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Aug 16, 2011
This story is going to be different! I am basing it off of a game called Harshville by Banished. Their game is one that isn't complete yet but is really fascinating. It has a good amount of feet content and has an interesting resource management aspect to it. Each day you can do certain actions, explore more story and try to survive.

I will first be posting the first two days story version and then give my log of what actually happened in the game. I have borrowed a lot of the script straight from the game but I've added changes and commentary from a first person perspective. Please let me know what you think or if you've also played the game and liked it.

[WARNING] This will start a bit slow and foot action won't happen until Day 3.

Day 1 Story:

My name is Harold and I am creating this journal as an outlet. So much in the world has changed it is hard to imagine what it was like six years ago. It is now 2018 and laws and social attitudes would seem alien before the crazy events of that year. If you are reading this I don't know if I'm alive or dead and I rightly don't know exactly what happened to create the crazy world we live in now.

In 2012 my wife left me for a wealthy lawyer and took everything. I was deeply depressed and threw myself into my author work and abused drugs. For six years I struggled and accomplished nothing and honestly all of the crazy events went by unnoticed. I missed the changes in attitude of the rich and poor. I missed the contentious debates about legalizing slavery. I missed a lot.

I finally hit rock bottom, completely broke with no home and no car.

I'm clear of the drugs and now reside in Harshville, a place for the poor and destitute. I just got a job cleaning dishes and the kitchen at a local diner called the Chau House. I don't like it but it's all I have. I'm renting a one room shack and that honestly is where my day began almost right after waking up.

I was ready to face the morning when a sharp knock proceeded the entry of my landlord. A dark haired attractive lady by the name of Shireen. She hadn't even waited for me to answer the door.

"Wow, this place is a real shit hole. I guess that's why YOU live here."

Yeah. She's a real sweet lady.

"What was your name again? I feel like it was something stupid."

"Harold." I replied meekly. Her small rooms were the only places I could afford to live. Everything else was too expensive and it wasn't like homeless shelters existed anymore. I think those were done away with in early 2015 but I can't remember.

"Yeah that's pretty dumb. Well anyway , don't forget your rent is due at the end of every week. 100 bits in my pocket or you're on the street!" She grinned as she said it. I think she would enjoy kicking me out. I did my best to keep a placid smile on my face.

Her eyes locked onto mine. "Understood?"

"Yes, of course." I replied with only a little hesitation.

"Good. See you next week loser."

And then she left me to my tiny room that fit a bed, a sink and a toilet. I didn't even have a proper shower so I had to wash up with a cloth with the sink water. It got the job done but it took time and energy, something that wasn't good. My job was manual labor and I wasn't eating very well. Just another shitty part of my life.

I take stock of what I have. 50 bits and a whole lot of nothing. My shift at the diner wouldn't start for a little while so I had time to check the neighborhood. I noticed someone walking around, she was pretty with striking violet eyes and dark hair that went past the shoulder.

"Hi, I'm Marta are you new in town? Did you need something?"

"Oh not really I'm new here and just wanted to talk." I reply in a friendly manner.

She nods amiably, "I hear you are Shireen's new tenant. How's it going so far?"

I gave a glance and then look down. "Honestly it sucks. I'm not used to living in such a tiny place and the rent is going to be rough to cover every week."

"Yeah Harshville can be tough for newcomers. But you really only have yourself to blame if you can't keep up. If you can survive here there's no limits as to what you can achieve. You did find a job at the restaurant right? You can start there and if you build a positive reputation you'll have more opportunities."

I guess that made sense. I told her I would be working hard and hoped to see her around. I glanced around and saw there were more shacks next to mine but figured I could introduce myself to the neighbors later. I wanted to get some fresh air while I could.

Walking a bit further I ran into a trash heap. A homeless man growled at me and muttered about how it must be nice to be able to sleep indoors. I didn't think he was a threat but moved on anyway. As I stepped away I saw blond woman in front of a set of gates leading up to the nicer part of town. At the time I wondered if I could maybe find other businesses that could pay more than the Chau House.

I approached and she looked me once over and had a bit of a disdainful expression on her face. I saw that she was armed with one of the EZ Tasers. There was also a camera at the gate.

Her voice though was proper and polite, "Hi there, can I help you?"

"Uh why is the gate closed?"

"We can't just let anyone into Pleasantview. That's where I and others of proper society live. You can find coffees shops, nice homes, and the famous Slave Auction."

