Human Snack Pack - new Vore/Giantess video - AstroDomina

Mar 15, 2015
Just letting you know I just posted a brand new Vore video called "Human Snack Pack".

Sydney has been waiting to dig into her human snack pack for a while. She got the box from the store recently and she's finally found some time to open the box and see what's inside. A nice collection of human snacks. This is great. She grabs her little spoon and wastes no time putting the first one in her mouth. One by one, she goes through the box and savors each one as they enter her mouth, get chewed on for a bit and ultimately, make their way into Sydney's belly.

Let me know what you think! Human Snack Pack GIF.00_00_01_08.Still001.jpg Human Snack Pack GIF.00_00_02_24.Still002.jpg Human Snack Pack GIF.00_00_03_25.Still003.jpg Human Snack Pack GIF.00_00_05_09.Still004.jpg Human Snack Pack GIF.00_00_06_23.Still005.jpg Human Snack Pack GIF.00_00_08_03.Still006.jpg Human Snack Pack GIF.00_00_09_20.Still007.jpg Human Snack Pack GIF.00_00_11_09.Still008.jpg