Hottest comments ever by some one you were worshipping/being facesitting by?

Jun 28, 2005
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Inspiring by trample forum which had a lot of great content In similar topic, here is the facesitting related topic. Hopefully we get lot of experiences share here, i will start by one of my own which i like think back ever now and then..

My wife really like the 69 position and she have really soft and quite big ass to cover my face totally.
She usually sit on my face so that i see a little bit of butt cheeks and my nose is all the time on her sweet butt hole.. This position is wearing me out during time as there is so little air available.

Best part is that always when She is startin to get orgasm She Will fully sit down and totally cover my Face until She is finished.
This one time the orgasm taked longer time than usually and i Was started to see star allready.. Then when She continued the long lasting riding She said: "You must survive this, i will Come soon.. You must survive this, i will Come soon.."
And Then She got the orgasm finished and i was really on the edge of pass out. I actually was pretty much out but i recovered when my wife sitte on my chest.
What my wife said during the facesitting really gave me the power to last long enough.
I get Hard ever time when i think that situation.. You must survive, no other option! ☺️
Dec 2, 2015
The last chick who had me mummified, was riding so fast. And had my long hair wrapped around her fist. She said..

Don't fucking move!! Ohhh yeee fuck yeee keep still. I'm. Gona cum!! Ohhhhhhh.

Hahaha. I just remember getting a massive boner. And muffled my own orgasm noises under her. And she squirted and it went across my face!!! Same time she was like.
Stay still stay still stay still ..
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