Hottest comments ever said by someone you were worshipping/being trampled by?

Dec 30, 2004
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Here are some hot comments I got.

- While being trampled for the first time by a tall black lady, around 165 lbs : "I know I'm heavy... but I feel so light while in top of you ! I need to walk over you every morning !" She then tested different shoes on me and after some time she was jumping on me with suede thick heeled boots. I was exhausted and asked her for a pause. She smirked and said "What if I don't want to ?" She then jumped 4 times on me again before she got off...

- I was under the feet of a chubby housewive from Iran with wonderful green eyes. She was scared about hurting me at first, but after some minutes walking on my chest her attitude changed : "So, you're something like my slave now ?" I nodded and she immediately raised her left foot, then got it right over my mouth :"Would you please kiss my feet while I stand here ?" Note the "please", so cute...

- And last but not least, after some time being trampled by a sweet redhead masseuse who first accepted to give me a back massage, I convinced her to walk over my abs and chest then asked if she was comfortable. Her answer : "I love it, that's a very pleasant massage to give you. Perfect to finish my day. Please record my number and call back me whenever !"


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May 24, 2012
I once used to visit a female friend who knew about my fetish and we used to drink alcohol and take amphetamines and she used to love treading on me because she knew that I liked it so much but the one thing that sticks in my mind that she said to me one time while she was up on my chest was she asked me to chew on her hard skin of her heels whilst she was crushing down on my chest and I also used to ask her not to wash her feet before I visited her and she used to love making her feet extra smelly by wearing old shoes before I arrived so yes when she asked me to chew on her heels whilst I was under them was one of the most erotic things and also once whilst she was flattening my chest she said this is powerful because she weighed 14 stone which is quite hefty and I used to take her whole weight on my chest and stomach for up to 2 hours
I know exactly what you mean, its so hard to explain the awesome feelings you get when your underfoot and are told to chew on the hard heel skin of the one your serving. If I had to describe those feelings Its exciting, humiliating, erotic, and just really shows who is in control and who is not. My Ex girlfriend turned owner/Goddess loves to humiliate me by making me chew on her heels almost every time im underfoot, she often makes me do it while watching tv with her boyfriend and loves to point out how pathetic it is that she dumped me and yet here I am, giving her heels a pedicure with my mouth while she enjoys tv with a "real man"

Anyway to answer the op's original question, its so hard for me to pick a favorite since Goddess Sara loves to verbally dominate and humiliate me so much, but maybe this time is the hottest since it was so serious.

I was serving as her footstool giving a foot massage while she was playing gears of war (shes a very competitive gamer) and she ended up being killed as she was the last one on her team vs the last one on the other team. To make it worse this was a clan match so all of her friends were counting on her to win. When her character died she brought her right foot up in the fastest movement ive ever seen and brought it down even faster, her heel smashing so hard into my forehead it caused my vision to go black for a second! I must not have reacted much from blacking out real fast and that caused her to look down and ask in the most uncompassionate but very real questioning tone "are you still alive down there worm?" it took me probably 10 seconds to form words and during that time she just looked down in disgust and said "Try not to die, I really dont want to have to deal with the yucky task of throwing out your body and Sean wont be back in the state for two more days" As dark as it is, I love that the woman I worship, the woman who I have dedicated my whole life to, cares more about how "yucky" and annoying it would be to get rid of my body than if I actually experienced a humiliating death from her sweaty heel. After that I had the worst headache but she did not even let me get a tylenol, she said its hot to know im suffering underfoot while she plays video games with her friends. So for the next hour I suffered while massaging her tired feet and was only acknowledged when she told me to rub harder.

Annnnd after typing that I realized it was the hottest thing said while being trampled, not just hottest comments said by someone you were worshiping. In that case it would probably be the first time Goddess Sara stood full weight on my face as she was bent over the bed, being fucked by the man she dumped me for....She said it made her so wet to know im suffering under her sweaty feet while her and the man she chose to replace me with gets to experience intense pleasure above me. She went on to tell me I was never allowed to experience sex ever again, and that I was just good enough to be her fuck mat and dedicate my life to her and her man.
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Nov 9, 2012
While I was confessing to an ex-grilfriend how much I liked licking her feet she said "It's your duty to lick my feet and keep them clean. You're going to be doing this forever"
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Jan 15, 2004
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One night on the floor at party, this young girl said to me after trample, jump and stand about on me for 40 minutes: "You are so good taking this"!
While watching me strive to be still on the floor, warm and sweaty for a long time as her strong warm female barefeet work and dance on me.
Feb 27, 2007
My hottest comment I've ever gotten was from a girl Sandy 5ft 11 in 169 lbs. and wore a size 11 shoe, she started trampling on my stomach and chest after a couple minutes she says WOULD IT BE OK IF I WALKED ON YOUR FACE ? my heart started racing as I said please do, as she was walking on my face I hear her moaning, then she walked down between my legs and places her right foot on my manhood and applies a light pressure and says, MMMMMMM YOU REALLY DID ENJOY ME WALKING ON YOUR FACE, THEN SHE APPLYS A LITTLE MORE PRESURE AND SAYS MAY I ? with my heart still racing I managed to say YES PLEASE damn was she good.
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Oct 4, 2018
Once my wife was trampling me on our bed. She was standing with one foot upward on my face, toes torward my forehead. My face was crushed into the bed. She was getting herself off and i could hardly breath because of her 180 lbs smashing my nose. I heard her say as she was getting off, "you dont deserve to live". It was the most amazing feeling knowing she was in complete control. She was prolly on my face for 2 minutes.
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Apr 25, 2007
One time when I was being trampled by 2 hotties around 170 lbs each. They were standing next to me and I was lying on the floor having a big mouth. 1 of them said to the other 'let's just shut him up' while I was still talking 1 of them stepped on my face, mouth under 1 foot. The other on my chest and started bouncing around for about 2 mins. It did shut me up obviously.
Nov 20, 2005
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While sucking toes I stopped for a few seconds and she says "I didn't tell you to stop."
Another time she shoved her foot as far as she could into my mouth and said "Keep it there until I say you can take it out."
While licking her soles I stopped to examine some marks and asked what they were. She said "It's just dirt. Lick it off!"


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Mar 1, 2003
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Thank you all for your posts.....AMAZINGLY SEXY AND EROTIC. My favorite was an Asian girl at a foot fetish party who was dressed in a black bra ( she had 36DD implants ) black panties and black stocking with black pumps with a 5" heel. She stood on me with one shoe on my chest, one shoe on my manhood and with her hands on her hips said " I am the Queen of men, I stand on their cocks" . This was over 20yes ago and I still get chills thinking about it. Have a Great Weekend
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Aug 30, 2002
Under Judi
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My goddess says a shit ton of hot things to me when I am worshiping her. The hottest thing she ever said to me? Well, one that has stood out over all the years....

My face was being used as her footstool as it often is, she uses me for long durations, several hours at a time while watching TV at night. One night, after being on the floor under her feet for over 3 hours, she lifted her foot off me and looked down into my face and said something to the effect of.....

"I'm going to watch one more episode and you're staying there do you know why? Because I have a life and you don't."

She then plopped her feet back into my face and started watched her next episode. I just about exploded right then.