high-quality pictures of ella+50% off 4th of july sale!


footfetish & gts producer
Apr 16, 2009
hi everybody. since the 4th of july is also my birthday - GSF will have a special sale during this weekend(4th of july only). buy clips at any price from studio 19333/19598/27921 or http://www.extremefeetpov.com - and get free clips for the same $ that you paid!!! you can choose ANY clips that you want from www.extremefeetpov.com as your bonus clips, which matches the price of your purchase or less. you must email me with your purchase details + the clip(s) that you choose as your bonus, from extremefeetpov.com, in order to get your bonus download.
more over - i'm sending some free package of top-notch quality stills of goddess ella to everybody which is in my emailing list(email to extremefeetpov@gmail.com if you are not allready there). here are some samples for everybody :). happy 4th of july people :) :