Hanging Execution Part 1


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Jan 26, 2013
Hanging Executions – Part 1
So there I stood, completely naked, with a leather collar around my neck with short, maybe 2 feet, length of heavy chain running from the collar to a large horizontal wooden beam where it was clipped to an eyebolt right next to a label that read “No. 7”. To my right along the length of the beam were six other empty eyebolts labeled 1 through 6. To my left, all in a line along the beam, stood 13 other naked men, ranging in age from about 20 to about 60, chained to the beam in the same manner as me at locations on the beam labeled 8 through 20. Like the other men, my hands were tied behind my back, and there was a length of chain clamped to my two ankles that was just long enough for me to walk with small steps. The number “7” was written on my chest in red from a marker. A smaller collar was wrapped very tightly around the base of my cock and scrotum, and a nylon leash hung straight down from this collar.
In front of us was an audience made up mostly of women and teenage girls as young as about 16. There were a few men also in the audience. The primary difference that could be noticed between the men and the women in the audience is the women all seemed to be very excited and having a good time, while the men mostly stood quietly. Included in the audience were 5 women from the company where I work. They seemed to be having as much fun as anyone, continually looking at me and laughing. While there were continual glances at the 14 of us standing naked and chained to the beam, most of the attention was off to our right on a stage. There were several, 6 or 7, relatively attractive women dressed in very tight and short hot pants type shorts, and tight T-shirts, the length of which allowed for their abdomens to be bare. They looked to range in age from about 18 to maybe 27 or 28. There was one other women standing to the left side with a microphone. She looked a little older, maybe early 30’s, and was dressed in tight black jeans and a black button shirt, with about the top 4 buttons unbuttoned. In the center of the stage were two nooses hanging down from a common beam. The nooses were fixed around the necks of two naked men, one with the number 5 written on his chest, and the other with the number 6. The women on the stage were just completing the preparation of the 2 men that included noosing them, turning cranks off to the side that tightened the ropes after they were noosed to removed all slack and put some pre-tension in the rope (and some discomfort for the noosed men). They strapped each man’s legs together with two straps each. While they were doing all of this, they would also continually be feeling and rubbing the men’s cocks in an effort to give them erections, which was successful for both of the two men. The young ladies really seemed to enjoy themselves, laughing, taunting the two men, pointing at their cocks and joking with the audience.
Surprisingly, several of us chained to the beam also had erections, including me. This seemed to add to the amusement of the women in the audience. My situation started late yesterday afternoon when two young women in uniforms rang my doorbell. As soon as I answered, they asked me to confirm my identity. When I did, they immediately handed me a folded piece of paper. One of the young women said in a very serious tone, “A request for your punishment has been turned in by two of your female co-workers for sexual assault. You are ordered to report to Punishment Center No. 2 at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. “ With this, a not so subtle grin appeared on both of their faces, and they turned around and left. I read the summons they handed me and two of the five women that are enjoying the hangings in the audience reported me for sexual assault and rape. It wasn’t true of course, but the law is such that what is written on such reports is assumed to be true and I am assumed to be guilty. There is no trial, only a determination of what my punishment will be. And punishment for such offenses is usually pretty severe. From the grapevine at work, I would not be the first male from work that my two young co-workers have had executed for so-called sexual assaults. Apparently they seemed to enjoy making up stories like this and watching selected male colleagues hanged naked as a result.
So I reported as ordered. The Punishment Center was a large complex made up of a sprawling 2 story high building, and a few outside punishment and execution areas. There were a lot of people there, and it seemed to be very busy. In general, there were three types of people. First, there were the employees, who were primarily women under the age of 30, in various types of uniforms, depending on their specific job. The disciplinarians seemed to have the most revealing and all were very sexy. Perhaps this was for public relations reasons rather than coincidence. Second there were the prisoners who were there to be punished. These were all men and all were naked. As a rule, all prisoners are stripped as soon as they arrive. There is no attempt to show them any modesty or dignity. They are brought naked through all the public areas of the facility, and there are holding cells in full view of public areas, and various pillories and whipping racks with prisoners restrained in them that can be seen throughout the facility. Most of the prisoners are in restraints or cells, but there are a number of naked men that can be seen performing various menial type jobs. These men are serving sentences and are kept completely naked except for leather collars on their necks and the base of their cocks and balls, and cuffs around their wrists and ankles. Many of them have red stripes and welts across their asses, backs, and legs from recent whippings. And finally there are spectators and accusers (so called victims) walking all around. Almost all were women of all ages, from teenagers to women in their sixties. They seemed to have free access to the entire facility. All punishments and executions were held in public.
My two accusers and their 3 friends were there to watch. I was immediately stripped, tied to a rack, and severely whipped. Before the morning was over, in addition to being whipped and caned, electric torture had been applied to my cock and balls, and I was fucked and forced to suck the cocks of a number of male volunteers. This was all done in large auditorium type rooms that were open to the public. I was thrown into a holding cell that was located in a public area of the facility with the other 19 men, and told that I would be hanged that afternoon.
It was now almost time for my hanging. Prisoner numbers 5 and 6 were ready to go. The women dressed in black looked into the front row of the audience and ask their accusers if they wished to waive their rights to have their attackers hanged. Each woman in turned said no, they wanted the hangings carried out. The woman dressed in black then looked over to one of the other young women on the stage and told her that she may proceed. A big smile came across the face of the young woman, who appeared to be about 19. She pushed a button on a wireless remote control unit in her hand. This caused two hydraulic jacks, one on each end of the beam that the two nooses hung down from to come to life. They began to slowly lift the beam up, causing the two men to rise up on their toes, and then lift completely off the floor. When their toes were just an inch or two off the floor, she pushed another button, and the hydraulic jacks stopped, leaving the men hanging by their necks. The women in the audience erupted in cheers and laughter and applause while the two men wriggled and twisted as their lives slowly and painfully came to an end. After a few minutes, their bodies were completely still. The young woman pushed another button on the control unit and they were lowered to the floor. Another, with a small pistol in her hand, stepped over to them and with a smile on her face, put one bullet in each of their heads to make sure they were dead. The woman dressed in black snapped her fingers and immediately three naked men with a wheeled cart ran out and begun taking away the two executed men. They would be taken down to the incinerator and incinerated with the rest of the garbage.
The woman in black then looked right at me, and it seemed to give her great amusement to give her next order, “Ladies, go get our next customers.” With this, three of the women walked over to me. Two of them came along each side of me and grabbed my upper arms. The third reached down and grabbed the leash that was hanging down from my cock. She pulled up on it very forcefully, and then looked up into my eyes and said “Your turn.” ………………………To be continued.
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May 10, 2006
Excellent story and very well written. Love the males nakedness and humiliation, and complete dominance by the women. It's a shame the men have to die. Would like to see prolonged abuse on some poor wretch and forced foot worship. Thanks.


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Feb 22, 2011
Fantastic story so far, I really love the fact that he has been set up by cruel women. I love that the Women are really enjoying the situation and are laughing and taunting him.
I also really like the idea that the males suffer a hard whipping and electric torture before the execution., all for the womens amusement.
Please continue this story and please please can his accusers and other work colleagues really enjoy his execution laughing and taunting.
Thanks again
Nov 30, 2004
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I am waitin to the "be continued" story when the woman came tom me looked up into my eyes and said “Your turn....” I am trmbling with delight to be the next victim...
will you be good and finish the story describe my execution?