I take it back..

Dec 2, 2015
I had a session Sunday with some amateur girl..she was not a bbw. But she was average built.

And my gosh!! I felt like my neck and jaw was gona brake! !! I couldnt stay under there for too long..

I applaud those brazilian girls. For lasting 30 minutes each time!!! I agree they fake it at the begining, but man....10 minutes in they must be feeling it...she was sat on my arms. Even they felt like they was gona brake...

I'm not sure how those people let the huge bbw girls sit on them...must be terrible! !!


New Member
Apr 4, 2009
In my experience with my ex wife as she got heavier her butt grew and her weight shifted more to my chest. But a lot of it is just practice I guess. The more time I spent under her the easier it was.