"Can I check it out?"

She laughed at me, well it was more of a giggle. "Oh hell no, why do you think I'm here? To keep you and other riff-raff out!"

You flushed a little. This was embarrassing. "So there isn't any way I can visit?"

"Nope!" She chirped and then looked me up and down. "Well, there is one other way. If life gets to be too hard for you in Harshville you could always give yourself up and become a slave and we'll sell you at the auction. You'll be fed and given a place to sleep so people choose that fate if they can't survive out here."

Oh yeah, slavery was legal. And the owner of a slave could do anything to them short of death. And rumor had it if you wanted to kill your slave you just had to bribe the right person and say it was accidental. No thanks. I would never be that desperate. I was going to make something of myself, that would not be my fate!

I thanked her for the information and made my way to the Chau House.

My boss was waiting for me with a stern expression on her face. Her elegant robes and expensive earrings contrasted a bit with her rather plain face and minimal makeup.

"There you are! You're late! Go to the kitchen and get to work!"

"Yes ma'am," I replied not daring to challenge her. I was not late but I needed the job, no sense in arguing with the boss lady.

I hurriedly headed to the kitchens to begin my shift. I saw a dangerously thin woman with short hair and purple eyes. She looked at me and mumbled a hello and when I tried to respond she ignored me. Oh well I had more than enough work to do and little time to chat anyway.

The place was a holy mess. Fish parts, dirty food and trash in several places. I had to deep clean the sink with a rag, clean out the ovens, throw the scraps of food away. It was exhausting and I must have worked there for 10 hours taking only a brief restroom break. I had forgotten to pack food and was told curtly that no I could not take some from the kitchen. It was a grueling day.
The boss lady carefully inspected my work. It was a bit nerve racking to stand there fidgeting as someone inspected how well I did. In this town and really all around the world the bosses had full say. If she felt I was lacking I could have my pay docked or even be fired. It was tense but thankfully she found no fault and gave me my 20 bits and told me to go home.

Along the way I was famished but food options were limited. I found a bread seller still open and purchased a few loaves of bread. It cost me 30 bits! I sat down and ate two of them right away. I was so damn hungry. I put the last away and realized that I had to be careful how I ate, between food and rent I wasn't sure I could make it with just my job at the Chau House.

I was almost home when I saw the open sign of the Massage Place. In smaller writing a sight was posted, "Help wanted!"

I wasn't a masseuse but maybe I could learn? Or maybe they needed help running their books or cleaning. Whatever it was I was desperate and figured I should give it a shot. I walked in to speak with the owner.

We talk for a bit and I asked what I could do. "Oh, well actually I handle all my own books and do all the cleaning and advertising. The only thing I would need you to do is provide my clients foot massages."

Foot massage? In my vague recollections back when I was still using drugs I recall hearing how they had become far more fashionable than even regular massages. It seemed a bit demeaning but I'd give it a shot!

"Good, you'll work at will. When you have the time come in. I'll pay you nothing but you get to keep tips."

Wait, what? Nothing? I struggled to stay polite and thanked her for her time. I was fuming when I returned home, it was time to go to sleep in my shitty shack that had no heater or air conditioning. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep by virtue of my sheer exhaustion.

Day 2 Story:

My second day in Harshville. I had slept hard from the difficult work I had to do yesterday. I ate my final loaf of bread and knew I wouldn't have a whole lot of time before work started. I decide to do a quick walk up north to see what I could find, it wasn't Pleasantville but maybe other parts of Harshville had more opportunity?

I saw a young man who was maybe 20 looking gaunt and weak. "Do... do you have any food?" He asked me rather pitifully. If I had food on me I would have wanted to give him some but I knew I probably wouldn't. I needed food myself, I was trying to do the math and realized that it was be nearly impossible to keep myself fed and living under a roof.

"Sorry man." I replied and kept walking.

To my surprise I saw food vendor with a cornucopia of food! Her booth was laden with sushi, chicken, burgers and salad! So much better than the bread I had eaten yesterday. I knew the price would probably be sky high but I had to ask how much they would be.

She shook her head at me. "You can't have this food even if you had money. This here is exclusively for the Black Widows."

"Uh and who are they?"

"You must be new. The Black Widows own Harshville. I'm just a pledge but one day I'll be a full member."

Now I was nervous. Was this some kind of gang? I wanted to stay clear of any legal trouble. If you were poor and accused of a crime, it didn't go well for you! I thanked her for her time and went straight to work.

