GTS Home Alarm - Story meant for video

Nov 24, 2017
This story was written a little while ago and I recently had to turned into a video. Since all of my stories are meant for video (usually with SFX in mind), I attempted to find a company that could do it.

I didn't find anyone that could do this with SFX, but I found a company that did a decent job without SFX. It didn't come out exactly as the story says, but it also wasn't bad. They put their own spin on it. ;)

This is the link to the video. (Clips4Sale)

Here's the story:

3 men break into a home. Moments after breaking in, the beeping from the home alarm sounds letting them know the alarm is active. One of the burglars tells the other two to start grabbing what they can, he’ll take care of the alarm.

As the man approaches the alarm panel on the wall, he sees a countermeasure light. Before he can turn around and warn the others, all 3 immediately shrink down to just 3 inches tall.

We see where all the burglars are: 1 standing on the floor below the security alarm panel, 1 standing on the floor in the kitchen, and the last guy standing in front of the a couch.

They all are looking around realizing what just happened. Trying to stay calm, they decide to do some recon to see if they can figure out how to restore their size. The guy under the panel stays there looking at the panel, wondering if there’s a way to restore their size from the alarm panel far above him. The burglar in the kitchen realizes he has a long distance to stride before he gets back to either of the other two burglars. The burglar in front of the couch climbs up the couch to get a higher view of the area.

Suddenly, they hear noise outside and realize the owners of the home have likely just arrived. The burglar under the panel begins to make his way to the door to confirm it’s the owners. When he’s just close enough to the door, it swings open very quickly - knocking him backwards onto the floor, flat on his back. Just as he looks up in a daze, he is immediately stepped on by a woman who is laughing and talking with someone we cannot yet see. Her thong sandal clad foot steps down on the lower half of his body. He screams but she can’t hear him. His legs and pelvis are crushed as she walks over him, completely unaware he is there. The woman heads to the alarm panel to disable the home alarm which is now beeping again to warn the alarm is still active.

A second woman appears in the doorway; she steps into the home. As she steps in, the half-smashed burglar sees her strappy-sandaled foot coming down above him completely covering him. Already in shock, he doesn’t scream. There’s nothing he can do. She steps down, unaware he was there, and completely crushes him. Her foot remains on him while she slightly turns to shut the door behind her, twisting her foot atop his remains. She continues on to the couch, to take her sandals off, leaving behind on the floor the bloody stain, but his body is stuck to the bottom of her sandal, leaving a little red smudge on the floor with each step she takes. She walks over to the couch and doesn’t notice the burglar standing on the couch cushion waving his arms - attempting to get her attention - as she sits down right on top of him. As her butt slams down on him, you hear his high pitch scream muffle and then stop very quickly. She doesn't hear it at all. Now sitting comfortably, she takes off her sandals and leaves them on the floor in front of her.

After the first woman disarms the alarm, she notices that the alarm was tripped and the shrinking countermeasure was a deployed. This surprises her for a moment. She looks around knowing somewhere there must be at least 1 shrunken person sneaking around. She notices the red stain on the floor in front of the door and realizes that one of them must have stepped on him as they walked in. She starts laughing, excitedly, calling over the second woman to show her the discovery.

The second woman gets up quickly to see the smashed remains on the floor, realizing there are red spots on the floor leading up to the couch, noting she must have stepped on him and tracked it over. They both see the blood, but don’t see the body.

“He must be stuck to the bottom of my sandal,” the second woman exclaims.

They walk over to the couch where the second woman took off her sandals. The first woman sees a small bodied person on the cushion, clearly injured but alive. She stands in front of him, towering above him. She can see he’s moving a bit. She’s eager to interrogate him.

“Here’s another one on the couch! You must have sat on him,” she informs the other woman. “How many of your friends broke into our home with you?” She asks the little burglar. But he doesn’t respond. She asks again, this time more stern, “How many of your friends are here? If you tell us, I’ll unshrink you and take you to a hospital.”

Reluctantly, he lifts his hand up and signals with two fingers.

“OK, thanks,” she replied excitedly as she turns around to her friend and continues, “There’s 3 of them.”

The second woman is holding one of her sandals upside down to show her friend the flattened body. “Here’s the one I stepped on before,” she points out.

“So there’s just 1 more left,” she says as she turns her butt towards the injured burglar lying on the couch and sits right down on him as if he wasn’t even there. She, too, casually takes off her sandals as she tells the second woman they need look around the house and find the last little guy.

The second woman begins looking for the last little man, and the first woman is about to join her in the search. But first she grinds her butt hard into the couch to ensure the little man beneath her butt is smashed and smeared before she gets up, leaving the smeared remains of the burglar on the couch cushion.

The women talk about what they should do with the last little man when then find him. One of the women comes up with an idea to “make art” out of him. The other woman gets excited at the thought and goes to fetch some canvas material.

Meanwhile, the last little man is still in the kitchen and witnessed everything that just happened. He attempts to make a run for his life to the door. But before he can get a few strides out, a giant foot comes slamming down in front of him.

“GOT YA!” the woman says. He’s quickly caught by the woman.

The other woman comes back with some blank painting canvas and lies it out on the floor. The first woman, holding the man down uses some super glue and dabs the little man’s back, then lays him down on the center of the canvas. She then glues his hands and feet down so he’s spread out on the canvas. Finally, she glues the back of his head to the canvas so he cannot look away. He can’t move.

The two women stand over him looking down, smiling sinisterly. He gazes upon them in horror as he realizes what they’re about to do...

The women look at each other for a moment, then look back down and begin to take turns stepping on him. With each step, they’re not putting all their weight down, but instead, they gently step on him, attempting to simply break his bones and cause him extraordinary pain. This goes on for a short while before the women decide it’s time to “put paint on the canvas”.

The little guy, broken and in pain on the floor, opens his eyes slightly when he realizes the women have stopped stepping on him. He looks up squinting at first. Suddenly, his eyes widen completely. A look of horror on his face, he sees one of the women lifting one of her feet up high above him. It looks like she’s about to stomp on him. Then, her foot descends and she stomps on him hard.

As the first woman’s foot comes crashing down, he’s unable to turn his glued-down head away. Her foot smashes down crushing him hard into the canvas. Blood splashes around the canvas from beneath her foot. When she picks her foot up, they cannot tell if he’s still alive.

“Do you think he’s alive?” The first woman jokingly asks.

“Probably not,” the other replies laughingly. “My turn!”

The second woman then lifts her foot high above him and brings it down hard, splattering blood and body parts out from under her foot, further splashing on the canvas.

The women spend time taking turns stomping, grinding, and smearing the remains of the little man on the canvas. Over and over, their bare feet come down smashing his continuously flattening body - spurts of blood shooting out from under their bare soles.

When the women are satisfied with the mess they’ve made on the canvas, they decide it’s good enough to “sign”. They each dip their big toe in the bloody mess and use it to leave a bloody toeprint at the bottom right of the canvas like a signature - both toe marks next to each other.

[Fade out and fade in] We see the women, drinking wine while admiring their work - now framed and mounted on the wall. They stand there commenting on their work.

[Transition to a close up shot of the art on the wall. You can somewhat tell that the red and dark red smudges on the canvas picture used to be a person - his head is completely flattened with his face stretched, malformed, and bloodied, but still in place where it was glued down. There are noticeable bloody partial footprints all over the remains from where the women stomped.]

The women smile and walk away happy with their new work of art. [Fade out]
Nov 24, 2017
Good news on this. This video is being refilmed with SFX by the legendary Thanatos. (Giantess Fatale) :) I'll inform you guys when it's done. The new video should stick more closely with the story and visuals around it.