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Jan 18, 2010
can anyone help/ the story was about two girls and i think the girl's brother was caught sniffing her panties so the other one teaches her how to dominate him because men love the smell. at one point in the story she makes a big deal about teaching the other girl the queening technique which is reverse bare ass facesitting
Jan 10, 2007

(Story Provided By Doc)

"And that's about the long and short of it" - Said Helen. "I always leave my worn knickers from College wrapped in my tights. Then I get showered, freshen up and I'm straight out to work at the shop. It's only in the last couple of months that I started to notice someone had been messing with them. At first I thought it was Mum. But that was silly because She'd just put them in the laundry basket. "Go on" - Said Nanette. "Well, you know how you just bundle them up so that your knickers are wrapped in your tights?" - She looked at Nanette, who nodded. She knew what her friend was saying. "A few times when I went to put them in the laundry basket, they were separate, you know, just too easy to pull apart. It was almost as if someone had pulled them apart, turned them the right way round and just folded them back into my tights. Weird, don't you think? "No". - Said Nanette. "They all do it" "What do you mean, THEY all do it?" - "THEY all do WHAT?" - She asked, confused. "Sniff our knickers. Ninety-nine percent of Boys dream about sniffing our knickers" - Said Nanette, as if quoting a well-known fact that only Helen was un-aware of. "I bet you that it's Kevin". "Kevin? - Sniffing my knickers? - You must be joking! - Why would Kevin be sniffing MY KNICKERS!" - Helen was bewildered by what her friend had just suggested. "Look Hell, let me explain. I had the same thing with my dear younger brother. So did Sue. A few of the other Girls have mentioned it about boyfriends as well, they ALL do it". "Good God! - Its disgusting. Did you tell your Mum?" - Asked the now very shocked Helen. "No way. You have to either sort it yourself or get someone else to do it" - Said Nanette. "How do you mean, sort it yourself or get someone else to do it? - How?" - Her friend was speaking in riddles. "You use it to your advantage. We call it THE POWER." - Said Nanette. She could see that Helen, although confused, was fascinated. "What power" - Asked Helen. "Come on Nan, stop talking silly!" - She was becoming frustrated. "The power to make them do what YOU want them to do, when YOU want them to do it" - Said Nanette. "How do you do that. Hypnosis, or death threat?" - Said Helen sarcastically' Nanette smiled. "It's much easier than that. Look, let me explain. Promise you'll hear me out before you rubbish what I'm saying?" "Ok, go on, I'm all ears" - Helen said sarcastically, though sitting to attention. "Firstly, they, that's the Male of the species, LOVE our scents. Sweet pussy and bottom scents in abundance are what we Girls are ALL blessed with. We all have different scents, but to the weak willed, hard cocked Male, a Woman's scent is a drug. From Oprah to Kate Moss, the effect on them, if they were blindfolded would be the same - Hard cocks!" -

Nanette had Helen bemused. She had never heard or seen her friend behave like this. Nanette continued. "The secret is not to make them stop, but to make them actually CRAVE your scents. When you get them to that stage, you've made it. No more worries. They will do anything for you , trust me, I mean ANYTHING! - Shall I continue?" - She could see that Helen was hooked. "Go on, I'm listening" - Helen was transfixed, Her expression said to Nanette `Get on with it`. "There are four of us at College who have younger Brothers, none of who are any trouble. Have you noticed?. Think about Sue, Liz, Carol and I. Which of us have annoying younger Brothers? - Answer? - None of us. Granted they used to be, but that was before"

Nanette stood up and walked to the window. "Shall I tell you why none of our potentially embarrassing younger Brothers are any trouble?" - She turned and looked at Helen. Helen nodded once more. Captivated by the presentation being given by her friend. "Because they all were treated with the power, that's why. - Shall I tell you how?" - Asked Nanette, knowing that the answer would be in the affirmative. "Knicker smothering. The young louts in question have all been knicker smothered." - Nanette waited, allowing her words to be taken in. She continued........................

"The first times always the best. When a Girls knickered pussy and bottom drop onto their face, they never know when or even if they'll get to breath again. They hate it and fight like hell. They can never get a girl off though, not if she WANTS to stay on. The more worn the knickers, the stronger the scent, the more devastating the effect. After twenty minutes of being knicker smothered, I've seen hard ons that could burst zips!"

"You on their face." - Whispered Helen, her heartbeat increasing. The thought of what her friend had just confided both shocked and excited her. She realised that her hand had moved down to her pussy. "You sit on a boys face?" - Her glazed eyes met Nanette's smiling face. She had not been slow to notice Helens hand. "That's right. They HATE IT to start with, later on they would pay to suck your knickers". - Grinned Nanette. "Nan, how can you say things like that. I couldn't sit on my Brothers face, it's just not right." - Helen was more than uneasy at the thought of sitting on any part of her brother. But his face.......