The boss didn't even respond to my attempt at a cheerful good morning and I went back into the kitchens. There was once again a ton to do but before I got started the thin woman from yesterday approached me.

"H-hi I'm Ellie." She stated nervously. "Sorry for being so shy yesterday. I'm not used to seeing other people in here."

"That's quite all right." I replied.

She looked at me with her oddly colored doe eyes and asked, "Do you like working here?"

"Well, it is better than starving."

Ellie looked forlorn. "I hate it. Kaitlyn makes me clean all day for almost nothing. At least you make a good amount."

I looked a bit confused. Was she making even less than I was? "Why does she pay you so little?"

"Because she can." You saw tears well in her eyes. "She whored me out until she got enough bits to start this place. And here I am."

Ah, now I understood. She wasn't a free person. She was a slave. A modern day slave.

"What happened?" I asked softly.

"I had to sell myself to her when I ran out of money. Jobs are hard to come by, and this place wasn't around yet. I had no choice, I would have died of starvation on the street!" Tears were trickling down her cheeks.

I didn't know what to say. "I'm so sorry that happened to you." I helplessly looked at her and then at the mountain of work I needed to get to. I excused myself and got started.
It was a hellish day and my chat with Ellie was sobering. That... that could be me. I collected my pay and as I turned to leave Kaitlyn stopped me.

"Wait I need to see you in my office. Now." She told me sternly.

I nervously went to her office. She had paid me so she must have thought my work was good enough. Was I being fired? I kept seeing Ellie's thin pale cheeks with soft tears. I needed this job!
I stood at attention and waited. She looked me over and smiled.

"Thanks for coming. I'm not sure if you've learned this yet, but you're my most expensive employee." Really? I didn't like where this was going. "I know how hard it is out there, but this place isn't charity. People have to earn their keep."

She paused and looked at me directly in the eye.

So... if you want to keep working here, I need you under my desk."
"Under your desk?" I asked hesitantly.

"Are you fucking deaf?" She yelled at me and slammed her hand on her desk. "Yes, under my desk. Unless you don't want to work here anymore."

Shit! Shit! I remember thinking there was no way I could survive without this job. I hadn't tried working at the foot massage place so had no clue if people tipped well enough for me to afford food and rent. I had no choice.

"OK, OK I'll do it!"

Smiling sweetly she gestured. "Good. Don't keep me waiting."

I pulled aside the small curtain that was on her desk and knelt under the table. To my surprise she was naked from the waist down. Her naked pussy was visible as she opened her legs.

"I don't have to tell you what to do, now do I?"

No she didn't, I knew what was required of me in order to keep my job. I opened my mouth and put my tongue on her pussy. It was already wet. I assume her forcing me to do this, the very thought of controlling another human being's fate had aroused her. As I pushed my tongue into her mound and began my oral service she let out a small moan.

"Mmm... good boy.."

After several minutes of licking she grew more and more excited. Her hand came down under her desk and grabbed at the back of my head. She pulled on my head, forcing my nose into her crotch as well. I began to lick faster as with both airways pressed against her it would be difficult to breathe! The increased efforts of my tongue soon pushed her into a climax. She yanked on my hair and ordered me to swallow her juices, I of course did so. She pushed my head away and I caught my breath.

"You can get up now." I crawl out from under the table and look at her. I must have been a sight with a face full of her juice and still red from the lack of air at the end.

"Not bad, I could get used to this."

I looked down, I was ashamed. Had I really just whored myself to my boss for this shitty job? "Um, OK." I reply stiffly.

"You'll learn your place soon." Her eyes glittered with anticipation and that worried me. "Now get out of my office, bitch!"

I hurriedly left.

I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to be Kaitlyn's bitch! I didn't even find her that attractive and her superior attitude and horrible personality rubbed me the wrong way. Her smugness reminded me of my ex-wife's expression when the judge granted her everything.

That was it. Tomorrow I was going to wake up early and go see if I could scrounge up tip money. Maybe I could survive off of it... somehow.

Day 1 Game:
Start of the Day!
100 Food
100 Stamina
50 Bits
0 Reputation
Buy 3 Bread for 10 bits each.
At Restaurant:
Clean Sink - 20 Stamina
Wipe Down Stove - 10 Stamina
Clean Countertop - 15 stamina
Clean 2nd Sink - 20 stamina
Nightfall -30 Hunger
Work Reward+20 Bits +5 Reputation
Ate 2 bread.

