Forced Toilet Stories

Sep 17, 2017
Hey, I've been reading this style of story for a while, but by far my favorite style is when someone is forced to be a toilet. It can be anyone, an old friend, a slave, employee, but this style of story really gets me going. What are some good forced toilet slave stories?


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Jun 10, 2016
Jul 27, 2018
you are right but I like the true force stories. were do you go to read them. also the Videos I wish i could see the real videos. not one that the hosts just smearing or wasting it one way or another. They say a toilet slave can eat it as fast as you can shit. That is what I get excited about. once it is in the mouth I want to see it swallowed. Tho I steal gag when I eat it and dream of eating it as fast as given. I really want to eat it without chewing it. That is what makes me hard. not playing with it. Is there a web sight were I might find someone swallowing it down with nothing but a tongue movement. I can not wait to do that my self. Is there some one that lives in Pittsburgh that will help me through the gag and get me to the point of doing it with only a tongue movement. If so email me at.


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Sep 1, 2009
Wausau, WI
I been looking for "real Force" but unless it's "underground" web site I don't think you'll find it.

Now if the lady and price is right I'm willing to do a movie. :p

cough, cough, cough This guy I know on here writes some stories. They are not that great or anything. Mostly forced and snuff. I think he goes by the name SiCiAiT.