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Jul 6, 2009
Face Sitting and Strap On Fun, Northern Beaches, NSW, Australia

Hi Everyone,
Would anyone know any places on the Northern Beaches of Sydney NSW, where i can go for strap on fun, or facesitting, Salon Kitty's is quite far away, and very expensive.
Any help appreciated.
Thanks everyone.
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Aug 11, 2002
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Janette - gallery 1 -

Hi Marco,

Your photo set and movie of Janette are absolutely gorgeous Marco. I love her smile and the different experessions as she smothers her slave under her sexy tight jeans.

Love how the slave is totally helpless and all wrapped up in plastic wrap. This will keep him fresh as she sits on his face. I like it that his hands and feet are not able to be used to push her off.

Keep up your terrific work. It's GREAT !

thanks Marco & Gina

waffel :)

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