I sessioned with Queen D last week.

Dec 5, 2002
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I have just read my account of this session and looked at the couple of pics that Queen D text me when it was over. I am amazed by it all and thrilled too by the events of that night. I have heard accounts of people on this board who have thrashed about when they were close to sleeping, the panic, the terrible discomfort and pain in their lungs as they desperately struggled to stay checked underneath the amazing ass that sat there intentionally to suffocate and make the seat sleep. This has happened to me before too. I've experienced the panic, the aches in my arms, even tingles in my teeth, but on this night it was completely different. Have a read and let me know what you think.

We hadn’t seen each other in quite some time, so I was somewhat nervous and excited too. I won’t bore you with the details of us catching up on each other’s lives, but I will tell you that Queen D looked quite stunning this night. I’d never seen her in a skirt and pantyhose before as she normally wears leggings. There she was in a brown leather skirt and a pair of jet-black pantyhose. The black silky pantyhose made her legs and feet look amazing. My mouth went dry when she sat beside me on my couch. What I didn’t know at that moment was this was going to one of my most intense sessions yet with Queen D.

D simply signalled that it was time for us to start; she usually does (smile) always the one in charge. We went to my bedroom and I laid myself out on my back in the middle of the bed. I ensured that my head was on the lone pillow and I waited. I watched the lovely D take her brown leather skirt off revealing her magnificent feminine curves in the pantyhose. I could see her black panties under the hose. She had informed me earlier in the day of these panties. I love how D’s bum looks in her bikini panties; they seem to accentuate her curves of her lovely bottom. Well, my doing here and my decision, but I asked Queen D to leave the pantyhose on, perhaps just for a bit.

As normal, Queen D doesn’t waste time with idle chat or figuring out the position of the sit, she simply climbs aboard and WAM, you are in it. Tonight was proved to be no exception. As D climbed into the bed with me and started to position herself above my awaiting face, I quickly asked her to go easy on me as it had been a while.

It took mere seconds for me to realize that those were wasted words. Queen D went straight into smothering me, there was no usual warm up, no gentle working me into the smother, which is our usual routine, she just tucked me in and started to suffocate. So this was how the session was to go and boy what an intense session it turned out to be.

Even after all of the years having sessions with her, I am always surprised at just how fast Queen D can smother to me to the point of true delirium. I say this because it seemed to take very little time for me to become completely out of it beneath her amazing big bum. So here I was merely a minute or two into the session and it felt like I was in a mixing machine. My face was being pressed and smothered so effectively and there was this constant up and down, up and down movement on my poor face. When she would lift up, I’d quickly try to catch a good breath before she would plop back down again. The problem was Queen D did this movement or change of position so quickly that there was so little time in the intervals to catch a decent breath. So I was only able to either exhale or sort of inhale…just simply no time for both. Some of you might think that I would be lost to panic with this going on? To be honest with you, I felt the opposite. I reached out and helplessly caressed D’s bum as she continued to crush and suffocate me with it. I seriously have a thing for women in pantyhose, so I enjoyed touching and caressing D in them. The material felt so very soft and plush. I love the warmth and the lovely size of her bum as she continued to cover my entire face with it.

Not sure how long Queen D had been smothering me, but I began to feel myself stir down below. I laid there feeling completely crushed and overwhelmed as my manhood came alive in my jeans. I desperately fought to control this arousal, as I didn’t want this session to end. You see once I loose control and cum the bitter reality of my situation becomes very real and I find myself longing to escape the prison of Queen D’s bottom. So there I was, struggling to control the ever-growing emotions down there and at the same time struggling to control the ever-growing desire to breathe.

I know that Queen D and I haven’t sessioned in a while, but I swear that D hasn’t been this aggressive with me like this before. It felt like she was determined to push my limits this time and perhaps make me experience our often discussed going to sleep in her bum prison. And yet, even though I sensed this, I felt completely at ease with it, almost as if I wanted Queen D to make it happen to me this time. I laid there completely covered beneath D’s amazing bum feeling elated and thought that I should just will myself to just let go, just give in and experience the Queen D planned event.

I should take a moment and tell you how Queen D sits on a face. She doesn’t just sit on my face; she kind of mixes it up or changes it up so to speak. I say this because she goes from rocking her big bum on me in a “lean forward” sort of position, to sitting straight up and pressing herself down full weight onto my face… Both styles have a suffocating affect on me and fill me with awe and a sensation that I am truly at her mercy. She could take this smother session to any level that she chose. I wouldn’t have a chance in stopping her.

When this lovely lady sits up and presses down, it feels like I am lost in a tomb of all ass, like my entire head has been sucked up deep inside D’s most magnificent bottom and it feels so amazing, so exciting to be there. Of course there is nothing but darkness and heat up in there, not to mention no air at all. And when Queen D leans forward, the sitting feels lighter, more sensual and very sexy. You see, she likes to rock and smoosh the lost face when sitting in this position. D’s rocking back and forth on my face always feels hypnotic to me and I suspect that she knows it. I hear this sound when she her sensual face rocking, it’s probably my head and her bottom pressing into the pillow, I don’t know I just know I lay there listening to this soft sound as I suffocate and feel myself slipping away. The suffocating rocking also seems to cause me to become calmer and more lost to Queen’s smother.

