How big is your Bottle?


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Dec 11, 2002
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Hi all,

Just had to add to this new section of the forums.. So I did a little digging around on my hardrive and found something to fit the bill. This story is kinda off topic but there was one section that...well.. I'll let you judge for yourselves..

The setting is a new employees first day at a plastic bottle making factory... His day was going quite well then...

"Hello, your new aren't you? I'm Carol." She said smiling.
"Yes," I replied, "I've come to get my bottle measured." I said holding out the bottle to her.
"Oh good, I do look forward to measuring a new `bottle'" She smiled again. Funny how she seemed to emphasise the word bottle. She rose from her chair, her lab coat dropping down over tight stretch satin trousers, their rich blackness a total contrast to the jacket. I blinked to stop myself stareing at her shapely legs as she approached.
"Right, you'l have to hold it." She said indicating a low bench behind me. " Lay down on that and hold the bottle upright on your chest. I sat down feeling the bench give a little under me. "Oh don't worry about it moving, its so I can adjust its height. I lay back feeling my head hang over one end and from my knees down the other. "Here we don't want you getting a stiff neck do we." She said thoughtfully sliding a plank under my back so my head rested on it.
"Thank you, its much better now. Will it take long?" I asked.
"I shouldn't think so." She laughed noticing me looking at her legs once more. "You like my legs don't you?" She asked out of the blue.
"Er...Sorry, no, yes I do, sorry." I spluttered caught completely off guard by her question.
"It's okay, I don't mind, in fact it'll help." She said pulling a rubber strap up over my chest and arms, fastening under the bench. This was soon followed by two more around my wrists and one over my thighs. "Now for your bottle." She said taking it off my chest and throwing it into the bin.
"What the f.....?" I started to say but was silenced by her undoing my fly and pulling my trousers down to the rubber strap across my thighs. "What are you doing!? Your supposed to be measuring my bottle!" I protested, struggling helplessly as she lowered my shorts exposing me to her gaze.
"Oh but I am." She laughed lifting my dick with the tip of her finger, already with her gentle touch it was starting to swell. "It just needs to be a bit bigger." Her fingers wrapped around its shaft rubbing more life into it. "Well you are a big boy aren't you, you might even beat the record." Her hand was working wonders with my dick, its straining length swelling further in her hand. " Big, but not big enough yet." She said in a most professional manner. "I think it needs further stimulation before measurement.
"Look a joke's a joke but....What, where, hang on..." My protest were cut short by her coming around to my head and standing over my face, her satin clad legs brushing my cheeks, her crotch twelve inches above me. One hand gripped tightly on my dick as her other pressed a button on the side of the bench. Her crotch lowered, no I was rising up to meet it, eight inches, six inches her soft thighs pressing into my cheeks, four inches their tightness to my face driving me wild, two inches my head was trapped unable to turn away from the inevitable, contact, my mouth pressed firmly into her crotch my nose pushing the smooth satin up into the welcoming crease between her soft cheeks, my only view her curving rear disappearing into the lab coat, minus two inches, her weight was now fully onto my face as her feet lifted from the floor. I could feel her thighs clamp to my head to steady herself as she admired my tool, Her satin clad flesh forming to my face.
"Ah now that's a record breaker!" I wasn't surprised, I was in a panicked heaven pinned between her firm thighs as she massaged every millimetre of growth from my dick, my lungs burning up the oxygen in my body far too quickly, my eyes bulging with the need to breath. Her thighs twitching as she gripped my face to balance before sweet darkness and the oblivion of unconsciousness..........

I have many more tales I have written on this old hard drive... all I need is time to sort through and seek out the Facesit and Smother tales lurking within.. Some may be mere excerts from larger off topic tales, some almost complete stories in there own right.. I will try to spend some time going through them and post a few more soon.