Foot lesbians suck toes...

Jan 29, 2005
3 free foot worship videos:

"Two busty, topless hotties go to town on some hot feet in this video! Isabella and Saber love sucking toes and feet. It doesn't matter if it's their own feet, or each other's feet. They just love a bunch of toes stuffed in their mouth. Check them out as they both share a pint of ice cream, coating their toes in gooey stickiness and licking off every drop! Saber jumps right in, sticking her foot into the container and pulling out a cherry with her toes. Isabella sits back and drips melted ice cream on her own toes and cleans them up with her tongue. Later on in this clip, after they rub their feet together, they take turns worshipping each other's toes and soles. Both girls look great, chilling out on the bed in just their panties, totally getting into each other's feet. These two hotties are certainly not shy and if you love watching girls worship, suck and lick a whole bunch of toes and soles then definitely grab this clip today. Pretty hot stuff!"

And some bonus pics of the gorgeous Isabella Soprano...I love this girl: