Hanging Story I Found in the Internet

Sep 7, 2006
Hanging In The Closet
By Lobo
I am a 21 year old single male. I'm 5' 9", 145 lbs, muscular, with green
eyes, blonde hair
with an all over tan. In my private sex life (read as solo sex life), I enjoy
the sensation of
tying my dick and balls with a strong sash (and other rigging that routes the
sash behind
me to my shoulderblades), attaching the end to the block and tackle I have
attached to the
ceiling in my large walk-in closet I then lie face down on the floor and pull
myself into the
air. I find the sensation both exhilarating and, when combined with my
deliciously threatening. Of course, my fantasies are of a beautiful woman
hanging me by
dick and balls this way. And, I hoped to meet a woman who would be so turned
on by my
fantasy that, she would be willing to do it to me. The problem is, the girls
I have been
dating are pretty conservative. Just talking to them about anything kinky has
been way
too risky. That is, until I started dating Cathy.
I met Cathy at school. Wow, is Cathy ever different from the other girls
I've dated. First,
she's by far the hottest looking woman I've ever dated. She is a "drop dead
beautiful" 20
year old with auburn hair and posture so perfect she has to be a model.
However, she
says she's only 5'8" and that, "models have to be at least 5'10" - like her
older sister Linda
- to go anywhere in modeling these days". She weighs 115 lbs. She stays in
great shape
with weight workouts. Her stomach is muscular and flat. Her legs are
muscular and
beautifully curved. Her breasts are firm and quite large. She fills out her C
cups (she told
me) with lots of her to spare. Second, she dresses to make the most of her
body. I've got
to admit, I got an immediate hard on when she answered the door for our first
date. She
was dressed in a black halter top / mini shorts combo with high heels. Wow! I
still get
hard thinking about that how good she looked! Third, she is very open minded
sexual subjects. Last week, after only three glasses of wine, she brought up
the subject of
sexual bondage fantasies. She said she likes talking about sexual bondage
scenes and
loves fantasizing about what it would be like to do them. She also told me
that she and
Linda, her older sister (and also her roommate), tell each other their sexual
I told her that I have some kinky fantasies of my own. Then I asked her t
tell me her
favorite one. She hesitated then said, "You'll think I'm wicked." "No", I
said, I'm hoping
that you're wicked! "Okay", she said, "I want to tie a good looking man to a
four poster
bed and do 'nasty things' to him". I figured this was the best opportunity I
was ever going
to get so I asked, "are these 'kinky things' rough or soft?" She pulled
herself up to the
table on her elbows and got this incredibly sexy grin on her face. Then in a
low, husky
voice she said, "rough. I wouldn't have to tie him up if he could lay there
without help!"
This conversation was getting me really excited. Did I dare tell my fantasy?
definitely not. I was about to ask her another "beat-around-the-bush"
question when, I
heard her say in her deep, husky voice, "I want to tie a man's balls and pull
them slowly
over and over and over, harder and harder and harder until he's so hot that he
begs me to
pull as hard as I can. And then, of course, I will!"
This was so close to my own fantasy that I couldn't stand it. My neck was
stiff and my
mouth was dry. I could hear my own heartbeat. I thought to myself, "I've got
to ask her!"
I don't know how much time passed while I sat there stupefied, but I heard
her say, "See,
I knew you'd think I was evil ".
I said, "NO!!!! I don't think you're evil". She grinned and then said,
"Okay. Now it's
your turn to tell me your hottest kinkiest fantasy -- and don't leave anything
out." I told
her my fantasy in detail. While she listened, she was sitting on the edge of
her chair. She
licked her lips involuntarily and listened intently to my every word. When I
finished, it
was plain that she was having trouble sitting still. She commented that my
made her very hot and she asked if anyone had ever done it to me. I said "No,
I've done it
to myself but, never been that lucky enough to have a lady's assistance."
Then she asked
what turned me on about the fantasy. I responded, that while I liked the
sensation, I especially liked the idea of being completely at the mercy of a
woman. She said, "I see" then there was a long silence. When she spoke
again, to my
astonishment, she said, "Would you be willing to let me do you like that?" I
said, "Are
you kidding? That's my favorite fantasy. Of course I'd be willing!" We
agreed to go back
to my place and she excused herself to the lady's room. I was both incredibly
nervous and
on cloud 9 at the same time.
Once at my duplex, she had another glass of wine. I wanted to be sure I 'd
have a good
hard-on so I just drank a soda. We spent some time kissing and groping each
other in the
kitchen before going into my bedroom. We were both so nervous we were
shaking. I
undressed in the bathroom. She sat on the bed and waited. I tied my dick and
balls with
the sash and walked back out into the bedroom. Boy was I hard! Cathy was
still dressed.
She saw my all over tan (etc.), and said something about this being even
better than she
thought. I took her by the hand and we went into the closet. I put a belt
under my arms
and explained that the sash went under the belt in the back. She reached
down, grabbed
my tied dick and balls then said, "Lets do it". I laid on my stomach on the
closet floor. I
was facing outward into the bedroom. She tied my left hand to my left foot
then my right
hand to my right foot (her idea). All the while, she made excited little
noises. Then, when
she was finished, she told me how good I looked lying there helpless with my
sticking out between my legs. She gave a long, smooth pull on the sash then
rubbed her
hands over my butt. "This is going to be soooo good!" Her voice was almost a
purr. I
was completely at her mercy and the feeling was terrific.
There was a light knock at the door. I told Cathy to ignore it but she
laughed and said,
"no way". She turned up the stereo and went into the living room to answer the
door. She
was gone a good fifteen minutes. When she returned, she had changed her
She was wearing a pair of black 4 inch high heels, black fishnet stockings, a
silver studded,
black leather collar and a silver studded, black leather harness with straps
that crisis-
crossed across her body. She was bare bottomed exposing the tiny bit of pubic
hair she
leaves when she shaves. Her beautiful breasts protruded through the spaces
defined by the
crossing straps. I have never seen anything so incredibly sexy! As I laid
there admiring
Cathy's perfect form, Another woman walked in behind her! She was carrying a
blocky-looking suitcase and wearing an overcoat. She put the suitcase down on
the bed.
Cathy said, "David, this is my sister, Linda". Cathy must have called her
when she went to
the lady's room at the club. I was acutely embarrassed but there was nothing
I could do.
Addressing Linda, I said, "It's very nice to meet you. You'll pardon me if I
don't get up."
She made a horizontal motion with her left hand at about her nose level and
"That's okay, We'll get you all the way up to here in a few minutes. Then,
I'm going to
give you a big kiss." She obviously knew what Cathy was planning to do with
me and I
must say, I found the idea of these two beautiful women hanging me by my balls
Linda is incredible herself. She is 25 and, although I don't think her face
is quite as
striking as her sister's it is still very beautiful. She is a model. As she
took off her coat she
revealed a body that is nothing short of spectacular. She stands at least 5'
10". She has
flawless skin and unbelievably thick, sandy red hair. While she is not as
busty as Cathy,
her body has a longer and leaner look. Her breasts are full (probably a good
"B" cup) and
her nipples stand up proudly. Linda came prepared. She was dressed in a
shiny black
open front corset that laced only halfway up. It framed her bare breasts,
pushing them up
and together. The effect was magnificent! She wore a matching garter belt
but, no
panties. Nothing to obstruct access to her shaved pussy. She was wearing
black, sheer
stockings which had seams up the back . Then at the end of those incredibly
long, slender
legs were a pair of wicked looking, studded black patent leather 5 inch
Cathy ran the sash between the belt and my back as I had instructed. Then she
tied the end
to the ring on the bottom of the block and tackle. I was so excited, I was
freezing and
sweating at the same time! Cathy said, "He's ready," and stood back. Linda
reached for
the rope and told Cathy, "He looks good tied like that. I think I'm really
going to enjoy
Linda began pulling the rope. The belt tightened across the front of my chest
then I felt
the sash begin pulling my dick and balls backwards, towards my butt. As my
lifted off the floor, the belt slipped down the sash. My back was forced to
arch as the sash
pulled my butt closer to my shoulder blades. I tensed my body to resist the
arching and
my torso began to lift as a unit. I got a strange feeling, almost like
butterflies, in the
lowest part of my stomach as my torso was lifted off the floor. Only my knees
were still in
contact with the carpet. I felt a fair amount of pull on my genitals, but I
was hard, and it
felt really good. Linda pulled again. This time she pulled with her whole
body, and my
knees came off the floor about a foot. Linda's strong pull ended abruptly and
gave me a
good little jerk. It was like riding in one of those older elevators. The
kind that makes
sudden stops as it's going up. The jerk caused the sash to pull back hard on
my dick, and I
could feel the sash stretching from the force of my weight. I moaned and
bounced a little
as I hung there, swinging slowly from side to side. This was the stuff of my
fantasies, and
it really felt great! From behind me, Cathy placed her hands on my thighs to
stop the
swinging. She said, "Ooooh, his cock looks so good like that!" Then, Linda
called for
Cathy to help her with the rope. Both the girls pulled until the two pulley
blocks met just
below the 10 foot ceiling. Each pull gave me that titillating bounce as I
stopped. At the
top, the air was very warm. I was cold so it felt good. Looking out the
closet door, I
could only see the girls from their collar bones down. What a sight! Those
outfits were
incredible! Then, with Cathy standing by my side, Linda lowered me until my
dick was at
Cathy's mouth level. Linda then tied the rope to the bathroom doorknob.
Cathy was all over me, making little cooing noises as she kissed me and rubbed
her cheeks
against my skin. Her warm, soft touch and the tingly feeling of her hair on
my skin was in
sharp contrast to the pressure on my dick and balls. It felt good. It felt
very good. I felt
the silky sensation of Cathy's hair on the inside of both my legs as she
approached my
dick. She said, "Damn, your cock looks good like this -- so nasty I could eat
it!" As she
spoke, I could feel her warm breath puffing against my dick. She began
licking and
nibbling on it. She said, "your skin is so tight!", and, at the same time,
reached up, with
one hand and gave the sash a good jerk. I moaned then she slid her hand down
the sash to
my ass and said, "Linda, it's so solid his cock doesn't even move!". Even
though my dick
and balls were going numb, the sensations were fantastic. Waves of goose
bumps from
her soft ,warm touch swept over me. I couldn't stand it, and began pumping
strongly but
couldn't get any relief. Cathy squealed, "Linda, look! He's cuming, but
nothing's coming
out! This is great! He's going to stay hard 'till we let him down!" She
began to coo and
lovingly stroke my dick with her cheek. I just hung there with my dick
pumping, while
she enjoyed her prize. The pumping subsided and I relaxed my neck. My head
downward, looking at the floor. I swear, there was magic in Cathy's touch.
Then, Linda walked through the closet door and said, "I believe I promised you
a kiss".
With both of her hands, she reached under and behind me, gently running her
through the hair on the back of my head. Then grabbing two fists full of
hair, she placed
her forearms across my shoulder blades, lifted my face and kissed me with a
deep, forceful
kiss. It was the kind of kiss that said, 'I'm in charge, and I'll take you
any way I like'.
After the kiss, she shifted her weight onto my shoulders and pulled down until
my face
was on a level with her breasts. I put my mouth around her left nipple and
started to
suck. As I sucked, Linda groaned and pulled my face tight against her
beautiful chest. It
felt like I was completely possessed by her. Cathy began lightly whipping my
dick and
balls with her leather fringe key chain. My helplessness was really turning
me on! My
dick couldn't get any harder. A strange, butterfly sensation flooded through
the lower part
of my abdomen. It made me want to be taken. I wanted them to totally
possess and
consume me -- and I wanted them to know I felt this way. I gave in, and
totally relaxed.
As my body went limp, my back arched and the sash slipped through the belt
more weight from my chest to my dick and balls. My face was pushed into
Linda's chest
and I poured myself into the exquisite texture of her beautiful breast. I ran
my tongue
around her nipple. I savored her flavor and softness. I softened the muscles
of my face so
that my face sink deeper into her breast. She moaned and softly said,
"yes...yes...yes". I
hung there, limp, consumed by the power these two women held over me. I
wanted or taken a breath since Linda had pulled me to her. My head was
spinning. I felt
extremely light headed. I felt that my body was floating in an ocean of
softness and
stimulation. My mouth longed to suck Linda inside me. I was totally theirs.
I thought,
'they could kill me now, and I would enjoy it'.
Cathy began whipping me harder. Her little whip felt as if it was biting into
my skin, and I
began to awake from my stupor. I took a breath through the corner of my
mouth. Linda
responded by holding me to her more tightly. As she tightened her grip on my
head, I
heard her say, "struggle for me baby". "I want to feel you fight against me!"
"Don't let
me put you out easy." That's when I realized I was supposed to play a game
with her.
She wanted to feel me struggle against her before she let me go! An exciting
game to be
sure, and one I could really enjoy losing.
