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Yuliya Kate

Mistress Yuliya Kate
Today, I will teach you how to worship My hairy armpits after I have finished My yoga routine. I've let the armpit hair grow for the last three weeks, so it retains the perspiration longer.
I want you to take your time and sniff on My sweaty armpits. Sniff on them like a dog you are! Inhale the sweat deeply, as deep as you can. Then suck on that sweat and swallow it. Bite on My armpit! What, the hairs are on your way? Too bad for you, learn how to worship My armpits with the hairs. Bite more; massage My armpit with your teeth. Remember: you are My armpit slave and that's what armpit slaves do - they take care of their Mistress' armpits. Lick My hairy armpit, lick it all over. Switch sides and worship My other armpit: suck on it, lick all the sweat off and swallow the sweat. I don't want any perspiration under My armpits, I want to feel crisp clean and fresh. You are doing a bad job, slave. I still see drops of sweat here and there. Go back and clean it properly! Remember what's next? Exactly - you bite on My armpit. Little gentle bites I want - here and here, and here. Give Me long licks now, long licks....Another task for you - you have to lick two hairy armpits, switch sides as fast as you can. You are saying that My hairs are tickling your nose? It's okay, get used to it. Lick off every single drop that is captured in the hairs. Lick it! You don't need to breath, just lick it! I won't let you out until you lick My armpits clean. Excellent! Tomorrow, I will be working out at 9 am; be ready!
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