End Day 1: 100 Food, 35 Stamina, 40 Bits, 5 Reputation 1 Bread

Day 2 Game:
Slept: -15 Food, +75 Stamina +2 Reputation
85 Food
100 Stamina
40 Bits
7 Reputation
At Restaurant:
Clean Sink - 20 Stamina
Wipe Down Stove - 10 Stamina
Clean Countertop - 15 stamina
Clean 2nd Sink - 20 stamina
Nightfall -30 Hunger
Work Reward+20 Bits +5 Reputation
Encounter with Kaitlyn, Licked her Pussy - 20 Reputation.
Ate 3 bread.

End Day 2: 100 Food, 35 Stamina, 30 Bits, -8 Reputation 1 Bread
May 10, 2006
Really like this story so far. Well written. Hope to see abuse and foot worship by many women on our "hero".


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Aug 8, 2004
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Glad people are enjoying the story. Here is the next day.

Day 3 Story:

I woke up determined. I would not end up like Ellie. I was going to make something of myself! As I left my home I saw Marta walking around. Seeing her I waved hello but she rolled her eyes and ignored me. What the hell? We had a cordial conversation just a couple of days ago. Well I was not going to let that worry me, time to see how well this second job could assist my financial situation!

I stepped in and was told to sit on a small stool in front of a large plush chair. I had to wait there until a customer arrived. Fortunately it didn't take long.

I was surprised, it was the blond girl guarding the gate to Pleasantville!

"Hello Danica! You're just in time, I have a new masseuse. He's new in town." Ah apparently her name was Danica I had failed to get that earlier.

Her expression dropped a bit. "Really? I was looking forward to a massage from you though."

"If I don't have to work though... you know?"

"Ok ok, I get it. One of the perks of being a successful business woman is not having to get your hands dirty. I understand completely. Well I hope this new boy is good."
I saw her put down a 100 bits. I did a massive double take, one hundred bits? That was my entire rent for the week! It was going to the boss and I could end up with nothing if I didn't do a good job. This was so unfair.

The blond took a seat in the comfortable chair and extended her left foot to me. I took off the shoe, carefully. I didn't want to mess this up!

"Sorry for the sweat, I've been running errands all day."

She wasn't kidding! They were pretty ripe I could see rivulets of sweat on them. The smell twisted my expression against my will. Without even thinking about what I was saying I replied, "You couldn't shower before coming?"

Her expression changed in an instant and I knew I had royally screwed up.

"Excuse me? Some of us have actual jobs to go to and don't have time to laze about all day!"

I try to apologize but the boss interjects and says, "It's ok, we have wash basins. He'll wash your feet before the massage."

"Good maybe that'll teach him to respect his betters."

I kept my mouth shut and looked away from her angry gaze. I got on with it and took off her other shoe and placed her feet in the basin filled with mineral water. I carefully and thoroughly clean each foot, the basin starts to turn a brownish color from the dirt and sweat.

"You can start rubbing them now. Be deep and thorough." She commanded haughtily.

I obeyed and take up her foot and begin rubbing and kneading it. Danica let out a content sigh and I'm pleased my ministrations are working. I take my time, I had been told she would be here for an hour. I try to rub various parts and listen to queues as to what she seems to like. Her eyes close as she relaxes while I slave over her pretty bare feet.
I suppose I should say now that I am not interested in feet but I also do not have phobia of them. I found this task demeaning and a bit humbling, especially with her attitude but if she could tip me well, I could tolerate it.

After a long hour the owner indicates the hour is finished.

Danica let out a pleased noise and stretched. "That was fun, let's do it again some time." She was about to walk away and leave! Was she not going to leave a tip?

Fearful of having suffered through that for nothing I asked politely, "May I have a tip?"

She looked at me and thinks for a moment and my heart clenched. "I suppose it was worth something despite your earlier rudeness." She hands you ten bits and leaves.

"That's all I have for today. Don't ever disrespect my customers again. You got that?"

"Yes ma'am, I'm sorry." I reply and hastily leave. I still had time to get to my normal job. I was 10 bits richer, that could get me another loaf of bread. It was off to my second job next.

I was damn exhausted after working at as a foot masseuse and then cleaning the kitchens. As I walked toward my home I spotted Marta and I recalled her earlier attitude that morning. Wondering what was up I approached her.

She saw me and scowled. "It's late, don't you have somewhere to be?"