"That's why we help each other out. Carol was very worried about doing it to Andy, so I did it for her. After two or three smother sessions with me, she took over. I wouldn't DARE tell you what she does to him now, and she NEVER wears knickers. Even I think it's a bit naughty, but what the hell." - Said Nanette. "So, what would you do about Kevin?" - Asked Helen. "Would you like me to sit him first?, You could watch if you wanted to"- Nanette took control. "Oh yes.......but when........where............I mean how?" -

Helen was becoming nervous. "We plan a day when your parents will be out for at least a couple of hours. Make sure that He's going to be in and leave the rest to me. I must have at least a days notice to get my knickers ready." - Nanette added, thinking aloud. "What do you mean?"- Asked Helen, inwardly dreading the answer. "I like to give them a little treat. If I knew that we were going to do it tomorrow for instance, then I'd wee a little into my knicker gusset, so that my special scents have got a day or so to dry and mature. When I came to sit him, he'd want me off as soon as I settled down on his face. But that's the best bit. The struggle. It's like breaking in a horse. When you've ridden out the struggles, he's YOURS! - Riding a guy's face always makes me come"

"Nan! - How can you be so rude. Do you know what you've just said?" - Asked Helen, slightly alarmed at Nanette's matter of fact attitude to her impending task. "You've come, on a boys face?" "Lots of times. Wait until you try it, you'll see. I'll remind you about today, don't you worry. You see, when you get on top of a Guys face, it just feels right. Their noses were made to fit into our bum cheeks." - Nanette was in her element. After all, she was the expert.

"You can't put his nose near your bottom, that's disgusting!" - Exclaimed Helen, worried now about what she was getting into. "It's not disgusting Hell. It's a come gush. Sue says it's called Queening. You sit backwards, facing their feet. It makes sense really. It even looks like you're sitting on a throne. I never thought of myself as royalty until now. I often wondered if Princess Di ever did it to Charlie. - What a thought." - Nanette's mind wandered. "You can't Queen them first though" - Said Nanette. "It's too much for them. You have to front sit them first time, otherwise they panic. You see, with a front sit you can look down into their eyes, reassure them that you WILL let them up" - Helen shuddered.

Two weeks later the day arrived. It was a Saturday evening. Helens parents had left their monthly bridge evening, leaving Helen and Kevin at home. Soon after the car had pulled away, Helen telephoned Nanette, who immediately came around. As usual, Kevin was in his bedroom playing cd's. He was oblivious to the tap on the downstairs window. Helen opened the door quietly and let her friend in. "All quiet?" - Asked Nanette. "Yes, he's upstairs playing music. What are you going to do?" - Said Helen curiously. "A Mechanics experiment, trust me" - Said Nanette." I've got an EXTRA special treat for Kevin."- She added with a mischievous grin. "What sort of treat?" - Asked Helen. "Promise that you won't go all prudish on me and I'll tell you." "Why should I go prudish?" - Asked Helen. "There's no reason that you should, but you might. Now, will you promise?" Helen thought for a second. "Ok, I promise"

"Good" - Said Nanette, smiling broadly. "Well, you know I talked about scents and their being given time to `mature`?" - She looked straight at Helen. "I remember" - Said Helen, feeling as though she was in the middle of a college test. "I put these knickers on yesterday morning" - Said Nanette. She lifted her short red skirt, proudly displaying her knickers. "As special treat for your brother, not only did I have them on ALL day yesterday and all day today, but I also slept in them last night." - Nanette beamed. Helens mouth dropped. "You mean that you've had THOSE knickers on for TWO DAYS?" "And one night" - Added Nanette. "Don't worry, he won't complain after a while, and besides, I'll leave my tights on for his first sit."

Helen was bewildered. But she had come too far to stop now. She WAS curious to see what Nanette would do to her brother. The thought of Nanette sitting on Kevin had kept her awake the previous night. "Give me five minutes, then come up to his room. Don't come in if you don't want to. You can always watch from the door. Five minutes, no more, no less, ok?" "Ok" - Replied Helen nervously.

Nanette stood outside Kevin's door, listening to the repetitive beat of techno music. She knocked and walked straight in. "Hi Kev, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could give me a hand" - Nanette said without hesitating. Kevin stood facing her, open-mouthed. No girl other than Helen had ever been in his room. He had only ever spoken to Nanette twice, and so her familiarity took him aback. "What.... can I do?" - Asked Kevin, unsure of what his reaction should be. "It's a sort of experiment. Some of the girls at College have finished theirs, but I need to catch up. You'll have to trust me though Kev, will you do that?" - Her best pout ensured that he would. "Ok" - Said Kevin. She was very nice, and he was too polite to say no.

"Ok, first you have to lie on the carpet" - Said Nanette. "Why" - Asked Kevin, frowning, more than a little confused. "Oh Come on Kev, you said you `d trust me" - Her eyes teased, then pleaded with him. "Is it ok if we put the music off for a while? - Quiet is important if it's to work properly" "Ok"- He said turning the cd off. He relaxed a little. "Thanks Kev" - She beamed him a smile. "Now, you need to lie very still, then pick a point on the ceiling to look at. Tell me when you're ready" "I'm ready" - Said Kevin. - "Ok, now without taking your eyes off it, point at the spot on the ceiling"- Said Nanette. Kevin held up his left arm and pointed. "Good. Now stay concentrated and don't take your eyes of the point, keep pointing so that I can focus as well"

Nanette walked over to where Kevin lay, all the time pretending to focus on the spot at which he was pointing . It was a spot directly above his head. Nanette stood at the side of his head, looking up at the mysterious point. "Good Kev. Now keep concentrating, really focus in on the point" - She had him.

Nanette knew that Kevin's focus was now two fold. Firstly on the ceiling point, because he still thought that she was serious about her experiment. Secondly to the stunning sight of her white knickers, contrasting with the harsh red of her skirt, which was on full display above his head. Nanette suddenly looked down at him. His eyes met hers. "Oh Kevin, your eyes should be on the point. I can't do the experiment if you don't concentrate properly. What was it distracted you.?" - She looked deep into him. His flushed face confirmed to Nanette that she had been looking elsewhere. She gave him no chance to answer. "Can we try again?" - She said. He nodded, relieved that she had not noticed him looking up her skirt.

