First time posting a trample story part 5

Jun 25, 2009
The next time I was pressed into service under Kristy was about a week later, I went over to her house on Sat under the premise we were going to work on Sadie I was slowly breaking her mare. I had been helping well honestly teaching her to break horses and she had a new three year old. We spent a lot of time working her in the round pen with an empty saddle.

As I walked into Kristys house they lived in a Mobile home also it was a single wide on 5 acres. She said hey Flip, moms asleep she worked last night. I noticed Kristy was in shorts and a tank top and had a fresh looking coat of pretty blue polish on her toes. I had a confused look on my face, thought we were going to work Sadie? I have to knock out my chores mom wanted me to do the dishes first. My mind drifted off to many days spent watching her and her mom both standing at the kitchen sink. Both barefooted I was dying inside many times watching from the couch behind them both barefooted standing feet only inches apart on the lucky rug in front of the sink. Her mom was not bad at all for a woman in her 40s, red hair about shoulder length, she was shorter than Kristy at about 5’6 and I know she weighed 135 for some reason women loved to tell me back then.My mind returned to reality when Kristy said I just need to do a few things real quick then the dishes. Ok I said I might go smoke real quick will be right back.

Kristy said hurry I want you to lay in front of the sink when I do the dishes. I felt myself instantly wake up down there. I asked what if you’re mom wakes up?

She won’t she always sleeps till 11:30 or 12:00 then stays up till tonight. Don’t be a wuss even if she did wake up she would just laugh anyway.

Not gonna lie that was The fastest I ever smoked a cigarette out by my truck, I walked back in and kristy had set a small pillow on the laminate floor just past the sinks for my head while I laid down on the same rug I was jealous of.

Kristy walked up and stepped on my chest I could feel the cool hard floor press against my back as she moved around a little on my chest turning on the water and moving dishes into the first basin. I wished I had laid the other way so she would of stepped onto my groin. But I smiled a little thinking when she dries them she will relocate. I had closed my eyes just enjoying the weight resting on my chest. Kristy stepped off and went into the living room and turned on the radio just enough we could hear it in the kitchen. She stepped back up and lightly danced or rocked on my chest and I closed my eyes and just let her weight press me. I was honestly half asleep and wasn’t paying attention to the rest of the world. I never saw her mom walk in and I about jumped out of my skin when her foot touched down on my shaft. But before I had time to even process the other foot stepped up and my tailbone was being pressed into the floor. I was in shock I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t say anything I was so embarrassed. Then her mom said Oh you got us a new rug for the kitchen, it’s kind of lumpy. From my position I couldn’t see her moms face thank God. But the look on Kristys face was of complete shock, as if she didn’t know if she should step off or keep going.

Kristys mom finally broke the silence and said well flip is it like you imagined? I was ready to die right there my mouth went dry. As bad as I wanted it too,my hardon would not go away. I would of given anything to be in this very situation and now I’m living it and I’m mortified. Kristy had a puzzled look on her face she honestly had no idea what her mom was talking about.

Kristy looked at her mom, then her mom smiled and said you never noticed but over the last few months when we do the dishes I noticed he would stare. He never took his eyes off our feet and the rug we stand on. One time he didn’t know I was watching but he checked out the rug after we were done he noticed how we leave foot prints after standing on it for thirty minutes.

I didn’t understand why he was looking so hard or what he was doing checking out the rug. But after the AW challenge it was pretty obvious he enjoyed that just a little. Then seeing you standing on him I was sure he has fantasied about this many times haven’t you flip. I was silent I had no idea what to say she had me figured out completely.

Kristy smiled at me and her mom said it’s ok flip don’t be embarrassed I think it’s sweet, a little different but sweet. I wonder if we will leave foot prints on you by the time we are done. And she laughed but not like her normal laugh this was different. As she walked in place it felt amazing but I felt weird her mom is standing on my manhood and Kristy kept looking down at me as if to make sure I was ok.

Without warning her mom moved up onto my chest and I felt my ribs bend under two hundred and seventy something pounds. It forced the air from my lungs and I was struggling to breath the tile had no give only my chest gave under their combined weight.

I was pretty red faced and her mom said since you’re not going anywhere I have some questions. Answer honestly and I will move down if not our weight will feel heavier and heavier, don’t wait to long you might pass out. Kristy now had a scared look on her face.

So do you love Kristy ?? Yes Ma’am.
Have to two been together? I was quiet so she pounced hard…. Yes Ma’am
You’re using protection arnt you ??? Yes ma’am

OMG mom really! Kristy screeched as she stepped off and ran to her room. Her mom walked down to my groin again and walked in place for about a min but felt like an hour then stopped. She got a smile on her face I will not Tell Mr. T but if you do her wrong he will kill you. Then she pounced hard a few times. Then stepped off.

When she looked back at me with a smile and asked was it as good as you thought it would be. Then didn’t wait for an answer just walked off into her room.
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Aug 7, 2008
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