I tried to take another breath -- it did not come. I opened my eyes and began
to tense my
body. I tried again to get a breath from the corner of my mouth. I wasn't
able to loosen
my face from Linda's soft, warm embrace. Cathy's strokes were coming faster
Much harder too, but now, they were leaving warm, tingling sensations as they
landed. It
felt wonderful. Again, I tried to breathe. I tried to turn my face completely
away from
Linda. I started to really need another breath! My lungs were starting to
burn. I started
to struggle harder as I tried to turn my face. She held me tight. The
burning in my lungs
was getting worse! I heard her tell me, "Damn, I love feeling you struggle!"
I knew I was
doing what she wanted. But, I was feeling extremely light headed again. I
continued to
struggle to get air, but I was pretty weak and a feeling of euphoria was
coming over me.
My struggles slowed, and I began listening to the sounds around me. Linda's
was rapidly intensifying. She sounded like she was approaching an orgasm!
Cathy was
very excited too. I could hear her sucking in air through her teeth before
she made each
stroke. And I could hear her making noises like, "mummm, mummh", after
landing a
particularly satisfying blow. She was hitting down right hard now too. I
could hear the
leather straps zinging through the air and they smacked loudly as they lashed
across my
butt and genitals. Each stroke gave me a sharp zing, then left behind a
sensation of warmth. Euphoria was taking a strong hold on me, and if I didn't
get some
air soon, I'd pass out in Linda's arms. The idea seemed nice -- even
passionate. The
burning in my lungs didn't seem bad at all now. I noticed my lungs had
stopped sucking
for air. My struggling stopped, my eyes closed and I just hung there for
them. Cathy's
strokes stopped. I felt as if I were in a soft cloud. I couldn't move, I
couldn't see, I could
only hear muffled sounds and feel distant sensations. I felt Linda pull my
face off her
breast. Then, after a long pause, I slowly began to breathe again. My
breathing was
shallow. I wasn't in a hurry. I began rapidly gaining strength now. I heard
her say, "Damn
that was good!" then she asked me, "can you still hear me baby?" I nodded
'yes'. "Good.
Do you know what I'm going to do with you now?" I breathed out, and she
pressed my
face back against her breast and held me tight. "I'm going to finish you
off, then we're
going to leave you hanging in the closet by your balls!". Suddenly total
panic swept over
me! I bucked up and down, my weight hitting solidly on my dick and balls. I
around any way I could, swinging around on the end of the sash. Linda still
held me
tightly but, this time I was fighting desperately to breathe.
Cathy squealed, "oh, yeah!" and whipped my dick and balls as hard as she
could. She
grunted with every stroke and I bucked from the sting. Cathy went over the
edge! She
just went wild! She suddenly wrapped her arms around my hips, slammed my
shaft into
her mouth and yanked me backwards as hard as she could. The force drove my
dick deep
down Cathy's throat and, at the same time, jerked me away from Linda. I was
sucking in
air as I felt Cathy's teeth rake down the underside of my dick. I swung
backwards to Cathy
then, forwards to Linda. Linda grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to her.
Again, Cathy
jerked me backwards as hard as she could. But, this time she slipped and her
full weight
fell on her arms. The sash's knot slipped instantly and the sash slammed
closed around my
dick and balls. I felt a 'thud' when the knot slipped to a sudden stop at the
base of my
dick. It created an incredible sensation of pressure in my dick. The feeling
spectacular! I moaned with the extreme pleasure of the sensations while Cathy
rode me as
I swung. She drug her feet along the carpet as I swung back to Linda.
Cathy stood up and rammed my dick back into her mouth. She was wild! I went
over the top. I was cuming really, really hard. I hung there pumping in
Cathy's mouth but
there was no relief. She just kept driving my dick down her throat! Again
and again she
thrust. She was shoving me toward Linda, ramming my dick down her throat by
it. She was fingering herself with her right hand and holding onto the sash
with her left.
With every thrust she made, she gave out grunts and cries of pleasure. Then,
her cries
were silenced as she rammed my dick down her throat. What a marvelous sound!
cries were frantic now, she was cuming hard and she began wildly pumping my
dick up
and down with her mouth. her teeth were out and she was savagely raking them
over my
shaft as she came. She slowed, then stopped, then removed her mouth from my
dick. She
composed herself, reached out and grabbed my shaft with both hands, squeezed
and said,
"Damn, I could get use to this. I could play with you like this all day!"