Nanette stepped astride Kevin, her legs straddling his chest. She reached up on her toes and pointed. "Is it about there Kev?" - She said. "Ye...s" - He replied. Nanette dropped back onto the ball of her feet and looked down at Kevin. "Good. For one minute I thought that you were looking up my skirt, you wouldn't do that would you?" "" - Came the stuttering reply from Kevin. "That's good. Because you know if you did look up my skirt, I would have to tell your Mum and Dad." "I didn't.........honestly, .......I didn't look" - Blurted Kevin. They stared at each other. "I'll give you one question and only one. It you get it wrong I tell your Mum and Dad that you were looking up my skirt. If you get it right, I won't tell them a thing, ok?" Kevin nodded. "Now Kev. If you eyes leave mine at any time before you answer, you lose, ok?"- Nanette had taken over. "Ok" - Said Kevin. Thoughts of his Parents being told that a girl had been in his bedroom when they were out were enough. To add to that accusations of him looking up a girls skirt were unthinkable.

"Look at me and remember, don't look away" - Said Nanette, concentrating his mind. Their eyes fixed on each other. "Right. One question. What colour are my knickers?" - Asked Nanette. The panic which set in told her all that she needed to know. Kevin would never be the same again. His life was about to be changed forever. Nanette had the power. His face flushed. He wanted to look away in embarrassment. He knew that he couldn't. Nanette smiled. "Colour?" "White" - Whispered Kevin. "Good Kev, right answer. My legs are getting tired, may I have a sit down?" - Asked Nanette. Kevin was relieved. Thank goodness for that. "Yes" - Said Kevin, a little more relaxed. His complexion was returning to it's original pasty colour. "Thanks" - Said Nanette. She smoothly lowered herself onto his chest. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" - Demanded Kevin, not for one minute thinking that she meant ON HIM.

"I'm sitting on you Kev. Now either you like it, or you're saving that hard on that I noticed earlier for a rainy day" Kevin was stunned. "Look Kev, the reason I'm here is to help you with your little problem. Helen seems to think that you like sniffing girls knickers, would she be right in thinking that?" "Whaaaat, get off me!" - Shouted Kevin "Just PISS off!" Nanette felt the familiar tingle between her legs as Kevin tried to roll her off. Nanette was strong. She was also experienced and rode down his first struggles. "Kevin!" - Snapped Nanette. "Stop it!" - His struggles subsided. "Good, remember your parents" - She reminded him of her earlier threat.

At nineteen, Nanette was three years older than Kevin. She could sense from their first struggle that she was also the stronger of the two. She slid forward along his body, the nylon of her tights making the glide easy, until she sat high on his chest. His face was framed between her nylon covered thighs. The empty stretched gusset of her tights pressed lightly on his neck. "Now Kev, it seems that you have a thing about knickers" - Nanette's skirt had ridden up, exposing a full view of her knickers to Kevin's startled gaze. For a sixteen-year-old who had yet to experience his first girlfriend, it was almost too much for him to take in. His nose detected a strong musky scent. The warmth from between her legs radiated through his body.

Nanette gently cradled Kevin's head in her cupped hands and lifted him slightly until his nose and mouth made gentle contact with her knicker gusset. "Kiss my knickers Kev" Kevin tried to turn his head away. Her aroma was now very strong. She eased him back into contact. His resistance lessening. Her calm comforting voice made it almost seem ok. "Kiss them Kev, you know you want to. I WANT you to" - She whispered. Kevin put his lips to her tights and kissed her, as she had asked. "Good kev. Now close your mouth and breathe through you nose, I want you to smell my knickers. I want you to breathe only THROUGH my knickers." - Nanette's voice soothed him. He was sniffing her knickers, breathing her scents in and out through his nose, willingly and without question.

Helen had watched the last few minutes from the doorway. Her silence was broken only by the squelching of her fingers as they moved in and out of her dripping pussy. Nanette had been right. She had watched the power, seen how it overwhelmed her own brother, rendering him helpless. She could only gasp at the sight that had greeted her when she first looked into Kevin's bedroom. To see her brother on the floor with a towering erection ,and her best friends knickered bottom hiding his face from view had almost made her come on the spot. She could only imagine what Nanette was doing to him. The knew now what Nanette has meant by `The Power`. On wobbly legs, Helen gently pushed open the door . "Come in Hell" - Said Nanette without turning round. "It's time I introduced you to a face I've just met.


Helen entered the room cautiously, smoothing down her skirt. She put her hands behind her back in an attempt to hide her wet fingers, wiping them on her skirt. It made her very self conscious. "Come on Hell, come over here and have a grandstand seat. You don't want to miss what I'm going to do next" Helen walked over until she stood at her friends shoulder. What she saw made her legs even more unsteady. Nanette sat proudly astride the neck of her younger brother, her tights just inches from his face. Kevin's expression was passive, his eyes were closed and Helen could see that he was breathing deeply - Through his nose! "I think we have a definite Knicker sniffer on our hands, he loves it. I've never had one struggle so little" - Said Nanette. "Is he alright Nan?" - Asked Helen, staring at her brothers face. Nanette again cupped Kevin's head and lifted his face gently until his nose brushed lightly against her tights. " Let's find out shall we ?"- Said Nanette. "Kevin, Helen wants to know if you're alright. If you want me to get off so that you can stop smelling my knickers, open your eyes." Kevin's eyes remained firmly closed. Nanette looked at Helen and smiled. "I think he's ok, don't you?" Helen was amazed at what she was witnessing. She didn't answer. "Fancy a go Hell?" - Asked Nanette. Helen shook her head nervously. "That's ok" - Said Nanette. "You will, and sooner than you think" - She smiled at Helen.

