hd clips, where?

Apr 23, 2007
can anyone give some links to sites or clip stores that sell hd wmv trampling, crushing, footworship and giantess stuff.
managed to hook my xbox up to the computer and a can get 52" hd clips off my computer
Aug 10, 2002
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many producers on clips4sale use HD cameras now. But they will still post the smaller versions for people with slow internet connections. It is easy to figure out which ones are bigger by looking at the size of the file. If it is 5 minutes long and is 60 MB or larger, than it is probably a HD version.

Also, many producers will simply state that the clip is HD, so download those.

Sara films everything in HD, but also posts smaller versions for the clients with slow internet connections. Her HD clips are posted as M4V format with the largest file size. Note that there are IPOD versions that are smaller. M4V files can be viewed only with ITunes. So if you see clips of that version you would need to download PC version of ITunes if you have a PC, or if you have a Mac, not only are you smart but you have it already. You can view M4V files in full screen and it looks great.

With microsoft formats you should look for HD advertised or very large file formats. But i believe that many if not most sites have HD versions now.

Sara has lots of trample videos on large format M4V here:


She has posted a few new ones recently that include lots of hardcore pain if you are into that.

Good luck with your search.


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Apr 23, 2007
cheers flat face for the big response but i knew all that, im just looking for clips that are windows media just now as that is all that plays through the xbox via the wireless network, the best quality clips i have are from lady joannes site and toejac.com/clips, anyone suggest anymore