I needed down badly. The skin at the base of my dick was abraised where the
sash had
supported my weight. My skin was pinched when the knot slipped and I felt
like I had a
ring of fire around the base of my genitals. This had been one hell of a ride
but, it was no
longer providing good sensations. Linda lowered me back onto my knees. Cathy
kissing me all the way to the floor. Once I was on my knees, Cathy pushed me
so that I remained upright. Linda tied off the rope and she and Cathy went
into the
kitchen to get some drinks. Cathy returned with a margarita and a straw for
me. I asked
her to untie me. She said, "nope". I asked, "what's up?" She responded,
"we're not
through with you yet." Then she added, "we're having too much fun!" There
was a lot of
extra tequila and triple sec in that drink and it was bitter. She recommended
that I drink it
fast. I did. She brought me another and I finished it too -- I guess I was
pretty thirsty.
She went back into the kitchen and, after about 10 minutes, both girls
returned. Linda's
face was flushed with excitement and Cathy was absolutely giddy. They had
obviously had
a few drinks while they made their plans. Cathy placed a dish towel over my
eyes as a
blindfold then Linda moved in behind me. I assumed she was going to untie me
instead she pulled my hands together and placed a pair of handcuffs on my
wrists. Then
she slipped something over my head and around my neck. It was a noose! She
pulled it
tight and said, "we played your game, now it's our turn". The rope wasn't
scratchy but
when I started to protest, Cathy touched her hand to my mouth, and said,
"Don't ask.
This, is what Linda likes". Linda attached the other end of the noose to the
block and
tackle. She untied the sash from my very sensitive dick and balls and removed
it from the
rigging. Then, she took her post at the rope. Cathy removed the belt, then
the ropes from
my hands and feet.
Linda pulled the rope up quickly. My legs were stiff and I couldn't get them
under me fast
enough. The noose continued to rise pulling me up by my neck at least part of
the way
until my feet caught up with the rest of me. Linda left me enough slack so
that I could
stand flat footed -- but I wasn't going any where. Cathy removed the
dishtowel, then
retrieved the suitcase and placed it just in front of my feet. "You're not
really serious are
you?", I asked, not yet believing that they actually intended to hang me.
Linda's only
response was to pull the rope again, forcing me to step up onto the suitcase.
From there,
she quickly pulled me up onto my tip toes. It's a wide suitcase, so it was
fairly stable but I
couldn't breathe. "Will we need to gag you?", Linda asked. I shook my head
in reply.
Linda let me down a little then handed the rope to Cathy. I was starting to
feel those
drinks now.
Linda said, "I like him better stretched out like this. Don't you?" "Yeah",
Cathy replied, "I
love his tan." She looked me up and down then told Linda, "He's really
beautiful but,
we've got to do something about that." She was referring to my now limp dick.
said, "Trust me, I don't think that will be a problem for very long." Linda
began caressing
and squeezing my calves while telling Cathy exactly how much higher to pull me
Cathy pulled as instructed and when she stopped, I was way up on my toes. I
pushed up a little bit higher but, not much. I certainly could not relax
without strangling
myself. Cathy tied off the rope then joined Linda. Both the girls stood
directly in front of
me -- looking me up and down, commenting on their prize. They were both
themselves. Wow! What a sight they were!
Linda stepped up to me and began playing with my nipples. It was clear she
liked what
she saw. Her touch made me feel like I was a magnificent sculpture. Both
stroked, squeezed and sucked on me for at least half an hour. By then my legs
extremely tired. Every time I tried to relax, I strangled myself. I was very
light headed
and euphoria was settling in again with it's warm, numbing of sensations. I
was surprised
to find that each time the noose tightened around my neck, I got harder. I
no longer had
a problem with my erection. Cathy told Linda, "I've thought about it and, I
want you to
do him. I'll watch. You play." Cathy went over to the bed, laid back and
began fingering
I watched as Linda seemed to glide over to the rope. She pulled the slack out
so that I
was fully on my tip toes. It was now very hard to breathe. I had to push up
as high as I
could for each breath. In between, I could neither inhale nor exhale. My
neck now
carried quite a bit of my weight. My head was spinning, and noises took on a
Linda stepped up to me and started sucking my dick. She was hot and not at
all gentle!