Experience had taught her that this was a normal reaction. She knew, that Helen's apparent reluctance to sit on her Brother was there only because it was expected. Nanette knew what Helen really wanted. Nanette returned to the task at hand. She looked down at Kevin. He still had his eyes closed. "Ok Kev. I need to take off my tights. Will you stay on you back with your eyes closed while I stand up and take them off?" There was silence. "Kevin. I asked you a question. Is the answer yes, or no?" - Nanette added a firmness to her voice. "Yes" - Whispered Kevin. Nanette looked up at Helen and smiled. She put her finger to her lips, indicating to Helen that she should remain silent. Nanette quietly rose from her seat and removed her tights. "Eyes closed Kevin, you promised" - She teasingly reminded him. "Keep them closed. Remember your parents" - She smiled at Helen, who knew nothing of the earlier threat to Kevin about his parents. Helen was about to speak until Nanette's finger again went to her lips to remind her friend to remain silent.

Nanette moved into a position in which she stood astride Kevin, her feet almost touching his ears. She unbuttoned her short red skirt, and quietly tossed it to her friend. Nanette lowered herself slowly. She came to rest inches from Kevin's face in the classic female open kneed squat. The narrow strip of her panties perfectly in line with the centre of his head. The slight discolouration of the white gusset evidence of her lengthy use of the panties. "Remember Kev, eyes closed" - She whispered. Nanette could see from his facial expression that her strong scents were already having their effect. Kevin's features twitched uncontrollably as he recognised that familiar Womanly odour as it began to surround him. He shivered. She smelled so strong, much more than anything that he had experienced through his panty sniffing.

"Mouth closed Kev, you must only breath through your nose" - Instructed Nanette. "Smell me, smell my panties, breathe it all in. That's it, very good" "Good. Now it's about time that we got properly introduced. I'm going to sit on your face for a few minutes, because I WANT to. I will allow you to breathe, but only through my knickers, and ONLY through your nose. Do you understand?" Kevin nodded. "Open your eyes Kev" - Said Nanette. "Look at me" Kevin's eyes opened. Nanette smiled reassuringly down at him. Nanette dropped forward onto her knees, bringing her panties into gentle contact with Kevin's nose and mouth. "Through your nose only Kev" - She reminded him. "Deep breaths, that's it, DEEP breaths" Nanette began to slide her pantied crotch gently across Kevin's nose and mouth. The light contact added her taste to the heady scent that had already taken Kevin beyond the point at which he could have offered resistance. She had him. Nanette's face was beginning to colour as she turned and looked across at Helen. Nanette's breathing and her glazed expression told Helen that her friend was already close to orgasm.

Helen swallowed hard. Nanette had been right. This WAS a turn on "Hell. Are you watching? - It's time for a face sit" Helen watched aghast at Nanette's next move. With no warning to Kevin, Nanette dropped full weight onto Kevin's face, which disappeared before Helen's very eyes. Nanette then cupped her hands behind his head and pulled his face tight to her panties. Kevin tried to resist, but the shock, coupled with Nanette's grip and position astride his face made any effort futile. She could easily ride out any attempt to unseat her. "Through your nose Kev!" - Hissed Nanette, "Or I won't let you breathe again - EVER!" Kevin's hissing breath, forced it's way in and out through his nose as Nanette pulled his face hard into her pussy. She began to gyrate her pussy hard into him, while at the same time pulling at his head. Breathing was becoming impossible, his chest heaving with the effort of his fight for air. "For God's sake Nan, let him breathe. You'll kill him!" - Shouted Helen.

Nanette was oblivious to her friends cries as her orgasm began hit. Her hands released their vice like grip on Kevin's head. She bounced her pussy up and down, hard into Kevin's face, banging his head into the soft carpet. Kevin's snatched desperately at chances to take in air as she moved on and off his face. "I'm coming, God I'm coming!" - Squealed Nanette as she felt the full force of her release. She dropped hard onto Kevin's face for her final earth shattering come and again pulled him to her, smothering his face beneath her. His hissing breath blowing cool against her hot wet panty gusset. The fear in Kevin's eyes was lost under her shapely nylon covered buttocks.

Still panting, Nanette eased the pressure on Kevin's face, allowing him to breathe a little easier. "Nose only Kev, just your nose" - Nanette said, her sweating face hovering above him, her panties still covering his nose and mouth. "Jesus Christ Nan!" - Exclaimed Helen. "Jesus Christ!" Nanette was beginning to recover. She smiled at Helen. "Well?" - Said Nanette. "THAT'S POWER! - NOW do you see what I mean?" Helen nodded. "You could have smothered him to death though. What then?" Nanette looked at her friend and shrugged. "What a way to go" - Then she smiled. "Hell, trust me. You can FEEL it. I know when they are on their way out. That comes with experience and that's something I've lot's of." "When will you let him up?" - Asked Helen, looking down at her Brothers eyes, barely visible under Nanette's panties. "When I've shown you a Woman's ultimate weapon" - Said Nanette. "Which is?" - Asked Helen, somewhat reluctantly. "A QUEENING!" - Smiled Nanette. Helen Gasped. - "You mean.........nude. with your bottom?" Nanette grinned. She then bounced on Kevin's face, making him grunt. "You could put it like that" - Said Nanette. "I prefer to call it a bare assed Queening. If you've never had an unwilling nose stuck up your ass, you don't know what you've missed." - Nanette tingled at the very thought of it."God Nan, you're disgusting" - Said Helen. "I know"- smiled Nanette


Nanette looked down at Kevin. Or at least the half of Kevin's nose and his eyes, which were his only visible features. The room was quiet, the calm broken only by the spasmodic snuffling of Kevin as his nasal battle to breathe continued. The wetter Nanette's panties had become, the harder Kevin found it to sniff pungent air in through them, and into his straining lungs. "Before I start, we should organise some privacy" - Said Nanette as she clamped her shapely thighs hard against Kevin's ears. "That's better. Now I KNOW that he can't hear us." - She added, looking down at Kevin, her gaze meeting his startled eyes. The clamping of his ears had alarmed him and made him feel somehow isolated, almost as if he were no longer really there.

