How many of you guys would like to see your wife/ GF hurt another guy with her feet


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Sep 12, 2018
Im a pain lover and have been wondering if any of you guys would like to see your lady hurt anther man with her feet?
Hard trample, Kicking and stomping?
Role playing?


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Aug 7, 2002
I have watched my wife, Goddess Helena, trample another man and I have to tell you she was so sexy while doing it. It was our friend's first time under high heels and he was a true fan of Goddess Helena and our videos. She exposed to many different types of shoes beginning with wedge heels, chunky heels and then stilettoes. She started on his back and then made him turn over so she could walk all over his front. At one point when she was trampling his front I suggested she move down and before you knew it she was marching on his cock and balls (while still wearing his pants). His eyes lit up and the smile on her face was out of this world! She looked so sexy and so beautiful and she told me that she knew that I was watching her the whole time and she loved it because this made her feel even sexier!

She took it easy on him and worked up his tolerance. He was mesmerized and she knew she had a man where he belonged. Something that was very beautiful. The experience was made even better by the fact that this is a friend that I met on Daddo's forums and had become friends with over the years and he was extremely respectful towards my wife and just an all around great guy so this made the experience for my wife even more enjoyable because he gve the respect that my wife deserved and she liked him because he really is a great guy!
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Apr 8, 2007
I have a friend who wanted to put the spark back into his marriage and sex lives and I explained that maybe a different kind of foreplay might do the trick and suggested he ask his wife about abusing me for their foreplay to see how it went. (they were both a bit sadistically inclined). To make a long story short, he asked her if she would try it and she agreed. She started out stomping my fingers for about 10 minutes and they ended up both stomping my fingers for another 15 minutes. She was wearing summer sandals with hard, flat heels and he was wearing sneakers. They were both very turned on by the experience, and of course i was too.


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May 1, 2006
Washington DC
It would be great...and I would like it to be very hard and cruel...digging heels in withour long as the guy could take it.
Would definitely use a safe word, but if used would try to push a little longer.


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Aug 20, 2018
I really don't wanna share my girlfriend, i love being under her feet and i know it feels good for somebody who enjoys it, if she has to trample somebody then that somebody has to be me, but would be interesting if she did it in front of friends showing her dominance over me.
Oct 4, 2018
My wife is use to the way she tramples me, i introduced her to trampling. She doesnt know easy neither do i. I would be more worried for the guy because she would be jumping on his face to get herself off while he was scared for his life.