With everything she did, she seemed to be telling me that she was going to
take anything
she wanted -- whether I wanted it or not. She took me in then, drug her back
teeth over
my shaft and bit down menacingly. She removed her mouth and began to jack me
She pulled and pushed so hard she almost forced me off the suitcase but the
stopped me with a jerk. There was no way I could breathe through this. Then,
she shifted
her attention. She cupped both of her hands around the heel of my right foot
and lifted it
off the suitcase. Then she used her right foot to pivot the suitcase 90
degrees. I would no
longer be able to get my right foot on it. She pulled my right foot between
her legs and
started masturbating herself against my foot and shin. As she did she began
sucking my
dick again. I could push against her hands and breathe better this way, but I
was feeling
very euphoric and starting not to try. She continued humping my leg until she
began to
climax. Cathy was on the bed fingering herself. The look on her face was
wicked. She was looking right into my eyes. She wanted me to hang and she
liked the fact
that I knew that she wanted it! But now, I wanted it too. I wanted to see
the look on
her face as she watched me hang. I wanted to see her enjoy my body dangling
by my
Cathy told Linda, "Ooooh, Sis, he looks so nasty!" Then Cathy looked into my
eyes and
said through sneered lips, "Do him Sis! Hang him for me!" By now, I was use
to the
pressure of the noose and was feeling no pain. I was really turned on. I
looked directly
into Linda's eyes but I could say nothing. Linda looked up at me and said,
"You know,
when I hang you, I'm going leave you up here 'til I'm done with you, don't
you?" As she
spoke, I could feel my dick getting harder and the butterflies returned. I
nodded. "Even if
I decide to watch you die while I cum?" I nodded again. She turned to Cathy
and said,
"He's ready". From the bed, Cathy panted, "OH GOD YES! Hang him, Linda! Hang
now! I want to see him dance! I want to see him kick and struggle. I want
to cum while
he dangles at the end of your rope!" She was already cuming! Her words were
and made me want to hang for her. In a low tone, Linda said, "Then, so be
it!". In one
smooth motion, Linda, released my right leg, reached down and pulled the
suitcase into
the bedroom by its handle. I was hanged! I was swinging by my neck! Cathy
with excitement. There was intense pressure on my throat but I was pretty
numb and it
didn't really hurt that much. The noose was definitely making my dick harder
but, I felt
like I was somehow disembodied from it. I saw Linda working her pussy with
her right
hand and her breasts with her left. Her eyes hungrily looking me up and down,
taking in
the scene as I hanged there before her. My chest was heaving and my legs were
madly. She looked up at me and said, "Damn, you're beautiful like this."
Then she went
back to masturbating in earnest. Cathy was cuming so hard she was almost
She kept saying, "We're really hanging him! We're really hanging him! Damn
this is good!
Damn this is good!" Then she screamed, "Linda! Look at his dick. Look at his
Linda wasn't missing anything, she was already watching my dick. She smiled
and said,
"yeah, he likes it too!"
My head was pounding. My lungs were burning. My legs were stomping like I
was trying
to kick-start an old Harley, but I felt like I was about to cum. No one was
touching me
but, the feeling was overpowering everything else. Then, I saw cum spurting
out into the
bedroom at Linda's feet. I felt an enormous release. I saw Linda watching me
glazed, hypnotized eyes. She was having an extremely deep orgasm. I was
dancing for
her but, my dance was rapidly coming to an end. I was dying before her eyes
-- for her
pleasure. Nothing else mattered to her -- or to me. I may have been hanged to
them, but I was dying to pleasure her. Yes, we understood each other. She
was going to
take it all -- and I was willing. I watched her until my vision faded and I
could no longer
see her. Through the ringing in my ears, I heard her say, "No, don't take him
down. Just
let him hang there. Right now he's mine, and I'm not through with him yet."
The pressure
on my throat no longer seemed painful. I felt completely relaxed. I could
feel my body
rhythmically jerking, but my legs were hanging limp. My body was still trying
to fuck
Linda even as I died. I could still feel the pumping sensation coming from
the base of my
dick. That felt good, and I could feel my hips thrusting forward in rhythm
with the pulses.
I could hear the rope creaking as I swung back and forth, back and forth, back
and .. then everything was black.
Apr 19, 2004
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WOW-- that took my breath away.. Please continue if you have any more stories about them .. what happened next?

Oh PLEASE tell us more, please let him wake up at their mercies...it would be such a waste if they lost their new toy .
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Nov 30, 2004
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Thanks for a good story. I am 65 years old' single and obedient male love the idea that tose two sisters will play with me on their rules, sexy, cruel and deadly will be amused, and merciless to fulfill their fetish deaires. Loved to be the innocent victim to the power of Cathy and Linda. to serve those cruel susters as they would like me to and to suffered an ultimate torture and pain for their amusement.
I love those kinds of stories, Please look and find some more. Even when the male victim could suffer more, being tortured and humiliated before his finnal death dance for them.
If I could be that man....