He knew that the girls were speaking to each other, but couldn't make out any of it. When his eyes met those of Nanette, she mouthed him his instructions. "Eyes closed Kev, eyes closed" - The words on her lips were easily read. Kevin closed his eyes. He drifted into a world which was defined only by the contact with Nanette. Her panties, her thighs and her strong feminine scents filled his thoughts.. Although his breathing was difficult, he started to relax. "To business" - Said Nanette. "What time are your Parents going to be home Hell?" - She asked. "It's eight now, they never come back before about ten thirty. Anyway, they always phone at least half an hour before they finish playing to make sure everything's ok" - Helen's answer was quick and without her previous negatives. "Good" - Said Nanette. Time would not be an issue. " You know that I won't do it unless you want me to Hell. We can stop now, it's not a problem" - Nanette tested her friends desire to carry on. "He can't hear us you know" - Said Nanette.

She was aware that Helen was uncomfortable talking about such things, especially in front of her Brother. . Would you like me to Queen him Hell?" - Nanette was treading carefully. "How? - I mean he's not going to lie there and let you do it, is he?" - Said Helen, probing her friend for reassurance. "Trust me, it won't be a problem." - Nanette knew she was almost there. Helen's voice trembled slightly. - "Will you really put his nose NEAR you bottom?" - She whispered. "Better than that Hell. When I Queen them, their nose goes UP and INTO my bottom, It's a dream. I just work it in, bit, by bit, until it's nicely pushing into me, and then I move my weight lower. I can sort of wiggle and push and screw them in further, until they go quite deep in. They end up literally trapped in my ass." - She shuddered in anticipation at the thought of what she was describing. "Christ Nan........what.......if....?" - Helen's question was stopped by Nanette once more putting her finger to her lips. "Sssssh.......quiet Hell, it's alright. Just say yes or no, that's all. We'll leave it if you're not happy". - Said Nanette. "Shall I let him up Hell?" - Asked Nanette as their eyes met. "Or shall I Queen him?"

The silence was tense as Helen thought about everything that she had witnessed in the last couple of weeks, and especially during the last hour. She knew that she should have Nanette release Kevin. His masculinity would never be the same again as it was. The face sitting that Nanette had subjected him to had frightened her. It's intensity had almost gone to a point of him being in danger of losing consciousness. It had almost taken Helen to the point of orgasm, simply watching her brothers fate. But now Nanette was ready to do what they had talked about before. It frightened her. Helen realised that what was left of Kevin's future rested with her. Her conscience told her to ask Nanette to stop now, but her physical desire was too strong. The ache deep within her cried out to be satisfied. She had to experience it.

"Hell, are you ok?" - Asked Nanette. Maybe it was too much too soon she thought. Helen nodded and walked over to where her friend sat firmly on the face of her Brother and put her hand on Nanette's shoulder. She was breathing more quickly as she nervously said to Nanette : "Queen him Nan. Please do it. I may regret saying that but I have to see it." - She said. Nanette smiled and felt a gentle shiver come over her.. He pussy twitched at the words of her friend. "This will be his first Hell. You'll have to help me a little, ok?" - Said Nanette. "Ok" said Helen - "What do I do". "We have to keep from him what's going to happen until the last possible moment. He's already into panty smother, that's not a problem. He'll quite happily stay under my panties all day. A Queening is different altogether. It can get a bad reaction, especially the first time" - Nanette continued....... "You have to trust everything or anything I say, without question. Can you do that Hell?" - Nanette looked hard at her friend. "I..I think so" - Said Helen "Not good enough Hell. It must be WITHOUT question, ok?" - She challenged her friend. "Ok" - Said Helen. "I'll do it". "Good" - Said Nanette. "Not one slip or it could be very hard work, ok?" Helen nodded.

Now she had made the decision, she tingled at what she may now be about to witness. Nanette opened her thighs, allowing Kevin's now hot and very flushed face some relief. "Now Kev, look at me" - Said Nanette sharply. "I am going to get off you now. When I do, I want you to roll over onto your stomach. Blink twice if you understand." - She added. Kevin blinked twice. Nanette nodded to Helen, indicating that things were going ok. She then slowly raised herself from Kevin's face, allowing his breath to come freely. She stood over him as he sucked in the fresh air. "Over Kev, and put your arms by your side." - Nanette indicated by rotating her forefinger that he should roll over. Kevin rolled onto his stomach and put his arms as he had been instructed. He was unable to see Nanette indicate to Helen that she wanted her to sit across his buttocks. Helen quietly dropped astride him and settled. "Any trouble Kev and your Parents get to know about this. Do you understand.?" - Nanette said firmly. "Yes" - Said Kevin.

