on you’re toes? You didn’t tell me that, what did it feel like? It was weird at first but I let him do it then as he got into I felt a twinge and it felt good, girl it felt really good. Misty stared at me for what felt like eternity them mumbled something.

Kristy kissed me hard and honestly I felt like we were being rude to Misty but then we all sat on my waterbed and talked for a while. They asked questions about that night and how could I take Kristy and her mom both crushing me down there. And why I liked it and we talked about how before that night the thought of walking all over a guy never crossed their mind.

I confessed to both of them that night fulfilled more than one fantasy, having more than one, having two pressing my groin at same time, first time actually sucking on toes. They were really into hearing my side and then they told me they had fun and had been thinking about it a lot and wanted to explore trampling more. Kristy and Misty being best friend for a long time Kristy was open with her but she was the jealous type. I knew Misty long before Kristy and I always kind of had a crush on Misty but we never seemed to be single at the same time. But I did make out with her on several occasions but that again was before Kristy and we totally kept that secret.

So then Kristy said Dads out of town again and Moms at work till 7AM. Kristys dad was a carpenter he built trade show exhibits and her mom a nurse at the local hospital she worked overnight. We have all night Misty’s mom thinks she is spending the night at my house I forwarded our phone to your phone number. Since this was before internet and cell phones well other than the very rich with thousand dollar brick phones and five bucks a min. I had my own phone line in my room it was a big deal in those days. Kristy said don’t let me forget to unforward before mom gets home.

Misty piped up with a big grin, so Phil you ready to get squished again, and Kristy said you’re not too sore are you?

. I laid down face up on the carpet next to my bed, my room was pretty small and my waterbed took up most and I had an entertainment center that was about 4 foot tall. I laid between the two that left little room for them to stand without standing on me. They were both in flip flops and I think with the tight space neither one bothered to take them off. Kristy stood up on my chest as she got off the bed. It was a cool feeling as her weight pressed down and my chest sank. But I could feel the foam in her flip flop compress at the same time. Misty was not small but not fat just a big boned pretty blond with blue eyes and 165 lbs. she turned to the side and dropped her flip flop clad feet on my groin her feet going across me one foot on my low stomach and her right on my balls. As she stood up I groaned a little and it made Kristy laugh as she looked back and could see what Misty was doing, she said crunch. Hey I’m not that heavy Misty said as she put most of her weight on my stomach to steady herself. Then Misty brought her other foot down on my balls again but this time she trapped them under the ball of her foot. I felt the foam in her flip flops compress as more of her weight was applied. And I felt a burning sensation in my stomach that I can’t explain but my balls ached. Misty then lifted her left foot putting all of her 165lbs on my balls. This was very intense nothing like when I was under the mattress or when Kristy stood on them the other night.

As Misty brought her left foot down she placed it right across the end of my cock and her shoe covered about half my shaft as well. When her weight shifted her flip flop was pressed hard enough it curved around my shaft. It felt awesome but hurt at the same time. Misty started to lightly walk in place and she moaned a little.

Kristy stepped off and turned on my stereo I was the shit back then with my pair of Pioneer 15” 3 ways and duel tape deck, eq, 150 watts per channel. Hey it was awesome back the day. Kristy put nine inch nails on the song close to you. It had an awesome bass beat even with it pretty low to not wake up my the song started Misty lightly at first walked in place and bounced a little. Kristy stepped back up onto my chest. I was completely pinned to the floor my 140lbs ass could not move if I wanted too.

Kristy taking advantage of the situation slid her right shoe off and was rubbing her pretty toes lightly up and down my face to the beat of the song.Then she pressed my lips until I opened my mouth. But she only slid her toes a little into my mouth just a little then back out. She was looking into my eyes and she did it again. Then she pushed my face down and kept adding weight. Are you ok down there and I mumbled something she said you’re fine and put all of her weight. But only stayed on for a second and stepped off. Now my mind was on my crushed man hood. My turn she told Misty and I could tell by the look on Misty’s face she was disappointed. But she stepped up on my chest pressing the air out of me. Misty being a real sweetheart would walk softly and move around a lot watching my face as she moved around the expression she had made me think she was turned on but also concerned. I smiled at her and it seemed to put her mind at ease.

Kristy heavily stepped on to my legs then transitioned to my groin she had taken off her shoes and was barefooted walking on my cock that was now hard as a rock. She was excited at the feeling of me under her bare feet. As she stepped down the length of my shaft her weight pressed my shaft enough the head of my dick poked out from under my wranglers. Kristy let up and kind of stroked me to get more to stick out but my jeans were pretty tight. So Kristy stepped off and unbuttoned my jeans and reached in and pulled my manhood straight now in full view of both her and Misty.

When Misty saw me in all my glory her eyes got big I was embarrassed and don’t don’t think she was ready for that. But the smile on both their faces said things were fine. Misty stepped off and in doing so stepped on my right hand. Being new to trample it was a curious feeling it didn’t hurt at all her soft flip flop pressed firmly but it was an awesome feeling. It got heavier as she lifted her other foot and placed it on top of the first. All her weight retested on my hand. It was turning me on even more, then Kristy placed for right foot on my cock, her food didn’t cover all of me her heel was still a few inches from my balls. As she pressed down the ball of her foot really flattened the head of my dick and she rocked a little as the song beat played on. I remember hearing I want to feel you from the inside out, the song lyrics, Kristy pressing the life out of my dick, and Misty swaying to the music pressing my hand. Both had their eyes locked my my shaft and I watched their feet. Then Kristy stepped off and told Misty You’re turn and smiled. As Misty moved off my hand she kick off the one flip flop she still had on. Kristy stepped onto my hand and watched my expression and I smiled up at her.

Misty carefully placed her foot on my shaft as Kristy had done and then asked are you ready for this?i think I can take it I managed to get out and Kristy said hold on I want to try something, she restarted the song and then stepped onto my chest. I have a surprise for you even though it’s gross as she laughed. She stood on one foot and put her toes on my mouth and I let her slip her toes in and Misty took the que and stepped down on my shaft full weight. The crush was intense and my chest wanted to raise up but Kristy was holding me firm on the carpet. I exhaled pretty hard when Misty stepped on full weight and Kristy moaned a little Misty noticed and bounced to the music. They both got into it and I felt like any second I was going to explode, I must have had that look because Misty started to damn near jump and Kristy was breathing hard. She said are you close and I winked at her. Kristy pulled her toes out and stepped right on my face. It hurt a lot but I was in ecstasy as my shaft was pressed over and over. Kristy was even pouncing on my face I was afraid the noise was going to wake my parents. Then Kristy stepped off my face and in an Instant her foot was on Misty’s I only lasted seconds my dick was flat but it still managed to spray cum on my chest. The girls bounced a few more times but it really hurt now that I had gone. They stepped off and Kristy got a sock so I could clean off.

They both sat on the bed worn out and I got dressed, damn that was amazing was all Misty could say. Kristy was smiling ear to ear she came over and kissed me and told me she loved me. I hope we didn’t hurt you, then whispered too much….
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Aug 7, 2002
I got discouraged by some of the comments from other stories I wrote so I stepped away from the forums for a long time. Don’t worry no under mattress trample in this story.
Don't worry about the odd negative remark - far, far more people enjpoy & appreciate the effort you put in to write & share your stories.