Garden Snack For Miss Roper & Anatasia Rose


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Jan 16, 2017

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"Garden Snack For Miss Roper & Anatasia Rose"

This clip features: POV, giantess vore, swallowing, gulping, belly rubs, digestion talk/sound sfx, spit/saliva, & implied anal vore.

You've found your way into a garden after a long journey on foot escaping from the domain of a devious giantess who had been holding you captive, seeking refuge underneath a tree in the blazing summer sun. Little did you know however, that the garden you had scampered your way into was owned by someone much.. much worse. And today, she has company over. Miss Roper and Anatasia Rose are in the middle of clearing out sections of Miss Roper's yard, swiping the sweat from their foreheads underneath the rays and sighing to themselves in exhaustion. It felt as though they would never be done. When you catch sight of them as they near the tree you're hiding under, you find yourself frozen in fear. Just when you had thought to have freed yourself from danger, here it was in a pair, stomping towards you. You remain completely still in hopes of being camouflaged by branches and leaves, trembling as Miss Roper's flip flop hovers right over you, unaware. Just when you believe that you've tricked them into thinking you're simply debris, they catch sight of you; quickly scooping you into their palms. A gulp passes through your miniscule throat as you make eye level with them, their wide smiles making your heart slam against your chest. Your ears ring with the sound of their gurgling stomachs, your eyes locked in on their glistening teeth that threaten to snap you in two. Now that you're held within their clutches, what will become of you...?

You must see for yourself, to find out.​