From her position above his head, Nanette dropped to her knees. She pulled Kevin's arm up behind his back and began to tie his wrists together with her tights, which she had casually retrieved, unnoticed. "What are you doing?" - Asked Kevin. His arms tensing against her grip. "Nothing to worry about" - Said Nanette reassuringly. "Just making sure that you don't struggle the next time I sit on you." Kevin relaxed a little. Her explanation pacified him. He almost wanted to say that he wouldn't struggle, but thought better of it. Towards the end, he had found himself almost enjoying the feel of her sitting with her panties touching his face. Apart from the problem of his breathing, it had turned him on. The erection which was being pushed into the floor under the weight of his Sister confirmed that.

Confident that the nylon bonds now on his wrists were secure, Nanette stood up over Kevin. "Ok Hell, lift up and let's get him onto his back again." - Instructed Nanette. Helen lifted her weight onto her knees allowing her Brother to roll, with Nanette manoeuvring him, onto his back. Kevin found this position very uncomfortable. His tightly bound hands trapped painfully behind his back. "Sit on his chest Hell" - Nanette instructed. Helen immediately did as she was told and sat a little uncomfortably on Kevin's chest, her knees resting on his shoulders. She made a point smoothing down her skirt to avoid displaying her panties. Nanette noticed this and smiled to herself. Nanette had disappeared from Kevin's line of sight and stood behind her friends back. This allowed her to quickly remove her panties, without being noticed.

"Again Kev, close your eyes. They are to remain CLOSED! Do you understand?" - She raised her voice for effect. "Yes" - Mumbled Kevin. "Yes WHAT!" - Shrieked Nanette, startling not only Kevin, but Helen as well. "Yes Nanette" - Kevin's voice trembled. "Good, just so long as we all understand" - Said Nanette soothingly. "Just to make sure, Helen, will you put your hands over his eyes?" Helen did as she was told. As soon as Nanette was sure that Kevin could see nothing, she walked round and stood facing Helen. Helen swallowed. Nanette was naked. her perfectly formed body still glistening with sweat from her earlier exertions. She put her finger to her lips warning Helen to give nothing away.

"Helen and I are going to change places now Kevin. Is that alright?" - She was almost teasing him. Kevin's erection pulsed. "" - He said quietly. "Remember Kevin, one peek and Mum and Dad will NOT be pleased" - Warned Nanette. Nanette motioned to Helen to get up and stand to the side, which she did, still mesmerised by her friends naked form. With no warning, Nanette gently squatted over Kevin's prone form, until she came to rest astride his chest her thighs clamped gently each side of his ribcage. She indicated to Helen that she should move behind her. "You'll see better from there" - She said to Helen.

Kevin was aware that Nanette was facing the opposite way to before. He was also strangely aware of a different feeling to the contact with her body. She appeared to be somehow more loose than before. His eyes opened, despite the warnings from Nanette, he knew that something was wrong. He could sense a pressure change. Even though her panties had been flimsy, they had given her buttocks support. He now realised why the feeling had been different. She was naked! The small amount of extra firmness given by the panties was no longer there. Her buttocks were loose and had spread over his chest. His face was now no more than six inches from her naked rear. "He's opened his eyes!" - Exclaimed an alarmed Helen "Good" - Said Nanette. "What can you see Kev?" - She asked teasingly. His shock at what was in front of him prevented an immediate answer. "Let me tell you shall I?" - Nanette continued, not even waiting for his reply. "You can see my ass. Isn't it a thing of beauty Kev?" " are you d..oing?" - Squeaked a now frightened Kevin. "I SAID, isn't my ass a thing of beauty?" - Her tone was menacing. ", bb..ut what are you doin.g?" - repeated Kevin. To add to his discomfort, the weight of Nanette on her chest was forcing his bound wrists hard into his back. "My wrists are hurting" - Pleaded Kevin. "Put a cushion under his head Hell" - Said Nanette, paying no attention to Kevin's whinging.

Helen took a cushion from her bed-settee. She lifted Kevin's head and pushed it under, lifting his head closer to Nanette's naked buttocks. "Thank's" - Said Nanette. "What time is it now?" - She asked Helen. Helen looked at her watch. "Quarter to nine"- she replied. "Good, lot's of time. Now Kev, I've a surprise for you" - Said Nanette. Without warning, she raised herself up on her knees and moved back ever so slightly towards Kevin's head. She was now no more than four inches away from his angled face. What she did next made Helen take a deep breath.

From her new position, Nanette placed her hands on her buttocks. Bending slightly forwards, she pulled her cheeks wide apart, revealing herself fully to both Kevin and Helen. Her puckered tightly coiled anus glistened just inches from Kevin's face. He immediately turned his head to the side. "My God" - Exclaimed Helen, transfixed by the sight she was witnessing. "My f---ing God Nan, your asshole, it's sort of throbbing!" - Her heart skipped a beat. "No, no, please don't" - Kevin pleaded with Nanette. He tried to force her off his chest, but she was too well set and experienced to let him even come close to dislodging her. She released her hands from her buttocks and rode him down until he calmed. "Hell, come close, kneel here" - Nanette beckoned Helen over to the side of Kevin's head. As if on automatic, Helen obeyed. "I want him face up, you must stop him turning away, ok?" - Nanette ordered. Helen nodded. - "Ok" - She replied. "Pleassssssse stop, please!" - Pleaded Kevin again as Helen held his head firmly, forcing him to remain face up. "Hold him!" - Gasped Nanette as she moved backward until her buttocks pressed firmly against Kevin's chin and throat, trapping him to her.

