Hottest comments ever said by someone you were worshipping/being trampled by?


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Jan 15, 2004
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Me too! :D

Well, that said. This is one of the most greatiest thread in years! It is more sexier with reflected expression said by a Woman.
Because weight is golden and when Women gives time for herself to trample and have fun with a body of maleflesh on the floor.

It is heaven on earth.


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Aug 30, 2002
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This was last night. My Goddess snapped her fingers and said she wanted her footstool and some ice cream so i complied. Got the ice cream and laid down at her feet. She proceeded to put on a pair of her sandals then used me as her footstool under them while she ate her ice cream. It was agony. It seemed to just go on and on and on... In reality it was about 20 minutes before I asked her for mercy. My first plea resulted in her grinding me under her foot for a second and saying shut up. My second plea she lifted her foot for about 1 second then dropped it again and said, there, you had a break. My third plea she looked down at me in agony under her foot and said - beg me for my bare feet. I begged. She said not convinced, beg more. I was begging her to please crush me with her bare feet and she was looking down at me smiling. She finally raised her sandal off me kicked it off and dropped her bare foot into my face and sat back and started watching TV again. She told me to be quiet down there. The feeling of her sole pressing down on my tortured face was was so amazing. I was really in pain. She proceeded to watch almost 2 hours of TV after that. She ended the night by shutting off the TV and saying what she always says. I'm done with you.


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Feb 14, 2007
In my last training video, “training sage,” Lulu said to Sage as she was performing a seated Foot Smother.

“My feet are the size of your head!”

I LOVE when doms talk about how big their feet are compared to the size of their subs face!
Jul 21, 2004
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My mistress left a collar, leash, and riding crop on the bed so I would see them when I came home from work. When I saw that she was waiting expectantly in the hall, wearing a leather corset and fishnets, I dutifully put the collar on and, hoping to earn a little reward for being obedient, crawled down the hallway to her feet with the riding crop in my mouth. She took both from me and let me start worshiping her feet. Then she told me to crawl for her, and I crawled on all fours down the hall - at one point she gave the leash a hard yank just to remind me who was in charge (as if I needed a reminder, but it was certainly appreciated!). Once I crawled back to her feet, she put her foot on my back and ordered me "all the way down." She usually lets me gaze up at her and gives me her sexy "That's where you belong look" but this time she told me I wasn't worthy of looking up at her. She asked me how it felt, being on all fours like a dog, and then made me beg for the privilege of looking up at her again. *swoon*. She recently texted me asking if she dressed up in her "Black Queen" outfit, if she could find someone to "polish my scuffed boots." Heck yes!
Mar 31, 2005
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Girlfriend was doing her make up while trampling me. I was groaning in pain and begging her to get off. She just looked at me, stomped me and told me that she will get off when she's ready. Another time, but it was not a comment per se. We went to some sort of wine tasting event. Event was in a public garden and before she left she had to use the bathroom, and by bathroom I mean one of those plastic mobile toilets. To avoid people she walked over the soil and went into the mobile toilet. When she came out she gave me an evil smile and told me that she was hungry, so we bought pizza before we left. Had to eat leftover pizza from under her wedges as soon as we got home. I was grimacing with every bite as I could taste the soil and the soap that the cleaners were using to clean the toilets and she was just laughing at me.
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