"Marta, did I do something wrong? I thought we got off on the right foot and..."

Her laughter cut me off. I looked at her questioningly.

"There are two types of people in the world Harold. There are those who succeed and make something of themselves and then there are those who are destined to grovel on the ground before their betters. It's pretty clear which one you are."

I flushed red. What the hell? "Why are you saying that? I've been busting my ass working, I even did two jobs today!"

More laughter. "Yes, go on and tell me how much pride you take in being below your betters and massaging their feet. Or I know let's hear about how your such a good little whore for Kaitlyn."

I stopped dead in my tracks. She knew about what Kaitlyn had me do? Did my bitch of a boss brag about it around time?

"I can see your confusion as your pea sized brain tries to figure it out. There isn't a lot to do in Harshville for fun, but we do like our gossip. We like to talk about who stands out and is someone who might go places and we love to talk about the losers who are destined to give themselves up as slaves or die starving in the streets."

The way she talked about slavery or death like it was what I deserved stunned me. What was wrong with everyone? This wasn't right, this wasn't humane.

"I like the look of shock and worry on your face. You know it will happen to you, don't you. You know this is your fate. But hey if you get desperate enough ask me for food one night and I'll let you demonstrate your absolute worthlessness for a meal. Now get lost unless you want to get on your knees and beg for food right now."

I scowled at her. "Fuck you!" I stalked off angrily and went straight to bed after finishing a loaf of dry bread.

Day 3 Game:
Slept: -15 Food, +75 Stamina +2 Reputation
85 Food
100 Stamina
30 bits
-6 Reputation
Ate 1 Bread, Food 100
Massage Danica's Feet - 15 Stamina, - 20 Danica Romantic Interest - 10 Reputation +10 bits
Clean Sink - 20 Stamina
Wipe Down Stove - 10 Stamina
Clean Countertop - 15 stamina
Clean 2nd Sink - 20 stamina
Nightfall -30 Hunger
Work Reward+20 Bits +5 Reputation
Purchased 3 Bread
Ate 2 Bread
End Day 3: 100 Food, 20 Stamina, 30 Bits, -11 Reputation 1 Bread
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Aug 8, 2004
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I'm glad this has gotten a positive reception! Banished just released 1.0 of the game at the $2 tier on their patreon so you can get everything that's been released so far. I'd encourage anyone who wants to see more femdom oriented games to consider supporting. :)

On to more story!

Day 4: Story

I woke up still angry from the other day. I only had 30 bits and one loaf of bread to my name. I realized with dawning horror that I actually had less than when I started with on day 1! Rent was due in just a few days and I had no way to pay it. I needed to make 70 bits but I also needed to eat. I paced in my room worried sick to my stomach. I didn't want to starve or get thrown out. I needed more bits!

Determined to do the best I could a the massage parlor I stepped out and ignored Marta's smirk as she saw me walk in. I hated her so much at that moment. I tried to keep my anger off my face as I sat down on the small stool and waited for a customer. I worriedly looked at the clock after 30 minutes, no one had shown up and I still needed to work at the Chau House.

Finally the doors opened and a muscular woman walked in. She was wearing very little clothing, it wasn't quite as revealing as a swimsuit but her top and bottoms left little the imagination. She wore sandals and walked up with a confident stride.

"Hey time to unwind!" Her voice was boisterous and strong. She intimidated me a bit.

The boss let her know that you were new.

"Hah that's Shireen's new tenant right. I'll take the special."

Marta was right, the entire damn town were nothing but gossips.

"You know that's quite expensive right?" The owner asked carefully.

"I just won a fight in Glitzworld, I deserve it!"

Glitzworld? Hadn't heard of that, maybe it was Pleasantville somewhere.

"Of course Sandra, your boy is waiting."

She kicked off her sandals and sat down. "Looks like I have you for three hours."

Wait, three hours? I would definitely be late to the Chau House. I didn't dare speak up though I couldn't survive only on the Chau House income, I needed this too. Hopefully I
could explain to Kaitlyn...

The owner brought the basin and the client rested her rather large feet and let out a contented sigh.

"Now this is service."

"Thank you ma'am." I reply politely.

This time I didn't handle both feet, the owner of the place was washing one I quickly began on the other. I looked up and saw Sandra smirking down at me.
After the detailed wash is done we dried her feet off with clean towels.

"And now for the massage, get deep in there now."