She continued with her instructions. "When I kneel up again, lift his head until his nose touches my asshole, and keep him there. I'll move, you just keep him still"- Nanette was breathing faster. "Pleaaaaaaaaase!" - Cried Kevin. She raised herself up onto her knees and spread her cheeks wide. "Now Hell, bring him up!" - hissed Nanette. "Fuck way, stop it!" - Squealed Kevin, desperate to the avoid contact. Helen's fingers held his hair firmly as she strained to hold him, lifting him inch by inch towards Nanette's puckered anus. When his nose finally touched, he thought he would vomit. "Yes!" - Hissed Nanette. " Well done, now hold him tight.!" Helen gripped him firmly, pushing her knees under his head to stop him from forcing his head back down to the cushion. Her initial revulsion at seeing Nanette's exposed anus, had turned to fascination. She felt her own breathing quickening, and her pussy juices beginning to flow. Nanette moved her anus gently against Kevin's nose and gasped. God this felt good! She again held her cheeks apart as she began to move in a circular motion, gently contacting with Kevin's nose. "NOSE ONLY KEVIN!" - She snapped.

Nanette knew that he would avoid breathing through his nose at all costs. No way would he want to breathe in the scents being emitted from her rear. Nanette would however make him!- She slid very briefly forward, slipping off his nose until her anus made contact Kevin's mouth and then quickly back to his nose. The musky taste stirred Kevin into even more frantic efforts to unseat his tormentor. Nanette gritted her teeth, tensing herself against his futile efforts. She knew there was no way out for him. He was hers. "No chance Kev!" - Spat Nanette as she held him firm. "Dream on!" "Keep pushing him into me Hell"- She urged Helen. Helen forced him harder into her, the sweat from her efforts dripping onto Kevins's forehead. Nanette's musky orifice was becoming increasingly stickier by the minute. As she continued to rotate herself on his nose, she began to apply a little extra pressure. Her anus was relaxing, allowing her to push his nose slightly deeper into her each time. She was ready to Queen him. "It's time" - Nanette announced. "I'm going to Queen him. God how I LOVE doing this!" - She gasped. She issued her final instruction to Helen. "Lower him down slowly to the cushion, I'll follow"

They looked at each other,. Helen could see that Nanette was visibly trembling. She gave Helen a reassuring smile and swallowed hard. Nanette nodded her head - "Now" - She whispered. Helen gently lowered Kevin's head until it rested on the cushion. Nanette maintained contact all the way down until she was forcing Kevin's head to the cushion. She then very deliberately pulled her cheeks apart stretching her skin almost to the limit of it's elasticity, forcing his nose hard against her sticky anus until he slipped even further into her secret place. Kevin tried to twist his head away but to no avail. Nanette clamped his head into position with her ankles, locking him firmly under her. She began to wriggle herself down onto Kevin's nose, opening and closing her buttocks with the palms of her hands. She rocked backwards and forwards, pushing harder against him. His nose was sealed tightly to her, making it impossible for him to breathe through it. The firm soft cushions that were her buttocks, enveloped his face. The sucked breaths through his mouth were now his only means of survival.

He was beginning to panic as Nanette's gyrations increased. Her orgasm was not far away. The combination of Kevin's nose embedded in her anus and his lips desperately sucking in air and vibrating against her clit were almost too much for her to take "Fucking hell" - She hissed through clenched teeth as her musky opening twitched uncontrollably. Through her mounting haze of pleasure Nanette became aware of Helen groaning behind her. She turned briefly to see her friend convulsing in orgasm, lying on her side with her fingers embedded deep within her pussy. Her shaking legs trapped her fingers tightly inside as she extracting the very last spasm of pleasure before she would allow their release. Nanette's thoughts were immediately brought back to focus on her own pleasure. Her juices were flowing freely over Kevin's face. His mouth was now wide open, his jaw locked under the weight of her pussy. Her wetness filled his mouth causing him to try and swallow with his mouth wedged open. It hurt and he felt as though he would choke. "I'm coming Hell!" - Screamed Nanette. She dropped herself full weight onto Kevin's upturned face, mashing him under her. The pressure on his face was unbearable. Any chance of even the slightest breath had been removed from him. taken from him. "Mmmmmmmmm.....mmmmmm" -Kevin's chest heaved, but nothing was happening. He was suffocating. "Fuck his face, FUCK his face!!" - Nanette screamed as she ground down on Kevin. There was no longer any resistance. Nanette's two openings shuddered in unison as her orgasm hit. She knew Kevin was no longer able breathe. That made her orgasm even more intense.

"Nan, for Gods sake, let him breathe!" - Helen was beside herself with concern for Kevin. Their eyes met. Nanette was weeping. The sheer pleasure and intensity had overcome her. Helen's eyes pleaded. "Please Nan" - She whispered.........."Please" Nanette's mouth hung open, her breathing became more shallow as her orgasm began to subside. She began to re-focus on her surroundings, and could feel the gagging in Kevin's throat as he fought to swallow the pool of warm liquid which she had secreted within him. Nanette lifted herself quickly from his face, her weight instantly transferred to her now aching knees. "Turn his head to the side, be quick Hell" - Nanette began to show so concern. Helen quickly turned her Brothers head. He swallowed, and immediately took a deep breath, causing him to start coughing. "I'll get him a drink of water" - Said Helen, moving towards the door. "No!" - Barked Nanette. Helen stopped in her tracks and turned to face her friend. "Look at him Nan!" - Shouted Helen, pointing to the sobbing Kevin, who was now on his side, curled tightly into a foetal position. Nanette's eyes blazed in anger. She stared hard at Helen. "Whatever I say, remember?" - She reminded Helen. "If this finishes like this, he's totally ruined, do you want that?" - She added. "I have to finish it, and YOU have to trust me"