As with all of my sessions with Queen D, my bedroom was deathly quiet, no chatting or chuckling from D and obviously nothing from me (smile). My world consisted of Queen D’s lovely bottom, darkness with occasional breaks of light and serious suffocation. I sucked for my air any chance that I could, but I knew that I was growing weaker with every passing second. Sometimes I would tap D (our signal that I needed air) to try and get her to lift up even if just a little bit and most of the times D would comply. But on this evening, I knew that these gentle taps of desperation were being notice, but she just wouldn’t lift right away. It was like she wanted me to know who had the power and was in control of my life giving air. And when D did lift up it was only for a brief moment, maybe enough time for a quick suck of air. Then she would simply plunge me back into the Queen’s bum prison. That’s what it often feels like to me, a bum prison, trapped, lost and not means of escape. But where else would a seat like me want to be?
Normally when Queen D smothers me like this I often feel apprehension, tension and sure even fear at times, but on this occasion I felt seriously amazing. There was no fear, no panic in me, just this sense of calmness and pure heavenly enjoyment. In fact, I felt like I just no longer cared if I got air or not. I don’t fully know why, but at that moment in this session, it just was so good to be lost to and surrender to Queen D’s bum. It was if I wanted to let her own me then and there, use me, suffocate me and sure, even if she willed, end me. As this amazing session continued I gather that I was to that point that Queen D had spoken of and often said would happen. I say this because I just stopped tapping her bottom to let her know that I needed air. I merely laid there and accepted my fate, let D decide if I needed to breathe or not. My arms felt really heavy and my strength felt like it had been sapped away. There was nothing, but constant heat and pressure on my face. The pantyhose that I loved so much on Queen D no longer felt soft on my face, they felt more like sandpaper now, but even this discomfort didn’t bother me, or make me want to tap.

Then I vaguely remember that the sensation in me changed again. It went from calmness to a feeling that I was actually floating on my bed, like the only reason I didn’t float away was because Queen D lovely suffocating bottom was pressing my face down onto the pillow. I’d lost any ability to think clearly and I just didn’t care anymore. I was more or less aware that Queen D would lift up every now and then, but I felt too tired to suck for my air. And yet through all that was happening to me, Queen D remained relentless in mauling, crushing and suffocating my tired and sore face. She continued to rock on me, lift up every now and then and just maintain her death grip. A few times I sensed that D was gently pressing her hands down onto the upper part of my chest. Not sure if she was checking my heart rate or trying to make it even more difficult for me to hold my breath.

So there I was lost, seriously lost as if anyone were to be in the room they wouldn’t be able to see my head, just this body sticking out from D’s hips and legs. It’s hard for me to explain, as it was all a blur at this stage in the session. I was flattened and worn out; so tired actually that I hardly sensed the orgasm coming. In silence and probably somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness, I laid there feeling myself unload the pent up excitement into my jeans. The rush of cumming added to my already euphoric experience, seemed to intensify the floating sensation. I think that I heard myself letting out a groan into Queen D’s suffocating bum as I felt my body convulse and quiver beneath her. It sounded very muffled. Who knows, I may have trembled or perhaps shook a little as the orgasmic throws overtook me. I am simply unsure; Queen D is the only one who could say how it actually went.

As the orgasm subsided then came to an end, Queen D slowly lifted up off my tired and sore face. I was too exhausted to even move. She cuddled up beside me and smiled into my eyes. We talked about the session, me telling her that I had asked for her to go easy on me, her responding that she didn’t say she would. We talked about how I reacted and how close I had come to going to sleep, Queen D adding that she knew I was very close because I sometimes didn’t breathe when she lifted up to let me…She even knew that I was fighting my eventual orgasm.

That is how it is with Queen D, she knows exactly where you are during a smother. That’s why I trust her during these sessions. She is so skilled and so into sitting on a seat’s face. I sense that she knows exactly where I am as to if I am passing out or close to it. When she climbs off my face, signifying that the session is over, part of me feels relief and part of me feels sadness and disappointment. I feel relief that I am still alive and able to breathe once again and sadness disappointment because I didn’t pass out and the session was over. Tell me I am not a sucker for punishment, tell me that you wouldn’t change places with me if you had a chance…

Here’s my closing comments to this wonderful and exciting session……You know, I have read quite a few Dark Rider’s (still am as I am currently reading the second volume of Smother Fantasy) and in his stories he often describes men who fear being smothered, tremble at the thought of being sat on, Queened beneath a lovely woman’s bottom and then there are some that truly crave the act and honour being lost, crushed and suffocated. I love how in his books he describes how the sitter presents her magnificent bottom to the lost face (perhaps even reaching back to pull her hefty cheeks wide apart for the affect) before she smothers him to delirium or often beyond. I also love how in his stories a seat will desperately struggle to obtain air or to try survive beneath the amazing Queen or big-butted ladies who enjoy torturing and even ending a man’s life with her bottom. It has occurred to me that there are many similarities when it comes to my session with Queen D and the ramblings of Dark Rider. I say this because I know that I am the willing, even eager victim of her magnificent bottom and I can seriously say that she truly sits like the well-described Amazon Queens in his books. My most amazing Queen isn’t fearful to push my limits and has even been bold enough to inform me that she would like, perhaps even enjoy sending me to sleep beneath her. Believe me, once she is seated, once I am lost to the event at hand or the amazing bottom on face, you soon realize just how serious Queen D is with this game and determination. I can struggle like the victims in Rider’s books and just like all of them, there simply is no escaping for me, no way out, unless D takes pity on me and offers mercy. D has told me that she enjoys bringing my fantasy to reality and she does it in such and exciting and yet loving way. What an honor it is for me to lay down and have her make this life long fantasy come to fruition….Dam straight it is.