How to contact a clips4sale store without e-mail?

Feb 28, 2008
I'm trying to contact them, they made amazing trampling clips back then but they stopped...
Since people still buy, i guess the owner must still be around but they didn't care to let at least their e-mail...
They had a site but it's down. I also know an active MD member who worked with them but he doesn't answer...

Their studio was located to Germany Stuttgart, it's pretty close to me...


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Mar 26, 2018
Off the top of my head, the only thing I can think of is to send a tribute/donation and write a message and include your email address in said message. I've been contacted that way before (I don't have my email listed on my c4s and only recently launched and linked my Twitter). I do have tons of customers on my mailing list via the c4s internal email feature, but they cannot reply if I am not mistaken.
Nov 24, 2006
New York/ USA
I think they are completely down, out of business. The last time, I contacted them 6 years ago and asked for the Kim for custom and the guy told me that Kim was studying for college exam at that time so She won't be available anymore.