They were interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. Helen looked at Nanette for guidance. "Answer it, and be your normal wonderful self. NOTHING is wrong and Kevin's just popped out to the shops or some other garbage excuse, ok?" Helen nodded and left the room. Nanette quickly stood up, and looked down at Kevin. She rolled him onto his stomach and began to undo her knotted tights. She could see by the deep marks on his wrists that the knot would be tight, and regretted not making sure she had some scissors with her. She eventually manage to free his hands. "Ok Kevin, on your back" There was no reply. Kevin remained curled tightly. Nanette knelt down next to him. "There's a hard way Kev, and there's an easy way- On your back." - Whispered Nanette. The threat was there. After what Kevin had been put through by her, he was not prepared to antagonise her for fear of her reaction. With his eyes closed, he slowly rolled onto his back.

Nanette stood and immediately took up a position where she was standing astride his chest. "Open your eyes Kev" - She said calmly. Kevin's did as he was told. His sad, red eyes met hers. Nanette put her two hands between her legs, gently fingering her pussy. "Look at it Kev" His eyes slowly moved down her body until they came to rest between her legs. Nanette gently pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing herself fully to Kevin's gaze. She began to rub her swollen clitoris, locking his gaze into her. She gently squatted down, straddling Kevin's chest, her pussy resting inches from his face. She then shuffled forward until her pussy lightly brushed against Kevin's nose and mouth. His warm breath made her tingle inside. "Kiss me there Kev" She whispered. Kevin pouted his lips and gently kissed her Labia, not once but twice. Nanette smiled. Perfect. "Lick me there, tickle me with your tongue" - She gently urged. Kevin's tongue nervously licked at her. She moved back, settling gently astride his neck, and looked down at him. "Do I taste nice?" - She asked. Kevin nodded.

Helen came back into the room. Nanette immediately took charge. "Was that your Mum and Dad?" - Asked Nanette. Helen nodded. "Yes, they'll be about an hour" - She said, unsure of what she should do next. "Good, ten minutes and we're finished here. " - Nanette indicated to Helen that she should sit on the bed. "Just watch" - Said Nanette bluntly. Helen knew better than to argue. "Kevin, your Mum and Dad will be home soon. We wouldn't want them to see you like this, would we?" "" - Stammered Kevin. "You have to do one more thing for me Kev, and then you can go and tidy up. Will you do that?" - Said Nanette. Her voice was now firm, but kind. "Yes" - Said Kevin. Nanette quickly turned round, presenting her rear to Kevin. She looked over her shoulder. Kevin's lip was trembling. "One last thing Kev, ok? - She confirmed her previous question. He nodded nervously.

Nanette shuffled herself back until her buttocks gently contacted Kevin's face. She then gently put a finger to her anus. "Lick my asshole, put your tongue in and lick" - She said, pointing to where she wanted him. Kevin turned his head to the side. "no......ple..ase," - He whispered. "not" "Helen's going to help you, she'll lift your head up, ok?" - Nanette instructed Kevin. "Ok" - She repeated firmly, glancing quickly at Helen to ensure that she had heard. Kevin swallowed. All resistance now gone he nodded, resigned to degrading himself totally, at the whim of his Sisters best friend. Helen knelt beside him and gently lifted him. "I want your tongue IN my ass Kev, and I mean IN. If you don't do it right, you'll stay under until I'm satisfied. Now get that tongue in." - There was menace in her voice.

As his tongue reluctantly made contact with her anus, the acrid taste bit into Kevin. So severe was the shock, that he shivered visibly, he wanted to vomit. "Push it in Kev, deep. Push his head up further Hell." -Nanette shuddered as Kevin's tongue touched her. Helen gently pushed Kevin's face deeper into her friends rear crevice, mesmerised by the vulgarity of what her Brother was being made to do, yet at the same time marvelling at the power Nanette had over him. "God Nan, he's licking it, he's, Jesus wept, he's licking your bottom!" - Helen was beside herself. How could he? "Oh f---, oh f---" - Whispered Nanette. " I can feel it. It's deep Hell, it's really deep! - Deeper Kev, deeper you little bastard!" - She cried, as Kevin's tongue did her bidding.

Nanette came again, dropping hard onto Kevin's already battered face. She settled and sat hard, unconcerned for the young face smothering beneath her. As her orgasm subsided, she looked at her friend. Through clenched teeth she said - "One day Hell, you'll make one of them do that. It's fantastic front sitting, but reverse - You can't describe it. When you get their tongue in, it just MAKES you come". She jiggled her buttocks over his face, before finally settling lightly onto him, allowing him to breathe normally. Helen watched as her friend finally lifted from Kevin, his face wet, covered in discarded pubic hairs. Nanette turned and sat once more on his heaving chest. Tears welled in his eyes. Nanette gently reached over and picked up her discarded panties, and very lovingly, wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. "Kev, look at me" - Said Nanette. Kevin held her gaze. "There's nothing to be ashamed of Kev. No one will know if you don't want them to" She pushed her sodden panties into his hand. "Keep these, call them a present. Now go and get cleaned up before your Mum and Dad get back" - She kissed his brow before standing and moving away from his prostrate body. Very carefully, Kevin got to his feet. On unsteady legs, he walked to the door. Without a single backwards glance he open the door and left the room. "What I've just done Hell is quite simple. In the cold light of day, especially when he's taken a few long sniffs of the panties I've given him, your Brother will be converted. The tastes and smells of tonight will be with him for good. He will need more of it to satisfy him. THAT'S POWER"