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Jul 8, 2002
Hello my forum friends!

This is a special announcement that makes me proud and happy to share with all of you. But first, a quick little story.

You guys have all known Marco and Daniel from their many facesitting, trampling and general Femdom websites over the years - they have been contributing members of this forum for going on two decades now; very well respected gentlemen!

Anyway, they have had a wonderful clip selling service for years and I've adopted their backend software to allow selling clips on this forum, so I give you:


It's just beginning so please be patient as we fill it up with your favorite stores, Femdom Ladies, cool content producers, etc.

I'm sure there will be more announcements, promotions, pesky bothers and the usual hype while we get this going, but today is the birthday for - mark it on your calendars because we expect it to be something special.

Of course, we would appreciate any feedback on the site so far and welcome top quality content producers to join and anyone who buys clips to try it out and help support the forum!

Thanks everyone!