how you started in this world and experiences?

Jan 12, 2015
This thread is dedicated so that each member of the community can tell us how he started to like the femdom and facesiting and some experiences!
Jan 22, 2005
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I actually started from watching WWF. Watching Yokozuna squashing people with the banzai drop, it turned me on to watch people suffering under all his weight. Found facesitting and BBW squashing when I was a teen and been hooked ever since. My wife is the only woman to ever sit on me and it’s amazing, she’s 250 lbs and it took her awhile to finally try it. The night she sat on me for the first time was unreal, I couldn’t believe she was actually doing it. She sits on my chest full weight, then slides up to my face so I can eat her pussy. She’s smothered me with her tits before too, she’s a 40i cup, her cleavage makes me weak in the knees. She hasn’t full on sat on my face yet, she’s still worried she’ll hurt me because she’s fat, still working on it lol.