Hot striptease on a human stage


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Dec 16, 2002
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This is our first trampling clip with Lillycute. If you missed her introduction
thread, you can find it with many more pics of her by clicking on the picture below.

If you are like me, you enjoy watching a good striptease. And this really is a hot striptease. Lillycute is talented. The only difference is, she performs it on a living stage. Watch her dropping one piece of clothing after another, while she dances to the strip-music, until she shows her completely nude and wonderful body.

And finally some stills:



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Aug 7, 2002
Middle Tennesse
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Nice. I agree with Tread. When I was MUCH younger, single and in the Army near Norfolk, a couple of my good friends and I went to one of the clubs on my birthday. I didn't know they had arranged with the club and one of the dancers I knew slightly to do this exact thing.

She wore regular 3" pumps, not the fetish heels and it seemed to work for her.

I laid down beside the pole and she started carefully and warmed up to it. I ended up with about a hundred marks all over my back, belly and chest. They paid her well, the club manager watched pretty nervously and the patrons just loved it. Some birthday present, huh? Guess I was "army strong" then.:)

Thanks, sabbels.
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