First time posting a trample story part 6

Jun 25, 2009
I laid on the floor in shock, my chest a little sore but s smile on my face, that was so hot. Not in a creepy now I want her mom way, it was more like a strong appreciation for an attractive grown woman that was very aggressive and did what she wanted with no concern for what I thought or felt under her. And that warning sent chills up my spine Mr. T is a super nice guy but at 6’1 and if I had to guess 260 even with my training my 140 would be no match for him.

My mind drifted to the first time I met Mr. T ( Turner) I drove up in my 68 Ford F100 pick up. It was loud I had just finished building it and getting the kinks worked out. It had a 289 with 10.5 to 1 flat top pistons, bored .40 over competition high loap cam edelbrock , high rise intake, Holly 750 Carb dialed back but jetted, headermen headers, and I had to cut the cross member out but I stuffed a C6 trans with Z gate ratchet shifter. And my beloved glass pack duel exhaust that dumped right in front of the rear tires. I loved that truck.

Her dad walked out of his shed a large 14x20 building he built as a hobby room to drink beer and build model airplanes. Can I help you he said as he walked out of the shed.

Kristy came out of the house because she heard my truck, Daddy this is Phil he shook my hand squeezing my hand enough to let me know he was not thrilled. I had the mullet cut everyone had in the early 90s. My hair in the back was about shoulder length with a flattop on top. Oh Hey Phil nice to meet you I’m Mr. Turner.

Daddy we are going to go cruising in Kaufman, give me ten min and I will be ready. And she took off to go get ready.

Hey Phil let me show you my shop and he said after you, oh boy I thought I know what comes next. I walk in I’m on edge I know a threat is coming. And Mr. T said have a seat so I did and he sat at his bench. So you’re dating my Kristy? Yes sir.

She is my only daughter I’m very protective of her. I understand sir. Do you have a daughter? No sir ? Then Phil you have no idea what a dad will do to protect his little girl.

With that he reached into the cabinet over the work table and pulled out a 357 Mag. He put the barrel in my face and said this is also Kristy, she protects my other Kristy. Are we clear? Yes sir, I honestly didn’t mean to have a smirk on my face but I did.

Is something funny? Mr. T said? No sir it’s just that…. What he said.

Well sir the last dad I had this conversation with used a Mossburg 590A1 and he put one in the pipe to get his point across. Mr. T put the gun back and sat down with a grin on his face.

Also Sir that’s a beautiful model 66 but why store it empty? Phil I think we are going to get along fine.

What does you’re truck have in it. I explained and he was impressed. So you know how to work on cars? Yes sir I work at tune up masters, my dad has been teaching me since I could walk. Really my car is acting up can you take a look. I ended up replacing the mass airflow sensor and we were tight from then on.

Kristy and I took off she said I dare you to floor it!! Do you just want to watch you’re dad kill me slowly I said and she busted out laughing.

Laying there with a shit eating grin on my face I came back to the present when Kristy walked back in but she had on jeans, boots and her sexy straw hat. She stepped on my manhood the heel of her Justin ropers pressing the head of my dick hard. These boots had a low one inch flat heel but it was hard and was doing a number on me now both feet pressing hard into me.

So you fantasize about my mom and me? No? I croaked. Don’t lie to me Flip you know I can tell and she twisted hard.

I groaned baby…. Don’t baby me, tell me do you? Was it as good at you hoped.

Kristy Kat it’s not like that I love you. YOU BETTER as she stomped down on my balls. My chest bowed up and my hands wrapped her boots. I was hurting. I should stomp the hell out of you.

And I can’t believe you told my mom surprised you didn’t go into detail and tell her you like to suck on my toes and how you lick my pussy. Should I go get her have her put on heels and we make you spill you’re guts?

Kristy what could I do baby I couldn’t breath. You were the one that made me lay down in the first place. Maybe I should go see Misty. Oh you asshole and Kristy jumped on my balls ,and I screamed a little her mom came out of her room.
Kristy said put some shoes on mom step back up maybe he will tell you everything. Her mom could see I was in real pain, Kristy get off of him. No!

You want answers tell her Flip and Kristy pressed hard on her heels and I grit my teeth. Tell her flip you were my first, you are the first guy to eat me out. It was awesome mom he even sucked on my toes.

What!her mom screeched. I saw fire in her eyes that red hair disguised a dragon she froze for what seemed like forever then walked over and placed her barefoot on my throat. She pressed down hard and I could not breath. I panicked and reached up and lift her foot off. That seemed to piss her off even more, so she stepped up full weight on one foot. I flailed around my vision was blurry.

Ok Kristy you want to be an adult let’s play an adult game, do tell what else did you too do. Come on don’t be shy flip don’t have long. I’m sorry momma please get off of him, plz you’re hurting him. I was really turning blue at this point. Kristy screamed at her mom please mom get off.

By now I had stopped flailing around I was losing conciseness I had given up fighting and accepted my fate. Kristy was crying and pleading with her mom.

Her moms nurse instincts must of kicked in I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing that saved me. She was not through punishing me for stealing her daughters innocence so she placed her right barefoot on my face long ways from my chin to the top of my nose. When she stepped up I felt my nose smash into my face it hurt like hell. I could only breath very little out of the sides of my mouth around her heel of her foot.

Kristy had stepped off of me tears running down her face, I’m sorry mom I am not you’re little girl anymore I’m a woman I’m 18. I love him and want to explore with him one day I want to be his wife, I want us to have kids and a house. Mom plz say something.

You’re right you are a young woman and I love you baby girl the though of you doing adult things kills me but I know I have to learn to let go.

Mom plz get off his pace he is bleeding mom plz your going to kill him.

Her mom stepped off and looked at my face. Pressed on my nose it hurt but wasn’t killing me. Pinch you’re nose and hold it. That will stop the bleeding, it’s not broken you will be fine. She turned gave Kristy a kiss and walked into her room.

Kristy took my face into her hands and wiped the blood off my cheeks, I’m so sorry Flip, she just kept repeating I’m sorry I love you I’m so sorry.


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Jun 10, 2016
I've finally read all of the installments and I wanted to say that it is a great story. Thanks, and I look forward to any future additions.
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