I obeyed and pushed harder with my hands than I had for Danica. I had a good view of her toned legs, she clearly worked out and was far more athletic than myself.
"It's great when you find people who know their place at a warrior's feet."

She must be some sort of fighter, maybe a boxer or someone who did cage brawls? A lot of things were now legal and I could recall brutal fights that often left people crippled or worse. If she won those regularly she much be well off. I rub for what seems like an eternity but took my queue from my boss. My hands were actually hurting from massaging for so long.

Finally something changed, but not for the better! My boss, the other attendant lifted the client's foot to her mouth and slowly licked up and down the foot from heel to toe!

What? This was the special? I felt sick, this was way more than just a foot massage!

"Oh yes, that's right. Such a good girl." She glanced at you. "Hey, you too genius. Mouth on foot."

I was speechless for a moment but under her eyes I knew I had to do it. If I didn't I couldn't work here again. If I didn't I would get no tip. I was already going to be tired coming to work I couldn't have nothing to show for it! And besides, at least her feet were clean right? I was just justifying it to myself but I did it. I began to lick her feet.

"It's good to be me!"

This went on for at least 20 minutes. Now my hands, arms AND tongue were getting tired.

"I want to see you both make out with one foot at the same time." Sandra ordered with a smirk.

I was bright red at this point. The client adjusted her position so her foot was more horizontal. The boss took the heel and began swirling her tongue around it while I took the big toe in my mouth and used my own tongue to massage it.

"Wow, so good."

At least she was happy... I proceeded to suck on each toe individually.

"Have you done this before?" She looked at me while stating it and when I tried to respond she pushed her toes into my mouth fully, effectively muffling my response.

"Actually don't bother answering just keeping suck that foot, boy."

This went on for quite some time and I felt my mouth getting sore from her treatment. She wasn't overtly rough but her nails sometimes clipped my tongue or cheek and it took work to remain in that position.

Finally the boss indicated time was over and we gently removed her feet from our mouths, dried them off and placed them in her sandals.

"Here you go." Sandra said and handed me 40 bits. I thanked her and took the money. I don't know if it was worth it but that may have just saved me.

After that ordeal I rushed over to the Chau House. I didn't see my boss anywhere so went to the kitchens right away. I was greeted with the sight of my boss standing over Ellie while she was eating from a bowl off the ground.

"Enjoying the dog food?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Yes Mistress." I could hear her making slurping noises and I gagged. She was making Ellie eat dog food??

Your boss gave you an icy smile. "Have you met my pet Ellie? I'm sure you have. She was starting to look anorexic so I'm giving her a treat!"

I felt sick to my stomach.

I didn't know what to say I just looked on awkwardly.

"It would be a shame if someone lost their job for being late and ended up like her. Wouldn't it?"

"I'm sorry it's just that..."

"Hush I don't care. Get your work done, I'm going to go count my money."

She left and I looked stunned as Ellie continued eating.

"Are you really going to finish that?" She looked up to me, some of the wet dog food was dribbling down her chin.

"I have to. I was so hungry I don't normally get more than a few scraps. I'm so grateful Mistress Kaitlyn gave me more today!"

I trembled. I'm so scared at this point. This was my future if I didn't get it together. This was a nightmare. Despite being tired from the last few days of work and the lengthy three hour foot session I finished all that was required of me in the nick of time. I was utterly exhausted. I stumbled out of the kitchen and saw Kaitlyn.

"Instead of bits here is some bread. Next time you're late you'll get nothing."

I took the bread with shaky hands and left the Chau House. I mechanically ate two loaves of bread and hit my bed and instantly fell into an exhausted slumber.

Day 4 Game:
Slept: -15 Food, +75 Stamina +2 Reputation
85 Food
95 Stamina
30 bits
-6 Reputation
Foot Massage - +10 Friendship with Sandra, -30 Stamina +40 Bits -10 Reputation
Clean Sink - 20 Stamina
Wipe Down Stove - 10 Stamina
Clean Countertop - 15 stamina
Clean 2nd Sink - 20 stamina
Nightfall -30 Hunger
Work Reward - 3 Bread
Eat 3 bread
End Day 3: 100 Food, 0 Stamina, 70 Bits, -19 Reputation 1 Bread


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Nov 13, 2009
it is really a great game, been playing for some weeks now, it is amazing so far, some girls are very cruel, very good idea to make it a story, i enjoy reading it, can't help but wonder, what you will, and what you won't tell haha.


