How To Throw a Stomach Punch (with a professionale female fighter)


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Sep 15, 2009
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What are the weak spots to target in a fight and what are the most vulnerable areas in the abdominal area? Are you sure to know exactly what is the correct way to throw a powerful punch? How many types of punches are there in martial arts? These questions - and many others - will be answered in the first part of this exciting video tutorial by Giadina, black belt in taekwondo, tall and heavy, 144 lb, 7,5 shoe size. And now... it's time for belly punching training (at first theory then the practical)! The key part of fighting training is the punching bag workout, but obviously Giadina uses a fakir as a human punching bag for her tutorial: 'Maximum Realism' is our motto (furthermore our fakirs can easily withstand a large amount of strong punches in the belly without crying or complaining). In the second part the young female fighter uses another human punching bag (in fact, the belly of her previous human target had become fiery red... you'll know yourself from close-up!) and administers him a real painful treatment, using both hands and feet. The beatdown-menu includes three lethal dishes: 1) full force belly punching 2) front kicks to the stomach (giant soles against soft flesh... ouch!) and, finally, 3) two solid belly stomp onto the fakir lying on the floor. A must-see for all belly punching fans, totally fascinated by skilled female fighters!

Here some pics