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Aug 8, 2004
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it is really a great game, been playing for some weeks now, it is amazing so far, some girls are very cruel, very good idea to make it a story, i enjoy reading it, can't help but wonder, what you will, and what you won't tell haha.
I'm excited to see what they will do next. With their latest goal reached Banished is going to do some animations which I'm really looking forward to.


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Aug 7, 2002
i tried to play this game...it seems stupid but how can I eat? I bought bread but i was not able to eat, so I starved to death immediately :O Nice game btw


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Aug 8, 2004
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i tried to play this game...it seems stupid but how can I eat? I bought bread but i was not able to eat, so I starved to death immediately :O Nice game btw
Open up the menu and go to items and select bread.

Edit: You don't start with bread, but it from the side outside of your home off to the side.


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Aug 8, 2004
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As a reminder this is a fan fiction work so not every scene that I write about will be in the game. I'll also be missing several scenes that are currently in the game because my play-through won't take me to that part of the story.

Day 5 Story:

My sleep was troubled. My body may have been exhausted but my anxiety and stress over my circumstances had never been higher. I couldn't remember my dreams fully but I dimly remember the feet of Danica and Sandra, the faces of Marta and Shireen and maybe others too. I woke up shivering, I was in a cold sweat.

As I slowly got ready for the day I felt like weeping. How was I going to survive? I couldn't go do massages early in the morning if Kaitlyn was going to be watching for me to be on time. And I didn't think I could survive on the pittance that she paid me. I paced and paced until I absolutely had to get to work.

I entered into the Chau House on time and headed to the back. Despite how achy I was I made sure I got everything fully cleaned. Ellie was her usual quiet self and I couldn't get the sight of her gratefully eating dog food out of my mind. I avoided her, call me a coward but I couldn't face her and think that this could be my future.

I collected my pay, real money this time, another 20 bits. It would only pay for two loaves of bread but I could maybe go hungry for a bit in order to make it to rent time. As I was walking away Kaitlyn called me back.

"Not so fast. I'd like you in my office but I need to finish up some things so why don't you wait patiently on your knees under my desk."

I swallowed thickly. Not this again. But I needed this job, she had me by the balls and we both knew it.

"Yes ma'am."

I went and crawled under her desk and knelt there, waiting. It had been a typical grueling day so I was already exhausted. Minutes crawled by and I nearly sobbed in frustration. I just wanted to lay down and sleep. After what seemed like forever but was probably only around an hour she came in and sat down.

This time she was clothed. "All right boy, I heard from Sandra that you weren't half bad at worshipping feet. Why don't you take your time and lick them properly."

I bit back on the words I wanted to say as I gently lifted her foot removed her first shoe. She was wearing sensible flats, however she wore no socks with them and the pungent odor told me she had been wearing them all day.

This time there was no basin of water to clean the feet off before they were serviced. It was just going to be my mouth. Feeling utter self loathing and despair I began to lick her foot with my tongue. I could taste the salty residue of her sweat as I lapped at them.

"You do this far better than that stupid chit Ellie. Maybe I'll have you tutor her next time!" She laughed at her idea as she stuffed her toes into my mouth.

I sucked on each one and swirled my tongue around as I had done with Sandra's feet. I bathed every inch of her nauseating feet and felt my spirits dwindle ever further. I couldn't stand the thought of having to do this regularly .

I serviced her another hour there on my knees before she was done with me.

"I won't make you eat me out, your mouth is probably filthy after all of that. I guess I'm going to let Ellie eat something today after all." Her nasty barb left me fuming. What she was doing to her slave was cruel beyond measure.

"Yes ma'am" was my response as I hurried out.

I stumbled home and ate the last loaf of bread I had. I was still hungry but I couldn't bring myself to move anymore, not with my body this tired and my joints that achy from being on my knees for nearly two hours.

I had one more day to get enough money. I had no food left but I only needed 10 bits. I could do this.

Day 5 Game
Slept: -15 Food, +75 Stamina +2 Reputation
85 Food
75 Stamina
70 bits
-17 Reputation
1 Bread
Clean Sink - 20 Stamina
Wipe Down Stove - 10 Stamina
Clean Countertop - 15 stamina
Clean 2nd Sink - 20 stamina
Nightfall -30 Hunger
Work Reward+20 Bits +5 Reputation
Eat 1 Bread
End Day 5: 70 Food, 10 Stamina, 90 Bits, -12 Reputation 0 Bread